May 27, 2019
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The upcoming episode of Sony Entertainment Television’s The Kapil Sharma Show viewers will see three famous and nation’s most loved Padma Shri felicitated sports players coming in as guests. Sakshi Malik, Yogeshwar Dutt and Manika Batra graced the sets with their presence where they thoroughly enjoyed speaking to Kapil about their journey and their mark into the world of sports. While sportsmen are always seen working hard to make their nation proud, their personal lives are not revealed as much. In a fun conversation with Kapil Sharma, Shakshi Malik revealed something very cute about her husband Satyawart Kadian.

When Kapil asked her to encapsulate her bond with her husband, Sakshi who only had great things to say ended up revealing a few secrets and lovable gestures they both share as a couple. While talking about their life as sportsmen and as a newly married couple, Sakshi Malik revealed, “Recently, I was very heartbroken and upset because I wasn’t able to do well during one of my matches. While travelling back home, my husband Satyawart Kadian sang songs for 30 minutes non-stop to uplift my mood. He always keeps me motivated with his thoughts and cute gestures which always brings smile on my face.”

A revelation like this coming from the nations most loved sportsmen was one of the sweetest things viewers will observe in the next episode. Further in the show, trio Sakshi Malik, Yogeshwar Dutt and Manika Batra will also give interesting insights from the world of sports as their career and other interesting facts from their personal lives.

Actor Kunal Pandit has been anchoring BCL consecutively for the last three years and has been getting a lot of appreciation. The actor says that he has always had one mantra while hosting, to keep it fun and simple. “I think my USP as an anchor is years and years of experience on the radio as well as television. I am the only person besides Maneish Paul who has done fiction and radio both. And I think that gives you an edge over others. And I think my spontaneity which is which everybody likes. I think I am very spontaneous and my anchoring is very real. I don’t make different voices, I keep it simple and fun,” he says.

BCL was also full of entertainment with Rakhi Sawant. Talking about the same, he says, “Rakhi was with me in every episode. Sometimes as a co-commentator, sometimes we were making the umpire dance and sometimes we were making her flirt with Parth and Pearl. I think Rakhi is a very fun and interesting girl to work with. And more than that, she is a very good human being too.”

Talking about future plans, he says, “I am getting calls from every actor, saying that I should anchor for TV. So many people told me that you should get a good show and I am looking out for a show just like BCL. BCL is very unscripted as no one knows that on which ball, Karan Wahi is going to do what? It is very unpredictable. And that is where my years of radio experience comes in, my wit comes in. There has been a situation where some people have fought with me, some have fought with me over legitimations, some have fought with me over small things. BCL is a mixture of Bigg Boss and a fiction show because the part where conversations are happening between me and other actors cannot be scripted.”

Ask him what are the things that a host must have to succeed at his job, and he says, “The things an anchor must possess is wit and spontaneity. No one wants good faces to just come and say, ‘Hi, and welcome to the show.’ You want anchors to be witty, funny and spontaneous. Secondly, an anchor should not take over the show. He should act like the thread in which the beads are been put. You have to bear jokes on yourself too and you should be ready for that. You have to keep everything calm and under control.”

Trust actor Shweta Rohira to beat the heat in style. When it comes to the summer months, Shweta makes sure to wear clothes which keep her cool. “I prefer linen fabrics. Short dresses, simple top and shorts are superbly welcome in summer.

I love wearing summer floral prints and pastels in this weather,” she says.

As far as her diet is concerned, she makes sure to keep herself hydrated. “I become a complete water baby. I do a lot of swimming and to beat the heat, I drink lots of water, nimbu paani and chilled sugar cane juice,” she says, adding, “I need to balance the cheating which I always do in summers by eating mangoes and I just love them.”

Summers also mean vacations for the actor. “Mahabaleshwar is my favourite as all my summer vacations from childhood have been to Mahabaleshwar. Even today I love the place as it has so many beautiful memories that when it is summer my heart and mind reach Mahabaleshwar before I do!” she says.

She adds, “The only travelling tip is majorly to carry your hats, caps, shades and sunscreen to compliment the heat.”

Actor Gulshan Nain always dreamt of playing cricket professionally and his dream has partially been fulfilled with Dilip Agarwal’s Actors Cricket Bash. In a candid chat, Gulshan talks about what is he is looking forward to in the tournament.

Who is your favourite Indian cricketer and why?

Virat Kohli, for his consistency, his hunger for runs, his discipline towards the game and aggression on field.

How excited you are for the ACB starting from 25th? Would you like to do a TV show on cricket?

Cricket is my first love and I am playing proper cricket after almost 5 years, so yes, I am very excited. I am enjoying every second on the field even while practicing. I would love to do a show on cricket. In fact, I did a show in which my co-actor was supposed to play cricket so I volunteered and acted as his body double just to play some cricket.

Did you ever think of becoming a cricketer in life?

Ever is a very small notion here, I think of it every time, even now

Throw light on your association with ACB and Dilip Agarwal

This tournament is happening for the first time and we all are pretty sure that it’s going to be a big hit. We will return with much bigger tournament next season. Dilip is the guy who has put a lot of hard work and thinking behind this to make it all possible.

You were injured some days back. how did the injury happen? You scored 61 how?

Yes, unfortunately, I did get hurt while fielding as I said I am playing with the season ball after so many years. I am very excited and my overexcited nature sometimes leads me into getting injured.

How did you manage to play despite injury?

As I said I was playing after a very long time so I was eagerly looking forward to this match and before our chance to do batting came I got injured while fielding, so all I could think was my batting .I know that sounds very childish but that’s the truth. So while I was getting all bandaging done, I kept asking the doctor if I could go back and play and he said I can and that’s all I wanted to hear from him, so I went back on the field and continued playing.

Actors Cricket Bash is one tournament which everyone is really looking forward to. With top TV actors taking to the field, playing their favourite game, the league promises to be very interesting. Now, CINTAA, too, has associated with ACB. Talking about it, Amit Bahl, who is part of CINTAA, says, “Dilip Agarwal and I have been friends for 15 to 16 years now. Initially, when Dilip came to me with the idea of Actors Cricket Bash, I really liked it. CINTAA has always been there for the welfare of our fraternity and with ACB it would be a great opportunity to get all the actors under one roof, which is impossible normally as actors are shooting continuously,” he says, adding, “ With Actors Cricket Bash, the actors come together, practice cricket and is a great way to discuss and understand what is going inside our industry and how CINTAA can be helpful and also discuss the various issues in the industry. With CINTAA’s association with ACB a part of the amount received from this league would be donated to CINTAA for charity purposes.”

Aladdinfrom Aladdin-NaamTohSunaHoga on Sony SAB is all set to shock viewers with a series of chilling encounters in the upcoming episodes. Aladdin (Siddharth Nigam)who has always been on the hunt to find Mucchad and punish him for destroying his family and Baghdad, has finally learnt of Mucchad’sreal identity. While entering the secret room to rescue Ginoo, Aladdin witnesses the King in Mucchad’s avatar. On the other hand, Zafar(Amir Dalvi)with wickedintentions in mind, hasrevealed Aladdin’s identity as the Kala Chor of Baghdad to the King.

After failing in his attempt to convince Yasmine about her father’s truth, Aladdin accuses the King for being the destroyer of his familyand the nation in front of the entire royal court and to everyone’s surprise the King admits to it as well.In a heated confrontation between Aladdin and the King, Aladdin is caught in an illusion created by the nowevil Genie of the Lamp (aka Ginoo) and stabs the King with his sword.

Sony SAB’s fantasy tale, Aladdin – NaamTohSunaHoga, which is known for its gripping storytelling is about to bring the most scandalous and shocking turn of the story so far with this turn of events! Now, the real question is, has Aladdin really killed the King? And why is Ginooinvolved in this?

Siddharth Nigam, essaying the role of Aladdin:“The story is going through an intense plot twist. There are huge revelations coming up. This is the toughest time for Aladdin as he has finally found the man responsible for ruining his family. The situation is tense and our viewers should brace themselves for the upcoming episodes. I’d like to thank our viewers for the consistent support and love they have given us so far and we want to keep working towards entertaining you with our show.”

Despite fasting for Ramzaan throughout the day, actor Mohammad Nazim makes sure to go to the gym regularly. The actor says that he likes to go to the gym as it is part of his daily routine. “I go to the gym at night around 11.30 pm. I never miss going to the gym because if I don’t go to the gym, I am not able to sleep. I just can’t miss my fitness schedule. So even during these days, I make sure to go,” he says.

In fact, here are some tips which Nazim gives to be able to observe Roza efficiently without getting tired. “The first 2-3 days of Roza definitely get difficult but if you do sehri on time and eat a little less at night and eat more in the morning, it won’t happen. We can still adjust but the people who work on the field, for example, the mazdoors, it gets really difficult for them. But it’s a kind of an exam which is taken by God. So for me at the beginning, I feel that it’s a bit difficult. But later on, it becomes quite easy for me. I don’t even get to know,” he says.

He adds, “I am keeping roza from the time I have started understanding it as a kid. When I was in 5th or 6th standard, I used quietly go to the nearest market and eat samosas, Kulcha, puri bhaji or biscuits without getting caught. After a point of time, I started feeling that this is not right, so I stopped doing it.”

Talking about what he eats, he says, “In Iftaari, I have snacks, mostly I eat fruits. I avoid eating roti at night, so I have it along with chicken. In the morning, at the time of Sehri, at 4am, I drink protein shake.”

Nazim loves this holy month. “The best thing which happens while following Roza is that you go for Namaz regularly, eat on time, sleep on time. I sleep around 11.30pm- 12 am and get up in the morning do sehri and sleep after doing Namaz. I try and do good things, help people and do whatever is possible,” he says