June 18, 2021

Azmat – Hina brings a lot to the table, along with being a talented actress

Actor Azmat Khwaja, who has played important roles in films like Oxygen, Side A Side B, My Angel My Teacher, was involved creatively in the production team of Hina Khan’s upcoming film Country of Blind. Country of Blind is produced by Rahat Kazmi and Azmat has also acted in many films produced by Kazmi.

Azmat, who has always acted in realistic cinema has done films that revolved around environmental issues, bisexuality and current education system in the country. He also enjoys doing web series.

After working with actress Hina Khan, who plays the lead in Country of Blind, Azmat feels that he wants to continue being creatively involved in upcoming films. He said, “While working with Hina, I learnt a lot. She brings a lot to the table along with being a good actress. She has been in showbiz for the last decade and it was excellent understanding the nuances of acting and production from her. After working with her, I felt that every actor should understand production and direction and that’s how they add to their performance. I felt that if I am involved in production, it will further upgrade my skills and contribute a lot to my career.”

Next, Azmat will be seen in Antena, a film shot in Ladakh. The film is directed by Shoaib Nikash Shah. “Hopefully, in future, I will get an opportunity to be part of production assignments for films and also continue to act.”

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