November 20, 2019
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Dr Mohsin Hossain from Bangladesh to speak on 3d mapping at annual conference of Indian Heart Rhythm Society’s Annual Conference in New Delhi

 New Delhi.  The 11th edition of IHRS’s annual conference was in New Delhi and among the prominent and special guest speakers is Prof. (Dr.) Mohsin Hossain, Professor of Cardiology, National Institute of Cardiovascular  Diseases (NICVD), Dhaka, Bangladesh.Indian Heart Rhythm Society (IHRS), was formed in year 2005 in India on the lines of HRS, U.S.A. by illustrious names in the field of Electro Physiology (EP) and has thus become an apex body to further the cause of heart rhythm management in India by continuously working on knowledge sharing among experts and practitioners. 

IHRS’s annual conference draws EP specialists from all over the country and abroad to reflect upon newer innovations, do case based studies, perform live cases and also run a fellowship program for young EP’s.Prof. (Dr.) Mohsin Hossain of NICVD, Bangladesh is a special invitee at IHRS 2019 who is speaking on 3D Mapping under Newer Innovations session. NICVD is Bangladesh’s most premier state of the art institute for treatment of cardiovascular diseases to establish most modern cardiovascular care services and also to train the manpower in the field. Dr Hossain is the name to reckon with in Bangladesh when it comes to Arrhythmia and EP who is continuously adopting newer technologies and innovations in this field . 

“I am delighted to be a part of IHRS’s annual conference in India and am looking forward to speaking on 3d mapping and meet fellow physicians from India on this great knowledge sharing platform.  While Bangladesh is fast progressing on the path of accessing what the world has to offer in terms of newer technologies, we need to undertake training and skill building for our young doctors” says Prof (Dr) Mohsin HossainWith the advancement of technology, the 3D Electro anatomical Navigation System provides a physician with a three dimensional views of the inside of the chamber of the heart and thereby helps the Electrophysiologists for better treatment modalities.

The Orion catheter with its specialty of its design provides the physician to map the anatomy and subsequent ablation of the affected area many times faster. It also reduces the fluoro time during the procedure to 4 mins which is to a great advantage for both patients and physicians getting minimal exposure to radiation, minimizing any chances of carcinogenic complications later on.

This is one of the sensational inventions of this decade for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.

Incidence of CAD rising sharply among young adults.

45 year old Ravi Saxena from Bareilly gets a new lease of life after undergoing a successful Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) surgery. He was admitted in very critical condition with history of Myocardial Infarction (heart attack).

Initially he had been admitted in a hospital in Bareilly where angiography reports revealed Triple Vessel Coronary Artery Disease. In a state of emergency he was brought to Max Hospital Patparganj after CPR and mechanical Ventilation with NTG infusion.

“In the emergency the patient’s condition had worsened and the patient was immediately shifted to CTVS ICU where he was optimized. His 2D echo revealed severe dysfunction of the Left ventricle and was advised for a CABG surgery. The team immediately decided to perform CABG surgery also known as ‘Total Arterial Revascularization’. This method of surgery is technically demanding, and not performed usually in many cardiac centers. The patient had stabilized within 3 days of surgery and was discharged with no complications.” Said Dr Ritwick Raj Bhuyan – Associate Director, Cardiac Surgery, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Patparganj, New Delhi.

Many such patients with triple vessel Coronary artery disease have been successfully treated in the recent times. The purpose of the conference was to showcase live examples of people suffering from Triple Vessel CAD who have been successfully treated.  65 year old Mr. Ghanshyam Das, 45 year old Mr. Ravi Saxena and 75 year old Ramesh Gupta are such testimonials present. Such surgeries only have 15-20% success rates even in advanced countries like UK and US.

“Coronary artery disease (CAD) is a major cause of cardiovascular death worldwide and India poor lifestyle habits are contributing to a rise in such patients. Apart from age and family history, controllable risk factors including increased cigarette smoking, high levels of cholesterol, high systolic blood pressure and diabetes have been noted to raise the risk of atherosclerosis by around 90%. In fact over 20% of diabetic patients have suffered from this condition.” He added.

It is thus important to create awareness among the masses that timely intervention of such conditions can prevent mortality and morbidity. Since this operation is not performed in many cardiac centers, Max Hospital Patparganj has successfully treated many patients from tier 3 and tier 4 cities.

Max Healthcare (MHC) is the Country’s leading comprehensive provider of standardized, seamless and international-class healthcare services. It is committed to the highest standards of medical and service excellence, patient care, scientific and medical education.

Around 75+ health writers attended a workshop on cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the recently conducted 7 th Heal Health Writers Convention. The workshop was a continuation of “Chiranjeev Hriday – CPR seekho Dil Dhadakne Do” – a campaign issued in public interest by Medtronic.
Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the malfunction or cessation of electrical and mechanical activity of the heart. SCA is characterized by dangerously fast heart rate (ventricular tachycardia) or irregular rhythm (ventricular fibrillation), unconsciousness, and irregular (gasping) or no breathing. Majority of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) events occur outside hospitals. There is no clear data available in India; but through studies and by extrapolation, it is estimated that the annual incidence of deaths due to sudden cardiac arrest are around 7 lakhs in the country ,2 and 95 percent of those who experience sudden cardiac arrest die because they do not receive life-saving therapy within four to six minutes. 3,4 Abhishek Dubewar, Senior Director – Cardiac and Vascular Group, Medtronic Indian Subcontinent says, “Considering the high incidence and prevalence of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in our country, there is an immediate need to increase awareness about CPR which is a powerful tool that takes only 30 minutes to learn and can double or even triple a victim’s chances of survival. With the Mission to alleviate pain, restore health and extend life, we’ve been partnering with experts to impart CPR training across different locations in the country. Our most recent efforts involved educating journalists and health writers about this technique as they can help advance the objective of bringing adequate focus on the SCA menace.”
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is the only technique that can save a person suffering from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) outside a hospital. This life-saving medical procedure should be administered on an SCA victim with the purpose of keeping the oxygenated blood flowing through the body in order to keep the vital organs alive. CPR, or cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, is simply a technique to help restart a patient’s non-beating heart. Hands-only CPR can be started instantly and requires the provider to simply push hard and fast in the center of a patient’s chest, approximately 2-2.4 inches in depth. These actions are key in the chain of survival and need to be executed as soon as possible or the victim is likely to die in minutes.
Dr Swadeep Srivastava, Founder Heal Foundation, says, “As per the survey conducted by Lybrate around 98 percent Indians are not trained in the basic life-saving technique of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) during sudden cardiac arrest. 5 In the 7 th Heal Health Writers Convention, we conducted CPR workshop with the support of Medtronic especially for health writers for the first time. Health writers are one of the most important pillar of public health and we are hopeful that this workshop has equipped them with the confidence to perform CPR if the need arises and spread awareness around the same.”
A senior health journalist who attended the workshop said, “Awareness around SCA and CPR is limited in our country. Being a health writer, I was aware of the subject, however, live dummy demonstration was enlightening. The workshop has given me the confidence to perform CPR if the need arises. I believe the experience was similar to my peers. Such workshops should be conducted more frequently so that more and more people can learn the lifesaving technique and contribute to bringing down the number of deaths caused by sudden cardiac arrest.

नई दिल्ली: प्लास्टिक अपशिष्ट और संबन्धित प्रदूषण वैश्विक चिंता का कारण बन गया है क्योंकि यह सभी जीवित प्राणियों को प्रभावित करने के साथ ही हमारे ग्रह को भी हानि पहुँचा रहा है। सिंगल यूज़ प्लास्टिक के हानिकारक प्रभावों से पर्यावरण को बचाने के लिए मोबियस फाउंडेशन दिल्ली में 20 अक्टूबर से 3 नवंबर 2019 तक प्तपासऑनप्लास्टिक अभियान चला रहा है7

20 दिनों के इस अभियान के दौरान मयूर विहार फेज-१ और इंद्रप्रस्थ एक्सटेंशन दिल्ली के तीन आवासीय सोसाइटी (लगभग 2500 परिवार) मोबियस फाउंडेशन द्वारा रखे गए डिब्बे में अपने प्लास्टिक कचरे को डालेंगे। प्लास्टिक कचरे के संग्रह के लिए प्रत्येक सोसाइटी (२५० परिवार) में दो डब्बों की व्यवस्था की गई है। कचरे को संग्रहित करने के लिए ये डिब्बे 20 अक्टूबर से 1नवंबर तक यानि 14 दिनों के लिए सोसायटियों में उपलब्ध रहेंगे।

च्च्आर्थिक रूप से व्यवहार्य और बेहतर रीसाइक्लिंग के लिए कचरों को अलग करना आवश्यक है। हम पूर्वी दिल्ली आवासीय सोसाइटियों में एक पायलट प्रोजेक्ट चला रहे हैं। इसमें हम उस प्लास्टिक कचरे को अलग कर रहे हैं जिन्हें जलाने पर या लैंडफिल के माध्यम से नष्ट करने पर पर्यावरण को अधिक नुकसान होता है। इस पायलट प्रोजेक्ट के लिए मयूर विहार फेज-१ के पूर्वी दिल्ली आवासीय सोसायटी और इंद्रप्रस्थ एक्सटेंशन को चुना गया है। हम २५०० परिवारों के साथ काम कर रहे हैं। इसके लिए हमने संबन्धित आरडब्ल्यूए के साथ सहयोग किया है और प्लास्टिक अपशिष्ट संग्रहण में उनका पूरा सहयोग मिल रहा है। इस पहल के माध्यम से मोबियस फ़ाउंडेशन प्लास्टिक कचरे को अलग करने के महत्व को लेकर जन-सामान्य में एक जागरूकता पैदा करने की कोशिश कर रहा है। इसके साथ ही इस बात को लेकर भी जागरूकता फैलाया जा रहा है कि कैसे कोई व्यक्तिगत या सामाजिक रूप से इसमें भाग ले और प्लास्टिक के उपयोग को कम करने के प्रति सचेत रहे, ज्ज्श्री प्रदीप बर्मन, अध्यक्ष, मोबियस फाउंडेशन ने कहा।

प्लास्टिक प्रदूषण पर्यावरण में अपशिष्ट प्लास्टिक सामग्री के संचय के कारण होता है। यह एक गैर-बायोडिग्रेडेबल पदार्थ है जिसका मिट्टी या पानी में क्षय नहीं होता। इसे सुरक्षित और पारिस्थितिक रूप से निपटना एक चुनौती है। इसीलिए, प्लास्टिक अपशिष्ट के संग्रहण के बाद मोबियस फाउंडेशन उन्हें एक रीसाइक्लिंग कंपनी च्ग्रीन ओ टेक ज्को सौंप देगा। यह कंपनी इन प्लास्टिक से छरों, पॉलिएस्टर यार्न, खिलौने आदि का निर्माण करेगी और इस तरह प्लास्टिक का पुनः उपयोग हो पाएगा। इसके अलावा, प्रत्येक 100 ग्राम प्लास्टिक के बदले वे एक पेड़ भी लगाएंगे।

अधिक से अधिक लोगों को प्रोत्साहित करने के लिए वे उन घरों को प्रोत्साहन दे रहे हैं जो अपने प्लास्टिक कचरे को डिब्बों में डाल रहे हैं। यह प्रलोभन पुनर्निर्मित या अपशिष्ट उत्पादों से बने पर्यावरण के अनुकूल उत्पादों के रूप में है। प्रत्येक सोसाइटी के आरडब्ल्यूए को प्रशंसा प्रमाण पत्र भी दिया जाएगा।

इस पायलट प्रोजेक्ट का अगला चरण गुरुग्राम की सोसाइटी में स्थानीय गैर-सरकारी संगठन उदय केयर ट्रस्ट के सहयोग से इस मॉडल को लागू करना होगा। इसके डेटा को एकत्रित, संकलित और विश्लेषित कर नगर निगम को रिपोर्ट सौंप दी जाएगी। इसके माध्यम से वह इस व्यवस्था को या किसी अन्य तरीके के द्वारा प्लास्टिक कचरा प्रबंधन के लिए एक स्थायी बुनियादी ढांचा के निर्माण का निर्णय ले पाने में सक्षम हो पाएगा।

इस पहल को आगे बढ़ाते हुए इसमें घरेलू स्तर से निस्तारण प्रक्रिया तक ठोस अपशिष्ट प्रबंधन को शामिल किया जा सकता है जिससे कि कचरे का समुचित निपटारा हो सके।

  • Delhi NCR is one of the most polluted areas in the world and Delhiites are desperate to counter the pollution effects especially after the Diwali season, resulting in a sudden surge in demand of Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) across the capital region
  • Demand for Oxygen Therapy has gone up by 100%

With Air Quality Report once again listing Delhi NCR as one of the most polluted areas in the world and number of patients with respiratory problems rising in the hospitals, demand for Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) jumped across the city. In HBOT or oxygen therapy, people are made to breath pure oxygen in a pressurized room, allowing oxygen to diffuse more effectively in the blood, which repairs the tissue and restores its normal functions.
“Breathing pure oxygen at a pressure three times higher than the atmospheric pressure allows the lungs to gather more oxygen and send it to all parts of the body through blood. Oxygen-rich blood helps fight infections and triggers stem cells that stimulate and sustain healing,” says Dr.Alok Chopra, Medical Director, Daivam Wellness.
HBOT is coming up as an alternative for the Delhiites who cannot spare time to go to cleaner environments but still want to keep themselves healthy and safe from extreme climatic conditions.
Explaining the benefits of HBOT in high pollution areas Dr. Chopra says, “Since HBOT improves immunity and boosts the healing process, it helps people with compromised immunity to deal with the effects of high pollution. However, it is important to know here that HBOT is a therapeutic procedure and should always be taken under medical supervision and guidance.”
HBOT can be a valuable adjunct therapyfor a wide range of medical conditions, including Allergies, Heatstroke, Cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Depression, Asthma, AIDS/HIV, Autism, Spinal cord injury, Hepatitis, Alzheimer’s disease, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Migraine, Sports Injury, Arthritis, Brain Injury, Heart diseases, Stroke, Multiple sclerosis and diabetic wounds that are not healing properly.
The role of HBOT to counter the health hazards of pollution is a rather new concept. However, because people in Delhi NCR are breathing automobile fumes, the primary cause of Carbon monoxide poisoning, HBOT is a significant line of treatment for the current times.
“Carbon monoxide poisoning and decompression sickness are among the most specific conditions where HBOT is almost always suggested. People who spend a lot of time in traffic or near automobile fumes are especially prone to develop such conditions and should consider HBOT as an important preventive measure,” says Dr. Chopra.

Miss Nidhi Dhawan, HOD (Dietitics) at Saroj Superspeciality Hospital.

सैंडविच हर उम्र के लोगों का फेवरेट नाश्ता है, फिर चाहे वो सुबह की चाई की चुस्की के साथ खाना हो या बारिश के वक्त शाम को हरी चटनी के साथ चटकारे लगाकर खाना हो। यहां तक कि कई लोग इसे लंच टाइम में भी खाना पसंद करते हैं। लेकिन कई बार लोग यह धयान देना भूल ही जाते हैं कि जो सैंडविच वो खा रहे हैं कहीं वो उनके लिए नुसानदायक तो नहीं? क्या वो सैंडविच हेल्दी है? क्या उसकी स्टफिंग खाने योग्य है?

सैंडविच खाने में जितना टेस्टी होता है उतना ही वो नुकसानदायक भी हो सकता है लेकिन अगर इसी सैंडविच को अपने तरीके से घर पर बनाया जाए तो यह टेस्टी के साथ-साथ हेल्दी भी हो जाता है। जरूरत है तो बस इसकी स्टफिंग पर ध्यान देने की। एक हेल्दी सैंडविच के कई फायदे होते हैं जैसे कि वह सस्ते में बन जाता है, टिफिन में आराम से पैक हो जाता है, न्युट्रीशन से भरा होता है, फाइबर की मात्रा ज्यादा होती है और बनाने में भी आसान होता है।

इस सैंडविच को हेल्दी कैसे बनाया जाए इसके लिए कुछ जरूरी टिप्स दिए गए हैं जिन्हें सैंडविच बनाते वक्त ध्यान में रखना जरूरी है। इन गाइडलाइंस से आप जान पाएंगे कि कैसे यह सैंडविच आपके बच्चों के लिए भी चुटकियों में फायदेमंद बन सकता है।

1.    व्हाइट ब्रेड की जगह ब्राउन ब्रेड का इस्तेमाल करें

ज्यादातर लोग सैंडविच के लिए व्हाइट ब्रेड का इस्तेमाल करते हैं लेकिन उन्हें ये नहीं पता कि इससे वे अपना वजन कितना बढ़ा सकते हैं। इसलिए व्हाइट ब्रेड की जगह पर ब्राउन ब्रेड का इस्तेमाल करें। इस ब्राउन ब्रेड को होलग्रेन मील के नाम से भी जाना जाता है। ब्राउन ब्रेड में न्यूट्रीशन का भंडार होता है। ब्राउन ब्रेड विटामिन, मिनरल और फाइबर युक्त होता है, यही कारण है कि यह आपके सैंडविच के लिए बिल्कुल पर्फेक्ट है।

2.    दही का इस्तेमाल करें

अधिकांश सैंडविच लवर्स स्टफिंग बेस के लिए चीज स्लाइस का इस्तेमाल करना पसंद करते हैं या तो आलू का इस्तेमाल करते हैं। लेकिन टेस्ट के चलते कोई इस बात का ख्यान नहीं रखता है कि जो सैंडविच वे खा रहे हैं वह उनकी हेल्थ के लिए कितना नुसकानदायक है। चीज स्लाइस और आलू से आपका वजन बढ़ता है साथ ही यह कई और बीमारियों को भी जन्म देता है।

अब दही के तो फायदे ही फायदे हैं। दही न सिर्फ हमारे शरीर को ठंडा रखता है बल्कि यह हमारे पाचन तंत्र को भी ठीक रखता है, साथ ही पेट की कई बीमारियों से भी बचाता है। इसलिए आपने सैंडविच के लिए चीज स्लाइस की जगह पर दही का इस्तेमाल करें। यह न सिर्फ आपके सैंडविच के स्वाद को दोगुना कर देगा साथ ही यह बच्चे-बूढ़े सभी के स्वास्थ्य के लिए फायदेमेंद रहेगा।

3.    पनीर की स्टफिंग करें

पनीर में केल्शियम की मात्रा ज्यादा होती है जो हड्डियों और दातों के लिए बहुत फायदेमंद होता है। साथ ही पनीर में प्रोटीम की भी भरमार होती है इसलिए जब बात सैंडविच के स्टफिंग की आए पनीर का भी इस्तेमाल करें। पनीर आपके सैंडनिच को बनाएगा टेस्टी भी और हेल्दी भी।

4.    सलाद का इस्तेमाल करें

सैंडविच की स्टफिंग के लिए कई चीजों का इस्तेमाल किया जाता है लेकिन आपको इसके लिए आलू के इस्तेमाल की कोई जरूरत नहीं है। अगर आप अपनी सेहत को लेकर सतर्क रहते हैं तो सलाद का सैंडविच आपके लिए बेहतरीन रहेगा। सलाद में आप टमाटर, खीरा, धनिया, प्याज और लेटिल लीफ का इस्तेमाल करें। सालद फाइबरयुक्त होता है और शरीर को जरूरी कार्ब्स भी प्रदान करता है। इन सभी चीजों से मिलकर आपको सैंडविच बेहद टेस्टी और हेल्दी हो जाता है, जिसे आप कभी भी बनाकर खा सकते हैं।

5.    तेल या घी का इस्तेमाल न करें

सैंडविच को हेल्दी रखना हो तो तेल से दूरी बनाना ही बेहतर है। तेल या घी आपके सैंडविच की अच्छाईयों को कम कर देते हैं क्योंकि उनमें फैट की मात्रा ज्यादा होती है जो स्वास्थ्य के लिए हानिकारक होता है। जब भी सैंडविच बनाएं उसे धीमी आंच पर पकाएं या ग्रिल का इस्तेमाल करें लेकिन इस दौरान आप तेल या घी का इस्तेमाल करने से बचें।

Do you feel low or are losing interest in your daily activities? Feeling sad, down, angry, and such other symptoms denote mental disorder, which is common in everyone’s life. These are signs of depression, which is more common in women in comparison to men. Though the exact reason for developing depression is not fully understood, it is believed to be a complex combination of biological, genetic, psychosocial, and environmental factors.

Depression for elongated time lowers mental as well as physical capability and strength, which will majorly affect an individual’s productivity and interfere in your everyday activities. Going through such a mental condition also will worsen certain chronic health condition as well as influence your relationship. The impacts of depression are different on men, women, and children.

The common symptoms of depression include-:

Degraded mood or developing anger, irritation, anxiousness, or getting restless

Getting emotional is a symptom of the condition, which could be feeling empty, lonely, hopeless,

and sad.

Behavioral changes are common during the depression. The signs can be losing interest or not finding pleasure in enjoyable activities. Getting tired, suicidal thoughts, using drugs, excessive alcohol consumption, and taking risks in life-threatening activities are the outcomes of elongated depression.

Depression also will affect sexual interest and reduce sexual performance. People with depression face cognitive problems in which it is difficult for them to concentrate on work or forget something important. Such people also are also unable to complete easy tasks. Delayed response during conversation is another symptom of the condition. A person in such condition will also have insomnia, excessive sleepiness, and restless sleep. Fatigue, headache, pain, and digestive problems also are some other symptoms.

Step out from the condition by combating depression If you are going through a combination of more than symptoms, you must consider it seriously and opt for measures to step out from the condition. Tackling depression with family or friends is easier. But it is difficult as well as a challenge for people who are alone. Individuals living alone can harm themselves as well as others. Individuals must learn to combat depression and recover from the condition.

Here we bring some effective measures with which you can deal with depression alone and overcome the mental condition, which will ultimately restore your productivity. Deal with depression when you are alone. Deal with depression at the workplace- If you are undergoing the condition at your workplace, don’t feel down or blame yourself for the failures. Set new goals, take charge of new responsibilities, and challenge negative thoughts. Stay committed to your decision and gives the best effort to achieve the goals!

Take a break- Take a break from your monotonous life and plan for an exciting trip. You could either plan the trip with your family, friends or move alone. Make sure to visit some exciting places or even your favorite place where you won’t get bored.

Watch funny shows- If you can’t travel, you simply turn on your TV or mobile and switch on a funny show or movie. Involve yourself in the show and convince your brain to stay on the show for some time. After a few minutes, you will start enjoying the show and will start laughing.

Listen to music- Listen to music but not depressing songs. Music is an excellent healer and will mend your depressed condition. Within an hour, you will feel better, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Perform physical exercises- Though you feel like breaking down and uninterested, perform physical exercises which will release stress from your body as well as mind.

Meditation is a natural healer- Meditation even is an excellent healer, and you can meditate being at any place. Don’t get distracted and just focus on reducing your anxiety by taking a deep breath with closed eyes.

Consult a doctor- Consult a doctor and share your problems with the professional if you are unable to tackle depression with the simple methods. The doctor will prescribe medicine to reduce the stress level. But don’t get addicted to medicines.

See a therapist- See a therapist, if you think you are unable to combat the condition alone. The therapist will counsel you and get deep into the case to extract maximum information. The therapist will design the therapy that will be the best for you and bring you out of condition in less time.

Good sleep- Make sure to take good sleep, as relaxing your brain for ample of time will wave out the negative thoughts and you will feel rejuvenated after waking up

by Satkam Divya,
CEO, KlinicApp

New Delhi 2019: The Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI), the Confederation of Medical Associations of Asia and Oceania (CMAAO), the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Padma Awardee Doctors Forum and the Delhi Medical Association (DMA) recently joined the Indian government’s Fit India Movement. The organizations were a part of the Government of India-organized 2-km plogging initiative led by the Ministry of Sports and the Sports Authority of India (SAI).

The plogging activity was flagged of by the Hon’ble Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports, Mr Kiren Rijiju, on 2nd October 2019, commemorating the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Over 2000 people attended the event which started from the Indira Gandhi Stadium, New Delhi.

Actor Malaika Arora, also the Co-founder of Sarva Yoga Studios and Diva Yoga; Filmmaker Aishwarya Dhanush; famed singer Shibani Kashyap, Dancer Uma Sharma and renowned Kavi Ashok Chakradhar joined the movement.

Speaking about this, Padma Shri Awardee, Dr KK Aggarwal, President, HCFI and CMAAO, said, “We are extremely happy to be a part of the Fit India campaign and to see participation by over 3 lac doctors through IMA in the plogging initiative. With concerns such as pollution, climate change and plastic overuse, the need of the hour is for more such initiatives. Not only are we contributing towards a greener planet and the Swacch Bharat initiative but doing so while ensuring better health for ourselves. The idea is that if you can run for 2 km without any symptoms, you are cardiac fit.”

Plogging is a combination of jogging with picking up litter. It started as an organized activity in Sweden around 2016 and spread to other countries in 2018, following increased concern about plastic pollution.

Adding his comments, R V Asokan Secretary General IMA, said, “The IMA has always been a part of initiatives that ensure better health for people of the country and the environment. The Fit India movement and the plogging initiative are also steps in this direction and we look forward to some positive changes in the health of the people and the planet alike.”

Dr Girish Tyagi President DMA said, “The Delhi Medical Association and all its 13 branches are  proud to be associated with the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision of a fitter and healthier nation. Initiatives like these can go a long way in ensuring a better future for the people and support the Swacch India movement with positive outcomes.”

Incidentally, all single-use plastics have been banned from 2nd October 2019 in India. The aim behind encouraging more people to participate was also to help make India free of single-use plastics in the near future.

The plogging activity will continue at the Perfect Health Mela being organised from 18-20 October. 

Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram in collaboration with Triveni Nursing Home, Jammu runs a specialty OPD for laparoscopic surgery for weight loss, Gastrointestinal, pancreas, colon cancer, gallbladder and reflux. The OPD is operational for 2 days every month at Triveni Nursing Home, Gandhi Nagar Jammu by Dr. Ajay Kumar Kriplani, Director, Minimal Access, Bariatric and G I Surgery, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram.  

“I started performing Laparoscopic or minimal access surgery for removal of the gall bladder stones in Jammu 2 decades before and it is now the gold standard technique for less pain, decreased scars and faster return to normal activity. Of late there have been tremendous advances in the techniques and technology, widening the scope of laparoscopic surgery to a larger number of abdominal conditions which is well received by the residents of Jammu. In Jammu alone I have operated laparoscopically on over 3000 patients in last 2 decades. Single incision surgery gives very satisfactory cosmetic results. However, it requires special instruments, skills and training.” says  Dr. Ajay Kumar Kriplani, Director, Minimal Access, Bariatric and G I Surgery, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram.

Single incision Laparoscopic Surgery is an advanced technique for less pain, decreased scars and faster return to normal activity. While conventional laparoscopic surgery for gall bladder removal requires 4 cuts on the tummy, in single incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) only one small 1 cm cut is made which causes significantly less pain. In conventional laparoscopic gall bladder surgery, metal clips are used which remain in the tummy and may cause interference with the CT scan or MRI if it is required later. In single incision technique, no metal clips are used.

“We specialize in Laparoscopic weight loss surgeries and have a strict protocol for these surgeries to ensure high safety with extremely good long-term results. We have 15 years of experience in weight loss surgery and have operated patients with a weight of up to 240 Kgs safely” said Dr. Kriplani.

Fortis Hospital, Gurugram is a high-volume center for laparoscopic hernia repair of all kinds including groin hernia, navel hernia and post-surgery incisional hernia. Even hernias that have recurred many times after previous repairs and large hernias declared untreatable and incurable are treated with very good and satisfactory outcome.

Dr. Ritu Garg, Zonal Director, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram said, “The key purpose of this OPD is to extend our state-of-the-art services to the people of Jammu. Our experienced and highly qualified doctors have already created their own milestones in their respective fields and are now inclined to serve the people of Jammu. The OPD service and related facilities is yet another patient-centric step taken by the country’s leading healthcare provider to deliver quality healthcare through world-class services.”

कई लोगों को ऐसा लगता है कि आर्थराइटिस बुजुर्गों की बीमारी है। जिसकी वजह से उनके जोड़ों में दर्द और तकलीफ महसूस होती है। लेकिन आर्थराइटिस के अत्यधिक लक्षणों के साथ यह बुजुर्गों की तुलना में युवाओं को अधिक तकलीफ देता है। मूल रूप से ऑस्यिोआर्थराइटिस आर्थराइटिस का ही एक रूप है, जो कि उम्र बढने पर अधिक पाई जाती है, लेकिन रूमेटॉयड आर्थराइटिस किसी भी उम्र के व्यक्ति को प्रभावित कर सकती है। सेंटर फॉर नी एंड हिप केयर के वरिष्ठ प्रत्यारोपण सर्जन डॉ. अखिलेश यादव ने  बताया कि सच तो यह है कि आर्थराइटिस से पीडित युवाओं की संख्या में अचानक ही काफी तेजी आ गई है। खासकर एक्जीक्यूटिव और दफ्तर जाने वाले लोगों में। इन दिनों युवाओं को रूमेटॉयड आर्थराइटिस होने का खतरा पहले के मुकाबले कहीं अधिक बढ़ गया है। वे अक्सर जोड़ों में दर्द, सूजन या कड़ेपन की शिकायत जोड़ों जैसे टखनों, तलुओं, हाथों आदि में करते हैं। इसके होने के कारणों में अंतर पाया जा सकता है। व्यायाम में दिलचस्पी न लेना, खाने का अस्वस्थकर तरीका या असक्रिय जीवनशैली, आदि।

रूमेटॉयड आर्थराइटिस एक ऑटोइम्यून बीमारी है, जहां आपकी प्रतिरक्षा प्रणाली अत्यधिक सक्रिय हो जाती है और आपके शरीर के अंदरूनी जोड़ों पर हमला करने लगती है। यह आपको किसी भी उम्र में प्रभावित कर सकता है। इसके सामान्य लक्षणों में शामिल है, जोड़ों में सूजन, सुबह उठने पर उनमें कड़ापन, दर्द जो खत्म नहीं होता- यह कई हफ्तों तक बना रहता है। हालांकि, इससे इस बीमारी से लडने के कई तरीके हैं, जांच के बाद लोग इस बात से निराश हो जाते हैं, उन्हें लगता है कि उनकी यह क्रॉनिक स्थिति उनसे सक्रिय रहने की क्षमता छीन लेगी।

डॉ. अखिलेश यादव का कहना है कि ज्यादतार युवा जिनका अधिकांश समय कार या ऑफिस के अंदर बीतता है, उन्हें सुबह के समय थोड़ी देर धूप में जरूर बिताना चाहिए। साथ ही उन्हें सेहतमंद जीवनशैली जीने पर जोर देना चाहिए, जैसे नियमित रूप से जिम जाना, उछल-कूद वाले खेलों में हिस्सा लेना, जॉगिंग, स्वीमिंग, टेनिस खेलना आदि। इससे जोड़ों के आस-पास की मांसपेशियां मजबूत रहती हैं। हॉबी आधारित गतिविधियां जैसे डांसिंग, एरोबिक्स, योगा, पाइलेट्स और टहलना आदि। 

डॉ. अखिलेश यादव के अनुसार यदि किसी को बचपन में मिरगी की समस्या रही हो तो उनके शरीर में कैल्शियम का अवशोषण होने में परेशानी होती है, इस बारे में अपने डॉक्टर से जरूर बात करें। यदि आपके पैरों में एक हफ्ते से अधिक जोड़ों में दर्द या कड़ापन हो तो देर न करें तो तुरंत ही रूमेटोलॉजिस्ट से सलाह लें, ।