April 8, 2020

Weekly Tarot Prediction 9th Feb To 15TH Feb 2020

ARIES  You may be inspired to bring a balance of emotional, family, work and wellness. You may begin the week with strong focus on yourself. You may feel energetically pulled towards some matters regarding a key relationship. This week can be rewarding for few natives if you had been waiting for some news. By the end of the week money matters connected to others or spouse could need a healthy discussion. Being able to connect at a deeper level to important people of your life is possible or required

TAURUS Matters around family had put you on a reflective mood as we begin the week. The week also nudges the importance of creative expression in our every day life. Putting an amount of work, relentlessly each day will only take you so far in those Projects or goals you had set. There could be a some difference of opinion or resistance that may surface within a key partnership or Primary relationship by the end of the week. Your lessons about importance of being Joyful and being easy going will be required to mitigate any such event.

GEMINI  Some recent communication snafu had put you in a reflective mood in the beginning of the week. Daily matters of Home and relationships also pull your attention and as you progress through the week yearning and urgency to connect with Family or Friends would be felt. Going to the details or depth of a matters will help you to restore balance somewhere, if there had been some growing resentment of discomfort. Some Financial matter with a close partner or Spouse may also need discussion.

CANCER  This week begins with a reassessment  your relationship with money, Income and security. Financial Matters and communication around those will be taken up. Your daily work area shall show positive activity, but along comes a need to protect your position in a certain situation. Some of you may feel a burden or carrying the bigger burden in Family. Being more easy going, more in touch with your nurturing side will help you maintain harmony at home.

LEO With a strong sense of self worth and asserting own boundaries in the outside world would be important. Being protective of own interests and Defending own position would be essential to heal some past issues and begin something new. Earned income, and daily work, discipline, soon after, would be highlighted and gaining prominence. Communicating your emotions and Intentions in with clarity will be required in both personal and professional realms. Connect to your intuitions in Family & relationships, related matters.

VIRGO The week begins with Self Reflection, Nostalgia, and Contemplation for opening some new chapters and New Ideas. There is an internal shift being felt in thought patterns. Once you come back to your power and element, we feel our emotions being more centered and Intentions set firmly on Money Making Ideas and responsibilities that we shoulder. It is a productive week , along with a harmonious vibe within our relationships and Love realms.

LIBRA  Week Begins with social engagements  and Friendly settings, moving on to a self reflective and introspective period. Some quiet time would be ideal at times to process those emotions. There could be a sense of emotional void or lack of fulfillment which would require us to bring a balance. Getting emotions centered will soon help to go about the normal day to day business as the cosmic focus  shifts towards your finances and self worth.

SCORPIO A The week starts with Regret about some lost opportunities in Career or in Social Circle, also  some sense of Self Reflection. Urgency to hold an authentic conversation with some one in your close circle or within primary relationship could be felt regarding expectations from each other. The same can be true for a professional ally or partner. Communication has a major role to play this week in asserting your expectations, professional competence and expressing emotions.

SAGITTARIUS  The week begins with reflecting on values and philosophies of self. The Foundations of Life and security could take an important position. Reflecting on Past could bring a sense of defensive tone to begin with, in the week. Focus shifts soon to Career and Social Standing. People and creating a support network will gain prominence. Collaborative projects, Teaming up with people will bring about a healthy work atmosphere and ease in accomplishing tasks of the week

CAPRICORN  The start of the week had put you at unrest and emotionally intense or scattered. As we progress you will be inspired towards your larger goals and also ready to reassess your values, morals and philosophies while making important decision. You may feel emotional about your career and social standing  towards mid of the week. Career and People are interconnected and has an important role to play. End of the week you have put an end to a negative, repetitive pattern.

AQUARIUS Key relationships and dynamics had you in evaluation in the beginning of the week. Money matters connected to others may have put you into serious thoughts. Focus shifts to larger goals, accomplishments and your belief system. Even you detached approach will need a change, to be emotionally connected to people or even your Larger goals. Career and Social Standing seems to be the theme with which you would close your week.

PISCES  You begin the week with inspiration. Evaluation of your work goals  and how an effective daily routine is related will be realised. You are able to attend to small details and also effectively communicating to who ever is concerned. Being emotionally fulfilled will be important. Social circle will be supportive and informative to you. Financial matters may surface specially connected with others.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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