July 28, 2021

Bigg boss in pandemic : COVID – 19

The launch of television’s popular game reality show Bigg Boss 14 is just a few days away. The show is going to have its grand premiere on 3 October with Salman Khan introducing all the contestants. Meanwhile, some important information related to the show is constantly coming out. It is being told that this time the families will have to follow social distancing, so physical tasks will not be there in the initial weeks.

According to a news page giving concrete information related to the show, like last year, this time there will not be a bed attached to the show. It will be compulsory to follow the guidelines related to corona in the house, so the family members will always have to keep distance from each other. Apart from this, physical tasks for luxury budget, elimination and immunity every week will not be in the initial weeks of the show.

There will be a corona test of contestants every week. All the celebs and commoners participating in the show are to be quarantined from September 20. Kovid is all set to have 19 Tests before sending it home. Apart from this, the medical team of Bigg Boss 14 will test all the families every week.

Let’s say that this year the show is being built on the lockdown theme. A red and green zone is also formed on the set. Also this time a mini theater, mall, restaurant and spa will also be present at Bigg Boss house. All these facilities will be available to the families who win the luxury budget.

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