February 23, 2020

Tarot Weekly Prediction – 22nd Sept – 28th Sept 2019 – By Indrani

ARIES:  Relationships, Partnerships and connections will be in focus this week. Efforts will be seen towards improving closest bonds and the quality of bonds. Doing things together or planning an activity will foster deeper understandings. Some natives can expect newer invitations, new projects and peaceful progresses.
LUCKY DAYS: 25, 26, 27

TAURUS: The More guarded we are with our emotions or dreams , the more we stop ourselves from experiences delightful destinations. Most natives may this week want to break free from earlier held notions or protective covering which stops from invading newer territories.Health, Self care, and Healing will bring your attention as well. Professionally it will be a positive week for most natives.
 LUCKY DAYS:  27  ,28

GEMINI: Relationships and connections will be harmonious this week due to your sensitive, and beautiful representation of self. You may want to try a new approach towards people in general or a special one. Some natives may also decide to break from stale or  painful associations which no longer serve a purpose. Professionally it shall be a satisfactory week for most natives.

CANCER:  Natives this week shall feel inspired to be adventurous and picking a new hobby or a learning program. Relationships this week , general or close ones, will be benefited due to your free spirited ways. A beautiful reverie is to be experienced for those who want to rejoice and embrace freshness. Natives may desire to improve and reflect upon relationships and self heal too. Professionally a inspiring week in store for many natives.  LUCKY DAYS: 23 

LEO: Triumph and Recognition in store for many natives this week in the professional realms. There will be buzzing activity in your social circle and you would grow more confident with the progress you are making in recent times. Romantic reverie and relationship ambitions will well bless your equation with people in close and personal relationship realms. It is a fine week for most 
  LUCKY DAYS: 24, 25 

VIRGO: Wisdom from experience, Perceptive powers and intellectual prowess shall not elude  most of the natives this week and you would come across an embodiment of mature  Individual with control on self. This week you would coin better ideas , educate yourself and may even lay the foundation stone for future success. Ideas and improvement will put you on a hopeful position of future.
  LUCKY DAYS:  23,25, 26, 

LIBRA:  It would be an inspiring week for most natives as your resolute to move forward with full power , with dreams of future. It is also advised to measure the outcome of your tasks, direction of your efforts and also the amount of result to expect. Keep healthy expectations and also stay away from Obsession. Make steady progress. Don’t adopt an aggressive , extensively multi tasking routine
  LUCKY DAYS: 24  

SCORPIO: Most Natives shall be inspired to take a leap of faith towards those long held ambitions in relationships or professional or career realms. This week can be a healthy new beginning for all new things you wish for your future. Professional Progress is seen with increased confidence. This week shall be a week of self reflection and understand the needs of your soul. 

SAGITTARIUS: This shall be a fruitful week for many natives as you experience the fruit of your labor and efforts in all realms of your life, more likely in the professional front. Like minded People will provide impetus and collaborative projects, discussions, will fetch you creative ideas. Romance will lift your moods and Home life, closely held relationships shall provide peace and solace to many natives. 
  LUCKY DAYS: 22, 23

CAPRICORN:  This week it is imperative for the  the natives to pick up their fights rationally and also approach relationships with caution and warmth.   Honest Conversations and Openness will  Only bring forth better bonding and ideas which shall be able to elevate you to a comfortable position. Action Oriented approach , brainstorming and deeper efforts will only take you to achieve your  Career Goals and Professional Success. 
  LUCKY DAYS: 24, 25

AQUARIUS: This week shall inspire most of the natives to make beautiful progress towards your dreams, but with well laid plans and road map. Clarity comes this week in many realms of life and decision making is fueled by your passionate efforts. Educating self , honing of skills will rule the mind of most natives. Making passionate progress with persistent efforts will help you sailing forth.It is a good week of transformation and clarity or most natives.
  LUCKY DAYS: 25, 26, 27  

PISCES: This week will be week full of hope and blessings in the realm of relationships, Friendships and associations in general due to your affectionate nature and compassion. It could be a romantic week for many. You will be able to form deeper and better bonds. Natives will become very enthusiastic towards career goals and Professional endeavors. Your spontaneity will be lauded by many. It is a good progressive week for most natives.
  LUCKY DAYS: 23, 24, 27

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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