December 16, 2019

My wish for this birthday would be to make our first Hollywood production a massive success: Amit Sarin

Amit Sarin

Actor turned producer Amit Sarin who has shifted his base to now celebrated his birthday on 20th November. Amit had a rocking time as his brother in law also got married the same week and the family had double celebrations. Speaking about the celebrations, Amit says, ”My besties are here from Mumbai on a short trip so they took me to Vegas to usher in my birthday. Then we came back to celebrate it with my wife and kids. It was a great time and I had the best of both worlds! Close friends, family and then a family wedding what else I can ask for? If you get pure love and genuine wishes that’s the best birthday gift ever.” Speaking about his fondest childhood memory Amit adds, ”I remember my mother used to make a special Halwa called kamal gattey ka halwa (made with lotus seeds) on my birthdays. I used to look forward to it. It was yummy and more so because it was from my mother’s kitchen.” So what would be your birthday wish for the year? “My wish this year is to make Tiger Heart, our first Hollywood production a success. God has been very kind so far and I’m thankful for the blessings.”

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