April 3, 2020

China officially announces victory over the Corona virus

The Chinese president at Wuhan Hospital without muzzle ..
China officially announces victory over the Corona virus

Chinese President Xi Jinping in Wuhan

Did the Chinese deceive the world with the Corona Virus? And they saved their economy ?!

This is what the Americans and Europeans think, after they sold their shares in high-value-added technology companies for a minimal price to the Chinese government.

According to them, the Chinese leadership used an “economic tactic” that made everyone swallow the bait easily, before they asserted that China did not resort to implementing a high political strategy to get rid of European investors, in support of China’s economy, which would bypass the US economy with this step ..!

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And because it teaches the science of certainty that Europeans and Americans are looking for excuses to slow and bankrupt the Chinese economy, China has sacrificed some hundreds of its citizens, instead of sacrificing an entire people ..!

Through this tactic, China succeeded in “deceiving all”, as it reaped about $ 20 billion in two days, and the Chinese president succeeded in deceiving the European Union and the United States of America in the eyes of the world, and played an economic game of a tactical nature, which was unthinkable. !

Before the Corona virus, most of the stocks and stakes in investment projects at “Technology and Chemicals” production plants were owned by European and American investors ..!

This means that more than half of the profits from the light and heavy technological and chemical industries went to the hands of foreign investors, not to the Chinese treasury, which led to a decline in the Chinese currency, the yuan, .. and the Chinese central bank could not To do something against the continuous fall of the yuan ..!

There was even widespread news that China was unable to purchase masks to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. These rumors and the Chinese President’s statements that he is “not ready to save the country from the virus” have led to a sharp drop in the purchase prices of shares of technology companies in China, and the empires of “foreign” investors have raced to offer investment shares for sale at very low prices, and with attractive offers, “Never seen before” in history ..!

The Chinese government waited for foreign share prices to reach their “almost free” minimums, and then issued an order to purchase them. And bought the shares of Americans and Europeans ..!

And when European and American investment financiers realized that they had been deceived, it was too late, as the shares were in the hands of the Chinese government, which in this process nationalized most of the foreign companies erected on its soil in a near-free manner, without causing a political crisis or a single shot .. !

The same sources confirmed and pointed out that “Corona” is a “real” virus, but it is not a terrible danger that has been promoted across the world ..!

China began to take out the anti-virus vaccine, this vaccine that it had owned from the beginning on the shelves of refrigerators after it had received its goal

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  1. This means China may have cheated its way to economic prosperity. Will the Yuan compete favourably against the dollar and the Euro? Did the Chinese kill their citizens and people from other countries using a chemical agent they disguise as a virulent Coronavirus??

    • Q is China killed it’s own citizens in Wuhan but how did the virus affect only two countries in the beginning ,Iran and Italy who are Chinese allies .

    • China is very cruel and not having humanity. To kill its own people for monetary benefit is highly inhuman.
      Let’s boycott Chinese products strictly permanent to give back to China.

    • Roger Lagerfeldt says:

      Better to lose a few thousand people in virus and take control of all forein companies in china. Instead of losing millions people in a war….

    • I have found that most Americans don’t really care!
      I do care this upsets me even more… Then seeing some correspondence and videos stating that it was the 5G output test of wahun China . That killed all the people because of the radiation an output of 5G..

    • Not only the peole of wuhan other countries The new year hug by the Italians of there Garment workers costed them dearly..entertaining them as tourists ..students and as entrepreneures costed other countries ..for cheap products..other countries had to pay with their economy and lives if this is true its not corona virus I agree with the President oUSA China Virus

  2. Amit Bhattacharjie says:

    This Chinese Checker will have tremendous backlash as the world will always call the Chinese as Schemers and Cheaters, Inhuman and Murderers and their products will be regarded as carriers of disease. So the future isn’t rosy for the Chinese. Just a matter of time.

      • dipseygypsey says:

        Rest of the world wont have a chouce going forward as china is in full control of supplies,manufacruring units and of course the vaccine or cure.

    • Siddhartha Sen says:

      If china has manipulated to have it’s dominance over world economy then what the super intelligent Agencies of mightiest countries were during this time.

      If China’s act of terrorism , which costed life of thousands of innocent people , could not be traced by the numerous satellites of different countries , should we consider that China by its scientific and technological development has reached a stage from where they can dictate their terms and we all have to bow helplessly.

      If this is true then is it not a major failure by the mightiest intelligence agencies across the globe.

      We should consolidate and revert back , if at least we are able to unearth the truth.

    • I have found that most Americans don’t really care!
      I do care this upsets me even more… Then seeing some correspondence and videos stating that it was the 5G output test of wahun China . That killed all the people because of the radiation an output of 5G..

    • China is not exceptional
      who so ever played with fire they felt the heat at some point or the other , the karmic cycle will take its toll ‘ that day the rest of the world will watch television & see scores settled naturally & this is the fact ( just watch ) my prediction

  3. China has bowled out the strong western opposition cheaply and is now ready to play the second innings and send the whole world on a leather hunt. The is not cricket!

    • Nice story cooked. Do u think all these help people?! Let us knw who told you about the shelves of their refrigerators. Lol

  4. Sham Ghooli says:

    A satanic idea to boost self economy at the cost of lives of world population. & economy. It is unthinkable that any gentle leader of a country can adopt this tactics taking the whole world for a ride. Shameless chaina To teach a lesson to them every country should bann Chinese goods

    • Leave China alone. It is not doing anything that is not done by the mighty European and American people to the African continent. They are killing Africans on daily basis and they have normalised it through their media. The chickens have come home to roost. It’s called karma. They are very good in creating chemicals that kill Africans but are unable to produce cures for their own. Shame on them!!

  5. sangeeta mehrotra says:

    China anyway NEVER bothered about murdering thousands of its own citizens. So why should they bother about others 🙄

    • Ideally yes, but what if our situation also worsens & we’re unable to continue production at the level needed for sustaining our ever growing population? Don’t we have to anyway depend on China then? Applicable to all countries, since China is the only country “free” of covid19?

      • Still China is not “free” from Covid19. But this has revealed the biowar tactics, which the whole world can be careful to contain this.

        They may play trumpcard with Rare earth minerals if they face economic boycott by other countries..

        We have to put processes in place to screen imports from any country.. This will be too costly, but our scientists and experts should find a way to implement..

      • Karan Vashisht says:

        Praveen ji, the only problem is that we don’t unite . We gonna forget everything in few coming days and gonna purchase Chinese products as they are cheaper. We ourselves are not going to purchase the products made in our country with little higher in price.

      • Sreedhar Radhakrishna says:

        Yes. We should unite and stop buying all Chinese products. We should manufacture locally, all that we import from China. This is our opportunity to hit back at China.

    • we would but do we realise in naw situation where among many countries chinese products r used into our day to day essential..its us who go for cheap value ..they r just being competitive and should d world they can go any extreme

  6. Hard to believe and scary if this is true entire world should be united in boycotting the Chinese products you can kill innocent citizens across globe for boosting your economy shame on Chinese

  7. In the times to come murderous China will taste its own medicine by which time will have created world hatred for themselves. Hurray the world will be longing to see that

  8. Covid 19 was a game played by the Chinese, they wanted an economic crisis to strengthen their currency. Back in Nov 19 the Chinese scientists carried the virus from Canada after developing it to transmit it from human to humans, they knew the right place to start was the market and put the blame on bats. Canada is partnering up was the Majer strategi, PM n wife gets the hit, strange and the spread is minimal. Fishy!!!!

  9. This is shameless if it’s real. Just for boosting economy ,they have murdered thousands of people. We mist ban china product

  10. Prakash B Nayak says:

    Chinese are known for the cheating. All indians you all know hwo they played with Indian army when they were about loose the war. Said Hindi china bhai bhai and then stabbed from back and we lost lot our army. Why the world trust them. More so their government. They are big cheats and can do anything even kill their own people for the sake of theri vested interests. Falundapa group you should be knowing fighting for many years across world.

    • Sarwvananjawahar M says:

      Chinese r gr8 intellect by sharpening their intelligence they think they.can rule the world, till they r fast stn see

  11. If this is anyway True, then who is stopping USA, EU, UK, INDIA and rest of the world, to come together and isolate China ? It won’t be able to survive long without support from all these countries. World Leaders cant act like sitting ducks taking fire, and must respond in a united way leaving their own benefits aside…

    • No one is ‘sitting ducks’. Everyone is sitting on fire. I am not sure if India can withstand the current situation if the cases of infection spread. As soon as this episode is over, India needs to build a strong public health framework and infrastructure because the next pandemic could originate in India (you never know) and if it did, there’s no way we can handle it!

      • Barbrah megan Naluwagga says:

        God forgive China I can’t believe that over economic power you murdered innocent people Children youth and old people innocent people all over the World Africa tooo really China

    • rukmani karad says:

      all comments are true! but, unfortunately, man is an animal that thinks only of itself, everything is a race between countries. I would love to see the world United but that is like dreaming with your eyes open.

  12. I believe, thiss can’t be true, but if it is, China invited darker days…
    Every nation understand their standards, which won’t stand long….and China have to answer for every death…. Including there now people….

  13. We can’t ban Chinese products. Starting from our daily used toothpaste to technology we have all Chinese made. Apple OPPO Samsung Vivo Mi etc etc all from there including PV cells and fireworks for Diwali. Better start reduces them make our Desi product’s. However we are busy in other regious/ political/scam activities than daily needed necessary technologies for a common man.

    • Y worry? We r used of cheap and low quality products. Only will have to spend some more money which will ultimately give bread to our sisters and brothers only.

  14. China is known to be a cunning country having no conscience. Planning a genocide & Taking human life for economic gain is still not clear but whatever one says, it’s a fact that China was under deep recession before Corona hit the world & now when the world is still reeling under this murderous onslaught, if Chinese economy has recovered then one can smell the rat & if proved China will face a backlash from the world community. Time will tell.

  15. K Jagadiswararao says:

    How ever, what ever the China techinics and play ? Why India should depend on… this is right time to support our own industries, even its higher price at the beginning, once all country men used to buy our own products, automatically price will be down. Due increasing in product quantities price will get Down…

  16. Syed Qamar haider says:

    Ya China can do it they are manic to get their economy boost at any cost . whole world witnessed about the China heinus crime .

  17. It is high time all nations ask china for compensation for the loss incurred around the globe. If it does not provide, isolate it and wage a war.

  18. No one is clean on these world even US has used dirty economy tricks on other countries even including going to war and sponsoring terrorist activities and also using EHMs…..

  19. Sanjeev Vadulekar says:

    Is it finally understood that Mr Xi Jumping has proved himself to be ‘Genious & Smart’ amongst the whole lot of world leaders may be heading their own countries…If it is so….This is the time to seriously decide of uniting the world leaders together and act against such stupid diplomacy by CHINA taking whole world at ransom…

  20. Nothing wrong in what China has done. USA does this all the time and has been doing it for years to reign their superpower

  21. Vasantha Machaiah says:

    Survival of the fittest was the rule of the jungle , we are in the same the jungle even today . Only option that is there open to all is “just get fit and smart ” . Very few European countries are philosophically evolved to understand “interdependence” and believe in fair win win approach towards life and business . its not about nation today , it’s corporates who controle the market . The current game was played against nations and business corporations . Govt of China played it cleverly, it wasn’t a wise game in the long run . Will they be able to win the trust of corporates is the question we need to watch how it plays out . Money could buy many or most, but not the wiseman or wisdom . Interdependence and fair win win policy is the way forward in the long run . America ignored UN and made UN as US . So now China says UN is US and says we are China that is UN . It was Russia and USA as big two. Now the Russia Replaced by China and trying to call the shots . India remains wise fortunately. 🙏👍🏻✌️💖🤝💐😀

  22. Namita Shetty says:

    They are schemers . Financed Pakistan’s terrorist organisation against India and encouraged Pakistan in all the wrong doing . Now China should be termed as a most dangerous terrorist country for the entire world . They have , they are and they will kill innocent people for becoming selfish power . No wonder Jack Ma became the richest guy in Asia the moment corona virus scare spread . I wonder how company’s like Apple still encourage this , not that they have lack of finance and resources that they entertain China for their cheap labour. High time

  23. If the scheming Chinese game against the whole world is true then
    The world should isolate China by refusing visas to Chinese… a total ban for students , IT people, Chinese tourists( they are there everywhere in large groups) for ever

  24. Good thing. These FII use to blackmail small countries for any tiny reason and sell shares and bring down market. Now, China has taught them lesson. FII will now fear to sell in bulk and spoil emerging economies.

  25. Ibrahim Kasule says:

    USA has committed more terrorism and has killed billions of Africa and Middle East citizens than China. USA is the problem of humanity. It has created many bioweapons and nuclear weapons and has destroyed many Muslims countries like Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Yemen, Iran, Iraq….
    USA is Satanic and evil

  26. Dr F R Chinde says:

    The chinese kill their own leaders own citizens and manipulate the world according to them
    They can never win after cheating now nobody will invest and believe china NOW THE DOWNGRAPH WILL BEGIN

  27. Well done China! The Whites have used any means possible for far too long. It’s just that nobody has the ba*** to call them out.

  28. O p maskara says:

    In my opinion , this thought of cheating the world has no base. Because ;
    1/ in recent years countries are too closer
    Than earlier years due to social networking and more inter country economy .
    e.g. Chinese goods and manufacturing plays big role in Indian, myanmar , nepal and other countries .
    2/ politically they are better accepted than earlier. e.g. india – China relations
    3/ it is natural that any wealthy country or individual will spend money to buy cheaper shares at the time of depressed sale for long term gain.
    4/ lastly Corona crisis is world largest disaster till date in terms of enlarged danger with no recourse . And with no similar world history .

  29. In the nobel price winning novel”The good earth” dealing with Chinese famine ,it explains Chinese eating their own children for survival. They are merciless, and can do anything. We need to be equally merciless

  30. China is capable of doing anything they are Dictatorship one man army.. for the nation will go to any extent of inhumanity, don’t be surprised…. Boycott or Ban of the produce from China is the way forward…

  31. China is capable of anything inhuman. They are a Dictatorship , A one man army.. for the nation will go to.any extent…. do not be surprised…

  32. Lakshma Reddy Anantula says:

    China, France, Russian Federation, UK and the United States. Members countries unanimously make a resolution to give status as a permanent member of united nations security council and the situation demands to isolate the countries which wages war against the killing innocents

    • Nothing like isolating China let’s be wise and grow. Americans they do that always to gain influence, at the cost of humanity.. so such are baseless and unfounded analysis. Begin to qualantin American, then you come to other people. Let not Americans colonise your thinking in their interests..

  33. You must be kidding. $20 billion is chump change for any economy. To compare, China’s nominal GDP is $13.37 trillion.

  34. Emmanuel Nsenga says:

    If that was the game then China will pay for what has caused to Nations. It may not see the effect it has caused to the people but it will pay.

  35. What China has done is really shameful and the same shall be condemned, if the theory is really true. However, at some point or other all countries or political parties have something similar to this at larger or smaller level or get economic or political benefits. Who suffers the most are the common and poor citizens.

    Pray to Almighty all are punished severely for the getting personal benefits at the expense of common and poor people

  36. It was America who was deep in debt not China. China was doing much better producing goods for all over the world. This blog is fake and so are comments.

  37. Subrata Pramanik says:

    Bro, I understand that Chinese did a very inhuman act to boost there economy, but regarding the Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai and Sino-Indian war on 1962 we should potray the correct fact, and not get blown away with patriotic emotion. The correct fact is, it was India, who took the decision of military action against China and took the forward policy over the North of McMohan line and started creating outposts on Chinese territories. China initially did not want to go for direct war and with drew the PLA. But then when it was too late to approach the issue with diplomatic discussion then they came into the war. Of course, there are other issues which crated tentions at that time like India’s permit of political assylum to Dalai Lama who was head of Tiberian uprising against Chinese rule and the support from then USSR towards India.

  38. Ganesh Nair says:

    Such kind of shameless act could be performed only by China, as they always proved it and other countries always haven’t make any stake against it. Currently, let’s unite and create a forum to study this thoroughly and if proved it right, go for a strategic war….else no point in reacting and go for hibernation.

  39. The Chinese have shown to be smart on whatever they do, always bending the existing paradigms. It seemed to be apparent when the Corona Virus was not reported in other provinces nearing Wuhan. Usually the governments will take time to respond by which time the leak would have already slipped through unless they are prepared well in advance. We have no way to get a proof of this heinous and deliberate act. Our bit will be to resist the temptation – not to buy the Chinese made products however cheap and enticing they may be. This can perhaps give some encouragement to our domestic industry. Our Indian Government is doing its bit to encourage the local industry.

  40. Hi
    This is a very complex issue . In modern era, we can not ascertain the exact cause of happenings . Every country has its secret missions to turn the world trade into their favor . United States of America is also playing games to save their dominance. So , we never know who is writing on whose behalf. Very complex situation indeed!

  41. This is the most important matter of investigation,and if it’s true, let impose boycott of all Chinese element , coming to our economy play…..we can face some trouble ,but it’s necessary for all humanity

  42. Andama Bonny says:

    If this is true, I think there is need for the rest of the world to join hand and fight China weather economically, spiritually, technologically etc to make them learn a lesson that this world was created by some one else not chinnes and it will be destroyed by the owner not China.
    Let’s stand up and join hand to fight this impunity and even send those in diaspora back to there country.

    Am from Africa, Uganda.

  43. If it’s true then I would say well done because every country think of itself before others , all shouting cheating boycott we all know that Chinese are far more intelligent other may called them copy cat cheater but they are superior race then other country. Other country may chest thumping that they are super power but without the Chinese product these country product are cow shit.

  44. Maybe another conspiracy theory. We can’t decide or take decision on China based on this site. It’s time for Chinese go for democracy and remove the iron hand. UN need to take action.

  45. If this shameless and inhuman behaviour of China is true than whole world should boycott their products.
    Many businesses got shut down.. Entire country like dubai and other tourism based economy are bleeding to death… Many air line industry are on the verged of filling bankruptcy…
    I stand to boycott Chinese product!! How about you?

  46. Furthermore,
    5G towers have been put up in NYC, area-Soho Greenwich village in East village,
    Outside foreign entity.

  47. Bhaskar reddy says:

    All world should come together and give befitting attac on China,impose total trade ban with that stupid counry.Also all Chinese citizens working at other countries should be sent back to their own stupid country.

  48. Jayanta Chatterjeejee says:

    Chinese chicanery once again prove how helpless we as democracy against authoritarian Chinese.Very soon they will encircle India with OBOR and Modiji should unite the country before its too late.Also he should stop crony capitaliism

  49. Even i will not be surprised in next Bond or Mission Impossible, corona virus will be the core idea and Chinese govt may claim huge profit percentage as a part of royalty.

  50. There have been many conspiracy theories around. This is one more. Probably jealousy for China at work in the troubled times. It is not difficult to change the course of world opinion. History is there for contemplation. China has definitely its problems including grave human rights violations. So does have Indians, Americans, and many more.
    Despite that, it is not fair to put such theoretical piece without proof.

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