April 8, 2020

Art Magnum presents Magnetic Abstractions, a solo exhibition by artist Manisha Gawade

New Delhi, 15th January 2020: Art Magnum presents Magnetic Abstractions, a solo exhibition by artist Manisha Gawade. Magnetic Abstractions is truly reflective of Manisha’s soul as an artist. The works speak volumes about her journeys and experiences both as an artist and as a traveller. A combination of minimalistic abstractions and breathtaking cityscapes draw the viewers through its magnetic and sometimes minimalistic depiction of various cities and journeys to some of India’s rich cultural moorings. Some of the cityscapes in the show include Delhi, Mumbai, Banaras, Mysore, Udaipur and Dubai where Manisha spend a large part of her life.

The evening was presented at Gallery Art Magnum, 6C/4, Indian Oil Complex, Sri Aurobindo Marg, Yusuf Sarai, New Delhi 110016.

The show was inaugurated by H.E. Coromoto Godoy Calderon, Ambassador of Venezuela, Alonso Herrera de Abreu, Minister Counselor & Artist Prof Niren Sengupta and continued till 15th February, 2020 at Gallery Art Magnum, 6C/4, Indian Oil Complex, Sri Aurobindo Marg, Yusuf Sarai, New Delhi 110016 from 11 am to 7 pm.

The guests spotted at the event were Rashmi Vaidialingam, Alka Raghuvanshi, Sangeeta Gupta, Ex. IRS, Sei Ram Gohri, Artist Prof Niren Sengupta, Asit Kumar Patnaik & Kumar Vikas Saxena, Artist Praveen Upadhye & Artist Vilas Kulkarni, Nupur Sakhuja Kundu & Niladri Paul, Faiyaz Wasifuddin Dagar, Indian classical singer, Nrityashri Alaknanda to name a few.

On the occasion, Manisha said ” Magnetic Abstractions is a combination of semi abstract cityscapes and abstract paintings. The works in this show span over 5 long years of my work. The journey has been long and times taking. A lot of soul searching has gone in into the creation of all the works at the exhibition. After experimenting and heavy research and development I created the range of art furniture which has the capacity to energise any living space where it is used.

The finishes and designs are sturdy enough to be passed on to the next generation. Through the series Aapaar Niraakaar I have tried to show that God has no specific form and as INDIAN we have prayed to him through the elements in any form be it a river, a Stone, a tree and so on. Every religion is just another path of reaching the same higher power. God’s justice and mercy has no form he finds us in the toughest of times to bless us. Hence the series Aapaar Niraakaar.

The cityscapes for me are closest to my heart and the imagery is more impressionistic than realistic I have just tried to capture the feeling of the place more than physical attributes alone.I have tried to capture the vibrant colours of Holi festival played by lord Krishna in the series Krishna Vatika.Many textures have been created on various surfaces such as canvas, wood, P.v.c, textile in the interest of the end user. I am very sure that the show will make a wonderful collection at affordable prices for any one interested in art.”

On the occasion, Saurabh said “Art magnum is proud to present the solo show of Manisha Gawade. The exhibition showcases her full potential as an artist. It highlights her journey over the years and more importantly showcases her evolution from an upcoming artist to a senior artist. The exhibition took 4 months of planning and new works were specially commissioned for this exhibition which has added freshness and vibrancy to the entire collection.”

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