April 8, 2020

Tehseen Poonawalla: For Monica (Vedera) and I, every day is Valentine’s Day

Why have only day to celebrate your love for that someone special, says ace news analyst Tehseen Poonawalla, who was also part of Bigg Boss 13. He also urges people to not restrict this day to just their partners and celebrate it with everyone who they love. “First of all, I believe every day should be Valentine’s Day. One must only love! You should celebrate Valentine’s Day with anybody, whether it’s your parents, family, kids or pets, whoever you want. But I do believe Valentine’s Day is an idea of a couple in love celebrating this day together,” he says.

Tehseen adds that for him, this day is all about showing his gratitude his partner and his family. “Valentine’s Day to me means a day to reflect upon all the love that I have in life, not just from my partner but everybody else. The love that my partner and I share is amazing and this is one day when I am most grateful because you are constantly reminded that it’s Valentine’s Day. My wife Monica (Vadera) and I express our love freely, be it personally or on social media. For us, we love each other every day and every minute and if you look at mine and her social media pages, you will see that we are always putting posts about each other. For Monica and I, every day is Valentine’s Day!” he says.

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