April 1, 2020

Tarot Weekly Prediction- 17th Nov – 23rd Nov 2019 By Indrani

ARIES :  Domestic Life seems harmonious. Relationships are largely favorable and supportive vibe would be there in personal area as well as professional. Confidence is there in all your actions. There could be a sudden windfall for some natives. Finances and Professional  endeavors seems brighter and towards positive. This week you may be willing to push your comfort zone.

TAURUS : This is a favorable week for most natives. Domestic bliss is being felt and personal or social relationships has a supportive vibe. There is a go getter energy and strength to do something new in creative pursuits. This week you can get many things done where higher ups are involved or collaborative projects are concerned.

GEMINI : Financial area seems better for many natives. Professional area has supportive vibes from partners, colleagues, higher ups.  Natives will be able to make better connections socially or a personally. Relationships Look Harmonious for most.  This week avoid overanalyzing things and decisions must not be taken in impulse.

CANCER : Personal area shall largely be harmonious to most natives. Social connections become easier and communication seems fluid. Relationships show signs of getting stronger. Professional area may have some glitches or difference in opinion with some un ignorable individuals. Physical or  emotional health must be taken seriously.

LEO : Amidst stress of disorderliness there is confidence and power within you that pushes your agenda forward. This week favors professional endeavors and your efforts but much attention is required in the financial area. Follow your heart this week and allow yourself for some self pampering. Relationships will remain neutral or satisfactory this week..

VIRGO :  It is a calmer week than before however there are frenzied thoughts. A desperate urge to get closure on unsettling issues in any of your realm of life may bring about an impatient energy sometime. There are back and forth thoughts in multiple direction. In reality you are making steady  progress, the unrest is just in the mind. If you wish to close off to social humdrum for some time it is alright.

LIBRA :  It is a favorable week for most natives after a long period of turbulence or mixed results in personal front or even professional area. There is a feeling of finally being on the same page with people around you. Actions planned in the professional area will now start showing signs of Hope. It is a good week to start something new with alignment to future.

SCORPIO :  Finances , Career and Professional goals take center-stage now. Expenses could grow.  It is a busy week from a professional point of view and communication with partners, colleagues or higher ups gets better. Relationship area could be stagnant for few natives, but there is a sense of urgency inside you to achieve certain personal relationship goals.

SAGITTARIUS : A favorable week for relationships and there signs of hope even in few frail connections. Professional area needs your calm approach as chances are you could become irritable. Finances need management and attention now. Focus must be given on short and long terms plans. This week you may feel the need to not engage socially and rather stay behind the curtains with your own thoughts.

CAPRICORN : Good Vibes shall be felt in domestic life and within social connections. There are lessons of the past which helps you further within social connections. Those in business may have to keep a tab on expenses. This week is favorable for career related matters, and learning new skills. Overall a satisfactory week for most.

AQUARIUS : Personal Life shall be satisfactory. Much Momentum is felt in the professional area, new developments and information coming in for better. Much of your attention and thoughts would be towards your career and professional growth. This week you can take courage to take positive steps. Higher ups and partners will be supportive. Networking will provide a boost to your future purpose.

PISCES : It is a favorable week for Finances and Relationships. Things seem to show signs of hope in relationships and frail bonds. Work area shows progress. Social Connections gives the vibes of  deeper and better understanding or supportive vibes. There is much “in sync” this week in those areas of concern which were previously irritating you. This week wear the leadership hat and cosmos supports the most of you.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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