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Last night, a 20-year- old woman who died in Delhi on Tuesday, two weeks after being gang-raped and tortured in the Hathras of Uttar Pradesh, was cremated by police, reportedly because her family and relatives were locked up in their homes.

Govt is in action.


Covid 19 pandemic has changed the lifestyle of vulnerable population who suffer from heart disease. In the absence of promising therapeutic and preventive therapy it is difficult to limit the disease transmission in vulnerable population such as the elderly , diabetics and  patients with heart, respiratory or other comorbid conditions In this situation it is impotant to control the risk factors of heart disease that will surely lead on  to achievement of healthy heart . 

The common risk factors of heart disease are diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol levels, smoking, hypertension ,obesity,  sedantary habits. Covid 19 pandemic has transformed the lifestyle of the population as a whole.  All the risk factors leading on to heart disease have  increased in the recent times due to the effect of lockdown , obesity arising from immobilty , lack of regular exercise, job losses.  Diabetes is one of the  leading cause of heart disease and heart attacks  in our country .

It causes not only clogging of the blood vessels of the heart by increasing the levels of LDl cholesterol and also tryiglyceride but also causes heart failure by effecting the heart muscle directly . As life expectancy increases the number of patients with diabetic cardiomyopathy (heart muscle disease) will increase Therefore it is important for diabetic population to maintain a healthy lifestyle such as regular exercise, following a diet chart comprising of limited carbohydrates , low unsaturated /hydrogenated fat and high fibre diet.  Patients with diabetes need to control their sugar levels if required with newer antidiabetic medication and insulin. 

Keeping a tight control on average 3 monthly sugar levels (HbA1c levels ) should prevent target organ damage and maintain healthy heart   . Similarly controlling obesity , sedentary habit requires lot of motivation at the level of individual and adaptation of healthy dietary approaches would definitely achieve a healthy heart.

It is believed that people who did moderate exercise just 15 mins a day tended to live an average of three years more than their inactive peers People with high blood pressure should take regular medication to prevent sudden surge in BP and cardiovascular events like strokes, heart attacks and heart failures.

Similarly depression has become a part of urban , fast life and is thought to be an indirect risk factor for cardiovascular diseases  In 2014 , An American heart association statement listed depression as a risk factor of  poor prognosis after a heart attack and the risk of death was three times more in patients with depression    Managing and optimising risk factors for heart disease  goes a long way in maintaining  a healthy heart and is very much achievable goal  . It requires a very well organised approach at the preventive and therapeutic level of health care sector and can transform a population to achieve healthy heart . 


A week after it walked out of the Narendra Modi government, the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) on Saturday decided to quit the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) over the three farm bills that it says are not in the interest of farmers.

The Akali Dal was the oldest ally of the BJP and the two parties have shared power in Punjab and at the Centre for several terms.The Akali Dal’s decision to leave the NDA was taken at the party’s high-level meeting presided over by party president Sukhbir Singh Badal on Saturday.

Terming the Modi government’s decision to go ahead with the farm bills as a “murderous assault on the poor peasantry”, Sukhbir Singh Badal said, “The Shiromani Akali Dal has decided to pull out of BJP-led NDA alliance because of the Centre’s stubborn refusal to give statutory legislative guarantees to protect assured marketing of farmers crops on MSP.”He also accused the Narendra Modi government of having “continued insensitivity to Punjabi and Sikh issues”.

Hitting out at the Modi government, senior Akali Dal MP and former Union minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal said the present-day NDA is no longer the NDA that was envisioned by Atal Bihari Vajpayee and veteran Akali Dal leader Parkash Singh Badal.

“If pain and protests of 3 crore Punjabis fail to melt the rigid stance of Government of India, it’s no longer the NDA envisioned by Vajpayee Ji and Badal Sahab. An alliance that turns a deaf ear to its oldest ally and a blind eye to pleas of those who feed the nation is no longer in the interest of Punjab,” she tweeted.

Besides the three farm bills, the Akali Dal said it was also leaving the NDA due to the Modi government’s “continued insensitivity” towards Punjabi and Sikh issues like excluding Punjabi language as official language in Jammu and Kashmir.

“The government’s decision on farm bills is deeply injurious to the interests, not only of the farmers but also of khet mazdoor, traders, arhtiyas and the Dalits who depend on the well-being of agriculture,” the Akali Dal said in a statement.Addressing reporters in Chandigarh, Sukhbir Badal said the decision to walk out of the NDA was taken after much deliberation.

He said the farm bills that are being brought in by the Modi government are “lethal and disastrous” for farmers.”These are black laws and the SAD had resigned in protest against these bills. It could not be a party to a government or alliance which stands opposed to the farmers, farm labourers, arhtiyas and other poorer and toiling sections of society,” he said.Terming the government’s decision to go ahead with these bills as “murderous assaults” on poor farmers, Sukhbir Badal said the Akali Dal had hoped that the government would not press on with these steps.

“But it seems the BJP is totally out of touch with ground realities.”He said the SAD was the oldest ally of the BJP but the government and the main driving principle behind the alliance was the SAD’s commitment to peace and communal harmony in Punjab and the restoration of pride and dignity of Punjabis in general and Sikhs in particular in the country.

“But with successive decisions, the present government has shown its callous insensitivity to minority sentiments and been indifferent to the imperatives of peace and communal harmony in the country, especially in Punjab,” Sukhbir Badal said. On September 17, Harsimrat Kaur Badal resigned from the Modi government on the day when the farm bills were passed by the Lok Sabha.

Announcing her resignation on Twitter, she wrote: “I have resigned from the Union Cabinet in protest against anti-farmer ordinances and legislation. Proud to stand with farmers as their daughter and sister.

“Earlier that day, participating in the Lok Sabha debate on the farm bills, her husband and Akali Dal president Sukhbir Singh Badal said the farm bills will “destroy” the 50 years of hard work done by successive Punjab governments to build the agriculture sector.

While opposing the bills, he said they will “sound death knell for 20 lakh farmers, 3 lakh ‘mandi’ labourers, 30 lakh khet mazdoor and 30,000 ‘arhatiyas’ besides destroying food grain procurement system established over 50 years” in Punjab.Days later, when asked about whether the Akali Dal would continue being part of the NDA, Sukhbir Singh Badal said it would depend on the fate of the bills in the Rajya Sabha.Earlier this week, the Rajya Sabha too passed the three contentious farm bills.

The Akali Dal’s decision to walk out of the NDA comes at a time when farmers across Punjab are out on the streets to protest against the farm bills.The Akali Dal ruled Punjab for 10 years in a row until 2017 when it suffered it worst drubbing in the assembly elections.

The state is set to go to polls in 2022 and the farmers’ agitation is a possible way out for the Akali Dal to regain its lost political ground, even if it comes at the cost of walking out of the NDA.

Abhishek kumar


Learn how to get rid of dark circles with ease  

Eyes are the window to one’s soul. Thus, a lot of qualities such as confidence and righteousness are associated with their appearance, which may be blemished by dark-circles. The dark circles may appear beneath your eyes due to sleeplessness, sun exposure or allergies. Along with the eyes, dark circles can undermine your self-belief and overall looks.

If there’s an upcoming party or meeting, dark circles might leave you worried and anxious. However, they aren’t a great cause for worry if you know how to hide them. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how you can camouflage and conceal your dark circles:

  1. Properly moisturize the area beneath your eyes!
  2. Before applying anything else it is extremely important that the skin is optimally moisturized. For this purpose, you can use a moisturizer or an under-eye cream. The moisturizer helps create a smooth-base.
  3. Counter the depth of the dark circles!
  4. Dark circles may sit deep in your skin. An orange corrector can sparingly cut down the deepness of the dark circles.
  5. Use the appropriate concealer!
  6. It is very important to use the right concealer as using a light concealer may make the dark circles beneath your eyes all the more obvious. So, you should make use of a warmer (and not light) concealer which matches your skin-tone. 
  7. Setting everything right with foundation! 
  8. After everything else is done, it is important to ensure that area beneath your eyes has the same skin-tone as the rest of your face. This can be achieved using a thin layer of powdered-foundation. 
  9. Voila, dark circles are gone!     

Celebrity Makeup Artist Samaira Sandhu 


LinkAstro is India’s first transgender astrologer Ravi Amrani Akka Bhairavi. Linkastro is a marketplace for astrologers providing services like Chat, Call and reports online to astrology seekers. Ravi Amrani is also a life coach, writer, entrepreneur, activist and an artist. The app provides free services such as Matchmaking, Daily Panchang, Kundli, and yearly horoscope. LinkAstro the only astrology app promoting inclusivity with the LGBTQ community in India and this sets the foot forward towards a change in the outlook and acceptance in our country.  

Q . when did you joined linkastro?

Joined LinkAstro in August 2020. 

Q. when you started practising astrology?

Since last 4 years

Q. Do you feel proud like you are a all rounder, as you  are coach, writer, entrepreneur, activist and an artist?

Yes, I definitely feel proud that I’m all rounder. But the drawback is you cannot do all the things at a time. So I have bifurcated them in number of years and I’ve learnt that being creative is very important.

Q. how was your experience with your Guru Dr. Mohit Shukla ji?

I had a wonderful experience with my Guru Acharya Dr Mohit Shukla Ji. He is very strict and disciplined. I realised my weak points and improvements in my life through him. 

Q. Is linkastro app can really influence the concerned authorities?

If yes then tell us something about this app?This app is a platform where astrologers can join without any payment. This app gives us an oppurtunity to earn money without stepping out from our house. This app promotes all the astrologers and is creating an atmosphere where we can work without any dilemma. I would encourage others to use this app as it will help to improve the life not only for me but for other astrologers who have joined LinkAstro. This app also helps in bringing this unorganised astrology profession to organised one.

Q. how is your cream and cinnamon bakery & café working?

CNC is doing pretty well. It’s a pretty good earning shop and we are thinking out to branch it out very soon in a near future in the front areas of Raipur. The size of my team is 12-13 people and they stay with us. I’m so happy for CNC. I’ve handed over all the responsibility to my big brother so he is looking out as of now.

Q. you have seemed to gon through from a very depressed state in your life where you also tried to end your life , now you are a capable person how you feel now?

Being a transgender, there was lot of troubles in my life but now I feel pretty good that I’m giving my services to the mankind. I’ve read somewhere that knowledge is the only key to your solutions so I’m contributing my part to this world.

Q. Best thing about astrology u like the most?

Astrology is the one which gives you a ray of hope or life. Astrology has a lot of power. One thing I like about Astrology that it’s very complex, It’s because the stars, the combination are very complex, conjunctions, your placements of the chart you have born with is very complex because of that your life is complex. The duty of Astrology is you can find out so many things it’s like you can find out your answers. 

Q. Why you appeal the LGBTQ community to explore astrology as a great career option ?

It’s a best career choice as you don’t have to invest money in this and it’s a noble profession and one can make their name. In my community, people are very creative so it’s perfect for them to appeal Astrology. 

Q. Is Astrology a good practice to do ?

What message you will give to public about astrology?Definitely it’s a good practice to do infact, it’s a divine. It’s a good profession in a genuine way. As you follow doctors in the same way please follow astrology and take the follow ups and implement it as Astrologers do wonders.


ARIES These are the days, when extreme emotions are felt, a Chapter of your life or a cycle is in closing, and a new one shall open up, review what you need to let go and how would you want to walk in the world, how would you rise up to attend to your personal needs. Further it would be gradually easier to get along with others which seemed to be tougher a few days back.

TAURUS The need for rest to reflect on your thoughts and to stay away from chaos could be higher than before. There could have been a stress which has been weighing you down. Soon after you would find a burst of energy return to your life in matters of Love and creative pursuits. You shall be at ease in ideating and your witty vibes go well in dealing with difficult people.

GEMINI Socializing and networking shall be gratifying. If you had difficulty in being at ease with family and relatives or any home matters , this week shall bring little respite, you shall be able to get things in order. Simple pleasures of life, and being at comfort at home shall go well. This could be a better week in terms of positivity and foundational changes in your life.

CANCER For the days to come you would be examining your relationships and how to implement the lessons to create harmony and bring solutions to ongoing issues in those. You shall communicate in impressive ways to address those issues. Further You would be nudged to look into your career area and your image seriously. You shall have to find inventive solutions and examine deeper your love matters.

LEO  You shall feel the need to come out of your shell to explore, commit to a learning program to further your steps in big picture dreams. You shall be able to negotiate well on monetary matters, to bolster your financial security. Further pressing issues at home front would need to examine the inner workings. If you open yourself to socialize,  explore new themes that would be gratifying.

VIRGO Over the coming week there shall be a lot of thinking, deeper conversations, information which you weren’t aware of,  along with potential for confusion, inner turmoil and at times war of words. You would be pondering over your close relationships, financial dealings, your communication style and your own grooming style. Securing your finances and your relationships are your focus area.

LIBRA  Over the coming days your internal world, especially your love life could be under focus. There shall be plenty of discussions regarding finances, negotiations at times cause of conflict too. Deep seated issues in your long term partnerships, and finding a harmonious way to address those issues to restore peace. You may feel hard to express your true feelings and thoughts but it is worth the attempt.

SCORPIO You shall find yourself communicating a lot more, asking probing questions but at the same time make sure communication is harmonious with others. There could be times when you feel conflicted and feel as if things are hidden. There are changes to be made around your day to day routine, and time management. Discussing topics which has consumed you and also socializing shall be gratifying.

SAGITTARIUS . You shall find the drive and enthusiasm towards your financial goals. Your ability to bring in creative solutions and alternatives in important matters would be commendable. Career matters shall look up from the midweek, be ready to take new steps, presentations, initiate negotiations with higher ups. The beginning of the week may look exhausting, and take some time to replenish.

CAPRICORN This is a week to take reigns of your personal power and move towards some new projects and endeavors. You shall be able to get past those hurdles which had been holding you back. This week there are chances of misunderstanding with family members about family matters, but listening skills and ability to navigate through muddy waters will restore harmony.

AQUARIUS You shall find yourself thinking a lot more and in midst of a flurry of communication, information pouring in, negotiating which could make it exhaustive near the beginning of the week. Examine your pattern of thoughts and how you communicate with others, further you can let go of certain patterns. You shall yearn for heart to heart connections and deeper level conversations.

PISCES This week nudges you to examine how you walk into the world, your career space and your approach towards financial security. Further working on improving your relationships, building a support group, regrouping, reaching out to friends and family shall be gratifying and provide you a sense of warmth and belongingness. Reassess how you want to move ahead further in the world.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

Website Link : https://thespeaktoday.com/ Mr. Sachin Mehta “Shaleen” : Motivational Speaker & Poet
Headline : ‘To Grow in Life and to be Successful, Understand yourself and other Attitude…’Mr. Sachin Mehta Motivational Speaker explained the Giver, Taker and Matcher

Description : Motivational Speaker, Life Coach & Poet Mr. Sachin Mehta has been helping Youth to get right direction in Life. 32 years old Motivational Speaker Mr. Sachin Mehta has more than Ten Thousands of Followers on his Facebook.
Bhiwani Pariwar Maithri Sang(BPMS) President Rajesh Chetan has Invited Motivational Speaker Mr. Sachin Mehta in a program Pustak Prabhat organized by BPMS. Mr. Sachin Mehta talked about the Book GIVE and TAKE written by Adam Grant. The Video of the program was Viral on YouTube and has been seen by thousand of viewers.

Mr. Sachin Mehta explained very nicely about the Three type of people’s behaviour. Mr. Sachin Mehta explain very well about Givers, Takers and Matchers. Firstly, Mr. Sachin Mehta said, to achieve success in life the Three most important things are Motivation, Ability and Opportunity and which can be achieved with Hardwork, Talent and Luck.

Motivational Speaker Mr. Sachin Mehta the said, we daily meet with number of people and everyone has their own thinking and different attitude. Firstly, he explained who Takers are : Those who believes in getting more than they give and put their own goals above other’s need. Takers Praise themselves and take full credit of their work.

Mr. Sachin Mehta said, On the other side Givers are those, who are always ready to help other, gives more than they get and believes in sharing their credit with others and then he explained about Matchers, those people who calculate before giving help to others. Matchers firstly thinks, if they are helping some one, what they can get in reverse. They help other with an expectation from others to get more support and benefits in reverse.

Motivational Speaker Mr. Sachin Mehta then discussed about Success Ladder, he said as per survey to find who are on top of success ladder, whether it’s Taker, Giver or Matcher. The result of survey was Takers and Matchers are always in Middle of the success ladder and Givers are on Top of Success ladder and Givers are on Bottom of Success Ladder.

Mr. Sachin Mehta, then explained that, there are Two type of Givers. One those are on Top of Success Ladder and others, those are on Bottom of Success Ladder. Two Givers are : Selfless Givers and Otherish Givers. Selfless givers are self sacrificing Givers, who completely cares about others and don’t take care for self interest at all. That is the reason Self Sacrificing Givers are on bottom of Success Ladder.

Second are the Otherish Givers, who are on the Top of Success Ladder. Otherish Givers are the Successful Givers and they are high Performance Givers. Otherish Givers helps other people and also concerns for self interest as well along with other’s interest.

Mr. Sachin Mehta then explained, to become Successful in Life, we must become Otherish Givers and how to become Otherish Givers? He said, we must do three things. Which are : Help others, Give Advice and Share Credits. Mr. Sachin Mehta emphasize that we must help others in their need and whenever other seek our Advice, we must give good advice which is beneficial for others and above all we must Share credit of our Success with others.

Subscribe Mr. Sachin Mehta on YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC3x8ua6sGDQKdNPoAirnOQ
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by Interior Designer Punam Kalra 

Creative Director of I’m the Centre for Applied Arts

The line between plain functional forms and artwork is slowly blurring, as is any fixed notion of interior spaces. The focus now is on experimenting with interior styles that are natural, familiar, and have a bold streak of personality to create multifunctional and fluid spaces. Well-designed interiors provide an opportunity for experimentation with innovative materials, forms, and patterns, to create a bold, chic, and welcoming space.

The easiest way to make a space look larger and stylish is to declutter the excess and organize the existing décor. Investing in good multipurpose furniture helps keep a neat and orderly space, enhancing the visual appeal and keeping it user friendly. Options with charging ports, hidden storage, and adaptable parts that can be repurposed, are easy to handle in multipurpose homes and open office layouts.

The smaller, floating storage can be smartly grouped, labeled if needed, and arranged using space organizers, boxes, and baskets.A change in the existing furniture layout can be helpful while renovating the interiors. Open plans with a fluid public and semi-private zones create an easy flow while maximizing comfortable seating that can be used with visual buffers for privacy in an office. Good ventilation and natural lighting ensure a reduced dependence on passive lighting while creating natural focal backdrops framing the city skylines.

Using natural and handmade cosmopolitan accessories creates a more conscious, gracious, joyful and serene space that spreads love, hope, and inspiration. We have been reminded that our lifestyle is nothing but an ode to nature, and hence it’s essential to embrace the green movement, shifting our focus to biophilia, natural forms inspired furniture, indoor plants and easy to recycle elements like wood, vegetable fiber, jute, sisal, hemp, stone, metal, and terracotta.

Highlight furniture in natural materials paired along with accessories made in pottery, macramé, rattan, and wicker adds a beautiful and effortless charm to space. Existing furniture can also be reclaimed through the skillful use of lines, forms, and artwork creating a quaint and luxurious space. Relaxed furniture and upcycled experimental accessories, in a combination of modern biosynthetic and recyclable materials, radiate an affable, ultra-modern vibe.

A mix of modern aesthetic planters, and recycled household items like old ceramics and glass jars, can be upcycled to create an interesting plant space. Huge corner planters and tall planters are a calm and lively highlight, while smaller succulents and bonsai plants make the space look classy and delicate. Simple vases with fresh flowers, along with lamps, poufs, ottomans, benches, bean bags, coffee tables, and artwork add a dreamier, charming, cozy, and relaxing look. Grouping similar objects in clusters of three further create a natural symmetry and a sense of luxury within the space.

Colors and textures also make a huge difference in the perception of a space. Bold and dramatic, or soft and understated, or an eccentric mix of the two; the freshly colored walls, ceilings, and furniture immediately make the interiors look new and suave. The Pantone Colour of the year, Classic Blue, paired with earthy and neutral tones, highlighted with bolder shades like orange and terracotta create an elegant and artistic ambiance. Pastel and muted shades of pink, green, and lilac give the space a hint of cheery pop and modern vintage glamour.

Adding deep forest tones to the upcycled furniture create a fresh natural look. Nature-inspired motifs and vivid colors like mauve, black, purple, and yellow in wallpapers, tiles, and statement accessories create a vibrant interior.A combination of various patterns, textures and colors within a space add depth to the interiors, creating an interesting and distinctive ambiance. These can be added through upholstery in natural fabrics like linen and silk, or through bamboo mats, woven rugs, wallpaper, photographs, memorabilia and big artwork, used as feature walls, wall art, statement ceiling finishes, and installations.

A wide assortment of forms, colors, textures, and patterns, along with a healthy dose of neutrals and wood, colors, and highlight accessories create a clean, simple and elegant design.The addition of soft curves and solid, rounded, irregular shapes, along with sharper geometric shapes, brings a subtle play of curves and aesthetic symmetry. This can be done through highlight furniture, pillows, fabric prints, modern artwork, contemporary accessories, and statement lighting.

Curvilinear furniture with bold curves like scallop-shaped furniture gives space a heartfelt contemporary ambiance, while irregular, organically shaped pieces of furniture and accessories add a wonderful character to space. Minimal, organic, geometric, metallic, printed or colorful, obscure shaped lighting in bright colors, bold forms, and varying sizes, can tie the entire room together while creating a calm, dreamlike ambiance.

Bringing in the decorative glory of maximalism with an understated expression, subtle metallic details in rose gold, copper, steel, tin, and brass, with delicate surface finishing like patina, rust, mercury glass, give a raw and intimate textural feel to the décor. These details can be added in the form of discreet upholstery patterns, luminous metallic fabrics, lighting details, sleek furniture details, crockery, wall hangings, and screens for a more dramatic space with an enhanced ornamental look.

Low budget interiors are all about designing minimal yet ingenious and impactful details that encourage a maximum utilization and clear legibility of space, without compromising on the overall quality of the strong spatial narratives created. Characteristic hardware finishing, like colorful knobs, funky handles, modern door stoppers, quirky locks, etc, help elevate the personality of the space.

Mirrors in different shapes and designs can make a small space look bigger, and also make for a whimsical display piece. Foldable furniture in bright colors can be hung on the walls to, maximizing the space, and also creating a dynamic wall installation. Stick on whiteboards can be used for the office space instead of the traditional hardboard ones, reducing the cost and utilizing the existing surfaces.

Ankit Kapoor, Managing Director, Pratham Test Prep

As far as his career is concerned, there remains a threshold for students of class 12th with a lot of unanswered questions inside their heads, which confuse them. The most common assumption that students make when deciding to choose the right career revolves around how to choose the right career, which course to choose and which they are good at, among many others.

Such thoughts can give rise to oscillating, confusing, and ambiguous frame of mind between questions about the future. In such a dilemma the one thing that becomes an integral part and exacerbates the confusion is, “Should I take a drop if things don’t pan out the way I planned?”

However this question is a hard nut to crack, which requires countless self-introspection, where you can rapidly answer it, especially when everything seems to be at stake. The notion of skipping a year has always been recognized with wasting the year and the student has been left behind by his batchmates in terms of academic session. But now the scenario has completely reversed and if a student is determined to go to the college of his dreams with the support of a parent, then if a student does not score well according to the desired result in the entrance examination, they will spend a year. Choosing to leave.

Fall in a Year – Waste or Investment?

With a very thin line gap between waste and investment, there is no precise answer to the question of whether one should give up a year. It is all about the mindset of the person, and according to experts one will definitely invest. With a disciplined approach, dedication in preparing candidates aiming for their dream career is contributing to positive investment towards their future.

But it is not black and white to make up his mind on this question so soon. After reflecting on various points, we reach this question –

  1. College Remembered by Whisker – A wise student should evaluate the difference between the target and the actual score. If the difference between the two is small and seems realistic they can easily reach the required score according to a little more hard work and preparation strategy. However, if the difference is a major one then the probability is negligible with some extra effort. The fact is to look for an alternative career path. And in other cases where a student enters a good college, but it is not his dream college, he should join the college and continue instead of skipping a year.
  2. Poor score on both board and admission – This is a difficult situation but as they say, every situation is solved. A child should be very sure about his career path. Although many people see this as a dead-end situation, it is not the end of the road and many options exist –
    1. Me. New Age Career / Skill-Based Career
    2. Admission in Tier-2 colleges
    3. private university
    4. If none of the above points work, and if one considers skipping a year to go to a good college, then join some certificate courses that will enhance your performance.
  3. Need time for preparation and planning again – Preparation for entrance exam requires perseverance despite hard work and entrance examination. In this scenario, one must evaluate what were the reasons for the previous performance. Self-questioning about failure to prepare well also opens up clarity, and seeking guidance from a career counselor before taking the plunge also helps to re-prepare the preparation strategy.

In all these scenarios, one has to think artistically before arriving at the decision of taking college this year or skipping a year. This is not an end of the road. If you are skipping a year, it is just that you are taking an extra year to shape your career the way you want. Also, don’t listen to whoever tells you that dropping a year is not a crime. In the end, what matters is that you consider all your options well and do well. A happy mind is always capable of performing miracles.