January 18, 2021

Assuring situation will be fine will be a lie: Manish Sisodia

We have seen systems collapsing on in developing countries. We are prepared for the worst.

  • Lockdown was a bold step and need of the hour. Regulating people from outside Delhi was also the need of the hour. But the decision was politicized
  • Not thinking of reopening the schools

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday said L-G Anil Baijal’s order on hospitals accessible to everyone living in Delhi would be implemented amid a political slugfest in the national capital even as coronavirus cases continue to rise. Kejriwal, who was addressing the media a day after he tested negative for Covid-19, said: “L-G’s directives will be implemented in letter and spirit, this is not the time for disagreements or arguments.”

Baijal had overturned the decision of the AAP government to reserve Delhi government hospitals and some private ones for residents.

A day after officials from the Centre said there’s no community transmission of Covid-19 yet in Delhi, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia reiterated that the AAP government is prepared for the worst and were preparing on minimising the damage.

“We have surpassed our infrastructure limit but we are prepared for the worst. The situation is still under control and manageable; damage is happening but we are working on minimising it,” Sisodia told CNN-News18.
The deputy CM had earlier said that he estimated there might be 5.5 lakh coronavirus cases in the city by July 31. The national capital will need 80,000 beds by July end, he said.

However, he also highlighted that the calculations for the requirement of 80,000 beds were made on the basis of growth rate of cases in Delhi during last two-three months, when the nationwide lockdown and border restrictions were in place. Now, even the State Government isn’t sure how many beds will be needed. “We cannot guess.

How can we surmise? That is why we had put in restrictions to regulate people coming from outside Delhi. But the Centre didn’t like this decision and it was overturned.”

CM Kejriwal had said that the Delhi Government was ready for 30,000 active cases and then later said they were prepared for 50,000 cases. However, many people are still struggling for treatment and admission in hospital. Talking about this, Sisodia said, “7000 people are admitted in the hospitals currently and we still have 3000 beds available.

We still have enough medical facilities. If someone wants to get admission in a particular hospital because they like the hospital or its nearby, then that might not be possible. You will not get a bed if it’s not available in a hospital you like. However, you will get a bed as per availability in other hospitals.

That’s why we wanted the regulations (on people coming in Delhi. Lockdown was a bold step and need of the hour. Regulating people from outside Delhi was also the need of the hour. But the decision was politicized. We need to accept that the situation will get worse.”
Sisodia further told CNN-News18 that the government’s plan was according to specific calculations and they were “matching up to the increasing number of cases in Delhi”.

Elaborating further on government’s plans, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had said that considering that 50% patients come to Delhi from outside, the state needs about 1.5 lakh beds by next month.

“I will personally oversee stadiums being turned into quarantine centres. In the last eight days, Delhi hospitals admitted 1,900 people, while 4,200 beds are vacant. Yet we got information that around 200 patients struggled to get beds. We will look into the matter. This is not the time to fight, we have to be together. If we will fight, coronavirus will win,” the CM said.

On Monday, L-G Anil Baijal had overruled AAP government’s order to reserve Delhi government-run and private hospitals in the national capital for Delhiites. This led to a war of words between the Centre and the state government with Sisodia accusing BJP of “putting pressure on L-G” and Kejriwal saying that L-G’s order has created a “major problem and challenge for the residents”.

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