March 3, 2021

AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine’s human trial to begin again

The trial of the covid-19’s AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine was cancelled after a volunteer in Britain became ill. Now the trial is going to start again .

Dr. Dheeraj Kaul from New York said on call that Volunteer in the UK had to stop the trial of the AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine due to a problem with the nervous system. This problem has no relation with this vaccine.

Corona virus
Corona Virus

Kaul told that Serum Institute of India is going to produce this vaccine. Therefore, during the worldwide trial of this vaccine, it was important to inform the Drug Controller of India, if there is any effect on Volunteer anywhere.

Kaul appreciated the Government of India and said that the government provided all kinds of facilities. After this all company took an irresponsible stand. In the of this epidemic, private companies will have to act responsibly.

Significantly, DCGA issued a notice to SIE on September 9 for not providing information about AstraZeneca’s trial of vaccines in other countries.
He said that in russia , china and america in third stage they are allowing to apply vaccine on humans after 50-60 % successful is usually allowed to experiment directly on humans only after 95% of successful trials.

Kaul said that 9 vaccines are currently on the third stage of the human trial to control Covid-19. In such a situation, the responsibility of institutions to work on it increases. At the same time India has started the production of chemical, so that the relation of dependence on China should be reduced.
The Controller General of India, VG Somani, in an order on Friday, also asked the Serum Institute of India (SII) to increase the safety of those who has been vaccinated during the trial. Also present plans and reports.

With respect to the order, Somani has also asked the company to submit approval from the Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) in the UK and India for approval from their office (DCGA) before making new settings for future tests. .

A statement from the Oxford University stated that oxford corona vaccine’s trials will be resumed at all UK testing centers. Although its time has not been mentioned.

According to the statement, around 18,000 people globally received the study vaccines. In these large trials it is assumed that some participants will become not well . At the end their safety should be carefully managed or evaluated.

On the other hand, Professor Fiona Watt( president of the UK’s Medical Research Council), said that safety is importance in developing any new drug. It is therefore reassuring that the Oxford Corona Virus vaccine trial will resume after review by an independent safety committee and MHRA.
Professor Sian Griffiths at the Chinese University of Hong Kong said that it is good news that the Oxford vaccine trial is starting again.

The process of stopping the test high value and importance to ensure vaccine safety, despite the pressure of vaccine production. It is expected that data is studied by the authorities.

Deepak sen
Senior journalist

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