December 16, 2019

Take a look inside ‘Dapper’: Kolkata’s avant-garde multi-designer menswear store

Gone are the days when menswear shopping meant picking up basics to stack up in one’s wardrobe. Today, the sartorial man looks for much more. Be it newer silhouettes, unconventional colour palette or just building a wholesome wardrobe, the scope to experiment with style is endless. Tapping on this growing menswear market and giving it a fresh spin, founder Shilpa Sethi has launched ‘Dapper’- Kolkata’s newest multi-designer store exclusively dedicated to menswear recently.

Present at the launch were talent-pools like ‘Ujjawal Dubey of label, Antar-Agni’ , ‘Arjan Dugal of label, Arjan Dugal’and ‘Suket Dhir of label,SUKETDHIR’, each of them with a unique style to offer, each better than the other.

The store showcases a finely curated collective of designers across categories, stocking everything from apparel, footwear and accessories. ‘Dapper’ houses collections from a plethora of designers, each master of their individual craft. Labels like ‘Rohit Gandhi+Rahul Khanna’, ‘Antar-Agni’, ‘SUKETDHIR’, ‘Divyam Mehta’, ‘Arjan Dugal’, ‘Jenjum ’amongst many more find a place in the store, along with ‘Vivek Karunakaran, ‘Enbbe’, ‘Devanshi Didwania’, ‘Son of a Nobel SNOB’, ‘SHM’, ‘Sahil Aneja’, ‘Khanijo’.

One could also check out an array of accessories from renowned designers across India like ‘Lacquer Embassy’, ‘Cosa Nostraa’ and ‘Baya’. Ranging from brooches, cuff links, buttons, beautiful silk accessories like neck ties, pocket squares and bow ties, ’Dapper’ houses perfect accompaniment for the fashion savvy men to step up the style game. With a deep-rooted motive of offering a bespoke shopping experience, ‘Dapper’ further aspires to fill the void in menswear retail by offering customisation services.

“’To me, clothing is a form of self-expression – there are hints about who you are in what you wear.” adds Shilpa. “Fashion is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well. Style is instant language and ‘Dapper’ aims to cater to men across age groups and their diverse styles and I can’t wait to show the mix of designers we have in store for you.” Come and experience an entirely ‘dapper’ way to dress up!

About Dapper: Kolkata’s newest Multi-designer Menswear store, ‘Dapper’ showcases a finely curated collective of designers across categories, stocking from apparel and accessories. The collection boasts an ever-changing roster of guest labels, hand-picked by owner, Shilpa Sethi.

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