July 4, 2020
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ARIES  Cultivating your relationships and bringing the emotional fulfillment in your world will be only help you manifest the Satisfaction you had been seeking. You will be inclined to take up projects and steps in career which makes you feel  emotionally satisfied. The lessons and experiences in your career realms, also regarding your perceived image, are on for a last phase of review.

TAURUS  Trust your intuitions and a close aids’ advice on matters of Finances, financial independence and regarding Creating a deeper intimate relationship. After a phase of close review of your deepest thoughts and desires, you may yearn for emotional fulfillment. You wish to break free and explore further what is aligned to your higher consciousness, in career or other areas of life.

GEMINI  Emotional fulfillment from your relationship or from a particular person could have you thinking.  It is a situation when you are forced to make a decision towards matters of financial independence and how you wish your relationships to be. It may mean letting go a person, a situation or a particular arrangement. Introspection process this week may make your emotions swell 

CANCER Long term personal and professional associations are going through a strong phase of introspection. Going further you must make decisions of the steps you need to take to balance the scale of equal reciprocity. If you are not in receiving end of compassion and kindness, perhaps it is time to exit. If not it is time to discuss things authentically. You are inclined to follow your heart.

LEO  Emotional Fulfillment is the theme of your life this week and further. You wish a partner who understands you and balances your emotions. You wish to pursue a career and work relationship which makes you feel satisfied. Daily Work, and career realms, health care and day to day achievement is the priority. This week you shall feel a surge of energy to correct everything that went south in your life. Feeling Good is the target you wish to achieve.

VIRGO  A new beginning in matters of love that you seek and perhaps you may also get what you manifested for. It may require you to leave behind a person or a situation or even some memories. You shall be able to harness your power to achieve something which is transformative and deeply satisfying. The inner calm arrives after a period of unrest, unless you are the blockage to your own peaceful destiny. Be in the moment, progress with what makes you feel good.

LIBRA   Ask yourself are you clinging too much to negative events, experiences and ominous. If you are tethered to your higher conscious you shall be able to feel your way to success.  Productivity and feeling good factor on a daily basis to create a better tomorrow. It is an opportunity to heal in matters close to your heart, home and family matters, anything that seems to connected to your foundation.

SCORPIO  Matters of Love has a transformative phase. As you shall be able to feel your way through to the desired destination. Be tethered to the subtle messages of your subconscious.  Follow your heart in matters of career, be inventive. Your thinking pattern is up for a review and your communication to the outside world too. See how aligned they are or how are they blocking your way to the desired destiny.

SAGITTARIUS  You shall feel the internal push in matters of love, creating a better situation in your professional realms, passionate projects and relationships. Follow your heart, listen your intuition that sooner or later you shall reach the destination. The concept of value has a large role,  income realms and valuable relationships, if fulfilling you would stick by, if not you are ready to let go.

CAPRICORN  Strength to accomplish things will embrace you this week. Clarity arrives and pieces of puzzle start fitting in gradually. You have gone  through a transformative period of life and now the path ahead looks crystal clear in every matter. Relationships are to change in desired way or you would have the knowledge to cultivate harmony. Allow yourself to function out of your comfort zone. You shall get the hunch you are back on your track. Navigate well from here.

AQUARIUS  Allow yourself to dream, create and come out of the painful experiences you had. Know that ‘feeling good’ at all time is the fuel needed to accomplish productivity at each time. You may feel the need for private space and a nudge from your subconscious to let your mind and body recuperate from the painful, disrupting experiences. Spiritualism and alignment to the higher consciousness nudges you that the balance of body and mind is  most important for success.

PISCES  Balance is the key when situations are alien or difficult.  You will have the energy and motivation to bring harmony in your home life, important relationships and career realms. Social connections and your approach to the outside world is up for a review. You shall wish to be more giving to others, collaborate for success and that connections are important for balance.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  Week to rejoice when almost everything that you were feeling stuck into would start falling into place. You shall see strained relationships showing signs of improvement. Work projects, Career matters which had been showing no growth with now take  forward movement. All that you need to do is to Believe that good things come to people who wait for those.

TAURUS  Things in the career realms start moving forward. Work projects and other financial endeavors which had been stuck in a loop will show positive signs of progress. You shall feel the positive vibes. The importance of a holistic lifestyle is underscored here. Make a plan to move forward the projects or plans you have. Relationship issues if any shall  remain harmonious for most of the time.

GEMINI  After all these past weeks of self reflection, emotional turbulence and sense of insecurities, you shall see a green light to finally proceed forward. Group projects and partnership endeavors shall show improvement . You shall be able to get good response from people. Also this week is a nudge to balance your emotional needs and to try to achieve a work life balance.

CANCER Forward movement in career realms. You shall be able to convince and impress some people  with your skills.  This is also a better week , when you shall feel lot of release from anxieties and strange emotional waves. If you had been contemplating some new project or endeavor this is a good week to complete the last Rain check phase. Immense change  is lined up for you.

LEO  This week a lot is in store for you in the realms of Love, intimate bonds, relationships, basically the concept of interdependency.  You shall be able to realize and feel certain important points which shall help you in future while dealing in the matters of Love. You are required to take charge of your life rather than delving. Career matters and  work projects move forward.

VIRGO Let go what is not serving you anymore  as reality nudges you to take action towards what you desire. A romantic relationship or a relationship which Is not based on equal give and take may all go through a reality check. You shall also get the energy and courage to be assertive and express in words rather than expected to be understood.  Matters of Money  and work move forward.

LIBRA   You shall be able to make a good progress in your long term goals, higher learning and ambitious goals. Small hurdles are there but you shall have the energy and emotional strength to cross those to be on the path of progress. Matters of career, long term partnerships, emotional bonds show signs of improvement and energy. It shall be a get go in things that made you feel stuck.

SCORPIO  Your romantic world and creative self expression in intimate bonds, work or career pursuits or your emotional expression is going to have a reality check. It will be a nudge when you understand the importance of working without limitations , inhibitions and apprehensions. You shall have immense energy and willingness to improve your daily work, health care and productivity.

SAGITTARIUS  Matters of Love and relationships shows signs of improvement. You shall be pursuant to joy and pleasure seeking ways. If things had been stuck in the relationship department, improvement can be felt. Passionate Projects and creative expressions shows positivity. You shall feel a surge of good vibes which reflects in your work area of any other area where you had felt stuck into.

CAPRICORN  Let your past experiences be the ones which guides you this week. Projects stuck in the past may show signs of improvement and progress. Approach matters of work with emotional guidance from your intuition to get the best results. You are fired up regarding family matters, Home related projects. Your passionate endeavors and projects also shows remarkable progress.

AQUARIUS  If you felt stuck in the area of love, you shall see some improvement. If creative endeavors, and your self expression was restricted you shall have the positive energies this week. You shall be able to think more freely, passionately and in alternatives. Learning, research regarding a particular passionate endeavor will bring good results too. You shall feel the nudge to do more, dig more.

PISCES  You shall begin a journey of reality check around your own brand and public image. Your own thought process will go through rational lens bringing in sense of clarity. Money making endeavors shall show signs of improvement. Your financial area will now benefit from logical approach and forward movement energies of this week. You are bolder and stronger.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  This week nudges you to look into work and life balance. Relationships for the center of your thoughts, memories, reunion to long lost friends and family members possible. You may wish to foster warm bonds around you. The week brings plenty of energy into career realms an accomplishments. However with some fierce energies you could tend to get into tiff with some important people.

TAURUS  You are entering a week for complete transformation of Head and Heart balance, transformation of your thought processes and approach towards the world. The week shall take you down the memory lane, poking you to reconnect with some dear friends, family, enquiring about their well being. Communication can get skewed at times, but patient energies are also  available

GEMINI  Revise your policies around Income, Monetary security and steps towards creating value, of things important to you. The week has introspective energies and a chance to rework your working and thinking patterns. It is a week inviting you to change and alter patterns that shall be for your highest good in near future. Communication can get intense at times, emotions heightened.

CANCER A week of introspection and review of your individual self. Your past actions, patterns, conduct vis a vis how you want to operate in the next phase of life. There could be immense energies and motivation towards getting your world sorted, of what is working or not. Conflicted energies could at times put you in loggerheads, make sure you manifest the right thing. Be calm and clear.

LEO  A Big week for you for soul searching, meditate, find out what you learnt in the process till now and where can you modify or renew. You may be more private than usual, take time off if needed. The week pokes you hard at times to begin your inward journey go through your thinking patterns. It is also a powerful week to strategize your next phase of life in all areas that is needed.

VIRGO Your social circle and patterns how you connects with people is under review this week. Possibilities of reconnection with long lost people is possible. It is also a time to connect to your higher consciousness and take up Learning, Meditative practices or even plans that you swept under the carpet. Try to keep your objectives and goals in Mind, as your routine could get interrupted.

LIBRA  Allow yourself to follow your intuition and what heart feels right. It is a week to strengthen your bonds, show kindness to all those you care, without keeping any expectation, as giving will give u peace. Career has lot of focus this week. You shall find a lot of motivation and energy to push your goals. There could be hiccups too but you are not the one to delve or worry.

SCORPIO  You would like to tune into your higher consciousness and perhaps take interest in spiritualism, figuring out purpose of your  Life, taking up a learning program which is aligned to your highest objectives of career and life. This week nudges you to review your long term goals, how are you aligned to your life purpose. It is time to slow down and review your present situation.

SAGITTARIUS  The week invited you to look deeper and trace the source of your unhappiness or discomfort of any kind,  of an intimate bond or even your financial dependency. Issues which are making you riled up at a deeper level can surface, but healing energies are also available. You shall be a renewed version once you go through this phase of transformation.

CAPRICORN  Long term personal and professional connections are under review, also the same is in a zone potent to create spiteful conditions due to inner irritability growing inside of you. The week has balancing energies as well in areas of Love, partnership and financial projects. Look to create a balance in all areas of life, pull back when needed, act only with a motive to protect what you already got.

AQUARIUS  Daily routine and healthcare regime is under review as the week nudges you to take these things more seriously for a better future. Donot ignore your mental health and a Productive, wholesome, satisfying Daily Lifestyle to ensure productivity, Maintenance of your self. Operate with an intention to let go off Habits that no longer serve you and adopting practices that are needed. Find out how you can make your life smoother, by attending to  the small  finer details.

PISCES  Perhaps you may need to work hard to keep your romantic, spontaneity and creative thoughts flowing. This week also nudges to look into your creative self expression, of how much have you let your inner child to operate. Follow your heart, try to infuse love and romance into an intimate relationship. Approach Love with a new perspective. Follow your heart and let go off the past pains.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  Much Focus is on Career and your Public Image.  Follow your intuition and take steady steps, as this week has transformative energies Lined up in this area. Perhaps old patterns need relook and some readjustments in your approach is necessary, things which had been appearing as hunches. Allow yourself to take break in between to get attuned to your higher consciousness for steps ahead.

TAURUS  Passionate creative Projects, has got the cosmic support this week. Take a Leap of faith as you have immense grounding energies and motivation towards an area you had been contemplating. You shall be inspired towards humanitarian and spiritual purposes aligned to your higher consciousness. You shall be able to vibe well this week , with others, much of which seems to be caught in a storm in recent past.

GEMINI  You shall feel the nudge to take big bold steps towards a collaborative project.  Your social circle has many contributions in future towards your goals. Work towards building a support group, and build long lasting Friendships or perhaps love too. You are motivated towards self improvement, learning, self care. Amidst a work or career situation, which may be ailing at this period, you still have chance to create a better long term solid Foundation in a new way.

CANCER You shall be able to improve your relationships, by initiating deeper one to one communications. Issues in partnerships can be traced to origin and a chance to rectify is there available. You shall be inspired with future possibilities of work, life and passionate endeavors. It is a good time to commit to a learning program or process and explore new ideas. Be inventive.

LEO  Socializing and networking this week shall be enriching, inspiring and Joyful. Allow your preconceived notions about partnership and let yourself embrace new possibilities. It is a god time to find love or approach someone you desire. You shall find plenty of strength and positivity to pursue work and career goals. Look forward , let go off baggage, as there are better things lined up for you, if you just try.

VIRGO You wish to chase what gives you Joy, meaningful Friendships, committed relationships. Your creative Mojo will be high, allow yourself to let go off control or tendency to follow a pattern, rather make it interesting to keep yourself interested.. Self Care Routine and Improvement is your agenda. You are able to be productive. Day to day work may be at times caught in storm due to emotional issues or distractions.– 

LIBRA  This week you may be caught in between your own thoughts, there could be a imbalance of what you desire, what you express and what you actually feel. Your desire for freedom, adventure and free spirited is pushed by the universe. Relationships may be caught in this turmoil. Give some time to let thoughts settle down in your mind. Channelize your energies to learning.\

SCORPIO  Your need for privacy to process your thoughts regarding key areas of life could be felt. However the communication from the outside world, relationships and your expressions could need your emotional maturity. Matters of Love will find your will power to move towards an ideal situation or you would be eager to give love a chance. Find out what is your ideal relationship and what can you change to make Love less challenging.

SAGITTARIUS  As you wade through the waters of intense emotions, this week has abundance of positive energies and will to push things ahead in money making realms. You shall have heartfelt emotional conversations, the kind that shall give you peace and comfort. Relationships issues can approached at this time  by initiating deep one to one conversations.

CAPRICORN  This week has energies to make you get restless towards achieving certain goals in career or work life however the need of the hour is to stay attuned to your intuition and take each step with patience. Collaboration and exchange of ideas shall be inspiring. Be open to new possibilities, corrections  and modification in whatever you are at.  Love and relationship matters need your ability to adjust the other person’s point of view and feelings.

AQUARIUS  You are attuned to your emotions and intuitions, as hunches show you the way towards creative freedom, love matters . Inventive energies shall be available. The shift in energies are hard to ignore after the period of introspection you went through in recent times. Your endowed skills could  be implemented, perhaps, towards making money or a full time career even. Trust your intuition, function from a place of possibilities, but put structure to your thoughts.

PISCES  You shall feel the resting and nesting energies more this week. Take it easy if you need to rather than pushing yourself off limits in other matters.  Allow yourself to visualize. Your humanitarian and compassionate vibes are heightened this week. Use this time to imagine your next course of action in all areas of life. Your intuition is on higher side, this week, which guides you further. Your emotional world may benefit from this energies of the week. 

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  You are invited to open up, emotionally and without apprehensions to your loved ones, friends and family. This week you shall feel the pull from different directions, to explore, and leave your comfort zone, yet not loosing your peace and identity. Follow your intuition as those are powerful this week. Let them be the guiding force towards bringing that change, which you are craving for.

TAURUS  This week nudges you to look at those skills and passionate projects which you  enjoy and align them with your money making zone. Communication is supported. You may need to look into a close connection or a heart mate. It is a week for change at a deeper level, regarding matters of financial independence. It is also time to look seriously into your intimate relationships or a heart mate.

GEMINI  You shall be buoyant, confident and inspired towards your personal goals. You may feel the nudge to express your emotions and love towards someone or to those whom you care for. It is a week to look into equal reciprocity in your closest connections and let go off where you feel not being received well. It is a powerful week to Get clarity, and decide on a path you want to travel.

CANCER Face your fears, let go off hurtful experiences, insecurities and move towards positivity, inspiration this week. You are nudged to look into your daily work and productivity including health matters. Be delicate and calm in handling relationship matters. This  which has realizations, insights, information and chances of communication derailment. Find your emotional center.

LEO It is a week to network, communicate, and build your social circle. You shall wish to socialize, re-establish the connections and motivated to operate out of your comfort zone. This week nudges you to look into matters of Love, intimacy, creative expression and passionate projects which are in the back burner. Strive for a balance in all areas of life.

VIRGO This is a week for creative abundance, financial rewards and forward movement towards life goals. You shall feel being in the receiving end of love and appreciation. Make sure you send some kindness across to others too. It is a powerful week to look into balance in your personal and professional life. A family matter may need your attention. Strive for stronger foundation in things.

LIBRA  This is a positive and inspiring week. You are able to see light at the end of the tunnel in matters of creative expression, personal goals and passionate projects. It is a powerful week to analyze how you express and connect yourself to the world, your communication and thought process. There is a strong undercurrent to change things wherever they need to be.

SCORPIO  You want to express , love and emotions to someone special or a dear friend. You are willing to rework on your closest connections and change things from underneath. It is a powerful week to reconsider and realign the financial area and your earning source, to achieve a satisfying life ahead, also future security. It is a week to think around everything that you value most.

SAGITTARIUS  You are being nudged to look at how you connect with the outside world, how you are received by others, and how you want to position yourself for your greater good. It is a week to draw boundaries and also to look how you love yourself, and how you wish to be loved by someone. Health and self care to be included now.

CAPRICORN  This is a week which nudges you to slow down your speed, reach to your subconscious, review your goals and action plan, so as to begin with fresh energies. Past was full of self realization, information and new ideas and all these need to be aligned for your greater purpose of life. You shall be able to express yourself and position your image in a much enlightening, positive way further.

AQUARIUS  This week nudges you to rethink how you position yourself to outside world, your networking and socializing efforts, creative self expression and how you merge these areas towards enhancing your value and Income, also your future security. There are many realizations, and insights lined up for you. Find yourself, and realign your principles and plans for a better brand positioning of self. It is a week to achieve head and heart balance.

PISCES  It is a week to look into career goals and your perceptive image in the outside world. You are nudged to review if your career goals are in alignment to your personal goals. If you feel something needs change, this is a good week to pledge yourself to create that. It is a good week to improve your relationships and allow love to enter your life and remain. Relationships are harmonious

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  The focus this week is on having emotionally fulfilling relationships and creating a work life balance to bring harmony and alignment of your mind, expressions, health and spiritualism. You will be focused more on your family and loved ones, and would work towards securing their future. This is a better week. Find your own internal balance which eludes you a times.

TAURUS  Your adventurous streak and need for independence may push you towards game changing actions. However need for alignment of work and life must be kept in mind. Your mind is busy brainstorming, make sure you are not overworked or overlook some details. You  want to have a new routine which fulfills you in everyway. Your Mental realms are busy make sure your loved ones are not ignored in the process.

GEMINI  Bottled up emotions and expressions may put you in a frustration zone, try some rejuvenating techniques and ways to Love yourself more. This week you shall feel the seriousness in air in relationships or within your social circle. It is time to be less spontaneous and take a more grounded approach towards life. Try to brainstorm ideas and discuss your thoughts in a adult way, pertaining to  work or in love.

CANCER You want to collaborate and express your ideas in what-ever shape or form and willing to gather information and advices. You shall be able to bring out those plans put in the back burner and push them ahead. Newer approach in communication will help you bond well with others and a heart mate. Let go off the weight of emotions and hurts that is pinning you down.

LEO You will be able to pick yourself up from the endless cycle of self limiting, emotional patterns and being always the one in the receiving end. Allow yourself to process those thoughts once and derive the lessons you learnt from those experiences. You shall be inspired to bring a fresh perspective and courageous way to change career and your income source  to your benefit.

VIRGO Communication and Thinking process has a lot of focus this week. You shall be more sociable, Communicative and will be well received by people. You shall be inspired to drive your projects keeping the larger community in Mind. This week you will feel the inner nudge to try something new and  be bold to try an idea. Relationships are cordial but element of surprise will be there.

LIBRA  You are a go getter this week and ready to operate out of your comfort zone. You shall feel motivated to try something new and daring in your career zone. Communicating your ideas will help you to push your goals ahead. You are Courageous in matters of Love too and will like to add spontaneity in existing connections. You want to be heard and known, now.

SCORPIO  You are courageous this week in all matters, be it communicating your ideas and opinions to a higher up  or trying a new course, recipe, exploring a new option or even take up a new adventurous Objective. You are pushed to operate out of your comfort zone. Spontaneity and open communication will help in matters of love and relationship. However try not to be bashful.

SAGITTARIUS  You wish to operate out of confinement of your own thoughts particularly in area of relationship, which makes you open up more to speak for yourself and express your feelings in a courageous way. Your adventurous self wants to go out and explore new things and travel, try to channelize those energies in doable ways in the given situation of the world.

CAPRICORN  You shall be driven  and motivated to cross each milestone faster. You are nudged to be more assertive, authentic and expressive with your ideas to others, in order to enter into result oriented collaborations. Nothing seems to stop your process now towards growth. Your detailed oriented planning and courage will now be successful with those who matter.

AQUARIUS  You have will power at your disposal this week to change your outlook, daily work and even take up that ignored health care regime. You want to be productive with each given day and inch towards success. It is a busy week for you. Communicate your thoughts and technologically adept to present times to charm the kind of audience you need.  You want to up your learning curve now.

PISCES  You donot want to hold back your truth,  feelings,  desires and let them known to a loved one or a someone who matter. You shall be courageous and communicative. This week allow your inner child to play, and pursue creativity and bring inventive ways to pursue your dreams. Look for ways that gives you fulfillment in matters of Career. Be creatively inspired and stop at nothing.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  Your life is going to be busy for some time ahead as communication and correspondence increases in many areas of your life. Allow yourself some break to bet in touch with your real self. You are allowed to express all that you are holding back, the pains, ideas, and even brainstorming sessions with others. Your mental realms need peace and quiet times, make some time for that.

TAURUS  The concept of value is highlighted this week and ahead. You are focused on finances and the process you would like to create material security in future. The issues are also highlighted and you are ready to think about it seriously. It is an opportune period to research, brainstorm, discuss and take advice, as you would find yourself laying down a concrete plan for future.

GEMINI  It is a week to shine. You shall find the spotlight on you in many areas of life. Your self esteem and matters of self worth is highlighted. You are willing to communicate your thoughts and also be heard by those who matter. Confidence shall be available to take a stand and voice your opinion in a lucid manner. It is also an opportune week to reflect on thoughts & Plans, also to take action 

CANCER Over this week and further you shall be more than ready to reflect on your hidden dreams, subconscious and spiritual alignment to balance your life. You shall feel more private as the hidden insecurities surface. It is a good time to research, do the home work for all that you wish to display at a later time. It is a time for healing an bringing back the emotional stability which eluded you.

LEO  This week you shall feel the desire to make meaningful friendships and social connections and allows you to open up to the world. You shall be able to convert your desires, past pains and dreams to put them in the implementation process in a physical sense. You shall be motivated to remove the wrenches thrown in the way of  a peaceful more balanced life.

VIRGO Career  is blessed this week and further. You shall be able to gain accolades for your skill and talent by those who matter. Try to Visualize your growth path and find smart moves to reach there without being burnt out in the process. Relationships and Love matters are stable. Need for work and life balance, inclusion of self care, moderation. Be less resistant more flexible to changes

LIBRA  This week allows you to seek, knowledge and to allow your actions to be guided by your heart,  aligned to your higher consciousness. It is a time for mental expansion, exploration and research. Let yourself out of your comfort zones and shed all your preconceived concepts. Love  and relationships are blessed should you operate from a place of least resistance and follow heart.

SCORPIO  You shall be drawn towards a phase of transformation within self and with your heart mate. It is an opportune week and ahead, to connect at a deeper level with someone you love and also to discuss issues which could be an hindrance in the connection. Financial matters  are also highlighted. Your hard work and clear intention will be paid off in these matters.

SAGITTARIUS You are nudged to exercise emotional maturity, internal power to cultivate long term relationships, personal or professional, grow them to withstand the test of time. Any issues acting as an hindrance is also highlights or brought to discuss. Set the intention to bring an emotional balance and equal reciprocity within key partnerships.   

CAPRICORN  You shall be willing to amp up your daily health and self pampering routine. You shall be able to be productive this week, also to schedule, organize and bring about a sense of routine in daily work. Work had a favorable week as you are more than able to express your thoughts, ideas eloquently to the outside world. You shall feel excited and  satisfied with being busy  with your daily work.

AQUARIUS  You are nudged to function from a  place of least resistance towards what shall give you joy, this includes, matters of Love, Passionate endeavors, Projects which are close to your heart. It is a good week for creative professionals. The stress of past , seems to lessen  and you shall be in a more joyous mood. You are also very eloquent, intelligent this week. Pursue what gives you a sense of fulfillment, be your own muse.

PISCES  You shall be able to express yourself more eloquently than before to your loved ones in the family. The issues in family are highlighted this week and you shall be able to voice your opinion, without the fear of facing any resistance. It is a supportive period to do healing some in domestic matters which you had chosen to keep quiet about. Create a stronger foundation in matters important.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  You shall feel more in control of your emotions and compassionate towards others, and would like to focus on fulfilling, steady connections. It is a productive week and  you would be motivated to work over time to accomplish your goals. Make sure to take ample break in between to replenish your spiritual and emotional batteries. Achieve for balance in all your actions.

TAURUS  You would be more reflective of the experiences and new inspirations that you had gained recently. Your mind is more explorative and would like to gather information, research and  to push your learning process. Your appetite for mental expansion and adventure has a healthy push from the universe. Further your money making ideas and future goals by holding brainstorming sessions.

GEMINI  You can heal your emotional wounds and relationships this week, by being wise, and with spiritual alignment. Ability to achieve emotional balance will only put you on a firmer foothold. You would want to step up for yourself, speak up your mind and express those thoughts which you had been holding on. It is about time to work on your unique position in the world. Work on self.

CAPRICORN  Your focus this week is to make each day productive, accomplish the discipline which you appreciate, including health and self care routine. Paying attention to details in professional journey, career decisions or even how you conduct yourself on a day to day basis will only take you so far. Inner peace is important. You shall be motivated this week to push forward your ambitions

AQUARIUS  You are attuned to your emotions, personal limitations which keeps you from achieving your goals, allowing this to be a enlightening soul search period. You are required to gain more Mental strength, Logic, clarity and emotional control at the same time making your efforts be passionate towards career  and monetary security. It is a healing opportunity you receive this week.

PISCES  You Shall have abundant emotional control and enthusiasm towards organic growth. You shall be able to take greater care of your physical and emotional body. You would be inspired to pursue your goals passionately and creatively. Any loose ends in your home life, you shall be able to tie , to a lot extend, If you are emotionally centered and Wise.

CANCER You shall be able to draw many insights and inner guidance to align your actions, reset your approach and how you connect with others, to gain more respect and love. Spiritual Alignment and balance of mind is required to process those thoughts. You would like to bring a sense of equal reciprocity within your connections, near or far.

LEO This week you may feel like disconnecting from the world to introspect your thoughts , Goals and review the patterns of  your relationships. You shall be able to connect with others, making your collaborative projects successful. Strive for emotional and physical well being and routine. Bring Back the focus on how your express yourself to the world and how you collaborate.

VIRGO This week focuses on your forward thinking abilities and supports research, learning, honing some skills, finding new avenues, alternatives and hence an explorative Mind. Let go of apprehensions and feeling of insecurities. Key Partnerships are in focus and how you work together in your personal world and professional realms. Address any issues rather than avoiding those.

LIBRA  It is a period of introspecting your self expression, how you display your thoughts with  a loved one, or even follow your passions. You are nudged to gain Head and Heart balance. Give attention to self care, holistic routine, and also avoid obsessive thoughts or behavior. Have an open explorative mind where free thinking evolve.

SCORPIO  Be more forthcoming in addressing issues than surrendering to assumptions and unclear thinking. Review how you connect and communicate with others, and what lessons you learnt in the area of self expression. Relationships and matters of love is in a review phase. This week you shall see improvement, if you allow yourself for creative expression.

SAGITTARIUS It is a powerful week to focus on organic growth in all areas of life A review around how you secure your finances, and approach the money making area is required and more expansive thoughts are invited. You are required to approach with wisdom. Social circle, Releases some stress and provides you comfort this week, along with inspiration.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  Your desire to make it big, to secure income doesn’t go down, but you have a tempering of composure this week. It is a favorable week for matters of love , intimacy, and also setting some financial goals.  There can be some opportunities around you, be observant. It is also a powerful week for reflection, evaluation , manifesting goals and decision making

TAURUS  You have power, direction and internal strength to race towards your ambitions. You would feel ability to tackle each task with elegance. Relationships are cordial, to grow further consistent efforts and being attuned to the emotions of another is needed. Period of mental expansion learning program and honing a skill  will further bolster your efforts. You are adventurous and explorative this time.

GEMINI You shall be able to find that internal balance this week, and function in an emotionally satisfying way.  This had been an intensely introspective period for you, and you may come across many insights. A balance in daily chores, soul, Health  and a satisfying career, is what you wish for. It is a transformative period for you in all areas of your life, be it love & intimacy, relationships and career 

CANCER  This week nudges you to embrace your inner child and do what makes you feel fulfilled. Creative thinking is only possible from a place of less anxiety and less rigidity. Inspiration can be from around you, it need not be so touch. Simpler approach and steps create wonders for income, career goals and most importantly for your emotional world. Networking is a must for everything now

LEO  It is a period to review and reset what is not working for you and adopt a new approach, however exceptional that may be. Future Goals are important now  it is a week to take charge and leave the comfort zone. Be courageous to bring up important matters and take action. Manifesting your desires and dreams needs a strong core, emotional balance, and clarity. Reflect on lessons learnt.

VIRGO Shed the usual habit of tied down to Rules and Rigidity, embrace the inner child, have a faith on your instincts, capabilities, take a chance at times in matters of  career, income, New Endeavors. Be open to Ideas, as even the frail looking advice may hold huge insight . Bing Self Absorbed is not Selfish, you can be of service of others when you find your internal Balance.

LIBRA  If you have been engulfed in a sea of anxiety and felt being pulled to many directions, this is a time to ground yourself and review most important areas of your life with an objective approach. However Being light hearted and confident is a boon. Furthering your education and learning new skills will benefit. Time for a little mental expansion. Relationships are supported.

SCORPIO   Expressing your feelings to those who matters , in the exact same way you experience inside, will bring immense release and good results. Look objectively and do the needful for what needs to be done for emotional fulfillment. This is a week for reflection and getting emotionally anchored.  Further going ahead needs release the tight fist, being expressive and open.

SAGITTARIUS  You would need to restore your emotional balance this week  and need to listen to you body and Mind. Put yourself first and do things which helps in emotional restoration. Intimate and Only personal conversations may look appealing to you. Frivolity may not bring peace. Listen to your instincts regarding a creative endeavor connected to career. Think long term.

CAPRICORN  Releasing the need to “do it all alone” and embracing ideas, suggestions, teaming up will benefit this week. Be eager to learn a new skill or hone an existing skill for success. Matters of love and intimacy has a favorable week. You shall feel a sense of clarity regarding some passionate project or even a goal, for which you had been unsure for long.  Be flexible, be ready to experience

AQUARIUS  Working on foundation of key matters will give you a sense of relief and direction. Work on detailed step by step roadmap for future goals. Trust your instincts , to the ideas that arise, this week can be rewarding in career, towards creating an unique position in the competitive world. Being regretful of past mistakes must be done with. Time to embrace forward movement and plans.

PISCES  You want to communicate and open up to new opportunities. You are ready to express yourself more eloquently and authentically in areas, which you chose to bury down for a while. This week is favorable for creative projects, brainstorming, learning and expanding horizons. At times allow yourself to be carried away , to return with that mystical experience which you enjoy so much. 

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  You shall be able to step up your game in money making area and creating future security. If you are open to the big wide world, ready to collaborate and accept new ideas there are opportunities. You can dig in lot of insights and information in this period. Your career and social image efforts will receive boost from the cosmos. Use your mental brilliance and be ready to innovate.

TAURUS  You are on a path of self discovery and value emotional fulfillment in present scenario. Being independent and limitless appeals to you however daily tasks pin you down at times.  You can integrate your new found creativity and intelligent ideas in any area, can be regular work, to find fulfillment. Listen to your intuition what cosmos trying to tell you in this given situation of the world.

GEMINI Your imagination is limitless and this requires application this week.  You are working on projects not many are aware off. This is a perfect week for research, laying down a road map and milestones. Reach to your subconscious, reflect on your ideas related to career and future goals. You shall do much better if you are imaginative and explore more about self. Time for internal and external balance.

CANCER  There are opportunities if you collaborate. Joint Projects, brainstorming all opens up to new ideas and discovery. You shall feel the nurturing side of yours while dealing with others, this shall strengthen all your ties.  You have a wandering mind this week, adventure and spontaneity will appeal to you. Love and romance has a supportive week. It is fine to be less logical more imaginative at times.

LEO  You are known for your courage, and week requires the application of that trait. If you ready to leave the comfort zone and take the lead in professional matters, you can shine and receive appreciation. Be centered and open to love, although you had temporarily detached yourself from being vulnerable, it is by trusting only you can see chances of a new beginning.  Follow heart.

VIRGO This is a week full of optimism and mental expansion. You would be able to visualize big picture dreams and open yourself to higher learning, explorations and laying groundwork on future aligned to present. Reaching far and wide to new form of knowledge gathering, diversification. It is coming out of the comfort zone that will take you so far. You can get a boost in your social image.

LIBRA  This is a favorable week for love and intimacy. Relationships are harmonious with loved ones and social circle. However you may feel restricted in many ways in matters of expression, and exploration. You would aspire to be independent and not to limited within conventional ideas or boundaries. Have Faith on this process of self exploration, as you find new ways to showcase your skills.

SCORPIO  Communication has a strong theme this week for matters of personal or professional long terms associations. Creatively expressive your thoughts, speaking up your truth will bring ease and clarity. Your mind is intuitive and you are able to anticipate correctly about the events in this week. Collaborative projects will be successful. Be willing to team up, and to open to people.

SAGITTARIUS Growing your business and expansion or improvement of Career themes may be limiting right now. If you know well to explore alternatives and willing to navigate through these restricted times intelligently there are chances of furthering your interests successfully. You would desire more equal reciprocity and a need to be loved or desired may be felt. You may be healing this week.

CAPRICORN  Inability to successfully accomplish what you wish for may have put you in discomfort, specially in the current situation of the world. You are being nudged to embrace for playful easy going vibes and find out creative solutions instead of being feeling burdened. Matters of love and romance has a favorable week. Operate from a place of flexibility while dealing with any matter.

AQUARIUS  Your past, growing up principles and foundation has few lessons but that should not come in the way of creative expression. The present requires to  be ready to find alternative plans, diversification and embrace original ideas, hobbies. Once you operate from a place of freedom and release your painful experiences, you can find love and opportunities to grow in career.

PISCES  You would be yearning to communicate and express your feelings. Reaching to friends, distant relatives and soothing communication can be possible. There shall be also people reaching out to you.  You would wish emotional fulfillment and to invite love to your life.  If you are tied to a past painful event it is time to let it go. It is time for creative freedom, you can use it to create some opportunities.

Indrani – Tarot Reader