April 1, 2020

Weekly Tarot Prediction 16th Feb To 22nd Feb 2020

ARIES  Self Reflection. Reviewing, Re-examination, getting in touch with your intuition will give lot of clarity this week at the onset. You had the week open with intense thoughts, yearning for deeper connection or may be intimacy also some transformative energies. Some Money matters related to others could have you thinking. Probably you would like to remain under the radar to process such a shift. The week requires you to approach work and goals with a realistic view.

TAURUS Much deeper relationships and emotional vibe open the week progressing gradually activating the Joy derived from social connections. Your sense of adventure gets a boost. Travelling, distant people and matters, expansion, exploration, learning will make it a busy week . Probably  your hands are full with so many activities and little time to balance. Collaborative projects, Teaming up will  be encouraging. You will have your mojo back, over the past few days of distress.

GEMINI  Intense emotions connected to daily work & health opens the week, also a transformative week in these area. Further  Career and Social standing area gets activated and clarity is within reach. Probably  considering your perceptive image and careful consideration towards your actions would be ideal. The area of intimacy, deeper connections are possible now. Your career certainly has lot of hope and a strong window to set an action plan. Take care of the occasional communication glitches that may through a wrench in your work relations

CANCER  The area of exploration, Expansion will have your energies in the beginning of the week. A lot of shift in your philosophies, Larger Goals,  Distant places and people will have your attention. You are ready to learn and travel now. The week opens up with a beautiful emotional vibe where you could find the pleasure of life and joy within reach giving you a window to break from monotony. Relationships are harmonious. New Professional contracts are favorable. However keep your foot firmly on ground.

LEO  You will open the week with an emotional tone graduating to a willingness to explore and take a leap of faith. A balance between security and adventure would be ideal. You would feel driven towards your work and self care. Work area has lot of potential to shine. There is an internal shift in your ideologies and patterns. Being creative, adventurous and joyful at the same time focusing on future with a connection to reality would bring good  results.

VIRGO Primary Relationships, Key Partnerships and may have your energetic pull. Emotional vibes and yearning for intense dialogue opens the week. Communication is now deeper and privacy is sought after.  At the same time your creative endeavors and out of the box ideas are ready to emerge. Beware of the occasional communication glitches or restlessness. Most of the natives will find themselves laying the ground work towards strong partnerships for future, professional or personal.

LIBRA  You may feel emotional about money in the beginning of the week. Earned income area has some positive vibes, with focus shifting to home and Family matters in the beginning of the week. All this while you are ready to shine in daily work area. Healthcare and holistic approach will be considered. Be the real you while communicating, with primary people of your life. You may not want to offend or disappoint anyone.

SCORPIO The week begins with a sense of self and positive vibes. As you proceed your expression Is charming and focus shifts from daily grind towards joy or pleasures of life. True Love is now brewing, singles can hope to meet someone special. You may feel ready to bring a change in your approach towards romance. With supportive communication and courage you are ready to take charge towards primary relationship area. You would be motivated  to break apprehensions and self limiting communication patterns.

SAGITTARIUS  Beginning of the week you may feel an internal shift, as you are able to access your subconscious and reflecting on some painful relationship pattern. Probably some of you may leave a relationship or a toxic pattern of self. As you move through the week, home and living space will pull you, some may consider change in décor. Your living space and family will pull your attention due to changing energies. A passionate project in your money making area will grow to your excitement.

CAPRICORN   You are gaining wisdom, confidence and inspiration to pursue your goals and relationships towards fruition. With an emotional beginning of the week, reviewing and reflecting, You have every tool  in disposal to achieve what you desire. Interpersonal communication will support you further in harnessing those positive energies and adding more charm to your  self esteem. Social circle is supportive. However a balance is required in your professional and personal life.

AQUARIUS You begin the week with a strong reflection of your dreams and sudden realization to shake you to the core. Clarity arrives almost immediately about your relation to money and income. Your material matters are now important. Processing those energies and such a transition will be difficult, making your more detached to the people in your life. Setting a strong intention and action plan will be urgent for matters related to financial goals. Take your steps forward, have faith you would see the results pouring in sooner.

PISCES  You are confident and clear about your goals and current situation. You would feel motivated towards making positive strides towards personal and professional goals.  You may feel much in your element and ready to take a chance, also able to detach yourself from the extreme emotional tides surfacing in the past. Social connections, Friends, groups and networking will give you the much needed emotional fulfillment as well as a boost to your career. Get ready to shine.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

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