July 20, 2019
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rehaan roy
rehaan roy

Rehaan Roy: I love music. I feel my life is incomplete without music. Music is an expression of your emotion. Old Hindi music, especially by R.D. Burman sir is my all-time favorite. But yes, my music playlist changes with my mood. Though I can’t play any particular instrument very well, yes, I’m a very good listener. I love to hear someone playing the piano, violin and yes guitar is something that I can enjoy anytime.

angad hasija
angad hasija

Angad Hasija: I like Bollywood music especially the Sufi sung songs. If I am alone the whole day the best thing I do is listen to music. I don’t know how to play neither have tried to play any instrument but I like it when my friends play the guitar. Music is important in everyone’s life as when we are in stress or want a change it helps us a lot as it changes our mind and diverts us from the problems.

Sahil Anand

Sahil Anand: My favorite type of music is ghazals. I love Ghazals. Music always had a significance in my life because whenever something bad happened with me songs helped me a lot in coming out that bad phase, be it a breakup or maybe I was feeling low. Music is so important in my life. Wherever I go, music is always there with me. I tried learning guitar but I failed badly in that.

Shashank Vyas

Shashank Vyas: For me, music is something which I can’t describe, it means a lot to me. Music has helped me every time in my life. Whatever mood I am in I always listen to music. I love old classics songs. I don’t know to play any instrument but I would love to learn one day.

Shivin Narang

Shivin Narang: My favorite type of music is Bollywood music, I love listening to it. Sometimes I like playing the guitar also. Music is really very important in one’s life and the type of music you play designs your day. As an actor, music is an important part of our lives. When we work out the aura and the energy comes from the music played. Also, when we are feeling emotional music soothes us. Music is very essential as it is also a part of acting and it remains in our memory too. I am not a pro but I like playing a little bit of guitar which I am still learning.

Shehzad Shaikh

Shehzad Shaikh: I always wanted to get associated with music at some point of time, in some way or the other. I believe first what I wanted to do in the world it was dance and sing like Michael Jackson. If you ask me what’s your favorite type of music, I will tell you that I am a very easy listener. I listen to all sorts of genres of music. Language is never a barrier but its lot of hip hop, pop music and sometimes offbeat music like psychedelic, sometimes I like jazz. So it totally depends on what kind of a mood I have. Music is significantly important to every single person in the world because scientifically it also proves that music is the only thing that activates your entire brain and your entire body comes into play. Music has been a way of de-stressing of thoughts. I play the piano and I have been playing it since I was really young and it’s one of my favorite instruments.

Ssharad Malhotra

Ssharad Malhotra: I love all kinds of music be it commercial, Bollywood, retro, trance, house, etc. Well as they say..music is the food of love. It is entertaining, can be a great healer and also very comforting when needed. I always wished to learn an instrument and finally bought myself an acoustic guitar and have been taking lessons too. It’s a great de-stressor. I usually carry my guitar to work where I unwind strumming the chords in between the shots or at breaks. My all time favorite guitarist is Slash & Jimi Hendrix

Sana Makbul
Sana Makbul

Sana Makbul: I like all kinds of music. As I am a very moody person, it depends on my mood that which song I want to listen to. But if you still ask me I am a sucker for soft romantic songs. The significance of music is as such that it lifts up my mood, so whenever I feel low or something, I turn on the music. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to play any instrument so I like watching and listening to someone who does.

Shubhaavi Choksey

Shubhaavi Choksey: My life revolves around music and always will. There is a famous saying without music, life would be a mistake. I feel the music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. I want to learn how to play the tabla. Hopefully one day I will succeed in doing that.
My favorite genre of music is the melodies of the ’70s and ’80s. The songs of SD and RD Burmans are priceless. There was a time when I wanted to become a DJ.

Helly Shah

Helly Shah: I feel music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions. Where words fail, music speaks. My favorite genre of music is the romantic songs of the ’90s. Songs and lyrics of the ’90s are very melodious and meaningful. I can’t play any instrument sadly. I wish to learn.

Yesha Rughani

Yesha Rughani: My relationship with music happened when I started dancing. Dancing is all about rhythm and you can’t dance without music. So, my connection with music is somehow connected to dancing. But when it comes to listening to music, I like instrumental jazz.

Samir Soni

Samir Soni: As far as music is concerned, I think after acting it’s my greatest passion. In fact, sometimes I think that music is a greater passion than acting also. If I was born again I would want to be born as a musician. I love music so much. I have a really varied taste in music which goes from Indian classical to rock, blues, jazz. From a rock concert to listening to Zakir Hussain playing the tabla. I just love all kind of music. In fact, the film that I directed ‘My birthday song’ I pretty much sat for the music, I had one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Unfortunately, I do not know how to play any instrument but I have been wanting to play the guitar for the longest time but every time I try it used to hurt my fingers so I couldn’t do it, but it’s not too late maybe I’ll take a piano which is kind of easier. Music is everything. I call it food for the soul because it kind of regardless in what frame of mind you are in you can find some music that will soothe you, excite you, inspire you or comfort you, I think music and weather are two things which can really affect how you feel about things. Honestly, I like every kind of music that I have heard. I regret not listening to any instrument but that music is food for the soul, so I don’t go anywhere without music. Before I go to sleep I listen to music, when I go for a shoot I do my makeup and all with music on and depending on what kind of mood I am in I put that kind of music. Normally when I am shooting I play sufi kind of music like Abida Parveen and also depends on what kind of scene I am doing for a particular film,I listen to the same song over and over again to be in that frame of mind.

Rohitashv Gour

Rohitashv Gour: I mostly love classical music and that too filmy because that’s what I have heard, like Mohammad Rafi or Manna Dey songs. Songs which are quite popular I like them. Significance of music in my life is that by listening to music you feel peaceful and the body gets relaxed. I know to play a little bit of tabla because my sister used to play the sitar, she has done MBA in music and my younger sister has been in vocal singing, so when she used to play the sitar, I used to play the tabla along with her. I learnt tabla quite well.

Zee TV’s biggest talent-based reality show Dance India Dance is back with a bang! The show that has revolutionized the landscape of dance in India making it a mainstream career choice for millions of youngsters kickstarts this weekend on 22nd June at 8 PM. This year, the excitement hits the roof as the gorgeous Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor Khan, ace choreographer Bosco and the most loved rapper of the country, Raftaar join the panel of judges even as super talented contestants from the East, West, North and South zones lock horns in the #DanceKaJungistan and rock the truly international 360-degree arena stage with 120 cameras with their spectacular champion moves.

The contestants are all set to battle it out and entertain everyone with their spectacular acts while the show’s judges are leaving no stone unturned in charming the audiences with their camaraderie and killer dance moves. While shooting for the premiere episode of the show, Judge Raftaar made a special request to his favourite Kareena Kapoor Khan to groove to the beats of her iconic song Mauja Hi Mauja and she couldn’t refuse. Moreover, Judges Bosco and Raftaar joined her on stage and the trio set the stage on fire with their power-packed performance.

Good friends make life better but getting to work with them daily, is like a dream come true. Having built a long-lasting bond on the sets of COLORS’ Khatra Khatra Khatra, Aditya Narayan and Harsh Limbachiyaa have been cherishing every moment of the shoot, so much so that Harsh’s wife, Bharti has been feeling left out of the dynamics.

Recently, the audience witnessed a glimpse of their friendship as the duo made a grand entry in a typical Jai-Veeru style. Aditya and Harsh share a chemistry and bond similar to the ones we shave seen in the movie and a jodi that till date is remembered, Jai-Veeru. The duo are often seen supporting and encouraging each other while performing tasks. They are also partners in planning and executing most pranks on and offscreen. While others enjoy the chemistry between the two, comedian Bharti Singh finds herself thrown off with this new budding relationship.

From being known as the man with a Virani to his surname, to surprising the audience with several varied characters thereafter, popular actor Jiten Lalwani has had a diverse journey of various genres over television for more than two decades now. Having enthralled the viewers with his earlier portrayal of the ferocious character of Shani Dev, the actor is all set to make return to mythology, depicting the same character in a different style and manner. Returning to the genre he is best known for, Jiten will be seen donning the crucial character of Shani Dev in &TV’s mythological fiction show Paramavatar Shri Krishna.

Bringing forth several unheard tales of the character while showcasing different shades to his personality, the actor seems to be quite enthused about playing this role yet again.

Sharing his thoughts on making a comeback to the genre and the role, he said, “I have always found a calling for mythological characters. Shani Dev as a character has always built a great intrigue within me. Although I have played the character once, I really don’t mind essaying it again because there is another style and shade to the character which is another discovery in itself. No matter how many tales may be spoken about, there are certain facets and characteristics of Shani Dev that remain unexplored and through Paramavatar Shri Krishna I get to showcase it on-screen. I think it’s this little curiosity and fascination that made me once again venture onto the route of mythology. Relieving a character for the second time after a gap of nearly 3 years is an exciting challenge which I look forward to.”

While mythology may have been his comfort zone, Jiten has never been afraid to step out and explore different characters, be it in the comedy space or in the supernatural genre.

Commenting on his brief stint in the supernatural space, Jiten said, “Considering supernatural was the big trend of television, I really did want to explore this genre too, but eventually found myself finding a disconnect to the genre. I didn’t want to take up shows in that space and hence decided to part ways from it.”

Talking about exploring various roles and the thought process behind them, the actor said, “I enjoy exploring diverse characters, however distinct they might be from the ones I played earlier. I enjoy the thrill and challenge that it brings about. While I have often been approached for roles that are positive and have an innocent facet to it, I have essayed a few negatives which has added that diverse shade to my actor’s personality. Having said that, I thoroughly enjoy the comedy space and just like mythology, I would probably take up a comic role in a heartbeat.”

With the onset of a new chapter, Kanha’s life is all set to see a major twist with Shani Dev’s fierce and powerful tactics.

Tune in to watch Paramavatar Shri Krishna on &TV from Monday to Friday at 8.30 pm

Popular actor Samridh Bawa has entertained the audience with his various acts in various genres like drama, comedy and supernatural. Bringing forth another pleasant surprise for his fans and viewers, the actor is all set to make an action-packed comeback in the upcoming episode of &TV’s supernatural show Laal Ishq. Performing the first ever action scene of his life, Samridh was quite excited to perform the scene himself and not to resort to the help of a body-double. Inspired by the effortless performance of his idol, Akshay Kumar, the actor decided to perform the scene without the assistance of any harnesses and put up a rather great show for the crew around him.

Sharing his experience, the actor said, “Ever since I was a kid, I have held a great admiration for Akshay Kumar and would be awed seeing him perform stunts and action scenes with absolutely zero action equipment. I always dreamt of being able to perform a scene as such in the same manner as he did. When Laal Ishq came by, I decided that this would be my make or break moment. Despite having the option to use harnesses or a body double, I preferred to perform the scene without any assistance at all. I was extremely nervous of getting hurt but Akshay sir’s scenes kept playing in my head and that’s what inspired me to go for the shot. Of course, I did practice a similar jump a couple of times before doing it directly from the jeep to the bus.”

Adding further about the risks the actor faced while performing this particular sequence, Samriddh said, “Performing the scene wasn’t easy and while I managed to do the stunt successfully, I got slightly bruised in the process. The force of the jump was so intense that when I caught hold of the rod on the bus, it loosened from its hinge and pierced my belly. Although it did hurt a bit, the delight of pulling off the scene was way beyond. It was my first and I am glad that I did it successfully!”