July 4, 2020
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Sacred Games actress Sukhmani Sadana is one of the pioneers in launching an Instagram Live Show during the lockdown. ‘Sukhmani in Bed’, the show is a late night chat show that has the actress inviting celeb guests on to enjoy a pyjama party together.

The show revolves around how Friday nights can be fun even on a live chat show between 2 friends keeping it cosy, candid and crazy, sprinkled with some board games like Pictionary, Truth and Dare and finally a quiz for her viewer where the winners get gift hampers. The concept turned out to be a hit for online viewers as they found something entertaining and positive to do while they are at home.

The show has aired eleven episodes and celebs like Minisha Lamba, Sonal Chauhan, Karishma Sharma, RJ Malishka, Manasi Scott, Apoorva Arora, Parul Gulati, Vedhika Kumari, Sonali Sehgal, Karishma kotak, Tanishaa Mukerji and Kubbra Sait have already appeared on the show and their online chats are worth checking out.  

Sukhmani, who is also a writer and anchor, said, “I felt that the Viewers crave to know how their favourite celebs are in real life and how candid when they’re relaxed in their pyjamas. Sukhmani in Bed is an uplifting, happy, chirpy half hour of viewing. “ Since all my guests are my buddies, it keeps the show real and unscripted. It’s been fun hosting my show. \

I wanted to make good use of my free time during the lockdown. Also Spreading happiness is the need of the hour right now for us. And also it never hurt or cost much 😉 There’s too much sadness around us and as I always say, Sukh is the least You can except from a Sukhmani ;)”

This Friday’s episode check out the bright and talented actress Ridhima Pandit


Ayush Gupta, the youngest Reiki healer and tarot reader, has predicted the future of four celebrities in this reading session. From their personal to professional lives, he shared everything the card revealed, read on to know:

Salman Khan: You have learnt a lot about giving and receiving and that puts you in a powerful position. You have clarity about your path and confidence in yourself. You have a vision as far as business investments are concerned. TV and web-series production will prove beneficial for you, but in films, you might face a lot of ups and downs. You must consult the experts wherever needed The cards reveal that you are thinking of settling down, but things are not looking good at least this year.

Overall, your energies are good and are supporting you. But you need to think before reacting. You have to be careful about your choice of films. Two hero project may be a better option or a mature love triangle like Saajan instead of action flicks. You need to have a realistic approach towards your career and personal life both. You have to strike a balance and you need new people with fresh perspectives.

Ekta Kapoor: You have a lot to manage and I will suggest you to use your strengths to establish security. You have established yourself and your kingdom, people look up to you, but personally you need someone’s guidance because I can see energies are not in your support and you sometimes feel lonely. Your financial or business advice has proved beneficial to others, however, if you try to implement them on yourself, it doesn’t always work. You feel isolated sometimes.

You don’t get much time to rest in your busy schedule but you need to start meditation and it should be part of your daily life. You should be careful about the personal circle and there will be many new people who will get associated with you in terms of creativity. You are a blessed person and the industry looks up to you and will continue doing so. Your tv shows Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya will get good TRP and continue to win audiences’ hearts.

Rajan Shahi: You need to look within yourself for all your answers. Don’t give up on your ideas and goals and you will get your power back. Currently, you can’t see your objectives clearly because there are too many distractions. All your money is tied up in something big. It’s important to know there are other resources available too where your investments will prove more beneficial. If you are planning something big, you must go forward with it, the energies are very positive for that.

You can make big differences by making small changes. You can launch a new project or a new idea with a new talent if it will help you a lot. Staying calm and cool will help. Yeh Rishta Kyaa Kehlata Hai and Ye Risthe Hai Pyar Ke will continue to have the loyalty of audiences. Your forthcoming show Anupama on Star Plus will definitely be loved by audiences and will be a hit show.

Vivian Dsena: You are comfortable with the choices you have made and you are happy with what life brings your way. You have the power to make great improvements but things are stuck somewhere but eventually, things will change. You are a hard worker and you really enjoy it and it has all paid off. Personally, there will be some ups and downs and things will take time to sort. If you try for films, you will get good roles and you will get name and fame there too. By March 2021, I can see that you will get a good opportunity on TV as well.

Focus on your goals, don’t get distracted. I think you need to focus more on your professional life than personal. Professional life will be good in 2021 and personal life will get sorted. Take some precautions health-wise. You are an intelligent actor and a positive person and not everyone understands you in one go but who understand surely know your value. You need to be more social. You surely understand being alone doesn’t mean being lonely. Follow your heart but act practically too when needed. You have a fantastic future.


Miss World Bulgaria 2019, Margo Cooper, was on a trip to India, in the beginning of the year and used this time to make a short film on sex trafficking. She feels that human trafficking, especially sex trafficking is an antihuman tragedy and it is an ugly spot on the world. She says it’s a multimillion business in various parts of the world and feels poverty is a root cause of this. “Poverty is causing this problem.

It is like a multimillion business. In many countries police are also involved in the crime, so it becomes even harder to try to make a difference. Human trafficking and especially sex trafficking is an antihuman tragedy and an ugly spot on the world. It needs to be cured and defeated on all levels. Every person can make a difference by raising awareness, helping organisations and reporting crime,” Margo said.

On her trip to India, she got in touch with Triveni Acharya, the founder of Rescue Foundation. Founded in 2000, the organisation has so far rescued over 5000 girls and rehabilitated many more. Triveni’s 20 years of dedication to serving these girls left her impressed. According to data, in 2014, 76% of people trafficked in India were women and girls. Over 2 million women and children are trafficked for sex in India. Margo feels it’s easier for people to turn a blind eye to this problem rather than showing their concern.

“It’s a very unpopular subject to highlight because people don’t know that red-light districts are full of young girls who are forced to do so, they are not doing it by their own choice. I believe in humanity and I know that there are a lot of people who would like to help but don’t know how,” she added. Margo interacted with the girls in Triveni’s foundation and even got them engaged in fun activities.

Sharing her experience, she said, “When I met these girls at Rescue Foundation, I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know how exactly it’s going to be but they filled my heart with love. They are such pure souls, and I was devastated thinking of what they have been through.”

“It’s a very common story where a girl was sold by her own family or was lied that she is going to work as a cleaner and was taken there. The conditions are horrible, some of them live in cages and there is no light at the end of a tunnel, no hope for them. All of them are coming from rural areas of India or neighbouring countries,” she added. The road to recovery for these girls is very long, some even take as long as three months just to reveal their names.

Margo feels that local society and people should back NGOs with their rescue operation and also with donations. “There is always an option to provide items and services which are needed. Besides the basic needs, it’s important to provide a professional education to these girls and also if some companies can help them with job placements.

Because they are children and they need to get some positive experience, it’s responsibility of the society to provide them with a good life once they are rescued. People sometimes don’t donate because they think that small amount can’t help but i can assure you that even a rupee helps,” she said.

Margo is looking forward to visiting India soon, once the Covid-19 restrictions are eased. “I will visit Rescue Foundation again because we are already friends and I’m planning to film another project as well,” she signed off.


सर्वप्रथम ‘योग’ और ‘योगा’ के अंतर को जानना जरूरी है। आमतौर पर अधिकांश लोग समझते हैं कि प्रातः कालीन की किए जाने वाले शारीरिक आसान और प्राणायाम ही योग कहलाते हैं। किंतु ऐसा नहीं है प्राणायाम और आसान ‘योगा’ के अंतर्गत आते हैं। इनके द्वारा केवल शारीरिक व्याधियां दूर होती हैं और ‘योग’ द्वारा अपने मन को बाहरी जगत से हटाकर परमात्मा से मिलन मानना है। यह एकाग्र साधना है। अनोखी यात्रा है। जो आत्मा का परम आत्मा यानी भगवान से मिलन का विशेष तरीका है। देखा जाए तो आत्मा का परमात्मा से मंगल मिलन ही सच्चा योग है और यह मिलन सर्वश्रेष्ठ होने के कारण ‘राजयोग’ कहलाता है।

‘राजयोग’ सभी योगों का राजा है। परमात्म योग के नियमित अभ्यास से हमारे अंदर दैवीय गुणों और संस्कारों की उत्पत्ति होती है। आत्मा पतित से पावन बनती है। संस्कार उच्च बनते हैं। मनुष्यात्मा के पाप दग्ध होते है। इस प्रकार का योग व्यक्ति को अपनी कर्मेन्द्रियों सहित मन का राजा भी बना देता है। राजयोग से आत्मा दिव्य गुणों और शक्तियों से भरपूर होकर सतोप्रधानता की ओर अग्रेसित होती है। डिप्रेशन यानी अवसाद को तो दूर करने की अचूक दवा है, ‘राजयोग’। बशर्ते अवसाद ग्रस्त व्यक्ति का अशांत, दुःखी और समस्याग्रस्त मन आहिस्ता-आहिस्ता परमात्म प्रेम की तरफ जुड़ जाए या किसी सहयोग युक्ति द्वारा इस तरफ मोड़ दिया जाए।

Dr Alok

अर्थात किसी तरह से उसे परमात्म आनंद की लगन लग जाए। वैसे यह सच है कि इस संसार में परमात्म आनंद से बड़ा कोई सुख नहीं होता। राजयोग नकारात्मक चिंतन से सकारात्मक चिंतन की ओर ले जाता है। राजयोग से सुख, आनंद, प्रेम और शांति के असीम अनुभव होने लगते हैं। योग का सामान्य अर्थ होता है जोड़, मिलन या संबंध।

वास्तव में दो वस्तुओं के संबंध को योग और विच्छेद को वियोग कहते हैं। संसार के सभी वस्तुएं विनाशी और क्षणभंगुर हैं। पर परमात्म मिलन यदि एक बार हो जाए तो वह स्थाई होता है। आत्मा का संस्कार बन जाता है। अत्यंत सुखद होता है। इसीलिए एक युग में शंकर जी से लेकर स्वामी विवेकानंद जी तक ने अपने जीवन में देवी-देवताओं की भक्ति से ज्यादा परमात्म योग पर ध्यान लगाया और एकांतवासी बन निरन्तर योग लगा कर सर्वशक्तिमान परमपिता परमात्मा से दिव्य शक्तियां प्राप्त कीं और समाज का कल्याण किया।

योगा यानी शारीरिक क्रियाओं का मूल उद्देश्य शरीर को निरोगी रखना ही नहीं, बल्कि शरीर की समस्त असंतुलित हलचलों को शांत कर उसको परमात्म ‘ध्यान’ यानी ‘योग’ के लिए तैयार करना भी है। ध्यान माना योग। इसी क्रम में शरीर की शुद्धी के साथ-साथ खानपान की शुद्धी बहुत आवश्यक है। खानपान तामसिक नहीं, सात्विक होना चाहिए। जब परमात्म भोग में कभी भी तामसिक चीजों का भोग नहीं लगाया जाता तो उनकी संतान भी आखिर क्यों खाएं दूषित तामसिक भोजन।

ऐलोपैथी में जिस प्रकार कई इलाजों का कुप्रभाव होता है ठीक उसी प्रकार आयुर्वेद में कुछेक चीजों (प्याज-लहसुन आदि) को औषधि माना गया है, पर इनका कुप्रभाव किसी रोग के इलाज के साथ-साथ दूसरे अंगों विशेषकर कर्मेन्द्रियों पर भी पड़ता है। मनोदशा पर तो विशुद्ध विषम प्रभाव तक डालता है। विकारों में वेग उत्पन्न होता है। वैसे ध्यान-योग करने वाला व्यक्ति यदि कुछ समय तक दवा के रूप में तामसिक चीजों का सेवन करे तो बुराई नहीं है, मगर वह जीभ स्वाद की लत में नियमित प्रयोग करेगा तो उसका परमात्म ध्यान-योग पूर्ण रूप से कभी सार्थक नहीं होगा। ध्यान रहे कि घर में बनने वाला भोजन प्रसाद यदि तामसिक होगा तो उसे खाने वालों के अंदर तामसिक गुण ही पैदा होंगे। वह कभी सात्विक सतोगुणी नहीं बन सकता। इसलिए परमपिता परमात्मा को भोग लगाकर खाया जाने वाला भोजन कभी तामसिक नहीं होना चाहिए।

राजयोग द्वारा सहनशक्ति, सामने की शक्ति, परखने की शक्ति, निर्णय लेने की शक्ति, सामना करने की शक्ति, सहयोग की शक्ति, विस्तार को संकीर्ण करने की शक्ति और समेटने की शक्ति अर्थात अष्ट शक्तियों का विकास होता है। राजयोग मेडिटेशन यानी ध्यान द्वारा आत्मा के सात गुण ज्ञान, प्रेम, पवित्रता, सुख, शांति, आनंद और शक्ति में भरपूर असीम संपन्नता आती है।

ऐसे करें नित्य राजयोग का अभ्यास :

एकांत में बैठ जाएं। और चारों तरफ से अपनी बुद्धि को हटा कर अनुभव करें कि आप ज्ञान के सागर, प्रेम के सागर, पवित्रता के सागर सर्वशक्तिमान परमपिता परमात्मा के बच्चे हैं। परमपिता परमात्मा चाहें उसे ईश्वर, अल्लाह, परवरदिगार या फिर वाहे गुरु कुछ भी कहो वही इस रंग मंच के क्रिएटर, डायरेक्टर और मुख्य एक्टर अर्थात सर्वशक्तिमान हैं। हम सब आत्माएं उनकी ही संतान मास्टर सर्वशक्तिवान हैं। वह सर्वशक्तिमान है, हम सर्वशक्तिवान हैं।

मन-ही-मन में संकल्प करें कि सफलता मेरा जन्मसिद्ध अधिकार है, मेरे प्रत्येक कर्म में सफलता समाई हुई है। यह वरदान मुझे स्वयं सर्वशक्तिमान परमात्मा ने दिया है। मन में विचार करें कि मुझ जैसा कोई इस दुनिया में नहीं है। मेरे सिर पर तो सदा परमात्मा की छत्रछाया है। वह सदा मेरे साथ हैं और मुझे शक्तियों से भरपूर कर सार्थक कर्म करने हेतु प्रेरित कर रहे हैं। उनकी ओजस्वी तेजोमय किरणें मुझ पर पड़ रही हैं। मेरा संपूर्ण शरीर शीतल होता जा रहा है।

परमात्मा को दिल से धन्यवाद दें। अपनी सारी परेशानियों, जिम्मेदारियों, समस्याओं, चिंता और दुःख को परमात्मा को सौंप दें। अनुभव करें मेरा जन्म इस संसार में केवल महान कार्यों के लिए हुआ है। मुझे तो केवल दिव्य और श्रेष्ठ कर्म ही करने हैं। और बार-बार अनुभव करते रहें कि मैं आत्मा शांत स्वरूप हूं और शांति धाम की रहने वाली हूं। इस धरा पर अपना पार्ट अदा करने आई हूं। मैं यहां केवल श्रेष्ठ कर्म करने के लिए ही जन्मी हूं। और अजर अमर हूं।

फिर अपने समस्त संकल्पों और अनुभवों को धीरे-धीरे नियोजित करें और सुखद अनुभूति का अपने अंदर असीम विस्तार करें। जो हो रहा है वह भी अच्छा और जो नहीं हो पाया वो तो उससे भी अच्छा, ऐसा संकल्प करते हुए सदा निश्चिन्त रहें। आप राजयोग मेडिटेशन के बारे में अधिक जानकारी और इसका अभ्यास सीखने के लिए अपने नजदीकी ब्रह्माकुमारीज सेवा केंद्र पर जाकर संपर्क कर सकते हैं। यहां यह परमात्म राजयोग निःशुल्क सिखाया जाता है।

यहां पहले आप सात दिन का निःशुल्क कोर्स करें और फिर आप राजयोग का नियमित अभ्यास कहीं भी और किसी भी स्थान पर कर सकते हैं। किसी प्रकार की कोई बाध्यता नहीं है। बस, जरूरत है तो ज्ञान के इस सुखद और सहज राजयोग को सीखने के लिए निःसंकोच अपना पहला कदम बढ़ाने की।

डॉ. (इंजी.) आलोक सक्सेना,
( लेखक राष्ट्रीय मीडिया अधिकारी, प्रयोगधर्मी व्यंग्यकार एवं प्राकृतिक चिकित्सक हैं )


Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has once again made us discuss depression and mental health and how much awareness is still required. A happy, chirpy person can easily be depressed, but people around might not even have a clue. The symptoms of depression vary from person to person, and psychologist Jhanvi Sethi says that it can have both mental and physical symptoms.

“Everyone’s experience of depression is different, not everyone who has depression will experience the same symptom. It can have both mental and physical symptoms. You only need a few of these symptoms to be diagnosed with depression, like feeling low mood swings, feeling worthless, physical aches and pains with no obvious cause, losing interest in activities you used to enjoy and loss of concentration, sleeping less or more, thoughts of self-harm or suicide.
People with moderate or severe depression can also develop delusions, such as paranoia, hallucinations, such as hearing voices, but this is less common,” she said.

Jhanvi started her NGO, My Zindagi Foundation, in 2018, along with her actor husband Vikas Sethi and psychologist Dixita Mehta. She mentioned that due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, there has been an increase in the number of calls to their NGO.

“There has been a tremendous increase in the number of calls especially during Covid times. We try to talk to the person calling in and simply hear them out. That’s the first basic step and then we provide them support, guidance and counselling on the basis of their circumstance,” she said.

Jhanvi’s foundation also provides counselling to school kids. Sharing details about the same, she said, “Our primary work with school kids is in explaining good touch and bad touch for kids under the age of 5 years. For growing kids between 11-13 we also provide them career counseling.”

Do kids understand the concept of good touch and bad touch easily? “Inherently we all are capable of understanding the concept at a very young age. What is more important is the messaging around who does the kid go to and how can they express the same. Most kids under this circumstance are simply ashamed or vulnerable and completely unsure of what to do about it. So it’s not the what but the how that needs to be addressed.”

Jhanvi says her NGO works to empower people with mental health problems, and added, “For us, mind matters, and we treat mental health problems with kindness, love, and belief, belief that right kind of support and reliable information can improve lives. Through the NGO, we provide a whole range of counselling from depression, anxiety, marriage, relationship, criminal, pre-divorce and post-divorce, to name a few”

The field she is in needs a lot of patience and understanding, asked how she copes up with it, she said, “I ensure I stay mentally balanced and healthy myself to be able to withstand the need to be patient and understanding in my profession.”

“I am only human and it can be very fatiguing at times but I guess that’s really a part of the journey I am on,” Jhanvi concluded.

  • Featuring the 3D avatar of the Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the series of instructional animated yoga videos will begin streaming on Disney+ Hotstar from this Sunday
  • Yoga with Modi series is the latest addition to the all-new health and fitness library of Disney+ Hotstar

This international Yoga day, ace your ‘asanas’ with the ‘Yoga with Modi’ Series on Disney+ Hotstar

As the majority of the Indian audience continues to stay home safe in this phase of quarantine, the 6th edition of International Yoga Day would uniquely be celebrated from home, alongside the rest of the world. Taking inspiration from this year’s theme of ‘Yoga at Home, Yoga with Family’, join Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi this weekend as he sets the foundation in preparing for a healthier tomorrow.

On International Yoga Day, to further boost the spirit of physical, mental and spiritual practice of yoga, a series of high quality animated instructional yoga videos featuring the 3D avatar of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi releases on Disney+ Hotstar. Conceived and created by BlueKraft Digital Foundation the ’Yoga with Modi’ series will be the latest addition to the all-new health and fitness library of the streaming platform. 

The series demonstrates the correct method to perform the yoga asanas with its unique feature of illustrating the impact of each asana on the muscular, skeletal, nervous, digestive and the respiratory system of the human body.

Talking about the release of ‘Yoga with Modi’ on International Yoga Day, Disney+ Hotstar spokesperson said,“The popularity of yoga is constantly on the rise with the global celebration of Yoga each year, which also adds to its prevalence across sections of the society. With our recent launch of the health and fitness category, we are elated to showcase the path-breaking ‘Yoga with Modi’ series. We hope that, given the difficult times we are in, this series will further inspire Disney+ Hotstar consumers to embrace health and wellness, and make it a part of their everyday life.”

Starting from 21st June, ‘Yoga with Modi’ series will be streaming for free and will be available in Hindi and English on Disney+ Hotstar


Every year, June 21 is recognised as International Yoga Day but due to social distancing measures adopted by most countries, the theme set by United Nations for this year is “Yoga for Health – Yoga at Home”. The World Health Organization mentions yoga as a means to improve health in its Global Action Plan on Physical Activity 2018–2030: More active people for a healthier world.

Yoga is a great preventative

“When you do Yoga with right breathing it helps you to massage the internal organs of your body and at the same time keeps you healthy physically as well, so it keeps you healthy inside out. When we do meditation, it helps to sharpen our mind and makes us more focused. I believe Yoga is a great preventative as it keeps away any illness, helps in battling depression and anxiety. So, for me yoga is about fitness of mind and body”-  Dr. Blossom Kochhar, Founder & Chairperson of the Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies institutionalized.  

First wealth is health

“I really believe in staying positive and taking it day by day, so to alleviate stress I delve into Yoga and meditation. I believe that the first wealth is health. When the world around us is feeling chaotic, I can have a space to go inward with the help of Yoga” – Archana Aggarwal, Eminent Jewellery Designer.

“Yoga helps me reconnect with my mind…

“Yoga helps me reconnect with my mind, body & soul. We’re so busy in our lives that we don’t get time to just be, yoga is that getaway for me. That refreshed feeling after the morning yoga is all I need to get through every day. It has taught me to challenge and reconnect with myself.”- Ruchita Bansal, Founder & Creative Director.

Yoga is a self-management tool

 “The key to a successful life lies in the sublime art of detachment, discipline and harmony. The Rig Veda defines Yoga as a union of the material and spiritual worlds, and lays out guidelines to achieve a balance between the mind, heart and resolution. Yoga is essential to keep growing mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, to channel our inner creativity with an eloquent expression.
Yoga is a self-management tool, vital in achieving a healthy sense of power and freedom. It is the art of proper action that reminds us to stay fluid and present in the moment, mindfully coexisting with time. Action is movement with intelligence. The world is filled with movement. What the world needs is more conscious movement, more action”. – Interior Designer Punam Kalra Creative Director of I’m the Centre for Applied Arts.

Yoga helps me to maintain balance

Yoga helps me to maintain balance, from entirely keeping one fit and giving glowing skin, it is also great in the healing process. Apart from individualistic, I also prefer couple yoga as well. It is a practice where couples get into yoga postures, mediation together. It helps in maintaining fitness and soul connection. It is a great way to create a foundation for confidence, intimacy and understanding in a relationship. – Aashmeen Munjaal, Director Star Salon and Academy:


कुछ संस्थाएं 15 जून से बाजार बंद का ऐलान कर रही है सदर बाजार के व्यापारियों की मुख्य संस्था फैडरेशन ऑफ सदर बाजार ट्रेडर्स एसोसिएशन ने फैसला किया है कि सदर बाजार खुला रहेगा फैडरेशन के वाइस चेयरमैन परमजीत सिंह पम्मा, वाइस चेयरमैन पवन कुमार अध्यक्ष राकेश कुमार ने सदर बाजार के विभिन्न व्यापारी नेताओं से चर्चा करके यह फैसला किया

sadar bazaar

परमजीत सिंह पम्मा व पवन कुमार ने कहा कि जो संस्थाएं यह फैसला कर रहे हैं वह उनका निजी फैसला है उसमें फैडरेशन शामिल नहीं है क्योंकि फैडरेशन द्वारा सभी व्यापारियों से चर्चा करके यह फैसला किया कि किसी व्यापारी का आना या ना आना वह उसकी अपनी मर्जी से है , हां अगर कोई सरकारी गाइडलाइंस आती है तो फैडरेशन उसी पर अपना निर्णय लेगी बार-बार सैनेटाईजिंग करना, सोशल डिस्टेन्सिंग का पालन करना. राकेश यादव ,सतपाल सिंह मंगा वा कमल कुमार ने बताया कि सदर बाजार के व्यापारी खुलने के बाद सभी तरह के पालन को निभा रहे हैं जैसे 10 से 5 तक मार्केट को खोलना बार-बार सैनेटाईजिंग करना, सोशल डिस्टेन्सिंग जैसे फैसले का पूरा पालन कर रहे हैं

इस अवसर पर सभी व्यापारियों ने सदर बाजार खोलने का फैसला किया जिसमें मुख्य रुप से फैडरेशन ऑफ सदर बाजार ट्रेडर्स एसोसिएशन के वाइस चेयरमैन परमजीत सिंह पम्मा, वाइस चेयरमैन पवन कुमार , प्रधान चमन लाल, अध्यक्ष राकेश यादव, वरिष्ठ उपाध्यक्ष सतपाल सिंह मंगा, पवन खंडेलवाल, महासचिव, राजेंद्र शर्मा, राजकुमार सपरा,राजकुमार गुप्ता सहित अनेक व्यापारी नेताओं ने सदर बाजार खुलने के फैसले का स्वागत किया


Download and Play the Revolutionary New Virtual Pet Game

New Delhi, Outfit7 Limited today announced the launch of its new virtual pet game My Talking Tom Friends, now available to download worldwide on iOS and Android. The eagerly awaited new game from the award-winning Talking Tom and Friends franchise brings a never-before-seen approach to the genre, uniting all six iconic characters in a play-as-you-want sandbox experience. Fans around the world couldn’t wait to play the revolutionary new game, with 13 million pre-registering before the launch – a record-breaking achievement for the company.

“With My Talking Tom Friends, our goal was to take the popular virtual pet genre and reinvent it. We wanted to go far out and deliver something that sweeps people off their feet,” said Xinyu Qian, CEO of Outfit7.

“For the first time ever, we created an environment where our fans can play with not one, but multiple characters at the same time – in whatever ways they choose! This offers a practically limitless array of possibilities, providing a unique playing experience for each and every user. We are all very excited to see what will become of it in the hands of our fans.” 

With Talking Becca – the newest addition to the franchise – joining Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Hank, Talking Ben, and Talking Ginger, players can now tend to the needs and wishes of all six characters at once, and help them live their fascinating lives. 

The friends are dynamic, moving around the open, scrollable house, looking for ways to have fun. Players can engage with them and take part in fun activities like cooking, painting, gardening, and socializing. There’s also a suite of brand new, action-packed mini-games to discover. Impressive interactive options allow fans to explore and customize the vivid, beautifully-designed virtual world at will.

For the chance to create your own unique stories of friendship and fun, download My Talking Tom Friends for free from Google Play and App Store.


Most migrants booking bus tickets to Patna, Darbhanga, Kanpur, Gorakhpur from Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru

  • Some of the top routes include Srikakulam – Visakhapatnam, Visakhapatnam – Vijayawada, Kolkata – Asansol, Delhi – Azamgarh
  • Top destination states include Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan

Paytm Travel sees booking of over 20,000 bus tickets, as migrants head back home

New Delhi, India’s horizontal travel major that has been a pioneer in launching innovative features for flight, bus and train travellers, Paytm Travel today announced that over 20,000 bus tickets were sold from May till date as eager migrants made their way back home. The travel and ticketing major is witnessing a consistent increase in the number of bookings for both government and private bus services.

After the government eased lockdown norms and resumed private and state bus services to allow interstate travel, citizens mostly migrants living in metro cities booked tickets on Paytm Travel to go back to their hometowns. Most of the tickets booked on from Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Bengaluru, Kolkata are for tier-III and beyond towns including Patna, Darbhanga, Muzaffarpur, Kanpur, Asansol, Vishakhapatnam, Cuttack among other centers.

While state transport bus services contributed to about 70% of the bookings on Paytm Travel, the rest were from privately run buses. Starting June 1, the company is seeing a daily average of over 1500 tickets being booked as more seat inventory and bus routes open up in states including Karnataka, Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, Maharashtra, and Gujarat among other states.

Some of the popular routes over the last one month are Delhi-Darbhanga, Delhi-Gorakhpur, Kolkata- Asansol, Vijayawada-Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram-Visakhapatnam. Paytm Travel in the last 15 days has been trending at close to 250% of the average daily search volume witnessed before the lockdown began in March. Since the bookings opened up, over 1 crore searches for flight, train and bus tickets with a surge in demand happening over the weekend. The searches hit a peak of 2.5 lakh requests per hour during weekends.

Abhishek Rajan, Senior Vice President – Paytm Travel, “For many the bus service is the most economical and reasonable form of transport. During this pandemic, we have seen how bus transport is a lifeline especially for millions of migrants who heavily rely on it to travel between metropolitans where they work and their hometowns. Over the next few weeks, most of the demand would be of people going back home.”