June 4, 2020

AkzoNobel India partners with Faridabad District Prison for face masks

Under livelihood rehabilitation programme, AkzoNobel has been associated with Faridabad Dist. Prison in providing decorative paints skill training to prison inmates and has trained more than 125 inmates till date. In the wake of COVID-19, AkzoNobel India partners with Faridabad District Prison to make three layered face masks for front line health workers, daily wage labourers and their families in Gurgaon.

Under this partnership, 20,000 facial masks are being made by the inmates of the prison and will be soon distributed in the community. The partnership with Faridabad District Prison under our existing programme aims to help in meeting the increasing demand of face masks.

Earlier, AkzoNobel India had extended a helping hand to its 12,000 painters and provided essential food items to 6,000 people. Further, the products offered by AkzoNobel India are being used on hospital beds and other metal equipment (including oxygen bottles and ventilators), which are currently in high demand. The company is prioritizing its resources in this area to ensure production of these key items can continue. The company has also provided initial screening for coronavirus to more than 1,000 people in villages near Bangalore till date.

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