March 29, 2020

Karuna Pandey: 2019 was blessing both career and health-wise

The next year is significant for actor Karuna Pandey as she will soon be moving to her new house. The actor says that she will also be trying to get better work next year. “The new year 2020 is important to me. I will be shifting to my new house which my husband and I are making currently. And I will hopefully concentrate on work and try to get the best out of me and grab good projects,” she says.

Karuna Pandey

Ask her if she regrets anything she did this year, and she says, “I don’t think I regret anything or want to change anything or even myself for that matter. I think all has been good and will be much better. I firmly believe that good things happen to good people and even bad incidents happen for a reason,” she says.

She adds, “2019 was blessing both career and health-wise. I managed to do great projects like ‘Motichoor Chakhna Choor’, ‘Love Hackers’. And I managed to lose some real good weight, so am happy. I guess my strength to keep on going, this is my biggest achievement. Be it films or television, I never give up. After a hit show like ‘Devanshi’, I luckily got a great film so both are my achievements.”

However, this year Karuna faced a major loss as well. “This year I faced a major setback and faced the biggest loss of my life, I lost my elder son, my pet dog…my beloved Romeo to cancer. My husband and I took nearly six to seven months to come out of it that. We are not out of him, actually, we don’t want to we love him forever and ever. Also, I lost my beloved mausi to cancer again which really left me a little more broken but taught me that life is quite uncertain,” she says.

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