February 27, 2020

Delhilites are learning Korean traditional music Samulnori

September 19,New Delhi:  Korean Cultural Centre in association with the National Gugak Centre, South Korea organized ‘Samulnori Workshop 2019’ at its Centre in Lajpat Nagar and JBM Global School New Delhi. This workshop provided a great opportunity for all the interested students to learn more about the traditional culture of Korea through music. This 12 days’ workshop was till 27th September.

Samulnori is a genre of percussion music from Korea. Samulnori’s music is based on the traditional rhythms of Korea. Samulnori consists of four instruments, Kkwaenggwari, Jing, Janggu and Buk.

There were two levels in the workshop. Beginners level for those who had no prior knowledge of Samulnori and advanced level for those with some experience.

Teacher Ms. Park Eun HA who is Ph.D. in Korean Music and Dance says –“I am here for the 4th time for giving training of Korean traditional music to Indian students. Coming to India is like coming to my hometown. Indian students have a very good learning power, they adapt the learning very quickly, they have sharp brains.

She adds that Indian student’s eyes are very expressive, full of curiosity for learning. Learning and playing music gives them happiness; their eagerness makes me more energetic to impact training. I also encourage a little bit of dancing for making them cool down or exercise. Whenever I am in India I feel so energetic, happy and have positive vibes. I visited other countries as well to teach and perform but at India I got a chance to transfer my knowledge to young generation who absorbs it very quickly in comparison to older people. The best part here is that every age group learns. I feel Indian students have a pure heart. The results of giving training to Indian students are so effective and efficient.

Mansi, Student of Korean Cultural Centre, participating in this workshop said that “I am learning Korean culture and music from past 2 years but today also I have the same energy and enthusiasm in learning Korean traditional music in this workshop as it is so interesting and loud. And I like loud music a lot. Basically, I like the Rhythms of the Samulnori Music.

Whereas another student Aakash from advanced level says “I really enjoy learning Samulnori as it very interesting playing Samulnori’s instruments and it a Unique music. And the only thing which makes me sad that this workshop happens once in a year only I feel like it should be more times in a year. “

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