December 16, 2019
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A Tribute To Kashi

“A Tribute To Kashi” By Pooja Vaswani is based on Gulabi Meenakari or Pink enamel of Banaras – an ancient art form that has superb designs and combination of colours. A flourishing & prosperous industry till a century ago. Today it is a dying art and confined to few artisans now who are struggling to keep it alive. “A Tribute To Kashi” has been designed in hope of reviving and promoting this timeless craft so that it doesn’t go extinct.

Title of the exhibition: A Tribute to Kashi

Designer Name: Pooja Vaswani

Dates: 25th November 2019 – 10th December 2019

Timing: 11:30 am – 7:30 pm

Venue: Pratharv Jewels, Shop No. 7, 2nd Floor Shopping Arcade, The Lalit Hotel, New Delhi

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