February 28, 2020

Tarot Weekly Prediction- 27 Oct – 2 Nov 2019 By Indrani

ARIES  The week focuses on relationships and how you bond. Connecting, bonding, rejuvenating all those associations you share would be reigning your mind. Past experiences must not deter one to take forward steps. Lessons of past should best be implemented for a better tomorrow. 

TAURUS  It can be a positive week for many natives and a hopeful one. Most natives would go through a shift in their thought process and creatively so. Relationship area shall be better this week and their will be long term thoughts weighing on mind. Deeper connections may be possible. It shall be a good week for Partnerships and Collaborative projects. Willingness to want to make big changes will cross mind.

GEMINI  This week calls for balance in all realms of life. Relationships will be blessed for most and people will be in general supportive. Many natives will feel inspired to bring about positive changes in self care, emotional, professional realms of life. A rational approach in all areas and even in relationships will up the situation to better.

CANCER Communication within riled up relationships will show signs of clarity with your honest approach.  This week nudges you to use your wisdom and experience while approaching relationships and decisions around them. Professional area shall remain satisfactory for most. A need to approach professional matters more creatively and wisely will bring results.

LEO This week calls to stand your ground firmly and give in whatever you have got into strategizing and implementing  to accomplish amidst chaos or resistance. There could be some unexpected changes in store for few natives within relationship area. Take assistance if need be to reach an ideal situation. There is a need to operate more on a logical mindset than emotional, this week.

VIRGO   Natives would achieve clarity of mind after a week of upheavals and you would be assertive and forthright. Within relationships there would be clear communication and nothing less than honest and truthfulness would appease you. Professionally this shall be a hopeful weak for most. It is a a forward moving week for most natives in thoughts and action.

LIBRA  Natives will have the sense of better emotional control, and grounded also ability to advise people or help other people.  There is a sense of balance in thoughts and manner you approach things in both professional or personal matters. Professional area shall have a bounty in store for few natives, alternatively most natives will have better clarity about professional endeavors.

SCORPIO This is a transformative week for most natives. There can be lot of new beginnings in terms of professional decisions, self and routine. It is also a good week for relationships and expressions. This week calls for reaching a level of balance internally in every sphere of life. It is also a time to express authentically.

SAGITTARIUS  This has be a hopeful week for many natives after a period of suspension. There are good things in store in Professional area. Intuition will be within easy reach and there would be a sense of things approaching clarity within relationships. There will be a lot of impetus in the manner you approach the positive things in life.

CAPRICORN  Count your blessings this week as it marks the onset of a pleasant week both professionally or personally for most natives.  Networking and Connections will be helpful, group projects or partnerships will be fruitful for many. Amidst a small shake up this week stand your ground and stick to your goals and progressive path.

AQUARIUS This week calls for de clutter, streamlining, letting go off excessive load, and instead approach a tunnel vision in few matters than not. Natives may be able to have honest communication and also spiritual or psychological or any deep rooted conversations within relationships which make bonds go deeper. It is time to implement those strategies in professional areas and take a leap forward. 

PISCES  This is a forward moving week and a nudge to have faith in self and on actions. Most natives will have a pleasant and positive week in all realms of life be it professional or personal. Relationships shall be growing deeper. Professional progress is felt by most. There are few opportunities also in store for a few natives.  Learning, education and exploring new ideas and information.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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