April 3, 2020

Happy Women’s Day: TV actors honour the women in their lives

Women’s Day is around the corner and the men of TV town talk about the most important ladies in their lives.

Sanjay Gandhi: Women should be allowed to rule the world and then see the change and miracles because, for me, women are the only ones who deserve this power. A woman plays so many roles like a best friend, daughter, wife, mother, granny, sister. colleague, boss and comes in our life and supports us in all phases, good or bad. In my life, I was so blessed to have the support of my late wife Sujata.

Avinash Mukherjee: I don’t believe that Women’s Day is a day wherein the importance of feminism should be emphasized on. We all know that people who are educated know the importance of women in their lives. The most important woman in my life is my mother because she loves me more than anyone on this planet and I love her too. Last year, on Women’s Day I took my mom out on a coffee date and this year, if I am not shooting, I will take her out again.

Arun mandola: Women are the most beautiful and respected creatures on this earth. My mother has given me a lot of courage all my life and she is my inspiration always. Today whatever I am, it’s because of mother. She taught me never to lose my patience and believe in God. My mother is the most important woman in my life and because of her I understand that women are most respected in this universe. I will celebrate this day by sending my mother some beautiful gifts. Happy women’s Day.

Nikkhil Arya: Women’s day for me is a celebration of the two most beautiful women in my life – my mother and my sister. My mother has always been the strength and energy of my family. I thank God for her exemplary upbringing of which my older sister (a successful specialty dentist in the U.S.) is a product. She leads by example. An anecdote I remember from my childhood was that when I was in the 9th std. I was overweight and didn’t listen to anybody. Just so that I exercise, she joined the gym herself, all those years back in Pune!

Kettan Singh: Women’s Day is a day I dedicate to all the women in my life, who have been through hardships, survived and been the strongest source of every emotion. The most important woman in my life is my mother, she is my strongest support, listener and keeps motivating me. She doesn’t ask for anything, I just keep making sure she has what she needs.

Amal Sehrawat: This day is another reminder that we need to be grateful to the women in our lives for giving us birth. I love my mother the most for a simple reason that I came to this world through her and she has made me who I am today. There are no special plans for Women’s Day because I try to make every moment and everyday special for her.

Amit Sarin: These occasions are reminders to ourselves about appreciating the women in our lives. My mother was the most important woman for me, she passed away when I was in the10th grade. My most important woman is my wife now. She is the wind beneath my wings, I can count on her even in most difficult situations or go through the toughest decisions. I have been disruptive of my comfort zone, so, at times, it gets very difficult for your partner to be supportive of you but she has always understood my intentions and backed me to reach new heights.

Vijayendra Kumeria: A dedicated day to women is a great thing but just one day is not enough to thank or celebrate them. They deserve more love and respect. My mother is the most important woman in my life. What I am today is because of her. No one can love me or care for me more than her. I will, of course, thank them and celebrate the day with them and make them feel special by making their day special. I will cook for them. That’s what I have thought of.

Mohammad Nazim: Women’s Day is a day to remind yourself of the significance of having a great woman in your life. The most important woman in my life is my late mom. I always feel her presence and blessings. I remember my mom every day and every day is like a Women’s Day to me. Everyone should value the women in their lives.

Shashank Vyas: Women’s day is a special day to remind ourselves of the importance of women in our lives. The most important woman in my life is my late mom Geeta. Her memories are inseparable from me and I feel her blessings. She taught the value and importance of women and how one should respect women always.

Arjun Bijlani: Women’s Day is a day to make women feel important and special. There is not one but three important women in my life – my mother, my wife and my late mother in law, who have mattered the most. They have balanced my life and my home has peace and happiness because of them and I miss my mother in law.

Mrunal Jain: Women’s Day is a day to remind ourselves about how important women are. I give my credit card to my wife and mother and send them for shopping. I feel abundance is the mantra of my life. My wife and mother are great cooks and they pamper me like a little child to the extent that I can focus absolutely on my career. I feel grateful to them forever I want to tell them that I love both of them unconditionally.

Mohit Malhotra: Women’s Day, for me, is about recognising, supporting, celebrating and empowering women. It is also very important to shine the spotlight on gender equality and it’s something we all have to keep up with. Undoubtedly, my mother is the most important and will always be. I think there’s no love than what a mother has for her child. It’s the purest and most unconditional form you could ever experience. Like every year, I like to spend this day with my mom and make her feel special as she deserves all the love in the world.

Rahul Sharma: Women’s Day is very special because we don’t express our feelings on other days. This Women’s Day, express your feelings to them and tell them how special they are in your life. Tell them their specialty and what sacrifice they have done for you and your family. Women’s contribution is most important in anyone’s life. My mother is the most special woman in my life and she has given me the best of everything, whether it’s education or culture. She has always taught me to respect women and how one should be loyal to everyone. I feel so lucky and special to have her.

Rohitashv Gour: Women’s Day is very important to me. Women are important because they give birth and bring life into the world. They do a lot of sacrifices for us. I will buy a gift for the women in my life and make them happy.

Himanshu Malhotra: Women’s Day has always been extremely special. I think I always feel that women empowerment is the most important thing. For me, there are 4 women who have played a very prominent role – one is my mother, my two sisters, and my wife for sure. My wife has played an anonymous and fantastic role in my life. I think a lot of credit of what I am today goes to my wife because spending almost 16 years together as helped me grow as a human being. She is the closest to me and has been with me through my thick and thin. I will take her out somewhere or write something for her, that would be really special.

Heital Puniwala: Women’s Day is very important for me and I don’t celebrate Women’s Day only on a particular day, I celebrate it every day. Today, women are more important than men. Still, in India, there are a lot of places where women are not treated well so we should celebrate Women’s Day to showcase the importance of women. The most important woman in my life is my mother, her name is Usha. She has given birth to me and what I am today is because of her. I am so thankful to her. I always spend 2 hours a day with my mother. On the 8th of March, on Women’s Day, I am going to release my short film called Aurat in which I am showcasing the importance of women in everyone’s life.

Aniruddh Dave: I believe in celebrating a Women’s day all 365 days of the year. Why do we have to celebrate it on only one day in the year as Women’s’ Day. It would be great if we respect them and pamper them around the year. I also believe that it is important to respect women, who are not just in the family but also every woman we meet. We need to be the people who save the women of our country because you can see so many incidents in our country which make it unsafe.

I don’t think we have the right to celebrate International Woman’s Day till the time we don’t make the women of our country feel safe. We, as citizens. should pledge that we will be responsible citizens. The most important women in my life are my mother and my wife. A mother is someone who gives birth and because of whom you are in this world. She dreams for you and if you will fulfill those dreams then the happiest person will be your mother.

Then, the most important woman in my life is my wife. She also matters to me a lot because life is unpredictable and we face a lot of ups and downs. She has always supported me. I believe in making them feel special throughout the year. Only 8th March is not enough so I won’t be doing anything special on one particular day. We as citizens should make our country so safe that it should be declared that India is the safest country.

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