September 21, 2020

Are we ready for Indian Manufacturing and the Boycott of Chinese Products?

NUOS Automation sells more than 5000 units of Indian IR Touchless Thermal Scanners amidst lockdown and Indian Manufacturing related challenges

The sentiment about boycotting Chinese products is gaining momentum and Indian consumers are looking at ‘Made in India’ alternatives of Chinese products and services. But the question in discussion is- Is the Indian business infrastructure conducive for the growth of manufacturing in India? What are the challenges faced by Indian Manufacturers? 

NUOS Home Automation recently made news by launching the first ever IR Touchless Thermal Scanner, an alternative to the Chinese scanners widely available in the Indian markets. These scanners are touchless and do not need any human intervention- an ideal product for Covid19 safety for commercial spaces like factories, offices, Govt. institutions as well as residential societies and households. These scanners are superior in quality and also cheaper in price, as compared to the Chinese scanners, priced at Rs. 13,999/-. 

While the company has successfully sold 5000+ units in Indian and globally, since its launch in May 2020, there have been a plethora of challenges as well as opportunities witnessed by NUOS, right from the procurement of materials to setting up a distribution network. 

Apart from financial challenges in terms of availability of funds and stringent govt. policies regarding taxation, lack of a concrete promotional strategy for MSMEs, as also technological and logistical challenges have been additional pressures along with the lockdown related challenges of procurement, marketing and distribution for the product.

Non-availability of man-power, no means of transportation, issuance of limited e-passes, procurement form vendors who shut shop fearing the spread of the virus have been major challenges, owing to the lockdown. However, silver linings amidst the Covid19 scenario have been the number ofopportunities being created by NUOS, in terms of generating employment, sales and bringing about an innovation on the lines of ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ initiative by PM Narendra Modi.

The company hired more than 100 employees, including their internal staff as well as the contractual staff of their vendors. NUOS has sourced raw material and services from Indian companies, leading to an exchange of cash flow in the country’s trade. Manufacturing is undoubtedly the backbone of every economy. Neil Savant, Director, NUOS firm believes that Bharat definitely holds the potential to be Aatmanirbhar in the future, with a few bold steps taken by fellow Indian manufacturers.

Below are a few points outlined by him, which highlight the necessary overhaul in the manufacturing scenario and may benefit SMEs in the manufacturing sector.

  1. Manufacturing- friendly policies and infrastructure to encourage the growth of Made in India
  2. Revised taxation benefits to startups
  3. Easy to procure funding and loans
  4. Structured reforms for promotion, marketing, logistics and supply chain
  5. Technological assistance
  6. Support in Research and Development

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