April 3, 2020

Wuhan, Province In China, the epicentre of corona virus reports zero cases

Wohan, province in China, at the center of the corona virus outbreak reported no new infections for the first time since the pathogen emerged more than two months ago, marking a turning point in an epidemic that’s infected almost 81,000 Chinese and threatens to push the world’s second-largest economy into its first quarterly contraction in decades.

The country’s health ministry said Thursday that 34 cases were detected over the last 24 hours — but all of the positive results came from people arriving to the country from abroad.

The fact that there were no new infections in the virus hotbed city of Wuhan or the surrounding Hubei province signals an end to the outbreak in China could be in sight

How it made possible?

According to the experts
Hubei’s mass quarantine, which encompasses Wuhan and surrounding cities, was aimed at sealing off the region where the virus first emerged from the rest of the country and world. The unprecedented and draconian measures are now being replicated by some of the highly-infectious countries.

While researchers say the lockdown of Wuhan likely reduced overseas transmission of the virus by almost 80%, it caused immense suffering within Hubei: the local medical system collapsed under the weight of the surge of infections, leading to scores of preventable deaths, both virus-related and not. Similar scenarios are arising in other countries like Italy and Iran now as their medical infrastructure becomes overwhelmed by the epidemic.

China ultimately sent thousands of doctors from around the country to Hubei province to help and new hospitals were built within days to house its tens of thousands of corona infected patients. Outside Hubei in the rest of China, local officials placed varying restrictions on residents’ movements and used broad surveillance powers to track who infected people came into contact with.

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