March 31, 2020
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Be Single, Be Khush – says Pop Singer Shalmali

This Valentine’s Pop Diva Shalmali redefines the expression of love for girls! Celebrating the single life, Shalmali drops, what is the hottest track of the season, “Kalle Kalle”. Full of power, spirit, and oomph; the track celebrates women who are single, fierce and fun. Presented by Big Bang Music, the single talks about being unapologetically independent and living life with no boundaries. 

Showcasing her dancing side for the world to discover, the video sees Shalmali groove to the beats choreographed by Caesar Gonsalves from the popular Bollywood duo, Bosco-Caesar. Riding on the success of her last single ‘Ruka Ruka’, Shalmali pushes the envelope of pop music and dance with a larger message of encouraging single women to take on the world. Continuing to raise the bar for independent music in India, Shalmali’s latest track – Kalle Kalle has all the making to become the anthem for single women in the country, and across the world.

Talking about her new release, Shalmali says, “Kalle Kalle is truly my way of telling the singles all over the world that they should be proud of everything they are and know that there’s no need to wait around for a Prince Charming or your dream girl to sweep you off your feet. Being single is happiness, it’s fun, it’s spirited and with Kalle Kalle, we celebrate all that and much more. I have danced as I have never danced before for this track and I can’t thank Caeser Sir enough for it. Join the single’s party with me and tune into Kalle Kalle!”

Caeser Gonsalves added, “When I first choreographed Shalmali for a live performance, I knew right there that she’s a phenomenal dancer. Even though we didn’t have enough time to shoot for the track, she just outrightly killed it. Her passion for her craft is unmatched and she redefines song and dance for music artists with this track. Watch out world, this girl is here to sweep you off your feet”

“A fabulous singer, a fantastic dancer and a born stunner– safe to say there is no one else like Shalmali. We call her our triple threat!! At Big Bang, we want to redefine pop culture in the country and I possibly can’t think of anyone other than Shalmali to helm this movement. Here’s urging all the single women to forget the men and celebrate single life with Kalle Kalle”, signs off Gaurav Wadhwa, CEO & Co-Founder, Big Bang Music.

Move over boys, Shalmali is here with Kalle Kalle!

 Watch the video live on 14th February @bgbngmusic

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