January 18, 2020
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Have you ever thought of how cool it would be to work right from the comfort of your bed? Script by Godrej and Boyce’s Lagoon Bed is something made of millennial dreams. In an age where things need to be done smartly, efficiently and in an organized manner, your furniture should complement your lifestyle. Get all this and more with this multi-functional bed that will give freedom of living. Gift yourself comfort, ease of work and a whole lotta’ fun binge watching for hours on end and get those resolutions up and running!

New Year comes packed with surprises and fresh starts. We make resolutions to better ourselves, re-evaluate some of our choices and somewhere start on a fresh note. But, have you thought about your home décor? Is it restrictive? Does it match with your social needs or style? This year, along with all the other resolution, it’s time to make some resolutions for your home too, a space that needs your attention.

Give it the makeover it needs, let it reflect your personality, ease your lifestyle giving you the “freedom of living”. We have put together some 2020 resolutions devoted to getting – and keeping – every corner looking great all year long from Script by Godrej & Boyce.

New Delhi/Ghaziabad – India:Youth icon, Bollywood and TV actor and winner of the recentrealty TV show Nach Baliye 9, Yuvika Chaudhary, has taken a stake in an upcoming and exciting women fusion fashion apparel brand Zomo.


The financial terms were not disclosed due to Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed between the parties.

With this partnership, Zomo would expand pan India with 10-20 outlets across India through company owned and franchisee outlets. The company would also offer their product lines in popular e-commerce platforms in the next few months.

“I am very happy to partner with Zomo and becoming a co-owner of the brand. I feel Zomo is the right mix of Indian and Western fusion with overall vision of sustainable fashion which is affordable and has premium quality and productivity. We are going to launch new and exciting line of clothing in 2020 and expect women across India to wear something unique and fashionable with Zomo,” Ms. Yuvika Chaudhary said.

The investment for expansion would be funded by internal accruals including investments by franchisee owners. Zomo currently has three stores in Delhi-NCR.

Ms. Chaudharywould now be the face of the brand and play a key role in strategic expansion plans of the company including marketing and promotion. Zomo would also launch an exclusive line and editions inspired by Yuvika Chaudhary.

“Our objective is to fusion world designs with Indian designs and make it more practical and productive for today’s women. Our pricing is very affordable, and in fact, we are the only brand in India in the space of affordable luxury segment. With this partnership, Yuvika will be the face of Zomo and we are expecting tremendous growth for the brand in the coming year,” Zomo Co-Founder Mr. SraveenChiraniasaid.

For the upcoming Spring Summer collection, Zomo is launching four collections. They would be inspired by Pangolin, an endangered animal, Indian Sunbird, BohoWaves and Indian tie and die collection. Franchise Trade is the official franchise partner of Zomo.

The Lokmat’s Most Stylish Awards were held recently and B-Town celebs were spotted in their most stylish avatars ever. Urvashi Rautela, known for her impressive red carpet appearances turned up the glam-quotient once again as she stepped on the red carpet. Urvashi, who has been Miss Diva winner 2015 and represented India at Miss Universe, 2015 bagged the Lokmat Glamour Icon of the Year award. The actress, who was dressed in a white shirt and a green long skirt, looked stunning!

Urvashi Rautela wins Glamour icon

Urvashi said, “I am humbled to have been awarded the Glamour Icon award this year, because Bollywood has the most stylish and glamorous actresses. I feel I have learnt a lot about style and fashion in the past few years and will continue to do so. Veteran actresses from yesteryear are also a great inspiration when it comes to style. I look forward to these awards every year.”

Among other Bollywood celebs, Deepika Padukone, Kriti Sanon, Taapsee Pannu, Ajay Devgn, Ayushmann Khurrana and others also dazzled the red carpet as they posed for the paparazzi.

Ms. Sharma you were born in bihar and now you’re leading interior designer in the county.

Please tell us your journey?

I was born in Samastipur, Bihar. A small town but my dreams were never limited because of that. It gives my family immense pride to see me where I am now. I completed my graduation in architecture and after that I opened my interior designing firm. With a team of 18 designing professionals and in a span of 15 years I have worked on various projects like smallest room interiors, reputed apartments various pent houses, Individual villas upto 2000 sq. yds. Farm Houses upto 3 acres, My services have been biggest asset to medium scale builders for their high end villa and floor projects. I have got an opportunity to work on 100,000sq ft television studio cum corporate office along with their celebrities suits, various guest houses, office projects and upto 4 star hotels….each and every project helped us to expand our knowledge bank and helped us to expand our wings worldwide.

Wagma Design, Tell us the story behind this name?

Initially it was named as D’asign Source but 3 years back it was rebranded as Wagma Designs, it’s an Arabic word meaning morning freshness and we strongly believe that we bring freshness in each and every space with our design intent. Nevertheless, my daughter’s name is Wagmi so as someone would take care of their own child, cater to its needs, and be there in their times of trouble and need, I have done the same with my firm.

How you manage the local sensibility or local tradition in the Wagma Designs?

In a span of 15 years, the whole paradigm of interior designing has shifted. There has been an immense growth in the varieties of themes and styles for interior designing, and more so the awareness of clients towards the variety. With such rapid growth, I feel it’s important to have some traditionality maintained in what we do. This helps not only retain that ethnic touch in the work we do, but also gives us the signature design of blending modernity and ethnicity that we strive for.

Tell us about the vision and goal of Wagma Designs?

Vision for Wagma Designs is creating joyful experiences through designing and execution of spaces having world class interior with Indian flavour.
Goal for Wagma Designs in next three years is to be known for – most innovative and creative team, providing guaranteed saving of more than 10% of project cost, best qualitative delivery processes, zero escalated budget, training to maintain their property after handover

Any International client you wish to share with us?

Nepal is the recent international destination where we are handing over another 4 projects within next 3 months.

In life everyone has a inspiration so who is your inspiration?

For me my only inspiration is my daughter, Wagmi.

What is your Future project?

Our future project is to expand ourself in different locations i.e going worldwide.

Any Message you want to share with those who want to make DESIGN as their career?

Those who are looking for design as a career our suggestion would be to only to be passionate about it. Weather it’s a job or a running a firm being passionate is important as interior designing is not just about glamour but its also about brick and mortar (being hard and tough) that comes with it.

The New Year is a great time to reset the life for a new start. It is these first couple of weeks of the year when people commit with determination to all sorts of goals, from staying healthy to learning new skills to losing weight to financial planning. Some of these resolutions come true while many others become part of the to-do list next year.

New year Resolution

While the days leading up to New Year’s Eve are often spent reflecting on the year gone by, the following days are the perfect time to create a solid plan and make some sensible decisions that will impact one’s long-term physical, emotional and financial well-being. One can start by consulting a dietician, opting a healthy lifestyle, exercising and reviewing last year financial scorecard to get finances in order for the upcoming year.

Ms. Anjali Malhotra, Chief Customer, Marketing, Digital and IT Officer, Aviva Life Insurance recommends 10 new year goals to enhance the quality of life: –

Follow a healthy lifestyle

In today’s fast-paced, work-obsessed world, lifestyle diseases have become a norm. Therefore, the first priority in the New Year should be to craft and follow a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise is vital for a happy mind and a healthy body. Start with a brisk walk or join a workout group to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The right balance between work and leisure helps in stress management, which, in the 21st century has taken a superior position in determining one’s health. One should look for a comprehensive health insurance plan for critical illnesses to secure one’s loved ones from financial insecurity.

Eat healthy

Eating healthy food is a common goal for all. In today’s sedentary lifestyle, it is important to be conscious of one’s body requirements. Consumption of fluids, water, fibrous fruits, leafy vegetables are important factors to achieve a healthy living. Eating healthy not only improves energy levels, but also improves hair, skin, and nails. One should avoid crash dieting as it can negatively affect the entire health.

Make a list of your personal goals

While making new year resolutions, one should always review the assets and liabilities and define personal goals. Over time, it is easy to accumulate lots of savings accounts and credit cards but to take advantage of these savings one should think about the goals and needs. Take stock of exactly where one would spend and save for instance saving for a new home or car or spending on child’s education or a dream holiday.

Be mindful of your spending

One thing which everyone needs to do is establish a plan for managing finances. By preparing a budget for the coming year to be in better position to understand where the money is being spend and where to stick to savings. Budgeting is the most important thing to be financially successful and by being frugal in the spending it will help free up money for more important goals.

Save and invest

Investing helps in growing the saved money at a quicker rate. But the first step before investing should be saving. There are lots of ways to start investing. For a professional advice, seek a regulated financial adviser or open a separate savings account, invest in stock market or invest in an insurance plan that returns double the premium on maturity.

Create an extra income

One should find a way to start making more money or alternatively, invent a plan to cut down on current costs instead of spending all of it. The extra income generated can be used to pay off any debts, shorten the length of loan, save a little more towards retirement or will simply boost monthly finances.

Secure your family’s future with right insurance products

Life insurance is the first fundamental block of good financial planning. Miseries often knock on the door when least expected. One can’t overlook the importance of securing the future of one’s loved ones. Assess the amount that family would require and be prepared for uncertain events in life with the right insurance products. A term insurance plan is extremely affordable yet provides comprehensive security to the insured and his family. One should also consider investing in child insurance plans to fulfill the child’s dream and for their secured future.

Be debt- free

Getting out of debt is another key step to taking control of finances. The key is to make a list of all debts, increase in EMIs, pay bills on time, clear all outstanding debts to have more freedom to do the things that one wants to. Being debt-free also gives greater job flexibility and more peace of mind.

Build an emergency fund

An essential component of a solid plan is an emergency fund to cover financial shortfall on unexpected rainy days. Start with a smaller emergency fund depending upon the current income, number of earning members family and the assets. Consider setting up automatic transfers from paychecks to a savings account but the emergency funds should be large enough to fuel monthly expenses for at least six months and should be liquid.

Start saving for your retirement
Saving for retirement is one of the most important aspects of a financial journey. Invest in retirement plans like public provided fund, annuity plans, National Pension Scheme or Insurance Policies that guarantee return on the maturity of the policy. It helps in growing the investments by earning interest on interest. With the increase in salary, contribute more to retirement plan so that you can retire rich.

Money saved is money earned and it plays a great role to ensure peace of mind in one’s life. For a happier and more secure tomorrow, make your new year resolutions well in time and execute the plans and most importantly, don’t neglect making a good financial plan for yourself

Gone are the days when menswear shopping meant picking up basics to stack up in one’s wardrobe. Today, the sartorial man looks for much more. Be it newer silhouettes, unconventional colour palette or just building a wholesome wardrobe, the scope to experiment with style is endless. Tapping on this growing menswear market and giving it a fresh spin, founder Shilpa Sethi has launched ‘Dapper’- Kolkata’s newest multi-designer store exclusively dedicated to menswear recently.

Present at the launch were talent-pools like ‘Ujjawal Dubey of label, Antar-Agni’ , ‘Arjan Dugal of label, Arjan Dugal’and ‘Suket Dhir of label,SUKETDHIR’, each of them with a unique style to offer, each better than the other.

The store showcases a finely curated collective of designers across categories, stocking everything from apparel, footwear and accessories. ‘Dapper’ houses collections from a plethora of designers, each master of their individual craft. Labels like ‘Rohit Gandhi+Rahul Khanna’, ‘Antar-Agni’, ‘SUKETDHIR’, ‘Divyam Mehta’, ‘Arjan Dugal’, ‘Jenjum ’amongst many more find a place in the store, along with ‘Vivek Karunakaran, ‘Enbbe’, ‘Devanshi Didwania’, ‘Son of a Nobel SNOB’, ‘SHM’, ‘Sahil Aneja’, ‘Khanijo’.

One could also check out an array of accessories from renowned designers across India like ‘Lacquer Embassy’, ‘Cosa Nostraa’ and ‘Baya’. Ranging from brooches, cuff links, buttons, beautiful silk accessories like neck ties, pocket squares and bow ties, ’Dapper’ houses perfect accompaniment for the fashion savvy men to step up the style game. With a deep-rooted motive of offering a bespoke shopping experience, ‘Dapper’ further aspires to fill the void in menswear retail by offering customisation services.

“’To me, clothing is a form of self-expression – there are hints about who you are in what you wear.” adds Shilpa. “Fashion is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well. Style is instant language and ‘Dapper’ aims to cater to men across age groups and their diverse styles and I can’t wait to show the mix of designers we have in store for you.” Come and experience an entirely ‘dapper’ way to dress up!

About Dapper: Kolkata’s newest Multi-designer Menswear store, ‘Dapper’ showcases a finely curated collective of designers across categories, stocking from apparel and accessories. The collection boasts an ever-changing roster of guest labels, hand-picked by owner, Shilpa Sethi.

Meet Poonam D’souza-Manchanda – Beauty with Brains 

Meet this gorgeous beauty from Mumbai, living in Delhi who dared to dream and making big in the face of challenges. She came, she saw, she conquered. She has an unstoppable fire within and is not afraid to break stereotypes that
“married ladies cant do modeling or female above 35 cant achieve success”. A true example of women empowerment holding Top Management post in Corporate world entering into the world of glamour now.

Who would have thought the beautiful elegant physician would not only end up becoming one of the successful corporate business women, but also turn into a scintillating fashion model who sets the ramp on fire every time she makes an appearance. A timeless beauty with a bold persona, she has displayed her versatility and multifaceted personality through her unconventional choices.

Within a short span itself she has an impressive repertoire of brand shoots for celebrity designers under her belt including Kovet by Prarthna Kochhar, DS Designs by Deepinder Singh, and Ashfaque Ahmad, among others, and is working her way to the top. Coming December, the beauty will be seen sizzling on the runway at the International Fashion Week, Chandigarh and Australia fashion week in New delhi .where she will walk the ramp for celebrity designers. Launched & Groomed by Celebrity Fashion director Mr. Harshit Dhingaun who is a well known face of fashion industry and have impacted many lives to achieve there dreams in fashion world.
Poonam is now signed by international fashion agency – Delhi Fashion club which is appreciated by Govt. of india and supports women empowerment.

On describing herself:

“I am a strong independent woman who likes to approach different challenges and always looking for environments that are dynamic and can stretch my abilities to achieve more. I believe in being impactful, to be effective & grow and get out of comfort zones. I believe in taking the road less traveled and leave a legacy.”

  On fashion and love for fashion :

“I believe fashion is art and you are the canvas. It is about making a statement and a way to say who you are without words. It can be a powerhouse to tell design stories in a language profuse with elegance and emotions brought to life through the symphonic sway of the warp and weft.”

On her desires:

“I want to make a sensational impact and real difference to the world around me, and be a role model for empowerment and inspiration for the women of today and the future. I want to enhance public outreach as an inspiring woman comfortable in my own skin, someone who is bold regardless of what others think, living life aligned with my values, passions and vision for myself. I believe empowering women is crucial to creating inclusive, open and progressive societies, thereby contributing to development of the nation. I am committed to furthering the cause of Indian modeling industry and making India proud by being the runway girl and covergirl with an international presence in the global fashion industry.”

About her physical attributes :

Height : 5.8
Bust : 32
Waist : 27
Butts : 34

The Homemade Cafe & Bar in Juhu hosted Festivelle’s annual year-end soiree, which saw many successful women coming together over good food, engaging conversations and a whole lot of glamour!  

Addite Malik, Simple Kaul & Vatsala Rajeev Raj, the owners of The Homemade Cafe & Bar, hosted this gathering of Festivelle. Amongst many known faces at this event were founders of Festivelle, Gul Panag & Shruti Seth, along with Manasi Scott, Mini Mathur, Maria Goretti, Sandhya Mridul, Shveta Salve, Konkana Sen Sharma and many more. These women act as constant inspirations to millions of women out there who choose to walk on a path following their dreams, ambitions and spreading their wings to fly!

From Working In Media & Hospitality industry to start making name in Fashion industry , Award winning Celebrity Fashion director Harshit Dhingaun Journey is quiet inspiring, being a middle class guy from Delhi to make name in Fashion Industry was not that easy but love for his creativity & strong values to bring change in society keep driving him towards his goal. Lets know more about this great personality.

He is a multi-talented personality ventured into Fashion industry as model , walked the runways, worked as RJ , VJ & an actor on MTV & Channel V in reality shows then finally evolved into a celebrity Fashion director , stylist and consultant helping many Designers , Models & Brands to have a great start in fashion Or Lifestyle industry. Today, he is Fashion Director & Chairman of Delhi Fashion Club and Have made a name in field of Fashion and Entertainment.

His struggle towards success starts from teenage time, started his journey back in 2007 working in a Tv news channel at age of 18 Yrs , then slowly after a year, he realized that his main motive is to enter the entertainment and glamour industry so he started working on his looks and personality , Entered the industry as Model ,got his first break with Channel V reality show & done MTV Show. During this period of following his passion, he completed his studies of Mass communication , BCA & MBA and Fashion Marketing Diploma from Institute of Design. He observed that there is a strong need of a platform or agency which creates a bridge between the talent & the opportunities. Hence , he came up with an idea of forming an association which can help talent in getting groomed , get right guidance & opportunities simultaneously promote handloom & textile as well. So With a group of intellectuals & institutions of the industry he founded “Delhi Fashion Club” in 2016.

Delhi Fashion club is an association which is appreciated by government of India for promoting handlooms and textiles , they also includes DFC Productions which Groom & promotes models along with giving fashion and brand building consultancy to designers & lifestyle brands.

Harshit Dhingaun have worked as show director , consultant & styled shoots for various designers which include celebrity designer Robert naorem from manipur , Brand Kovet.in , anjana misra designer winner of tiffany fashion week paris , celebrity designer ashfaq ahmed and many. He & his association Delhi Fashion Club have worked with various fashion weeks as fashion promoter, choreographer & partners in past which include India fashion week , asian designer week , International Fashion week Goa , North east fashion shows & many. He have got many awards for his fashion and humanitarian works as well some includes award from IOD As youngest Best Fashion director and consulted in india.

He have worked with various celebrities for his entertainment & Fashion gigs, Where which include celebrities like Bollywood star Karan singh Grover, Comedian Bharti singh , jacky bhagnani , soma laishram Manipuri actress and because of his social repuation have met few of the biggest icons such as Priyanka chopra & shah rukh khan with whom he shares a personal repo whenever he have met, “its just like a magical connection” only he says.

He believes that if you have heart to do something big then where you come from , what you have or not doesn’t matter, what matter is strong will to create change and be a change maker which will eventually make you a great & successful person.