February 28, 2020

Tarot Weekly Prediction – 13th Oct – 19th Oct 2019 – By Indrani.

ARIES Natives must exercise caution while holding conversations within relationships and partners. Hasty Decisions in Professional or Financial areas may be avoided by thorough evaluation. Detail Oriented , well analyzed plans only be implemented. Keep a Check on Temper.

TAURUS  At times Multitasking can create a sense of imbalance in your world, try prioritizing. Few Natives may be tempted to walk away  from regular duties and do something for rejuvenation. There can be Spiteful  or tense situations and you may be strongly opinionated. Be Tactful, be calm

GEMINI In comparison to last week, this week, natives may feel bolder and assertive in expressing opinions. Relationships will get better due to your assertive and charming nature now also renewed confidence.  Listen to your hunches this week.

CANCER Positive week for many natives, You are being nudged to get clarity of your destinations and take action. Assert yourself during interpersonal communications. A possible spite within domestic realms could be in store for few. Express yourself and put forth your opinions within relationships. Creativity and intuitions helps in professional area.

LEO   Natives may feel motivated to start afresh in Career/Professional sector. It can indicate an urgency to change a job or a different way of going about business. Socializing and stimulating conversations will brighten your mind and Idea sharing will improve your strategies. Past Baggage should not be allowed to breed. Honest Communications are way to go in all realms, even in impressing someone.

VIRGO Excitement , energy, motivation and perseverance will be in abundance this week to turn situations to your benefit and in new endeavors and projects. Riled up relationships can be repaired this week, with honesty and Love. New Ideas and Plans sets the stage for a fresh new start for many. Listen to the inner voice always. Social Connections will make your week brighter.

LIBRA It can be a week of transition, surprising and unexpected situations may rattle you and even offer you a better platform to start afresh. There can be spiteful situations with seniors/ elders which may lead you. Initiating conversation even taking up a new subject or directions needs courage, and this week you shall have in abundance.

SCORPIO  Most natives shall feel excited and willing to take concrete steps towards better in all realms of  life and you are blessed to do so as well. Changing the dynamics of a relationships, your approach towards life in general, efforts towards financial goals or even Job/Career/Professional sector will give results. Relationships are blessed this week for most as expressions get better.

SAGITTARIUS   Everything is whimsical this week. It is a pleasant week and respite arrives for most natives  as every realm of life shows signs of improvement. There could be healthcare routine in mind. It can be an introspective week also for many as you apply your lessons learnt to action. Relationships and social circle shall be positive.

CAPRICORN Cosmos nudges most of you this week to stay collected and in control of your emotions and sensitivity. The recent pains or issues faced may still make you apprehensive. You can choose to be easy going and  slowly increase your assertiveness towards the end of the week.  Professional area shall get better post midweek and so shall be your confidence.

AQUARIUS  Relationships and associations within professional or Personal sector with few individuals shall grow stronger and deeper this . Connect with your intuition and apply logic. Confidence and Positivity is within easy reach so go about sharing your ideas and visions with certain people. Hold  intellectually stimulating conversations and push your professional agenda.

 PISCES  This week you can make positive changes in your professional and financial agenda or overall representation of self.  Few natives are being advised not to hold on to past insecurities or failures and look ahead in life. Some may get into researching and education self as a preparation for an advantage situation. It is a positive week for most.

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