January 19, 2020
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Art35 is an Art Exhibition and Event which celebrates and promotes 35 young Artists from the Indian sub-continent all under the Age of 35! Their paintings, installations, sculptures, films, videos, and performances are presented by Nine Fish Art Gallery in association with Dot Line Space Art Foundation, at Byculla in Mumbai. That’s the prime focus of Art35.

We also hold Art Workshops, Talks, Theatre Productions, Performances and Film Screenings to help enliven the Exhibition Spaces with conversations and to create a carnival to celebrate Art & Art related activities. To deepen the dialogue between participants, some Art Residencies are also provided for the period of the Event.

The curatorial team at Nine Fish Art Gallery and Dot Line Space Art Foundation for Art35 has over three years of experience in the organization & support of cultural programs and Art Residencies. Since 2016, Art35 has been successfully growing and the number of applications clearly makes it a sought after Exhibition as well as Art Residency programme.

Starting only with painting and sculpture, today we have expanded to include artists from another field of practices too. We have since then hosted and presented visual artists, performance artists, photographers, curators, writers, sculptors, designers, media artists and more.

  • Date: 16th- 19th January 2020
  • Time: 10:30 to 7.00 PM
  • Address: Nine Fish Art Gallery
  • The New Great Eastern Mills, Salsette- 27, 25-29 Dr.Ambedkar Road, Near Rani Baug,
  • Byculla, Mumbai 400027
  • Website: www.ninefish.in


An exclusive collection of Poems & Stories, written by Mr. Sunit Goel, entitled: ‘Pyar ka Safar’ was launched by Dr. Sangeeta Tyagi, President, Nari Shakti Foundation and BJP leader at Blue Rose Publishers, Stall at Hall No.11 in World Book Fair, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

Present on the occasion were Shri Sanjay Vashistha, Manager(PR), ITPO, Shri Ajay Chauhan, Managing Editor, Sab Ki Awaj, Shri Madan Singh, Social Worker, Senior Representatives from the Blue Rose Publishers and media persons.

According to the author, Mr. Sunit Goel, ‘Pyar Ka Safar’ manifests natural human feelings especially ‘Love’ in passage of life. Nature and Love are the essence of life. Love brings Peace and Peace brings progress in Life.

साहित्य अकादेमी द्वारा आयोजित कथा-संधि कार्यक्रम में आज प्रख्यात कथाकार महेश कटारे ने अपनी दो कहानियाँ प्रस्तुत कीं। किवाड़ शीर्षक से सुनाई गई पहली कहानी में दो स्त्रियों कैलाशी और बतसिया द्वारा वर्तमान वर्ण व्यवस्था के आर्थिक पक्षों को बड़ी मार्मिक ढंग से प्रस्तुत किया गया था। दूसरी कहानी गाँव का जोगी में बहुत ही रोचक शैली में गाँव के जीवन संघर्षों को उकेरा गया था। कथा-पाठ के बाद महेश दर्पण, लीलाधर मंडलोई,देवेंद्र कुमार, अवधेश सिंह ने अपने विचार व्यक्त करते हुए कहा कि महेश कटारे जी के पास एक ऐसी भाषा है जो उबाऊ होते कथन को पठनीयता प्रदान करते हैं।

उनके कथ्य और शिल्प दोनों में ही जीवन के रस से भरा संघर्ष हैं जो दुख की बजाए उल्लास से परिपूर्ण है। कार्यक्रम के अंत में एक सवाल के जवाब में महेश कटारे जी ने कहा कि उनकी चिंता भाषा में से च्देशजज् शब्द गायब होने को लेकर है।

कार्यक्रम का संचालन साहित्य अकादेमी के संपादक हिंदी अनुपम तिवारी ने किया।

~The amazing line-up includes Grammy nominated American metal heavyweights As I Lay Dying, Indian metal band Alien Sky cult and IOISH among others ~

 After the enormous success of its maiden Heavy Metal music festival Bighorn, Skillbox, an art social network and discovery platform, has announced the 2nd edition of Bighorn in New Delhi on 10th January, 2020 at QLA, Qutab Institutional Area from 4:00 pm – 10.00 pm Taking the fervor a few notches above, the line up for Bighorn 2020 will be headlined by Grammy-nominated American metal heavyweights As I Lay Dying from San Diego, California.

Heavy Metal music festival ‘Bighorn’

This Rockefeller band is embarking on their Asia tour in support of their latest and 7th debut studio album ‘Shaped By Fire’ to Delhi NCR. Founded in 2000, the band has released seven albums, one split album, and two compilation albums. They are famously celebrated as a gnarly, quick-paced brand of heavy music by the Rolling Stone magazine.

In support, is one of Indian metal core’s long-lasting acts Alien Sky Cult who are due to release their 2nd album and are making a grand comeback having released a  single, ‘Inaninate’ on the 13th of December. The band is heavily influenced by early metalcore and hardcore bands and has drawn accolades at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards polls.

Bighorn is also honored by IOISH from New Delhi who are also set to rock the Bighorn stage in a big way this 2020! Revered by Martin Atkins of Nine Inch Nails fame, IOISH has been at the forefront of Indian Instrumental Rock for almost a decade and have released three EPs, the latest in 2018. Also tearing things apart are TRANCEMIGRATE from Karbi Anglong, Assam. Trancemigrate has been around since 2007 and have steadily built their sound around folklore and elements of heavier music and are also releasing new music to the buildup.

This musical fiesta will be staged on the grounds of Qutub Institutional area at QLA – a beautiful contemporary European restaurant, with the Qutub Minar forming the backdrop. Bighorn is slated to kick start with fire pits and candle lights in the background to provide the perfectly roused atmosphere for top music quality bringing back extremely fond memories and nostalgia of witnessing some of the best live and metal music acts from around the world.

Regiment Diaries Season 2 will air starting today at 10 PM

Mumbai, 9th January 2020: EPIC Channel, the only India-centric Hindi language infotainment channel is back with a new season of its hugely popular series – ‘Regiment Diaries’.

Shot in the regimental centres of the Indian Army, and celebrating the legacy of infantry regiments, the series takes the viewers on an immersive journey into the training and lives of real soldiers. After profiling 13 regiments in the first season, the second season profiles the Parachute Regiment, Kumaon Regiment, Bihar Regiment, Mahar Regiment, Gorkha Regiment, and the Jammu & Kashmir Rifles.

The show will air every Thursday from 9th January 2020 at 10:00 p.m. with a repeat telecast every Friday at 5:00 p.m. Viewers can also catch up on the episodes immediately after the telecast on channel’s premium video-on-demand service EPIC On. The series is sponsored by India’s most renowned and oldest life insurance planner – Life Insurance Corporation, popularly known as LIC.

Commenting on series launch and special offering, Tasneem Lokhandwala, Head – Content & Programming, EPIC Channel said, “The Indian Army is more than just a pillar of modern India, it is a way of life and through Regiment Diaries, we endeavor to celebrate this legacy. It remains one of our most loved and watched shows and we are honoured to bring stories of these real-life superheroes to the viewers.”

Samar Khan, Chief Operating Officer, Juggernaut Productions added, “Working in the Indian Armed Forces is one of the most respected professions in the country. They put their lives at risk to keep us safe. Each story is unique and will move one to tears as you discover the sacrifices made by the men in uniform. However, you’ll always see them happy and proud, without a single complaint. For them, it’s a journey of friendships, patriotism and will to serve the nation. It is our honour to bring these stories to our viewers.”

Season one of the TV series took viewers through thirteen army regimental centers where soldiers – both serving and retired, shared their life experiences from times of peace and war. Earlier, season one showcased stories from Jat Regiment, Madras Regiment, The Grenadiers, Mechanised Infantry, Madras Engineers Group, Brigade Of The Guards, Rajputana Rifles, The Garhwal Rifles, Dogra Regiment, Punjab Regiment, Maratha Light Infantry, Sikh Regiment, and Rajput Regiment. Regiment Diaries Season One is available on EPIC On, EPIC Channel’s OTT offering, and also available on leading OTT platform – Netflix, along with other EPIC original series like ‘Stories by Rabindranath Tagore’.

EPIC Channel is available across the operators Tata Sky, Airtel TV, Dish TV, Sun TV, and streams live on its OTT platform EPIC On; as also on SonyLIV, and MX Player. EPIC On the smartphone app is available across iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV and MI TV.