February 27, 2020

Tarot Weekly Prediction- 3 Nov – 9 Nov 2019 By Indrani

ARIES   Good week for professional matters as natives are able to apply their skills creatively. You are required to look into honing your skills further and embrace new perspectives, look around and collect more information. The larger your outlook the better is your prospect. Relationships seems harmonious to most of the natives. However few natives may have issues within relationships/connections if you do not let go control.

TAURUS  This week is powerful for new beginnings, pursuing something which was kept in backburner. Somehow this week you shall feel like coming out of the closet and approach connections more sensitively than before. There Is much harmony that way within your personal world. There could be moments when you would be pushed to edge in professional area, hold on to calm and reach out to your wisdom. GEMINI  Do not hold yourself back in expressions, connecting with people, going forward to what you desire, as you would be quite a charmer. Find a common ground if miscommunication crops up within a relationship, as this shall soon pass. It  is a week to propose creative ideas, table your new initiatives in professional area. Act from heart in professional or personal area.    

CANCER  Almost every area of your life will now how signs of improvement and may delight you at times.  Relationships, Home Life looks harmonious to most. Professional  there is now forward movement for many natives. Confidence and positivity fuels your every action. However beginning of the week there could be potent situations when you may be sensitive or may loose your cool. Stay Calm.

LEO  Cosmos urges you to leave aside preconceived notions about anything  be it professional or personal life, rather be ready to embrace whatever comes across, enthusiastically.  Your expressions become effective and it helps you bond better, even you may find a soul mate too. Being Calm internally, collected thoughts and perfectly aligned emotions is what will benefit you. However chose your words wisely as those are very effective this week.

VIRGO  Sudden News, proposal, Invitation, Projects, Some Individual Coming back with an offer , everything is unexpected but it seems to your benefit or happiness. However you are required to weigh all options and evaluate before going forth in any of those. Intuition will help you navigate through relationship issues. There can be sudden outbursts which you need to control. Work and finances majorly will be satisfactory to most  natives

LIBRA  Now is the time to think long term. There is a strong push to change an existing pattern, an existing situation, professional shifts, way you think. Avoid Confrontations to happen during this week with loved ones / within relationships. Financial and professional area shall see positive changes and new beginnings for some.

SCORPIO Major decisions or transformations regarding relationships  past ones or new ones. Decision making is being urged by the cosmos. The week shall scuffle between playfulness and seriousness. Old issues shall come out of the closet. There is an urgency to leave aside jealousy and defensive nature. Professionally this week will show an upward move owing to your creativity and smart wit.

SAGITTARIUS   Natives must, this week exercise caution while holding important discussions. Although unintentional, there could be a self sabotaging moment if words are not chosen with care. Steer away from any self loathing too. However this week shall provide you opportunities to heal several bonds and establish connections at a deeper level. Professional area shall be satisfactory.  CAPRICORN   Everything is for long terms, your thoughts your actions and you find yourself on a stable ground mentally. There are visions and milestones towards your desired goals. Past friends, colleagues long lost surfaces to your delight.  Your communication must be more from heart than diplomacy. Within relationships avoid emotional reactions and stay on an even ground.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

AQUARIUS  A lot of motivation is there in store for you in professional area. Make sure you have a direction to follow and present yourself in all areas which can offer you an advantage. There are roadblocks but those will pass with your intuitive mind and wisdom.  Be Childlike, Fearless and be ready to push your agenda ahead to accomplish what you has visualized for you. Relationships  may remain satisfactory to many natives.

PISCES  It is a week full of energy enthusiasm, and determination in career and financial pursuits. You are an unstoppable force. However take care your important relationships must not be sidelined.  Avoid  financial conflict within relationships you hold dear. Communication must be honest and “heart to heart”.  It is a good time to hold discussions with people in your social circle and expand your knowledge too.

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