September 16, 2019
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पंडित रोनू मजूमदार विश्व प्रसिद्ध बांसुरी वादक जिन्होंने कृष्ण की लीलाओं को, राधा के प्रेम को, कृष्ण-राधा की नोंक-झोंक को अपनी बांसुरी की धुनों से जीवंत किया है, यह हम सब जानते हैं। स्पिक मैके द्वारा आयोजित कार्यक्रम के दौरान पंडित रोनू मजुमदार से की हुई खास मुलाकात के कुछ अंश:

Reporter- Mahipal singh chauhan
Video grapher- Manya Goel

ARIES:  The week shall be blessed for relationships and connections. However the week calls upon to steer clear of any impulsive, over confidence and “doing it alone” in professional or career related situations or projects. You are required to reach out to your inner wisdom and also keep your ears open for suggestions. Taking advice will empower you. Finances shall be fine.

TAURUS:  This week shall require the natives to be assertive and adopt a forthright representation of self. Steer away from indecisiveness if some of you are still in cross roads in matters of relationships or professional goals. This week Group Projects, Presentations new initiations in career will be favorable. Also relationship talks shall now find direction if you chose to speak with clarity.

GEMINI: It shall be imperative for natives this week to evaluate and do research before committing to any project or decision in personal realm. If you are in a crossroad regarding certain decision through fact checking, applying logic and wisdom. There shall be a easy going energy in this week, hence relationships will be harmonious. 
LUCKY DAYS: 18. 19 

CANCER : This shall be a harmonious and blessed week in the relationship sector. The past lessons and self reflections will now be helpful to you for forging stronger bond with people and someone in particular.  New Plans and decisions will be made in a positive manner in the relationship sector. Profession and Career area shall remain satisfactory to most natives. LUCKY DAYS: 17, 18

LEO: Most Natives will Like to spend this week in solicitude and search for inner tranquil. There is a tiresome energy in your mind and space, excessive socializing, networking or overwork could be possible reasons.  An Easy going and relaxed approach will help you navigate till the midweek, soon after which you would be able to get to your usual element of confidence and enthusiasm. 

VIRGO: This shall be a week of release of something that you had been holding on for quite long and which was a hindrance to your progress. It could be a person, or a habit or a Notion or it could a habit of doubting yourself or someone else. This week relationships are blessed with most natives reaching a clarity.  Group projects or collaborative efforts may not be beneficial. Walk alone for success this week and trust in self. 
 LUCKY DAYS: 15, 16 

LIBRA: Most natives have a blessed time till midweek in the relationship realm or with a special someone. From Midweek few natives may have to face a resistant energy or riled up situation with some people in your life. Seek help and advise from trusted ones. It could be a emotionally intense week for most natives. Professional area shall remain satisfactory or average for natives.
LUCKY DAYS: 17, 18 

SCORPIO: This week’s focus is on new beginnings in relationships with colleagues,  friends and special someone. The week shall call upon you to take a step towards positive direction in order to achieve what you want to in the relationship space. Professionally it will be a productive week and you will be lauded by people however there could be occasional confusions while implementing some very creative ideas of yours. Take advice.
LUCKY DAYS: 15, 19

SAGITTARIUS: This week calls for a major decision to be taken in personal sphere as well as professional realm. Merely the visualization of obstacles in the progress must not deter as it is worth the try sooner than later. Financially this shall be a satisfactory week for most. Relationships and home life shall be fine too. Try to achieve clarity this week.
LUCKY DAYS: 16 , 17 

CAPRICORN: There is a restless and impulsive energy felt throughout the week. Natives should refrain from acting out of haste and focus on taking action only after enough thinking and fact finding. You cant push results as desired by working on a unclear path. Efforts towards enhancing your skill set, knowledgeand research would be encouraging. Relationships shall be satisfactory. 
LUCKY DAYS: 18, 20 

AQUARIUS: This is a good week to put forth all your plans towards financial goals, business , profession or career. Natives are advised to work on a strategy and with emotional reactions at bay. Do not look for support or assistance, believe in self and surge ahead with action in mind towards your goals. Relationships will remain cordial. Singles Must keep emotions under control.

PISCES: Most natives shall have a productive week in career and professional realms. You are being advised to follow a routine and well laid plan so in order to avoid getting confusions or derailment from the progress path. Prioritize in matters of relationships to avoid any misunderstandings. For Most this shall be a busy and exhausting week, to avoid to let it be daunting use a journal with a checklist.


Indrani – Tarot Reader

Leading avant garde couturier, Gaurav Gupta unveiled the brand’s debut couture store in Kolkata. Nestled in the 109-year old, restored heritage destination, Galleria 1910, this experiential retail space will house the designer’s progressive bridal couture, women’s haute couture along with GG Man for weddings and occasion wear.

Marking 15 years of merging indigenous Indian construction and embellishing techniques with his idea of the future, Gaurav has continuously delivered and sustained a world that is Indian at its core and boundless in its form and emerged as one of the strongest voices in couture and fashion from India. Gaurav’s stores too, are an extension of his inspiration.

The luxurious Galleria 1910 breathes the charm of history and grandeur and the sprawling 2000 sq. ft Gaurav Gupta Kolkata Couture flagship will be a first-of-its-kind experiential retail space in the city unravelling the couturier’s dreamscape, with an added focus on haute couture and customization. Adding to the grandeur of the space, there will be dedicated spaces for menswear and women’s wear. Divided by a mezzanine the brand’s fast emerging key focus- GG man will be showcased on the top floor and ground floor will have the women’s wear.

Architecturally, the old and new have been brought together in a harmonious contrast, bevelled mirror edges are interspersed in the space to create a feeling of endlessness and the imperial aura heightened with grand chandeliers. The store is designed to be multi-functional and interactive. Finding inspiration in surrealism, the space reflects Gaurav’s interpretation of fantasy palace ruins, complete with mystical references and a cosmic ambience.

Commenting on the Kolkata opening, Gaurav Gupta said, “We have always aimed to open our flagship stores with a unique mix of couture, glamour, aspiration, warmth and welcome. Each of our stores across the country aim to be an extension of the Gaurav Gupta world. A lot of my work finds its foundations in surrealism and magic realism. I find myself going back to beauty in art and architecture, abstraction and magic and Kolkata has so much of it. I believe through my design, it’s about creating a new culture, a new thinking- whether it’s through our couture forms, techniques or shape. I am certain that the modern Indian consumer in Kolkata will embrace our surrealism and magic and I am excited to finally be here extending my brand to this rich milieu of culturally rooted yet futuristic audience.”

To celebrate this landmark occasion, the brand presented its latest couture collection ‘Undercurent’, that adds a renewed, avant-garde lens to definine sculpting as a science of new couture. For the glocal bride, Gaurav imagined a charismatic, graceful yet playful and well-travelled intellectual who wants to have fun—waltzing in the prismatic corridors of the Hall of Mirrors in multi-layered and cascading bustles along with feathers and corsets, looking like an ethereal goddess. The outfits are perfectly moulded to flatter and fit the wearer’s body in degradé shades of violet, lava red, ivory and ecru.

Gaurav has also added a dramatic gatsbyesque flamboyance to his menswear. In all his dapperness, the GG Man is a true embodiment of a Centaur. The designer will be showcasing futuristic, embellished tuxedos and classic, embroidered bandhgalas and sherwanis in aureate jacquards, smooth velvets and brilliant suiting carefully handcrafted to make a confident statement. The colour are kept classic in monochromatic blacks, whites, ivory and midnight blues.

This location will be an addition to the three Gaurav Gupta stores currently operating at Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli and DLF Emporio in New Delhi, along with Kala Ghoda in Mumbai. The store will be operational on all days, from 11am-8pm.

This September London will be witnessing another International Fashion Event, Wings4Fashion. An event curated by independent designer platform,, to exhibit the collections of emerging Indian and global fashion designers and brands on an international level. The event is strategically organized during London Fashion Week, to get attention from the fashion fraternity present in London. It is a big chance for the established as well as budding designers from India to meet the who’s who of the global fashion industry.

As the name suggests, Wings4Fashion is an endeavor to give an international platform to the upcoming designers of India and make their name in the industry. Mr. D. Kadikar, founder and CEO of Fataka Fashions shares, “Often the astronomical costs associated with the participation at the fashion events discourage young designers. However, at Wings4Fashion we are providing them with the perfect platform to showcase their collection in a fashion event at an international level. I see a lot of potential in our Indian designers and have always desired to provide them with the right platform to grow and present their art. This is an attempt to bring forward the skillful designers of India and showcase their talent to the world.”

Celebrity fashion designer and past member of Board of Governors for FDCI Poonam Bhagat, who is showcasing at the event and also on the panel of experts said “I am extremely excited at being part of this event which is a wonderful platform to showcase one’s designs at an international event and also benefit from expertise of others.“

The event is being organized as a Trade Event & Fashion Show (14th -15th September 2019) in London. The two-day long event expects various stakeholders including fashion incubators, mentors, trade buyers, bloggers and media to remain present during the event. Along with the fashion show, there will be pitching sessions and one on one meetings. This platform will also allow the budding designers and brands to network and pitch for funding and mentoring support from the panel of successful fashion industry veterans and venture capital funds specializing in fashion industry. Pitching session will be followed by Networking event which will allow designers to connect with fashion industry experts and fashion media. “The event will prove to be the launchpad for the many UK-based as well as Indian fashion designers,” added Mr. Kadikar.

One of the mentors and core member at Wings4Fashion, Premal Badiani, who is also the Indian-American haute couture and celebrity fashion designer add “we are aware of the problems and obstacles faced by fashion designers and fashion entrepreneurs in their first few years and this event will provide everything a fashion designer or fashion brand may need to succeed and grow in the fiercely competitive fashion industry. Fataka Fashions through this event wants them to concentrate on creating fabulous fashion and let us become the catalyst to reach a wider audience.”
The ICICI Bank UK PLC is one of the major sponsors of this event, enabling young designers to showcase their ideas to the world at large. Wings4Fashion looks ahead to boost the career of newcomers and present them to the international audience.

Karbonn Mobiles, one of the leading Indian mobile brands offering a wide range of cell phones to complement the evolving communication needs of the Indian consumer, is celebrating the success of its model K9 becoming India’s longest running model in the feature phone category. Originally priced at INR 1700 at the time of its launch in 2011, K9 was focused at equipping the customers with a robust phone that would cater to their communication needs under typical Indian conditions. Today, K9 has become one of the most popular and the longest running phone models in the market.

Karbonn K9 has sold 25 Million units till date and is being manufactured in India since March 2016 as a part of the company’s Make in India initiative. The successful running of Karbonn Jumbo K9 for the past 9 years has made Karbonn a brand that is trusted by the Indian Market in an impeccable manner. Currently priced at INR 1200 only, the new avatar of K9 comes loaded with value added services transforming the feature phone into a power packed multi – media phone. Some of the other features include big display, powerful speaker, 2 MP rear camera, Dual SIM, 16 GB Expandable Memory and a powerful 1800mAh battery.

Value added services include:

App Khazana (App Store) with its own Instant Messenger – Ztalk along with 30+ interesting games and apps, 200+ Music, Videos, Wallpapers and much more.
Daily Masti – an Interactive Voice Service (IVR) which gives users the access to Bollywood movie reviews, Bollywood gossips and astrology which are available across different operators.

Pardeep Jain, Managing Director, Karbonn Mobiles said, “Karbonn K9 has been serving the people of our nation for almost a decade now. Being one of the longest running models in the Karbonn portfolio, K9 is still very much in huge demand and moving with a fast pace due to its cutting-edge features, ease of use, value-for-money and cost-effective pricing. According to a TRAI Report around 30-35% of the people in India still do not own a mobile phone and 40% of the remaining own a feature phone. Our vision is not only to ‘Make in India’ but also create products ‘Made for India’. Karbonn has been serving India with the best of customized phones for the past 10 years and wishes to keep the journey going.”

Karbonn is one of India’s leading mobile brands with a portfolio of feature rich mobile devices at disruptive price points. With over 92% penetration in India Market, 15+ E-Commerce Partners, 17+ Modern Retail Partners and a network of 870 Service Centers, Karbonn aims to further its vision of providing devices that combine best-in-class features, latest technology and finest mobile services.

The trailer of ‘Midway’ is out and it’s definitely the most gripping thing you will see today!

The veteran director, Roland Emmerich brings back world history with much-anticipated film ‘Midway’.

With an ensemble cast of Luke Evans, Mandy Moore, Woody Harrelson, Patrick Wilson, Aaron Echkart, the movie traces the way back to the course of World War II. Pop-singer Nick Jonas will be seen in the film as well.

Based on real-life events, Midway is a battle of courage, determination and hope!

PVR Pictures brings ‘Midway’ to your nearest theaters ‪on 8th November 2019.

New Delhi, 13th September 2019: Kamdhenu Paints, the fastest growing brand of decorative paint segment of India, organised channel partners’ meet to celebrate the success of Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar based dealers at their Varanasi channel partners’ meet. The meet was graced by Mr. Rajkumar Srivastava, National Marketing Head, Kamdhenu Paints and more than 350 dealers from Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Kanpur and Patna. On the occasion, Kamdhenu Paints also launched Kamo Star and Kamo Superstar range of emulsions for interior and exterior walls in pack sizes of 1 L, 4 L, 10 L and 20 L.

Kamo Star Exterior Emulsion is a high quality but economical exterior Paint. This acrylic co-polymer emulsion based wall coating is best for application on exterior in dry or moderately humid areas. This coating has excellent addition to different types of surfaces like cement plasters, concrete, asbestos etc. The dry film of Kamostar exhibits excellent resistance to chalking, flaking and weathering.

Kamo Star Interior Emulsion is a super economy interior paint which is a value for money solution and provide cost effective alternative to distempers. It is an eco friendly, containing no added lead, mercury, cadmium & chromium compounds.

Kamo Superstar Regular Exterior Emulsion is an economical exterior emulsion and is suitable for dry and humid climate. It is also an eco friendly, containing no added lead, mercury, cadmium & chromium compounds.

Mr Saurabh Agarwal, Director, Kamdhenu Paints said, “We congratulate our dealers for their strong performance and appreciate their efforts in making ‘Kamdhenu Paints’ a household name in UP and Bihar. With same zeal we are poised to go higher and grow stronger. Events such as these are vital towards strengthening our ties with our dealers as well as keeping them well informed about the latest technological innovations and products introduced by Kamdhenu Paints. This provides us with an opportunity to not only thank our channel partners for their continued patronage, but also obtain a better understanding of their needs and ways to support and collaborate with them.”

”Kamdhenu Paints has set high standards in providing benchmarked product quality and customer service in the paint industry. Customer focus remains a key driver for all our initiatives and towards this we have launched Kamo Star and Kamo Superstar range of emulsions for interior and exterior walls that are not only economical but also eco-friendly,” he further added.

If you are looking for cosiness, comfort and relaxation then a pouf is indispensable to your interior decor. A pouf is conducive to a comfortable lifestyle, where you allow to put your leg up. I’ M Centre for Applied Arts by Punam Kalra offers introduces her latest collection of poufs that reflects the shades of blue, black and off-white which has designed with perfection for the peppy environment. With this exclusive range, she creates a style statement for the living area to make it look elegant and sophisticated. This exquisite collection has a blend of fabrics and fancy threads that follow with the detailing of wood and metal wires.

This collection has a variety available for one-seater, two-seater, and also sofa-cum-pouf.  These are made with the idea of consuming less space with luxurious look and colors to lighten up the mood. Craftsmen and experts have a high approach towards durability and comfort in this collection. These poufs are ideal and deliver the relief and warmth you seek.  

Price- On Request  

Available at:

I’M, The Centre for Applied Arts

A-15, Lajpat Nagar-II

New Delhi-110024

Tel: 011 48780006


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New Delhi In line with the initiative of AYUSH Ministry , Govt of India and to promote and popularize AYUSH system of alternative medicine, especially Unani, Hamdard Laboratories (India), an over 100 years old Unani and FMCG Company, has introduced a unique Customer Loyalty Program- Hamdard Bonanza for practitioners and channel partners.

In the last 4 years Hamdard Bonanza, has benefitted more than 5000 participants from across the country; and helped generate awareness about Life Style Related Disorders including diabetes, high cholesterol, lack of immunity and their solutions through nature based Hamdard medicines. It has helped Unani Practitioners, especially younger brigade to do mass scale patients’ trials, gain clinical experience leading to enhanced confidence in Unani medicines. This year the theme of Hamdard Bonanza event was to promote active participation, make Unani profitable and popularize it to every nook and corner of the country along with the digital campaign #BeTheUnaniChampion for all its consumers, Unani & Ayurvedic practitioners and channel partners.

Now, adopting new age technology, Hamdard Bonanza 2019-20 has been launched today through a mobile application (HB-App) to bring in speed, efficiency, accuracy and transparency in the entire process right from enrollment to redemption of gifts that would be offered through Electronic Gift Vouchers (EGVs). Through the HB- App, the aim is to popularize and promote Unani in the digital landscape reaching as many practitioners & traders as possible.

Hamdard Bonanza is an innovative customer loyalty programme launched in 2014 for Unani practitioners & retailers to encourage & propagate Unani amongst young practitioners. At the event, Hamdard recognized and awarded 55 winners across the country under seven different categories through a lucky draw that included the Bumper prize as well for its past Bonanza Scheme. The event also lauded the hard work of its devoted employees from sales, marketing and support functions for executing the Hamdard Bonanza and ensuring quality service to the consumers at all times. Such initiatives not only help in generating cognizance or rewarding the Unani practitioners but also bring them together under one roof treating them as a part of the Hamdard family. In the same spirit, the organization launched the Hamdard Bonanza Scheme 2019-20 at the event. 

Mansoor Ali, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Hamdard Laboratories (India) said, “Hamdard Bonanza program was initiated in the year 2014 with an effort to appreciate the loyalty of our Unani practitioners and motivate the young doctors to practice and promote this heritage system of medicines. Unani is recognized by WHO and pivots around a very scientific approach, emphasizing holistic wellness of the body, mind & soul.  We are extremely grateful to the hakims, vaids, doctors and our channel partners for their overwhelming response making Hamdard Bonanza a grand success. Hamdard occupies a huge element of trust and lineage in people’s minds, and it is in continuation with this legacy that we have launched these initiatives acknowledging the wide positive impact that has been brought in, whilst propagating the Unani system and supporting the government in their endeavor towards a Healthy India. The use of technology to build loyalty in trade is now the way forward.”