February 27, 2020

5 Tips To Deal With Your Stressful Life

Amidst of juggling work, family and other commitments, you tend to become too busy and stressed out.  There is so much in life that can contribute to the stress level. Stress can have a huge impact on every aspect of your life and it can also make you more vulnerable to life-threatening health problems. People go for various methods to manage stress like exercise more, eating healthy foods or even talking to someone you trust. These methods are very tangible, but there are less tangible methods with no less useful way to relieve stress – Spirituality.

Tips to handle Stressful Life

  1. Meditate – Practicing meditation for a few minutes per day can help you ease your anxiety. According to some research, daily meditation may alter the brain’s neural pathways, making the person more resilient to stress. All you need to do is to find a quiet place and sit with your back straight and both legs on the floor. Close your eyes and focus your attention on reciting a positive mantra. You can also recite ‘Aum’. Concentrate on the vibration of Aum and you may feel the impact.
  2. Relive the stress symptoms – If you are not able to meditate then first try to get the symptoms of stress under control. Take a few deep breaths that will relive you from the pressure, settle yourself and get some good sleep. Slowly and gently, begin to do the things that are good for your body.
  3. Watch your reaction – Always watch your reactions to the stressors and make analyze whether they are appropriate for the situation. Do not over-react to any circumstances. Also, if you think that it is not in your hand to fix the situation then leave and observe what is happening. Observation alone is a great way to deal with stress.
  4. Follow the 4 As – The four As – avoid, alter, adapt and accept are one of the easy ways to help you keep your cool and reduce the mental pressure. While stress is an automatic response from your nervous system, some stress arises at predictable times like exams, meeting with the boss etc. When dealing with these predictable stressors, you either change the situation or change your reaction.
  5. Learn to say No – You should know your limits and stick to them. Be it in your personal life or professional, taking more than your capability will result in sure shot stress. When you have too much to do in very less time this causes stress and on top of that people tend to take additional responsibilities just because they cannot say ‘No’. It is hard to say no because people want to help others and want to be nice and liked by others. For some, it is a fear of rejection or conflict. Remember that all these barriers are self-created. Instead of responding to people with a straight No, think of phrases to gently put their request down. Sentences like –“I am sorry I can’t commit”, “I would love to do this but.” will help you big time.

Besides all these, you should try and read inspirational stories to help you evaluate different philosophies of life. Also, stay connected to your inner self and with those around you who enhance the quality of your life.

Author – Ms Madhu Kotiya

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