March 31, 2020

Tarot Weekly Prediction- 23rd Dec – 29th Dec 2019 By Indrani

ARIES Honest Communication within primary relationships is what is amplified now to set the stage for a harmonious new beginning pertaining to your emotional world. Career and Professional ambition along with your perceived image in outside world will get a necessary boost. You are required to now channelize your energies towards that area.

TAURUS Now is the time to make some choices in your personal as well professional world after a long period of distractionsand scattered thoughts. Natives may want to break the monotony and get adventurous. Travel could be on cards for many. However Nothing frivolous will intrigue you but larger picture and serious thoughts could rule. Probably you are initiating a internal shift this week, in thoughts and actions.

GEMINI Relationships will become harmonious with your soothing communication. After a long time of pain and upheavals you will find this week positive in relationship area and finances as well. Intense thoughts and expressions along with soul searching is amplified. Natives may feel like sharing thoughts at a deeper level with primary partners. Joint Finances or financial dealings with others will also come to focus.

CANCER Important Relationships will be harmonious due to your perceptive skills and playful nature. Your social connections and professional allies will also be of supportive nature and you will find growth opportunities there. There could also be serious or authentic conversation coming your way if there is a sense of imbalance in that area.It is time to iron out those creases.

LEO Focus is on primary relationships and there will be opportunities to bring balance wherever it is required. It is a positive week for finances and professional area.There could be some good news in store for few. This week also nudges you to look into your daily routine,your orderliness and towards your self care practices . Health regime may need to be fixed and you can organize your priorities.

VIRGO There is go getter energy,enthusiasm and positivity in your professional area and career. Approach relationships in a playful and easy going manner and let go off your typical overanalyzing tendencies . Your communication skills can be impressive which will be able to bring a sense of positivity within your important relationships. Expressions would be amplified but do tone down the tendency to be blunt,rather let your jovial nature come to play.

LIBRA This week requires your mental agility and decisiveness to finally do away with some lingering issues involving your primary relationships. Deep sharing conversations and soul searching will be required. Emotional sharing and secrets also could be witnessed . Thoughts and actions would be focused towards home, foundation and roots, primary relationships. Professional area shall be satisfactory.

SCORPIO It will be a healing week . Need for inward thinking,soul searching could be amplified. You need to settle your thoughts internally in order to move further, specially if there had been some imbalance in the last few weeks . You may also feel like finally communicating and holding some important discussions. Social connections will brighten up your mood. Focus is on communication this week, authentic and creative.

SAGITTARIUS Your confidence and charm gets a major boost this week . Put yourself into the outside world and push your most ambitious agenda, you would not regret. Relationships will very harmonious and mood will be upbeat. Finances and income area shall be blessed this week, make some strategies and consider long term career goals

CAPRICORN Focus is on self, after a long period. You can look into pampering yourself. There would be a growing push inside to assert yourself to someone or somewhere . Dial down any aggressive nature,and remain as polite and honest as can be. Finances and Professional area looks promising. Relationships are now steadier than before.

AQUARIUS A week of positivity. You are being nudged to let go off past, let go off the baggage and embrace new. Optimism will be available in abundance. There is a need to be kind to yourself and leave self sabotaging tendencies arising from your thoughts. It is a period of healing as the cosmos amplifies the need to find a point of emotional balance.

PISCES Social connections, Professional allies,friends will be adding value to your plans and this is where your most ambitious plans can shape up and take off.Avoid Self sabotaging behavior of occasionally looking into your past and allow yourself to finally look ahead to the brighter future waiting for you. Family and professional life will now show signs of positivity.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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