June 1, 2020

Aparna Dixit: The lockdown has helped me reconnect with loved ones

As the world continues to combat the deadly Covid 19, everyone has been requested to stay indoors and maintain social distancing. During this lockdown, actor Aparna says that she has understood the true meaning of family and how these relationships are the only ones that matter in life. “The lockdown has definitely changed my viewpoint on how we look at life. I think the basic things which are very important like food, our loved ones, our family, we generally take them for granted. But at this time, we are at home and I feel that we are connecting to our roots again. We are realising how important these small things are. If I talk about my and relationships, I feel I am more connected with my friends and family now because I take out time to talk to them regularly. I try to boost their energy. Now, I know that they are all that matter in life,” she says.

Not only is she reconnecting internally, but she is also helping her skin rejuvenate in this time. “Honestly speaking, I do not give too much time to my beauty routine. The only thing that I am doing is not applying makeup at all. I think as an actor our skin doesn’t get time to breathe because every day we are putting so much of makeup and so many products on our hair. Secondly, because of a busy schedule we cannot even eat healthy food, sleep early, apply natural things on the face on a regular basis. Now, I am only using besan, fruit pulp mixes for my face. We have come back to our roots and raw self, so I think that’s the most effective part,” she says.

Ask Aparna how she motivates herself during this time, and she says, “Firstly, I make sure I exercise a bit. I do yoga, a few planks and squats. I make sure that I do them daily because I get positive energy and feel refreshed. It is said that for a healthy body you should have a healthy mind. I try to read good books and some positive stuff and I talk to my family and friends. I have reconnected with my college friends with whom I had lost touch.”

Well, she might be enjoying this phase, but she, too, cannot wait for things to go back to normal. “Firstly, I will call my parents right here as they were about to come here anyway and their tickets were booked. But, before that, the lockdown started so they had to cancel their plan. I am missing them more. I am really looking forward to go on the set and have a blast. I love working and co-actors are Rahul and Sheetal are very good,” she says.

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