May 31, 2020

Binaifer Kohli: Right after sanitization, we can start shooting!

Producer Binaifer Kohli cannot wait to resume shooting, but not without taking all the necessary precautions. “All producers will be in a position to start shooting the day lockdown ends. The first day, of course, the sets will need to be cleaned and sanitized and check everything; whether the AC’s are working, if the dressing rooms are clean, if the clothes are clean and then very next day we can start shooting because the episodes are ready and everyone is prepared,” she says.

This time is tough on all producers, she says, “The TV industry is going to be facing huge losses because they haven’t telecast episodes since some time now. They haven’t got any advertising revenue because of that. The producers have faced huge loss,” he says.

Binaifer says that budget cuts will be common after the lockdown opens, however, she will do everything to make sure her shows don’t suffer. “Whenever things get back to normal, there will be budget cuts allocated by the channel to the production houses. I feel the production houses need, to a certain extent, of course, abide by that. I, for one, have two ships sailing in the sea called Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain and Happu Ki Ultan Paltan and I will do everything possible to keep those ships sailing. We will keep that ship sailing because a huge part of the unit are daily wage earners. I, as a producer, will see whatever best I can do to keep my this two big ships rolling. I also have a ship in the harbour which is for star and I will do my best with all my shows,” she says.

She has decided to bring some necessary changes to her set so that everyone is safe. “Even when things open out, we will be shooting with a minimum unit. There will be a lot of things I will take care of like I will definitely have a doctor and a nurse on the set daily. I will definitely have a testing machine, whatever is required. I will follow all the rules because my conscience will not allow me to put anybody’s life on risk. I am the captain of the ship and I will make sure that everyone is healthy and hearty on the ship. I have a Whatsapp group with all my technicians where I speak every day in the morning 10 o clock to 10:30. We send each other jokes, we talk about how everybody is not going out, how everybody is getting food properly. One boy didn’t get ration and they were not allowed to step out of the house so I sent my technician team with ration to him. We keep each other entertained, everybody’s morale is up. Once this is over also, I will be in touch with them, telling them how to take care of themselves. I will go to the set and explain to them how they must keep themselves sanitized, how they must look after their family, the whole unit will stay on the set itself, even the actors have agreed that they will stay there so that no one carries any kind of infection home. We will have a nice cook appointed for everyone who will cook nice food for breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as snacks for all of them. I might arrange a nice screen and show them some nice movies in the night and keep them entertained,” she says.

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