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Prediction 2020

Prediction 2020


A year of Professional Success,  Expanding business, and Network. You would feel greater force from within to push your agenda and also being accepted very well. Your immediate  Family and Friends would come first. You are required to let go off the difficult past experiences and be open to give and receive love. You are required to be more honest and realistic in your approach. You also need composure, a balance in all areas of life and not being singularly devoting energy to one direction within this year to reach to your goals, Know that you are heavenly supported too. Your spiritual side and humanitarian tasks will now play a major role.


This is a year of  stupendous self-evolution. You are aligned for a colossal change in your life, specially your career and Profession.  Bringing Alive that half baked dream and pushing it to its destination, Picking up new skillset, travelling and expanding horizons. Financial area shall be balanced for most part of the year.  Spiritual Alignment and Inward thinking will keep you balanced by asking the right questions to self, time to time. This year also will bring in lot of new people into your life, from whom you would learn valuable lessons. Also meeting a special person is  possible for singles.  Home and Family life will be harmonious.


A year of Self, cosmos is ready to put you in the path of self-reflection, internal changes. You will feel a forceful internal shift in your approach. Primary relationships and social connections/social image will be where this change will be felt too. There are a several twists and turns in your relationship area which would give you an awakening of sorts during this year. Your ideologies and ethics are where your thoughts would be tested this year. Communication becomes serious and deeper this year, and soul search, resurrection is possible now. Being frivolous is not in question this year. Finances are looking brighter and better this year, with support coming in from more than one direction. Possibilities of meeting someone and taking a relationship to a deeper level is possible this year.


Primary relationships is the theme for most part of the year. Your personal relationships are evolving and now reaching a deeper level.  Relationship which doesn’t serve your higher good, may fall off, on the way, and those with substance will become stronger. You are required to reflect upon your lessons of past and realizations in the area of partnership. The same is for professional partnerships too. Financially you would be in a stable position. You are required to be realistic in approach while mixing money and important relationships. Meeting someone new is strongly possible for singles with a nudge to rely on equal give and take.  There is a sense of greater clarity this year for the natives.


The theme of the year is how seriously you take yourself.  This would be your commitment to self, health regime, structure and orderliness in your day to day life. There is a serious vibe to these areas for major part of the year. Focus towards your work or professional endeavors will also have tremendous importance. You are required to function with strategy and in an organic and orderly manner in these areas. Relationships, Commitments will also be where the major focus would be this year specifically long term relationships and Professional partnerships. Those who do not serve your greater good will be left behind and new associations may form.


Majority of the year focuses on your creativity, pleasure, hobbies, entertainment and also being expressive. You are being nudged to be not critical and be open to embrace variety of experiences that you come across. Idea Generation, Innovation at work and professional endeavors will bring home exceptional results this year. Meeting a new person or adding strength to already existing relationship will be possible for almost all natives. Your serious, organized, critical, methodical approach will be balanced by the fun side awakening of yours. Keeping your core nature intact and infusing fun and playful vibes will bring remarkable results. Health is also an area of focus. Family, relationships and professional accomplishments are where important changes will be experienced.


The focus for most part of the year would be in home, Family, Foundation, Roots, Primary relationships and sense of security around these areas. Much of your energies and thoughts would be around these areas in order to keep harmony in your foundation.  You are being nudged to create a sense of balance in other areas of your life like, Professional, work, Health as well.  This year changes your perception around how ideal relationships should be like as you would go through some changes and twists. For few leaving an existing relationship of permanent nature may also be possible for greater good. Be Open for change and embrace lightheartedness.


The theme of the year is based on communication. Your Representation of Self in front of a larger audience in professional space or personal area.  Communication style, Self Expression, and how you connect with Family, Friends or Acquaintances. Travel, Learning process, acquiring a skill and your family or siblings also will be important this year. Meeting of a new person or taking a relationship to a deeper level is possible this year. Your hard work, discipline and Communication will open new doors in professional area. Finances are stable and stronger this year. You are being nudged to open yourself more this year and be assertive where you think you deserve. As your sign represents, Letting go off old thought process and patterns will be ideal to bring home the results.


The Theme of the year is Financial Success, Prosperity and Material Security. While kick starting the year you already had to face the harsh truth of importance of financial security and Professional success. You will be driven towards creating Balance in your Earned Income area and Financial Handling. Your Wisdom and Creative solutions will bring a lot of good results in this area. This year you would know that you are more powerful than you realize. Thoughts around sense of self worth  and how to strengthen will be stronger than you ever felt. Relationships may have several emotional turning points but you would be able to emerge winner if you apply your wisdom and realize your self worth.  There are relationship readjustments lined up as well.


Very Powerful year for the natives for change. The sense of self worth and your Value most importantly your personal goals will see fruition with your confidence , will power and relentless efforts .  Most natives now will be driven towards structure and building the foundation of their life. Your Perceptive image will now grow to better. Discipline, Structure, orderliness, Appearance and your role in society or a larger audience are the theme. Career, Professional success are more important and possible than ever. Changes for better within long standing family situations also possible now. Relationships will be harmonious. There are possibilities of forging new partnerships in personal world or taking an existing relationship to a stronger ground.


Out with the old and in with the new is the theme of this year. Self Awareness and Introspection will pave the way for new beginnings. You are being nudged to let go off old habits, patterns, thought process and even people which are deterrent to your Growth and embrace new ideas, Changes and Radical changes in Approach. Being responsible for own thoughts and actions is now imperative. Much of the year natives may feel Private or Reclusive and quietly working on individual success stories. Soul Searching, humanitarian efforts and compassion will increase and impact your actions and thoughts, you are being nudged also to use analytical skills to the maximum. Financial Success will arrive with strict disciplinarian approach and routine.  There is much healing available and a feeling of mental freedom after long standing years of discomfort. Relationships and home life will be harmonious.


Social Connections, Community, Relationships, Friendships will be the focus area this year. You may be meeting and forming stronger bonds with new people and several old relationships may fail the test of time. Networking, sharing ideas with people and expanding your professional  circle will be specially beneficial.  The onset of the year itself marks the way for greater professional success and financial security. Collaborative projects and Group Activities are encouraging this year. Your spiritual side also gets stronger. Your personal relationships and home life will go towards greater harmony due to your change in approach and increased self worth. You would now be specific of the people you would want to keep and interact with this year.

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New Year Celebration Prediction 2020

Year 2020 is starting on Wednesday and according to Hora Astro Numerology first Hora on Wednesday will be of Mercury. The basic number of 2020 is 4 (2+0+2+0=4) represents Rahu. According to Hora Astro Numerology this year 2020 will be ruled by Mercury and Rahu.

              Annual Hora Numeroscope (AnkVarshaKundali) for 2020 will be as follows.

According to this Hora Numeroscope predictions for different Date of Birth with remedies for the year 2020 will be as follows: 

Date of Birth (1,10,19 and 28)

 This year Sun in 6th house will provide progress to native and will add to his strengths and merit. The native could get vehicular comforts and will contribute towards construction of temples or shelters. The native will conquer enemies and develop contacts/relations with highly placed officers and will reap concessions due to such an association. He will also experience an increase in social status and respect. The native could get injured due to fire or electricity,  possibility of pain due to disease, afflicting heart or eyes.


  • Live father and son together
  • Visit holy places
  • Do not keep empty brass utensils handed over by elders
  • Do not get involved with other people matters

Date of Birth (2,11,20 and 29)

Moon in 7th house will bestow the native with strength of resolutions and mental stubbornness. The native will gain from tourism and travel and undertake many business journeys. There are chances of meeting old friends and money would be spent on their hospitality and entertainment. The native could experience opposition from the younger ones and may frequently face their slur and rudeness. There could be mental depression, dejection, sleeplessness, lethargy, eye troubles or other diseases.


  • Keep a good company
  • Do not drink milk at night
  • Do not procrastinate
  • Offer water to Shivalinga

Date of Birth (3,12,21 and 30)

Jupiter in 8th house provides the native with strong finances and plenty of opportunities for new business. The native will feel proud on receiving good news from his son and will gel touch of warmth from his mother and father. He will get full cooperation from his life partner. He will have the comforts of house/land/vehicle. He will get indications of better result in the import-export related business. However, the native will fall short in applying his mind to situations which will create opportunities for his enemies. There will be a situation of unhappiness due to loss from house, land, vehicle, especially property related matters. The image will be tarnished in the society due to false allegations against him.


  • Do not build a house with the main entrance opening in the south direction
  • Stay in a joint family
  • Put saffron mark on the forehead
  • Do not accept electrical equipment from anyone for free
  • Visit holy places

Date of Birth (4,13,22 and 31)

Rahu in 9th house will provide a good and stable financial position and well-being of the family. The native will get love, respect and cooperation from friends and family. There could be unprecedented gains and profits from lottery. The native will conquer his competitors and opponents and spending power will be increased. But the native can get late returns and there will be differences at the work place. The native can also become short tempered, irrational and will indulge in lust and sexual activities.


  • Flow 4 puja coconuts(shriphall) in running water
  • Keep a silver square with you
  • Flow coins in  running water
  • Do not do any business related to electrical equipment

Date of Birth (5,14 and 23) 

Mercury in lagna will lend helping hand to the native as enemies will tum out to be friends. The native will benefit from import-export related business and foreign contacts and will acquire respect in the society due to his intelligence. The native will spend money on good causes and he will get good returns in agricultural, books and stationery and printing press related business. The native might become arrogant and bittern in his speech will be the subject of criticism. He will be troubled by skin/eye disease, loss of energy and his servant will be a cause for loss of wealth.


  • Donate split chickpeas (chana dal) at a temple
  • Wear a silver chain or keep a silver square
  • Wear gold ornaments
  • Do not wear green top or shirt this year

Date of Birth (6,15 and 24)

Venus in 2nd house indicates that the native’s patience will be his strength. The native may benefit from a lady and will make successful business trips. He will earn money without putting much efforts and will acquire wealth from different sources. He will possess a new house, get comforts of good family and fame in the society. The native might suffer from a lack of  manhood and might have marital  relations. There will be always conflict with his wife and possible separation. His financial position will be weak due to unwilling association with his close relatives.


  • Do not live in a house that appears to have a tiger face(Shermukhi)
  • Stay away from other women
  • Take care of your parents
  • Give 200 gms of cow’s clarified butter (cow ghee) in temple
  • Do not get in business partnership with in-laws

Date of Birth (7, 16 and 25)

Ketu in 3th house indicates monetary gains from the kingdom, professional excellence and success. The native will be good at acquiring financial resources from banks and institutions. There will be an increase in interest towards knowing the unknown aspects of life, spirit and tantra. The native could suffer from ill health of child or conflicts with him. Different kind of ailments will affect his wife thus resulting in a worthless family life.


  • Wear Cat’s eye stone in silver
  • Offer brown biscuits to brown dogs
  • Donate for Saturn
  • Put Saffron mark on the forehead

Date Of Birth (8,17 and 26)

Saturn in 4th house indicates increase and success in business and new projects. The native will be inclined towards religious work. The native will also acquire fame and may purchase immovable property. He may be inclined to join politics for nation building and social causes. The native will profit from business related to gold and silver. However, the native might face insults, losses  from lottery, betting, legal matters, debt, borrowing money. There will be tension in the relations  of husband and wife, poor health of wife, disturbance from the children and adverse results in the business.


  • Do not consume alcohol or non-vegetarian food
  • Do not buy iron or leather
  • Donate for Saturn
  • Offer milk to snakes
  • Do not live in a house that faces south

Date of Birth (9,18 and 27)

The native in this year would work on a grand and royal scale. The native will acquire respect and will benefit from business connected to iron, wood, machinery or houses. There will be love and cooperation from brothers, kith and kin and acquisition of a new vehicle. But the native could experience difficulties in married life, losses and possibility of loss of wealth from a relative. There could be problems with elder brother’s health and differences of opinion. Excess problems with the government.


  • Keep a glass full of water next to the bed at night and offer that water to plants in the morning
  • Grow a neem tree
  • Do not indulge in other women
  • Take care of older people
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