February 21, 2020

How to deal with depression alone?

Do you feel low or are losing interest in your daily activities? Feeling sad, down, angry, and such other symptoms denote mental disorder, which is common in everyone’s life. These are signs of depression, which is more common in women in comparison to men. Though the exact reason for developing depression is not fully understood, it is believed to be a complex combination of biological, genetic, psychosocial, and environmental factors.

Depression for elongated time lowers mental as well as physical capability and strength, which will majorly affect an individual’s productivity and interfere in your everyday activities. Going through such a mental condition also will worsen certain chronic health condition as well as influence your relationship. The impacts of depression are different on men, women, and children.

The common symptoms of depression include-:

Degraded mood or developing anger, irritation, anxiousness, or getting restless

Getting emotional is a symptom of the condition, which could be feeling empty, lonely, hopeless,

and sad.

Behavioral changes are common during the depression. The signs can be losing interest or not finding pleasure in enjoyable activities. Getting tired, suicidal thoughts, using drugs, excessive alcohol consumption, and taking risks in life-threatening activities are the outcomes of elongated depression.

Depression also will affect sexual interest and reduce sexual performance. People with depression face cognitive problems in which it is difficult for them to concentrate on work or forget something important. Such people also are also unable to complete easy tasks. Delayed response during conversation is another symptom of the condition. A person in such condition will also have insomnia, excessive sleepiness, and restless sleep. Fatigue, headache, pain, and digestive problems also are some other symptoms.

Step out from the condition by combating depression If you are going through a combination of more than symptoms, you must consider it seriously and opt for measures to step out from the condition. Tackling depression with family or friends is easier. But it is difficult as well as a challenge for people who are alone. Individuals living alone can harm themselves as well as others. Individuals must learn to combat depression and recover from the condition.

Here we bring some effective measures with which you can deal with depression alone and overcome the mental condition, which will ultimately restore your productivity. Deal with depression when you are alone. Deal with depression at the workplace- If you are undergoing the condition at your workplace, don’t feel down or blame yourself for the failures. Set new goals, take charge of new responsibilities, and challenge negative thoughts. Stay committed to your decision and gives the best effort to achieve the goals!

Take a break- Take a break from your monotonous life and plan for an exciting trip. You could either plan the trip with your family, friends or move alone. Make sure to visit some exciting places or even your favorite place where you won’t get bored.

Watch funny shows- If you can’t travel, you simply turn on your TV or mobile and switch on a funny show or movie. Involve yourself in the show and convince your brain to stay on the show for some time. After a few minutes, you will start enjoying the show and will start laughing.

Listen to music- Listen to music but not depressing songs. Music is an excellent healer and will mend your depressed condition. Within an hour, you will feel better, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Perform physical exercises- Though you feel like breaking down and uninterested, perform physical exercises which will release stress from your body as well as mind.

Meditation is a natural healer- Meditation even is an excellent healer, and you can meditate being at any place. Don’t get distracted and just focus on reducing your anxiety by taking a deep breath with closed eyes.

Consult a doctor- Consult a doctor and share your problems with the professional if you are unable to tackle depression with the simple methods. The doctor will prescribe medicine to reduce the stress level. But don’t get addicted to medicines.

See a therapist- See a therapist, if you think you are unable to combat the condition alone. The therapist will counsel you and get deep into the case to extract maximum information. The therapist will design the therapy that will be the best for you and bring you out of condition in less time.

Good sleep- Make sure to take good sleep, as relaxing your brain for ample of time will wave out the negative thoughts and you will feel rejuvenated after waking up

by Satkam Divya,
CEO, KlinicApp

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