January 26, 2021

28 JULY TO 3 AUGUST 2019 – Tarot Prediction By Indrani

ARIES : Much of the week will be focused on relationships and how to nurture them. You would need to shed your grey  areas of communication, which you have identified , and at times becomes a hindrance towards speaking authentically and speaking the language of love. Your most important relations would now receive the blessings.

LUCKY DAYS:  29, 31

TAURUS: This week shall throw the spotlight  opportunities in your work area. You would be able to think about limitless growth opportunities, should you try enough. Relationship will have that added dose of blessings and you may feel adventurous  too. There are  social events lined up or sudden trips too.

LUCKY DAYS: 29, 30, 31

GEMINI: Most of the natives would feel courageous to deal with issues of the past , head on. Solutions will come to lingering issues. Financial and professional goals will start moving forward and you would be able to discuss your ideas like a pro. Communication around Love will also be more easier and honest.

LUCKY DAYS: 29, 1, 2

CANCER:  After  stressful few weeks of chaos in your life you can now relax as your work , finance and relationship areas will grow in the positive direction. Your long held projects will now move forward, relationships will blossom as well. There is a need of balance in all these areas of your life and take decisions rationally keeping the larger picture in Mind.

LUCKY DAYS : 31, 2, 3

LEO:  The week shall have your communication around all sectors of your life in forward motion. There will be so much to do, that it becomes imperative for you to prioritize  your tasks in hand. You will receive many hunches and you would be an unstoppable force if you do things as planned.

LUCKY DAYS: 29, 30, 2

VIRGO: Most  natives will feel blessed this week as everything that you wanted to grow will actually do. Your projects , plans, relationships will all move forward in positive direction. You Social circle will expand largely and you can actually grow with a greater speed. Stalled projects and riled up relationships will now be blessed.

LUCKY DAYS: 31,1, 2

LIBRA : It shall be an easygoing week for most natives. There will be enough social events,  group activities. You would feel like a lot of stress is at times due to overthinking. There will be forward movement in financial area as well as stalled projects. Old Friends will bring happiness and Parties will be there for you to unwind.


SCORPIO: It is a week, much to your relief, most natives would feel being out of a spell. There had been issues around a relationship in particular which will move forward. Work area shall be satisfying and easy going henceforth. You will now be able to come back to your element and  start afresh in all matters that had earlier drained you. You will be determined now in your career goals.

LUCKY DAYS: 28, 29

SAGITTARIUS: Most of the natives will now be able to communicate easily. Your ideas around creative efforts in your work area will move forward now.Few natives may face issues when your ideas are unheard but soon everything will reach their necessary resolve. This week shall be satisfying if you keep your mind calm and operate logically.


CAPRICORN: Most of you would feel wiser and balanced regarding the actions to be taken in various areas of your life.All lines of communication with old friends or people who did not understand you prior, will open up now to your satisfaction. There will be occasional moments of discomfort when you need to connect or listen to someone whom you did not consider to.

LUCKY DAYS: 29, 30, 1

AQUARIUS: Most of the natives would feel lighthearted and jovial. You would finally gain confidence around few areas of your life which was earlier haunting you. You would communicate with others easily and would now like to participate in group activities. Your healthcare routine will now now get encouraged and you can now strike meaningful conversations with close people.


PISCES: Most natives will feel blessed and delightful surprises are in store. You would now like to grow systematically and methodically in all areas of your life be it professional goals or personal relationships. You would now like to take care of your well-being and overall outlook. Collaborative projects will receive a boost. It is a satisfying week for most.

LUCKY DAYS : 29, 30, 2

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