June 18, 2021

Atkan Chatkan is musical drama by Oscar winner A R RAHMAN – Amitriyaan

Amitriyaan tell us about your entire journey first of all. How did an engineer turned into an actor?

Basically I did my graduation in engineering in polymer technology. To have career in some different , creative kinda field I studied advertising and PR while doing post-graduation diploma later . And I used to share my flat with friends from theatre background . Once one of them was ill and I was requested to do proxy reading session for their play . I loved that experience and they all too asked me to take theater seriously and few months later I got into Acting . .. I wanted to live like many people from different Fields ..from teacher to musician to farmer to architect to even a truck driver who travels all over … All in one life , which wasn’t practical in one but I realized an actor can live particular character for certain amount of time while shooting it . And that’s how I realized I want to be an actor

What was the reaction of your family when you expressed your feelings that you want to be an actor?

My family is all about engineers and doctors and professors . My father is retired professor from Dr.PDKV university . They were comfortable with me getting into acting but only on one condition . To complete my graduation in engineering in first class . I was able to understand their insecurity being from middle class background . So I did it and later they were supportive always.

How did you felt at that moment when you got your first movie project?

For an outsider like me definition of ‘ getting a first break ‘ isn’t clear . Getting proper film or proper role to justify directly after doing theater or acting course isn’t real thing . So ‘ first break ‘ varies from getting 2 secs part in a short film standing in background with 4 other characters to some montage commercial ad to getting a small character in a big banner film to getting a big role in small banner film. Everytime it looked like a ‘first break ‘ .
Though I can say I started my journey by doing a small part in ramleela scene as a Laxman in Rakesh omprakash mehra’s ‘ DELHI 6 ‘ in 2008 .
But still I guess getting Sangeeth Sivan’s experimental film ‘ 332 ‘ as a lead actor could be called as first break technically ( after giving audition for it 8 times in a one month ) . Regarding how I felt that time then I could say it was joyful illusion of ” Finally I have arrived ” thing .

What are your views on AR rahman? What teachings / lessons you got from him?

AR RAHMAN is a rare combination of uniqueness , innovative plus being contemporary even after years . He still surprises us with fresh soulful music everytime . I feel that quality of being humble and simple makes him different.. rare .

Tell us about on your latest project “Atkan Chatkan “?

Atkan Chatkan is musical drama being presented by Oscar winner A R RAHMAN . It is Directed by Shiv Hare . The journey 8 years old boy goes through to get closer to his dream fighting all the obstacles from poverty to not having mother around to his father’s ( played by me ) narrow minded attitude . Amitabh bacchan , Sonu nigam and hariharan sang for this film and music director is Shiv Mani . I feel blessed to perform on-screen on hariharan’s song in Atkan Chatkan .

Tell us about your role in Atkan Chatkan?

Playing ‘ Vishnu ‘ was little tricky for me as an actor as it needed me to portray someone who is elder to my actual age . It’s very Intense character . Someone who has been fighting his inner demons but no one around to share his soul . This often leads to venting out frustration on his son ‘guddu ‘ ( Lydian Nadhaswaram) . Also to look like ‘Vishnu’ the way director had visualised I had to shed 7 kgs almost . To justify this role I did learn ‘ Pakhwaaj ‘ instrument . I hope Audience may relate with dilemma I tried to portray when you actually have no one to share your warmth and in frustration that warmth comes out as fire to burn own people around .

Any memorable instance from Atkan Chatkan, you wish to share?

Actually my character was supposed to be a dark skinned guy . I lost 7 kg weight that was ok but regarding skin tone it was all about hard work of our make-up team . They transformed me from my original look to that character’s look .
We were shooting in this remote village . People often used to see me on set and I used to have a friendly conversation with them . After pack up , removing all the make-up and getting back into jeans t-shirt with original skin tone baffled all those simple souls on first few days whenever I tried to continue the conversation I was having with them before the pack-up .
Also working with child prodigy Lydian Nadhaswaram was unique experience !

Who is your source of inspiration?

If you talk about in life then I realized whoever were my inspiration were constantly replaced by new one . May be it’s our particular stage in life or situation we get inspired by someone and that inspiration or that person gets irrelevant once we evolve above that point .

Who’s your ideal in film cinema?

If you ask me about work, acting and filmmaking then Christopher Nolan ,Johnny Depp ,Leonardo DiCaprio such people always engage me through their unique work . Indian actor Uttam Kumar’s work in Bengali films also inspired me a lot .

Last question, tell us about your future project?

After Atkan Chatkan , I will be seen in the webseries ” PESHAWAR ” as a psycho Pakistani terrorist named Nouman . Also my next Hindi movie ” Dirty heros ” should release in coming months which is Cop – politics – underworld nexus Drama- thriller . I am parallel lead in that playing ACP Menon .

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