December 16, 2019

Tarot Weekly Prediction- 1st Dec – 7th Dec 2019 By Indrani

ARIES Know what is your happiness and fulfillment Point and invest your energies in an order of chronology. Professional area needs some change in approach or how you perceive success as. It is the beginning to have a brand new start after long time in professional area. Throw away apprehensions and embrace the power universe sends you.

TAURUS Supportive vibes will be felt from within relationships and social connections over areas where you felt weaker in the past. If you are driven, there are many changes that you can bring in some dormant areas where an urgent change is required. Also if you play your cards right you can make strong allies this week in professional space. Partnerships will be Positive.

GEMINI Finances will show positivity. Personal decisions pertaining to relationships and partnerships, or any other collaborative area needs your ability to take charge and ownership. There will be a major shift in most important areas of your life. Steadfast action plan and quick action is required, and good results shall be eager to appear.

CANCER  This week harmony and success will be much dependent on how much you embrace the leadership position and the role of an initiator. Wisdom and compassion is also needed with a grounded approach. Be in sync within relationships, social connections, Friendships, Professional connections and you would be ready for positive results.

LEO   Decisions and Clarity will come with a change of perspective and thought process. Perhaps some past patterns to be left, or a change in approach towards critical areas of life. Something must be discarded or readiness to embrace new will only put you in a happy place. Rigidity has to go for now and Balance is most urgently needed in your work, personal life or self care.

VIRGO   A week of positive vibes and opportunities. Envision and cosmos shall support you to your wish fulfillment, have the ability to think long term and courage to move forward. Creative Thinking, Imagination power, manifesting power will take the reins and for the positive. Relationships will show harmony for the most and growth potential to be felt.

LIBRA   Forward movement and sudden changes for the better in store in all areas of life. However the need to stay grounded and focused is important.  Back and Forth Communication shall be present for the positive. It is an encouraging week for Career and Work Area, and Harmonious for Home and relationships, for the most natives.

SCORPIO Much of the week is focused on finding an even ground and a sense of direction or clarity. Concrete action is required and decisions to be made over your desired goals and you will find surprising support from the cosmos. Communication will be fluid and much progress can be easily made in relationships and Income sector. What you desire can be achieved if you are ready to embrace.

SAGITTARIUS  You shall be in a happy place  this week , if you just choose to forget the past gloominess and negativities as this week has tremendous potential in your endeavors. Professional area and money making ideas will now show positivity. Relationships will look signs of improvement and harmony for the most natives. Positive week for most.

CAPRICORN  Positive energies to be felt right from the beginning of the week in all areas of life, more so in the area of emotional fulfillment. Use this enthusiastic energies and confidence into cultivating where you want the results and how. Futuristic thoughts will give the boost that you need. Visualize to receive.

AQUARIUS  This week provides you every ingredient to bring a fresh start and bring those shelved plans into action. Contemplation phase is over and it is time to just pitch a brand new beginning. Discipline, Motivation, Courage and perseverance are your allies now. Convention and Past gloominess to be thrown out. Networking will be extremely beneficial. Research and Calculated Steps must be taken.

PISCES  Decisive week in many matters this week, whether there is an adjustment in perspective, or finding your true happiness, goals and what path you choose to take.  Networking and Partnerships, social connections will be a reason to be happy and shall provide boost to your endeavors or projects. Self care is important this week  as you may be sensitive. Embrace spontaneity and sense of adventure.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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