Amit Sarin Misses India

“I miss my India as I was born and brought up in India. I shifted due to my career, and life is good. Pandemic has changed the way we look at life,” said Amit, who is producing a Hollywood project titled “Tiger Heart”. Sharing his memories of Independence Day, he said, “In school, flag hosting used to take place. When I became a celebrity, I attended many events to host the flag.” Commenting on India, the “Nisha Aur Uske Cousins” actor said, “India is a progressive nation and has been fighting the pandemic efficiently. Still, there are some major issues that I feel need to be addressed. Pollution and unemployment are areas that we need to work on.” On a lighter note, he has some favourite patriotic songs. “My two favourite songs are ‘Chithi Aayi Hai, Aayi Hai, Chitthi Aayi Hai’ from the film ‘Naam’ and ‘Ae Mere Wattan Ke Logo’ by Lata Mangeshkar. My eyes become moist when I listen to these songs,” he said.

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