April 5, 2020

Tarot Weekly Predictions- 5th To 11th Jan 2020

ARIES  Focus for most part of the week is on Home, Roots, Foundation, Possessions, Traditional values and Belief system. There are changes and adjustments that is to come or required. This is a week also focusing on Earned income area . There is blessings and also enough motivation in disposal to reach those financial goals.

TAURUS   It is a week conducive for forward movement in areas of life you had felt stuck from a long time. Cosmos also sends motivation as well, for acting on your long held ambitions. Knowledge gathering and expansive steps is favorable. Relationships will require a fresh direction or a renewal.

Self Reflection and concrete action plan is encouraged also to do away with old patterns.

GEMINI  Readiness to embrace change  is what cosmos pushes you towards. Your own values, ideologies, philosophy of life needs a makeover. Expansive thoughts and courage to think big picture dreams is what will give you success.  Earned income and self worth is also to be considered seriously and you are being urged to end all self sabotaging patterns which are acting as an deterrent force.

CANCER   A strong push to change those thought process, patterns in your day to day life or routine, approach towards Goal fulfillment arrives this week. Relationships are under focus and readjustment or deep discussions, where-ever necessary will be imminent. It is a “out with the old, in with the new” theme of the week

LEO  Daily Orderliness and structure is under focus this week. Improvement of Present situation is now possible as week is conducive. This week also focuses on ending few chapters and patterns of life, to gain clarity for journey ahead.  The urgency of achieving a balance in emotional  area along with rest realms is important. Toxic patterns has to go.

VIRGO  There is a push and motivation to express creatively . Unconventional approach, originality and willing to break the regular stringent thought patterns is now required. If you want different results, do things differently is the theme. A focus on social connections, networking or your approach towards same will face an interesting realization this week.

LIBRA  Cosmic nudge is to release control and embrace adaptability and playful vibes. Expressing yourself creatively will do wonders in keeping the relationships/connections stronger or vibrant. Social standing, image and career is also under focus this week. Something ends here or you leave a pattern here which no longer serves.

SCORPIO  Push will be to leave the comfort zone and move out on exploration of new opportunities . There is a transformation happening in this week from usual patterns. Your ideas and philosophies or belief system is to go through an awakening. Primary relationship area will experience a cosmic push to bring a change. A partnership can be left if toxic or a new one may be formed.

SAGITTARIUS  Relationships will now have a chance to go deeper or there is a cosmic push to rattle a relationship which is based on weaker platform. Deeper connection is possible at an emotional, physical and intellectual level. Finances are under focus, there is a sudden change coming in the earned income area for many. There is a cosmic push and motivation in the earned income area now and financial security.

CAPRICORN  Strong cosmic focus is in the area of primary partnerships, for some,  it can be professional partnership. Connections based on weaker foundation or of toxic nature will crumble away and new ones can be formed. Thought patterns which are not serving regarding relationships will have to end now.  Focus on self , transformation in your self image and self worth this week.

AQUARIUS There is enough positivity and enthusiasm this week for the natives. You would feel the inner tranquil which had been eluding for a long time in past. Healing is possible and happiness is in outside world, society and creative endeavors. A strong cosmic push will be on Self care, health, daily routine, structure and sense of discipline. Further change  for better is possible if you consider this area seriously.

PISCES Social connections, friends, and community will be under strong focus and this is where happiness or success is now. Interpersonal communication will now be harmonious or your approach towards those urging you to open up more creatively and energetically. New ideas, hobbies and easy going vibe or the importance of being playful will bring lot of satisfaction.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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