January 18, 2021

Ayush Gupta’s Tarot predictions on Salman Khan, Rajan Shahi, Ekta Kapoor and Vivian Dsena!

Ayush Gupta, the youngest Reiki healer and tarot reader, has predicted the future of four celebrities in this reading session. From their personal to professional lives, he shared everything the card revealed, read on to know:

Salman Khan: You have learnt a lot about giving and receiving and that puts you in a powerful position. You have clarity about your path and confidence in yourself. You have a vision as far as business investments are concerned. TV and web-series production will prove beneficial for you, but in films, you might face a lot of ups and downs. You must consult the experts wherever needed The cards reveal that you are thinking of settling down, but things are not looking good at least this year.

Overall, your energies are good and are supporting you. But you need to think before reacting. You have to be careful about your choice of films. Two hero project may be a better option or a mature love triangle like Saajan instead of action flicks. You need to have a realistic approach towards your career and personal life both. You have to strike a balance and you need new people with fresh perspectives.

Ekta Kapoor: You have a lot to manage and I will suggest you to use your strengths to establish security. You have established yourself and your kingdom, people look up to you, but personally you need someone’s guidance because I can see energies are not in your support and you sometimes feel lonely. Your financial or business advice has proved beneficial to others, however, if you try to implement them on yourself, it doesn’t always work. You feel isolated sometimes.

You don’t get much time to rest in your busy schedule but you need to start meditation and it should be part of your daily life. You should be careful about the personal circle and there will be many new people who will get associated with you in terms of creativity. You are a blessed person and the industry looks up to you and will continue doing so. Your tv shows Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya will get good TRP and continue to win audiences’ hearts.

Rajan Shahi: You need to look within yourself for all your answers. Don’t give up on your ideas and goals and you will get your power back. Currently, you can’t see your objectives clearly because there are too many distractions. All your money is tied up in something big. It’s important to know there are other resources available too where your investments will prove more beneficial. If you are planning something big, you must go forward with it, the energies are very positive for that.

You can make big differences by making small changes. You can launch a new project or a new idea with a new talent if it will help you a lot. Staying calm and cool will help. Yeh Rishta Kyaa Kehlata Hai and Ye Risthe Hai Pyar Ke will continue to have the loyalty of audiences. Your forthcoming show Anupama on Star Plus will definitely be loved by audiences and will be a hit show.

Vivian Dsena: You are comfortable with the choices you have made and you are happy with what life brings your way. You have the power to make great improvements but things are stuck somewhere but eventually, things will change. You are a hard worker and you really enjoy it and it has all paid off. Personally, there will be some ups and downs and things will take time to sort. If you try for films, you will get good roles and you will get name and fame there too. By March 2021, I can see that you will get a good opportunity on TV as well.

Focus on your goals, don’t get distracted. I think you need to focus more on your professional life than personal. Professional life will be good in 2021 and personal life will get sorted. Take some precautions health-wise. You are an intelligent actor and a positive person and not everyone understands you in one go but who understand surely know your value. You need to be more social. You surely understand being alone doesn’t mean being lonely. Follow your heart but act practically too when needed. You have a fantastic future.

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