July 28, 2021
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ARIES  You shall begin the week with mental clarity, action, energy. Need for space in relationships is primary, as you tend to stick to your principles. You begin new somewhere with gusto. It is a busy week with communication, negotiations, increased mental activity. You may need a break or to slow down.

TAURUS You have quickly transformed yourself and elevated your position. You are no longer the person of past. You are in a hurry, need a controlled speed, as you may make mistakes or hurt someone on the way.  Let them know, ideas your feelings and show your intelligence. This is a hopeful, enthusiastic week.

GEMINI  You are possibly overthinking or unable to figure out a way. Mental clarity is important to proceed further, hence seek friendly guidance. Weigh the options, and work with an intention to create harmony with universe. Donot get disappointed or loose yourself in negative visualization.

CANCER  Get rid of overthinking, fussing over what is not working for you. If needed, take a break, smell some flowers, do some activities that give you joy. Think what new can be done to break the cycle or to expect new outcome. Make right contacts, socialize, try new approach, to get desired outcome in love, or career.

LEO  Universe nudges you to accept, accommodate different behaviors , as every human is different. Aim to coexist, and share your feelings, rewards, happiness. Be generous. You are strongly focused on making a mark, professionally or to attain leadership. Let your conscious thoughts lead you, don’t forget to adjust your perspectives too.

VIRGO  You have lot of power, eagerness, intelligence, courage and restlessness too, To accomplish, you are all fired up. Whilst these energies are great for success, but  You are in danger of coming across as too strong, reckless at times. Channelize the Energies through physical activities, exercise, also meditative practices.

LIBRA  A fine balance between diplomacy, tact, compassion, shall only sit well in key relationships, be a heart mate, or work colleagues, higher ups. Tune in to your inner self, as the week advances, you may need quiet time for reflection. Overall it is a constructive period, should you include calm and poise in you.

SCORPIO  This week brings, first, conflict of agenda with a significant person. Your approach is different , but it also has a window to compromise. You want to break the cycle, expand, cross few barriers. This is not the time to say no but to accept to receive what universe is sending to you, go with flow, let it evolve

SAGITTARIUS  With tact and grace you shall handle all situation. Needs & thoughts may clash with significant person. You can feel the burst of energy and need to rush to many directions, obligations. In this rush, consider to pause to look into details, if you have to get things done error-free.

CAPRICORN  You had been strict with spending and financial decisions, perhaps at times overlooking family or personal needs. This week put family and security in a fine balance, prioritize well. You are inventive enough to find easy solutions.  This week have the good open talk, donot leave the emotional side of yours.

AQUARIUS Finding a balance, and to get a clarity specially in matters related to money is priority. Your creative  mojo is high, remind yourself not every decision or issue needs so much over thinking, there are smart ways too. In love or work, career matters, find a common clear goal, find a clear direction to proceed.

PISCES  Pause, balance, when world around is so fast paced, frenzied, confusing . You have all what it needs to be happy within yourself.  Mental flexibility is needed to enjoy the bounty this week has for you.  Express compassion, express emotions. Be yourself, without crossing any lines, or without letting anyone pin you down.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  Your emotional fortitude shall be strong, make a conscious decision to move away from over thinking or negative situations. Avoid emotional access and steer away from conflict. Career situation shall improve. Approach kindly to others, remain forgiving in all situations. Relationships need nurturing.

TAURUS This is a hopeful one in terms of relationships, domestic harmony, chance to grow in career realms. You shall find motivation and courage to take a chance try new themes, display your skill to a wider audience. Patience, wisdom and thoughtfulness is needed when you are this charged up.

GEMINI  It shall be a gratifying week should you embrace your witty side, humor & easy going energies. Begin the week with harmonious working relationships, soon you would need some peace and quiet to go deeply into matters or focus in a subject or a painful situation. Think independently and with open mind.

CANCER  Relationships need extra care and nurturing. You are in a hurry to get to a desired place in life, but this also needs careful planning and steady steps. Your emotional intensity can make things worse, if you do not change the pattern. In quest of accomplishing, do not make compromises or push any limit too far.

LEO  Relationships shall be cordial. You shall find support from people. Motivation and optimism is high in the onset. Encouraging time to work on your goals. Take a time away from chaos to think things through and devise a strategy. Area of love shall show hope and improvement. Be Logical and realistic in all steps.

VIRGO  Patience is a virtue, this you have to remind. As the go getter energies push you to take chance, Go Bold, Make Prompt decisions, In the Rush to finish things some missteps could derail your purpose. In Money matters, or in general stick to your traits of looking down to details. Encouraging week for accomplishment

LIBRA  Asserting your place, position, thoughts, values and ideologies is important this week. Also being with the tribe who resonates in the same frequency. It is an encouraging week to work on securing an area of life. Career matters are supportive . You may have to work through differences in relationships.

SCORPIO  Being in crossroads, emotional turmoil can make the week heavier in the beginning. Your free spirited side and art of letting go shall make things easier. You shall soon get hold of things, you will find your place at work or play. Career matters are supportive. Allow yourself to live in the moment.

SAGITTARIUS  Relationships are cordial. Social Group shall be supportive. You shall feel withdrawn in midweek, or perhaps it feels easier to put aside an important situation of life. Financial area needs your single minded focus to make some changes and bolster your efforts. Bring some inventive ideas

CAPRICORN  This is a week with energy, to begin something new. Financial situation may improve. For some new opportunities arise in work or relationships. Getting along with others and finding support is easier. The cosmos supports you with wisdom, maturity, intelligence and motivation to accomplish in many areas.

AQUARIUS  A quiet start of the week soon gives way to enthusiastic start by mid week. It is a good time to work through details, focus and research. While you are working in silence donot ignore that nurturing relationships , forming connections is important for personal and professional success. Take break when you need to.

PISCES  The onset could bring energies when not everyone is in same wavelength. Take a step back and detach yourself from the situation to analyze. Post mid week things shall start turning to your favor. Assert your opinion and take charge. Support from others shall come back. Career matters are supportive.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  With all power you shall begin the week with gusto. You may need to release certain things from past emotionally, once you find that, you are back to your adventurous self. Socializing is on cards, increased interactions too. You shall return to introverted energies by the weekend when self care is needed..

TAURUS Seek assistance or a channel for emotional release. Pick your battles wisely this week, your patience and emotional fortitude is much needed. Soon you shall catch on the good vibes, allowing you to be playful. Your communication skills, intelligence and knowledge shall be recognized.

GEMINI  Use logic and intelligence over emotions to sail through this week. Sidestep drama, remain cool headed, and prioritize your tasks. Your words shall be a powerful tool this week. Being in sync with higher ups, family members can be difficult in the later half. Tread lightly. Work though details.

CANCER  Take a risk or two, great things are outside your comfort zone. Week opens with an optimistic start. You shall make smart moves, your ideas are great and your speech is eloquent. People shall cheer you for your skills. Make a step by step plan, down to details. Temper your words and approach with kindness.

LEO  Although you shall start the week in a low key way but soon you shall outshine all with positivity and strength. Look forward to socializing, meeting new people. All eyes are on you, give an impactful appearance. Make most of it to showcase your skills. Soon energies of introversion shall pull you inward.

VIRGO  You are known for your orderliness and discipline. The week nudges you to sort out daily details of life, self care, balance, moderation. You have plenty of references from past missteps, victories. Do away with the impulsive bit. Go steady. Love and Relationships has cosmic blessing. Start afresh somewhere.

LIBRA Aim to achieve an emotional balance through the events of the week. You could have been through lot of thinking recently, insulate your heart from negativity, build your emotional fortitude. Sooner you shall take the lead, shine your light through trademark diplomacy. Socializing in on the cards.

SCORPIO  You shall find this week as a decisive time regarding a major area of life.Chose your battles wisely as you sail through the week, perhaps you could find in a conflicted situation due to own doing. Keep picture goals in mind, a little self reflection in between would be wise, contemplate short term goals too.

SAGITTARIUS  If you are going through some emotional, financial burden look for help and assistance. If not all, few are at emotional wavelength with you. You are known for your spirit and adventurous nature, this week you could just do that, but take calculated risks. Weekend you shall feel relieved emotionally

CAPRICORN  Address issues with your trademark analytical skills. You shall do well with facts , research, information, learning and brainstorming. It is also a great week to begin somewhere as you got the cosmic support. You shall be impressive with your style. Careful detailing, logical approach is the theme of this week.

AQUARIUS  If you felt, caught up with your own thoughts, releasing those, loosen up and see where your feelings take you to. Once you release your inner child, you shall find amazing possibilities to explore. Most of the thinking and planning you shall be doing behind curtains. Make a step by step plan. You shall emerge sooner

PISCES  It is an enthusiastic opening to the week, with bright ideas and hope. Donot take on too much, then you can handle and side step unnecessary drama playing around you. Work on the detailing of the project in hand. It is also possible to begin somewhere new, in some area of your life. It is an encouraging week

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  This is a promising week in career, personal goals. Surge of energy helps you to brave situations, explore new themes, studying, learning, bouncing ideas for personal and professional growth. In this process, roadblocks are there, nothing which you cannot cross over. Keep the balance of head and heart.

TAURUS Balance and integration is the theme of the week as you are stepping into a new cycle of life, thought process, of how you wish to walk in world. You are in a hurry, to tie the loose ends, but donot loose your balance. Career matters shall show signs of improvement. Love will open up in coming days. Stay tuned.

GEMINI You shall open up to a good week. Finances shall show improvement. It shall be easier to connect and exchange ideas with colleagues and friends. Some projects may face delays and unexpected hurdles, all of which shall clear sooner. End the week with a clear purpose, strategy in mind for the year ahead.

CANCER  You need composure and optimism, perhaps you are focused on negative aspects, but hope is there which you would find mid week. Some spontaneous moves shall bring better results. Find time to do something gratifying this week end. A changed approach shall make things work for you at work or in play.

LEO  A sense of loss and painful experiences must not stop you from shining light. There is much in store in the days to come ahead. By allowing yourself to fret over past you may be missing opportunities at present. Work and career matters shall show signs of improvement. Relationships shall be cordial.

VIRGO  This is a week for introspection, planning, with a strong sense of purpose.You experience various emotions this week and looking for answers. You may feel detached emotionally from social circle. Career and social image is strongly under focus. You shall have a quiet week with select few people.

LIBRA Balance, harmony and Moderation is the essence of the week. Your natural flair to remain balanced, diplomatic shall come to good use. Relationships shall improve in the later half of the week. Career matters shall have support, you may open up to new themes, projects and learning. Expansion is possible.

SCORPIO  Flexibility, eagerness, awareness of your own feelings is needed to keep relationships growing. Follow instincts and heart in every matter. Hurried steps may bring confusion, or tendency to overlook small details of life or work. You are walking into a progressive phase of work, soon rewards shall come.

SAGITTARIUS  Retain composure as the week brings unexpected developments. You shall feel the energetic rush to make your mark in career, to secure money and  to act aligned to your principles. You are focused. Expressing yourself is easier, just temper it with a bit of tenderness. You are ready to move on ahead

CAPRICORN There is a lot that you have to focus and consolidate. Competition is there and you may find yourself in crossroad.  Prioritize, take one at a time you shall find yourself already sorted. Stay away from conflict, seek advice from true well wishers. Keep your tone tender and concentrate on the tasks in hand.

AQUARIUS  You are motivated, eager to take risks, going for it. Your search may lead to delightful findings. The need to be fair, balanced and Responsible is important. Speak with honesty but keep a kind approach. Relationships can benefit by open and honest conversation. By working through the differences, you win in love.

PISCES  You may not open the week with creativity and love, but you shall soon reach there in mid of the week. Love is possible, healing is there, beautiful exchange of feelings is possible. Open yourself to accept , let heart be the guide. Take a direction at work or in play, which gives you gratification. Find creative solutions.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES You shall be fired up around themes of employability, money, networking, new endeavors and your public image. The cosmos puts a lot of focus on creating long lasting relationships, partnerships which benefits you personally and professionally. You will need to be more giving, sharing, and adjusting.

TAURUS The cosmos brings new energy in area of creativity, love, how you think, and that letting your inner child at play shall bring back happiness or success that you so yearn for. You shall be charged up to improve your daily routine, to cater to emotional and physical wellbeing. Remain flexible, be open to views.

GEMINI Career matters looks promising this week. There is also a focus on balance, and need to slow down, take each task at a time as delays, technical snafu and confusion arises. You may to rework on a plan or pickup that health care routine. Spontaneity in love matters shall bring some fun back.

CANCER If you had felt like carrying the weight of the world, Perhaps you have set the bar to high, taken too much responsibilities, or have kept unrealistic goals. This week brings the focus on your home life, family, and the need to address some foundational matters. Make yourself comfortable, tend to family needs & recharge

LEO You may feel the need to reflect on your family ties, roots, to reconnect with a loved one and revisit your memories as there lies plenty of guidance. There are setbacks that you faced, but cosmos nudges you to stand your ground, re built your emotional forte to reclaim your position. Reconnect, network, socialize.

VIRGO Securing yourself financially and self assuredness in emotions is your topmost priority this week. Further it could be challenging to think creatively or to have meaningful communication with others , without a snafu. Sidestep drama, with your community, as tempers flare, confusion arises. Learn to keep your balance.

LIBRA  This week nudges you to look into your financial and emotional security, to examine where you can improvise in order to move forward with gusto. Align your thoughts and actions, to secure, strategize. Further you would be energized to rework on your branding, how you walk into the world, personal goals.

SCORPIO As there would be a plenty of cosmic focus on your personal self, of how you process your thoughts, where you need healing, the sense of self comes first. You have to revise your strategy on your personal goals, in order to do so, you may have to take a step back, hold on  and examine, introspect, manifest.

SAGITTARIUS You will want to be a part of community, and to build stronger bonds. Further it is time to recalibrate your thoughts, in order to move on you may need to take a  step back in order to gain clarity. Internal conflict may arise, and you may need to go solo with your plans. Use this time to sort out your strategies

CAPRICORN You may have to look back and examine where you fell short in group projects to gain a fresh perspective about your own way of interaction with world. Your concerns regarding career and public image may need a revamp of your own strategies. The ideal way would be to retract, recharge, reorganize.

AQUARIUS Review your plans in career realms. If something was stuck it is best time to bring this forward and present your case. You would want to break the monotony and take a leap of faith towards new learning, and exposure. You are nudged to soak in new knowledge, skill set and to adjust your own beliefs.

PISCES You may need to reflect whether your closest relationships are fulfilling or not, themes around codependency, joint finances. Trust your intuition here. Perhaps the area of an intimate bond needs revival or relook. There can be confusions aplenty with dearest ones, but know to hold on, before responding.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES Perhaps you are bored with a stagnant situation of your life and need to bring about a change to feel motivated. Matters in career area are conducive for progress and there is a chance of an inspiring experience this week. This week follow your intuition and take the opportunity to take initiatives when they come. It is important to let go the feelings of remorse, and limitations.

TAURUS Let go off the limiting beliefs that hold you back. This week you would be receiving the cosmic support if you just follow your heart, express yourself creatively, Break down the walls in matters of love and let your inner child at play. In certain matters you would need to work by a plan, keeping long terms goals in mind, aligned to what makes you feel fulfilled in real sense.

GEMINI You want to bring some changes, immediately which shall allow you a healthy environment to ideate . You may need to balance the areas of personal and professional life, the relationships and your personal routine. You would be itching to follow your heart and pursue the things that satisfies you rather than surviving on what is  regular or you are responsible for.

CANCER This week a matter involving family, home and partnerships may arise to make you frustrated as it seems to be an endless waiting game.  Further you are also motivated to change your dealings and approach with others, as your words are impressive and you can deliver seamless speeches. Healing your relationships with others is the only currency.  Have the patience that soon things will see light

LEO  You may be fighting with choices of letting go something which is not aligned to your higher purpose or whether to consider security first.  Dealing with people shall be easier. You wish for a change immediately, as your emotional and financial security are both craving for a shakeup. Ponder upon the questions, if it is the right time to take that leap of faith or should you take time to plot your moves.

VIRGO Speak your truth, as cosmos shall provide you support and conducive situations to express your emotions to someone. You wish for a change in your personal life and a particular situation, and perhaps this could be granted for some, this week by the universe. You are getting attention, making you appealing, impressive in negotiation.

LIBRA  This week you shall be achieving clarity in certain area, you would be aligned to your intuition and real balanced self. You would like to go the distance to bring harmony in your relationships and perhaps over do yourself in appeasing others. You have a clear plan in career area, of how you need to proceed, what skills you need to pick up along the way to amplify the favorable results.

SCORPIO This week balance your scales in relationships as cosmos pushes you to reduce the blockages in equal reciprocity. Initiating deeper conversations with people would be easier. Some of you could be nudged to blur the line between friendship and love. You would like to bring a drastic change in how you approach and deal with others. Bring back the fairness, sense of justice in people’s zone.

SAGITTARIUS It is a people-centric week for you, where relationships will be in focus. You shall find it easier to deal with others, to collaborate and get rewards. You shall be looking forward to new changes, new inclusions, out of the box ideas in career realms. Put your best foot forward as your public image realms are highlighted. You shall find a sense of self-assuredness in relationships.

CAPRICORN Collaboration is the key this week and cosmic focus is to nudge you to be on the same page with everyone, to associate, brainstorm, to be inspired and to establish connections for personal and professional benefits. You shall receive important insights on making your family equation and home matters balanced. Foundational changes are possible, healing of past experiences is encouraged.

AQUARIUS Be patient if you feel you are still away from that desired spot in your career realms. You shall be attuned to your higher mind and equipped with bold, methodical ideas to make your career area a success. Further you wish to shake up your intimate relationships realms and finances especially around co-dependency. You wish to bring a change in how you interact with others.

PISCES You may feel uneasy, frustrated in matters of home, family, relationships in the beginning of the week. Perhaps you wish to shake up something urgently, But soon after, you will get the chance to express your feelings to some individuals in love matters or even expressing some innovative ideas, alternatives to a higher up. Speak from your heart that will make your speech eloquent. 

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES These are the days, when extreme emotions are felt, a Chapter of your life or a cycle is in closing, and a new one shall open up, review what you need to let go and how would you want to walk in the world, how would you rise up to attend to your personal needs. Further it would be gradually easier to get along with others which seemed to be tougher a few days back.

TAURUS The need for rest to reflect on your thoughts and to stay away from chaos could be higher than before. There could have been a stress which has been weighing you down. Soon after you would find a burst of energy return to your life in matters of Love and creative pursuits. You shall be at ease in ideating and your witty vibes go well in dealing with difficult people.

GEMINI Socializing and networking shall be gratifying. If you had difficulty in being at ease with family and relatives or any home matters , this week shall bring little respite, you shall be able to get things in order. Simple pleasures of life, and being at comfort at home shall go well. This could be a better week in terms of positivity and foundational changes in your life.

CANCER For the days to come you would be examining your relationships and how to implement the lessons to create harmony and bring solutions to ongoing issues in those. You shall communicate in impressive ways to address those issues. Further You would be nudged to look into your career area and your image seriously. You shall have to find inventive solutions and examine deeper your love matters.

LEO  You shall feel the need to come out of your shell to explore, commit to a learning program to further your steps in big picture dreams. You shall be able to negotiate well on monetary matters, to bolster your financial security. Further pressing issues at home front would need to examine the inner workings. If you open yourself to socialize,  explore new themes that would be gratifying.

VIRGO Over the coming week there shall be a lot of thinking, deeper conversations, information which you weren’t aware of,  along with potential for confusion, inner turmoil and at times war of words. You would be pondering over your close relationships, financial dealings, your communication style and your own grooming style. Securing your finances and your relationships are your focus area.

LIBRA  Over the coming days your internal world, especially your love life could be under focus. There shall be plenty of discussions regarding finances, negotiations at times cause of conflict too. Deep seated issues in your long term partnerships, and finding a harmonious way to address those issues to restore peace. You may feel hard to express your true feelings and thoughts but it is worth the attempt.

SCORPIO You shall find yourself communicating a lot more, asking probing questions but at the same time make sure communication is harmonious with others. There could be times when you feel conflicted and feel as if things are hidden. There are changes to be made around your day to day routine, and time management. Discussing topics which has consumed you and also socializing shall be gratifying.

SAGITTARIUS . You shall find the drive and enthusiasm towards your financial goals. Your ability to bring in creative solutions and alternatives in important matters would be commendable. Career matters shall look up from the midweek, be ready to take new steps, presentations, initiate negotiations with higher ups. The beginning of the week may look exhausting, and take some time to replenish.

CAPRICORN This is a week to take reigns of your personal power and move towards some new projects and endeavors. You shall be able to get past those hurdles which had been holding you back. This week there are chances of misunderstanding with family members about family matters, but listening skills and ability to navigate through muddy waters will restore harmony.

AQUARIUS You shall find yourself thinking a lot more and in midst of a flurry of communication, information pouring in, negotiating which could make it exhaustive near the beginning of the week. Examine your pattern of thoughts and how you communicate with others, further you can let go of certain patterns. You shall yearn for heart to heart connections and deeper level conversations.

PISCES This week nudges you to examine how you walk into the world, your career space and your approach towards financial security. Further working on improving your relationships, building a support group, regrouping, reaching out to friends and family shall be gratifying and provide you a sense of warmth and belongingness. Reassess how you want to move ahead further in the world.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES You would be inspired to work on creating a better plan for improvement in career. Working on a step by step plan would be fruitful. Management of time is important, so is, how you operate yourself on a daily basis, whether or not you are giving equal importance to your physical and emotional well being. Be patient , find your emotional balance, while dealing with others.

TAURUS  There is a much needed relief and balance in sight from here. Your efforts and vision towards your creative freedom, free thinking, towards some artistic pursuits, and in Love shall show signs of coming together. If you had felt compressed with daily work and unable to look into aspects of self care, you would be more determined to take corrective steps towards it.

GEMINI It is a transformative time for your emotional bonds, thought process, your belief system. Look within yourself, reflect on your deepest desires and reconnect with the outside world, which now would be very gratifying. You may at times, this week, could be, day dreaming about a love matter or being too optimistic about some financial arrangement. Keep a reality check all time.

CANCER The tug from personal responsibilities, domestic duties and career goals could seemingly drain you, this is where you may need a balance. It is a good week to network, build contacts for professional and personal benefits. Opportunities shall appear with your money making ideas. Relationships have an opportunity to heal and repair wherever needed.

LEO Things, if they looked stressful, avoid tendency to go against the wind, rather slow down, take some time away from chaos to peacefully reflect upon your personal, ambitions, dreams to carefully investigate the obstacles and take calm steps to remove those one by one. This week shall bring a chance to devise a new strategy to bolster your income generation plan, should you be diligent in planning

VIRGO If you had felt overwhelmed with responsibilities and attention pulled in many directions that made you exhausted it is imperative to remind yourself that being joyful, being flexible, free thinking and allowing pleasure in to your life could be gratifying. It is a chance to begin on a fresh slate , to get clear on personal objectives for future and prioritize, to make your everyday life an wholesome.

LIBRA  If you had felt strong emotional waves, of being compressed, confusion or a fear, you are invited to examine and do a reality check, assess what can be done in order to maintain your emotional center in order to proceed ahead. Certain relationships may need your change in heart and approach in order to work through the differences. Avoid snap judgments and critical behavior.

SCORPIO You could feel like throwing caution to the wind to be prompted making a major chance in direction regarding career realms or a long term professional or personal partnership. People bring in tremendous opportunities for growth, hence network, strengthen your ties with personal and professional circle or in a group project and joint affairs. The need to be resilient in your efforts is important

SAGITTARIUS You will feel motivated in the area of income and career goals or even in a  close partnership. As you become confident and self assured, take steady steps, to improve your self worth and capacity, as if u rush you may stumble. Carefully examine your long term career goals,  if something feels right take it up.  The week has abundance of opportunities thrown your way for growth.

CAPRICORN  You are invited to take to adventure, new learning, researching and expanding your horizon. Free yourself from the thoughts and paranoia of past events that did not work out for you. Motivation shall be in abundance to achieve  but do not be in a hurry as often when we rush, we stumble. Relationships are supportive and shows signs of improvement where needed.

AQUARIUS You are looking deeper into workings of close connections, a loved one, subconscious is sending strong messages. A chapter of life in that area with some learning. If you are giving more than you receive from your closest connections it is time to change your approach. This week throws light on financial or emotional interdependence, entanglements which you are to keep in mind for future ahead.

PISCES The realms Long term partnerships, relationships and Your social circle is highlighted, a chance to improve those  and to receive the emotional support. You shall find the connections you most cherish improving and gratifying. Finances would need a fresh start in approach, look into the aspects of your self worth, financial security, income matters, and monetary Interdependence.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES There could be a sense of wrenches thrown in your way in matters of your Personal projects and goals. You may be required to slow down, take one thing at a time and review your plans. Frustrations may arise when you face hostile people and resistance. Reflect on your purpose every time. Career realms may feel a bit easier as higher ups may look supportive. You shall feel the opportunities around for you to grow.

TAURUS  Big picture dreams and desires in personal, professional endeavors may Fill stuck in the mud. This is a time to return to laying down carefully planned strategies in order to eliminate disappointments. Matters of love shows signs of improvement. This week allow yourself to think with an open mind, allow changes evolving in your life to settle down. Artistic pursuits and creative visualization is enhanced. The vibes are easier than before.

GEMINI Conversations with people may hit the wall at times, and inconclusive. Try to be on the same page. You are nudged to be resourceful and know when to take a leap of faith. Facing the reality and your fears could set the tone for a new beginning. Relationship with a heart partner shall improve now as your vibes are generous. Financial dealings with a partner, spouse could seemingly require less struggle. With awareness, and smart handling you prosper.

CANCER Relationship area has supportive energies this week, have that one to one conversation towards the end of the week, to set mutual goals, and to improve your professional partnerships. In the career realms you may feel that your feet  stuck in the mud as hostile environment, or resistant forces may push you behind. At times, getting well with higher ups, colleagues could be difficult. Consider this time as a indication that you need more balance in your present.

LEO Big picture dreams and plans, new projects, endeavors towards learning, could face resistance, use this time to go through a complete revision process to improve your knowhow and personal skills through internet, research and on your drawing board to lay down perfect strategies. Daily work shall show signs of improvement as dealing with colleagues and family members becomes tad easier. Pick up a fitness regime, daily routine, balance to improve daily productivity.

VIRGO Week brings opportunities to bolster your income stream, plan wisely for future with your trademark organizational skills. Emotionally it could be a rough ride, if both parties involved display excess of emotions You shall find expression to be easier but be mindful of possible minefields ahead as suppressed feelings could trigger and influence conversations. Matter of love, intimacy and artistic pursuits creating thinking shall be stronger.

LIBRA  This week the test is about internal balance, ability to see through things and to keep in mind the lessons you learnt as long term partnerships, key relationships may need some work in order to be on the same page. Getting on with others need extra effort, a need to adjust your perspectives. However expressions and words are by your side to help when needed. Matters of family remains primary focus. Idea is to being steady in your actions.

SCORPIO  Conversations with colleagues, friends and a heart mate could become inclusive, you are nudged to be present in the moment and let things evolve in its own pace. Further, daily work could feel like a drudgery. Enthusiasm and energy may be lacking at times. Take it slow, and steady, try to create a harmony in your day to day affairs. Time management, short term and long terms plans need detailed planning. Commit to a healthcare regime.

SAGITTARIUS  Creative thinking and artistic pursuits may need more efforts. Suppressed emotions in matters of love and intimacy could bring volatile emotions. Go with the flow in matters of love, and control excess of emotions. It is a good time for planning and calculated actions in projects. It is a complete review of how you approach happiness and how do you bring emotional healing. Rather than fretting, you are nudged to detach yourself from the negativity.

CAPRICORN  You shall feel the freedom to pursue one of your projects with full gusto towards the end of the week, as the vibes are less compressed. What seems difficult, may become easier. Further nurturing your relationships is important, in home life, or outside world. A Family matter may look difficult and may need your wisdom, careful handling. You shall desire to be loving and kind towards others which helps cultivate your bonds.

AQUARIUS Conversations with others may feel inconclusive or ability to brainstorm, analysis may not be seamless. Be more adaptive and flexible. Try to work around situations and find constructive solutions. Financial entanglements with others could need review in order to bring harmony. Your thoughts and visions would be expansive hence creative thoughts and artistic pursuits can be converted into income stream. Believe that endless possibilities do exist.

PISCES Endeavors and new projects in income realms may hit a wall for sometime in the beginning, consider it as a test of your perseverance skills and determination. With careful planning and some flexibility it may not be an upheaval task. Relationships need work, and careful handling as getting along with others, specially a loved one could be difficult at times. If you feel someone is missing a point, withdraw from the moment till cloud gets cleared.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES   If you felt emotionally out of balance due to overwhelming events, you are invited to finally restore your head and heart balance, when you fine tune your connection to your intuition It would be gratifying if you step back from a tense situation connected to work and allow yourself to attend to your emotional needs, to enjoy some downtime with your ones and family.

TAURUS  You shall be tempted to take some time off to enjoy some heart to heart communication,  to take it easy from the daily mundane. You may be waiting on eagerly for some decompressing moments in certain area of life. Further you shall find it gratifying to work on a passionate project, even to connect with friends. This week nudges you that with time things evolve, have the faith.

GEMINI  Pay heed to the intuition and messages in the area of career, and make a practical, detailed roadmap towards achieving that, as you may be day dreaming an ideal situation and not taking action about it. This week has all necessary ingredients to amp up your love life, and relationships. Also negotiations could go well. Communication and artistic projects are supported, take a leap of faith.

CANCER You shall yearn for some downtime with your loved one, away from drudgery and other strenuous work responsibilities. You shall feel also the need to express, if some critical emotions you have compressed, and unable to keep it so. Further misunderstandings may arise with friends or colleagues regarding ideologies, spiritual concepts or in general due to different principles.

LEO  You are driven by emotions and your deepest desires regarding a heartmate. Take a moment away from the intensity of the situation and attending to your self shall be cathartic. Themes around Dealings with some, shared resources, joint finances shall reflect in your thoughts and wishes. You shall get a chance to speak in an articulate manner in a intelligible way which shall be satisfying.

VIRGO  Lot of emotions into play this week, from inability to express how you feel to finding an opportune moment to speak your truth to a loved one and then back to square one again. Eloquence is required while communicating your needs or discussing something important. Further creativity and imagination has a large role to play. A realistic approach is required while laying down a roadmap.

LIBRA  Career and work realms has opportunities for you. The tug between domestic duties, family matters and Career shall need to be managed with moderation. Apply logic, rationale and check facts before you make a major move, or in a negotiation, in any important conversation. You shall be spiritually inclined and also a positive energy flows to improve matters of love and relationships.

SCORPIO  You are invited to follow your impulse in matters of love and be expansive and expressive in your expressions, plans. Further do not overlook the necessary work commitment or small issues which can surprise you out of nowwhere. You shall also find conducive environment at work and In joint work projects. Be mindful of misunderstanding due to tendency to overlook the important issues.

SAGITTARIUS  This week has mystical vibes and allows you to dream with a heart mate, it may be possible you may hit a jackpot in love. Further be creative, and spontaneous in pursuing your love interest. Home and family realms are blessed for most part of the week. Limitless possibilities are coming your way pertaining to income matters. Negotiations, discussions, brainstorming shall be fruitful.

CAPRICORN  Your heart is open to love, to collaborate  and to strengthen your relationships. You are a people’s person and your communication is eloquent. Your generosity and friendliness does bring inspiration and a sense of direction. You are invited to open yourself to learning, to gather information, research on latest industry trends to further your career goals. Ride with the good vibes.

AQUARIUS  Working along with others shall be easier, you shall feel motivated towards joint projects. Soak in the information comes your way and pay head to the dreams related to income stream, take prudent decisions and make detailed plans, commit to follow through them & you shall be unstoppable. Relationships grow deeper as you seek meaningful conversations, that heals, inspires.

PISCES Allow yourself to loose in the moment with love, as well as your passionate artistic projects and let your imagination go wide with creating abundance in what you seek in whichever area of your life as they would be your soul guides towards a new journey. As much as you area a dreamer, keep holding on to logic as there are chances, you could be missing a point, think and plan practical steps.

Indrani – Tarot Reader