February 21, 2020
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Panama Meets India 2019

New Delhi.  A dream and hard work of 3 years of a Scottish Punjabi Panamanian Mr. Hardeep Bhullar project Panama Meets India converted into historical first delegation of Ministry Of Commerce and Industry Republic of Panama visit to India.

In furtherance and strengthening and promotion of multilateral trade ties, Co-operation & investment and relation between India and Panama, a delegation of Republic of Panama, consisting of Honorable Ambassador to the Panama Embassy in India Mr. Ricardo Berna, Mr. Richard Kilborn, National Investment Director, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Republic of Panama, and Scottish Punjabi Panamanian Mr. Hardeep Bhullar, Marketing Investment and Promotion Director, Ministry of  Commerce and Industries, Republic of Panama visiting India. The visit of this delegation is convened and coordinated by ILACC (Indo Latin America Chamber of Commerce), Head Office in Panama (Central America) headed by Mr. Prabhakar Sharan, Vice President (IILACC), and an eminent Educationalist, Entrepreneur, Actor and Producer. 

On Monday, 21st October 2019, Delhi meet of the delegation was concluded at Constitutional Club, New Delhi, issue pertaing to promotion of bilateral relations were discussed with due emphasis on Logistics, Financial and Banking relation, Manufacturing, Education, Tourism, Media and Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals and Construction. The meet was organized under the aegis of ILACC, New Delhi its President, Mr. Raj Kumar Sharma and Mr. Prashant Kumar Pankaj, Chairman DBS Group,` in the presence of Dr. Dnyaneshwar M. Mulay, Former Secretary (CPV ) MEA, and Sitting Member, National Human Right Commission.

The meet was attended by delegate from industry leaders Larsen & Toubro, Birla, Alkem Medicines,  Marwah Studio, APTECH, Pinnacle, TIL Delhi, Ballman Industries, All Handicrafts Exporters Association, Claps Medicine, Deo Bhumi Group, Athena Law Associates etc.

Mr. Richard Kilborn, & Mr. Hardeep Bhullar, elaborated to the Press Media and people about the earnest interest of the elected Minister of Commerce and Industries Republic of Panama Mr. Ramon E Martinez to develop relation with India in trade and investment, business opportunities, and policy perspective of Panama. They detailed about current legislative structure, political stability and growth story of Republic of Panama. Mr. Kilborn emphasized that India and Panama have huge potential to boost economic ties in areas like agriculture, health, energy and information technology, and called for a multi-pronged strategy to enhance bilateral trade in merchandise and services. Indian companies could form joint venture projects for cultivation of lentils, oil-seeds and food grains, which are crucial import items, besides conducting joint research in dairy farming, seeds and pulses.

Indian companies can also work towards leveraging the opportunities arising from the growth in high demand for IT products and services within the region. Mr. Prabhakar Sharan further added his experience of more than 20 years in Panama and its importance being a small country it’s one of the most stable and fastest growing economy in Latin America. Panama is the commercial hub of the Central America.

Panama & United States Trade Promotion Agreement further gives direct access to American market to any investor in Panama. It’s good relation with North America help as the leading destination for firms seeking to reduce their reliance on production bases in any Asian countries. He ended up quoting that in coming days he is introducing the delegation to the key people in Bollywood for new opportunities for both industries.

Mr. Prabhakar Sharan under his chamber in collaboration with World Trade Center and All India Association of Industries organizing an event in Mumbai on 29TH Oct 3.30 pm and Pune  ON 30TH Oct for a session with business people based in Maharashtra. 

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