February 23, 2020
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Launching of the Book: “The Determination to Succeed”

Dr. Arvind Phukan – Founder President, Core Professional Group for Brahmaputra (CPGB)

New Delhi – According to available information, high flood occurred on average every five (5) years from 1954 to 2004; but the frequency and magnitude of floods have increased in recent years. The average area flooded for the last 9 years is about 2 million ha or 20,000 square Km or about 25% of area of Assam.
Describing his journey Dr. Arvind Phukan (The Author) from Assam (India) to Alaska (USA) through U.K, Canada, Norway and USA today launched his book themed as “The determination to Succeed”. The thread through the whole book is meant to serve as a lens on Author’s steely determination and his extraordinary courage of conviction.
About the Book:
This autobiography is mainly written to keep the heritage of Author’s Father and Grand Father and to inspire all young generations of Author’s Mother land India including Author’s Grand Children.
Lastly, the fund raised from the sale of the book will be dedicated to Core Professional Group of the Brahmaputra (CPGB) for the mitigation of the Chronic Flood and Erosion of the Majuli Island.
The book’s particular contribution apparently includes ‘integrating the study of a diverse set of issues related to water and sub-national politics in the Brahmaputra basin.
Stressing further Dr. Arvind Phukan- The Author said that, “Erosion of the Brahmaputra river bank have been devoured over 4000square Km land area during the last five decades at a rate of 80 square Km per year (WRD, 2008). This menace has wiped out more than 2500 villages and 18 towns including sites of cultural heritage, productive cropland and tea gardens affecting livelihood of nearly 500,000 people. The river bank erosion has caused major human and economic disasters than the annual flooding”.
Dr. Phukan added, “The Majuli Island of the Brahmaputra River, located in eastern Assam, was considered to be largest River Island with 1250 square Km; but due to significant River bank erosion during the last decade reduced the size of the Island around about 500 square Km (less than 50 % of its original size and it is no longer largest River Island of the World. The River bank erosion over the years has rendered about 75,000 people of the Island homeless and those residents had to take shelter elsewhere.
The recent flooding in July, 2019, 90 villages out of total 144 villages were under water and 78,547 people (out of 150,000 total population) were affected. India’s need to manage flooding and soil erosion in its north-eastern states as well as produce electricity through dam construction”.

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