August 20, 2019
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ARIES:  The week ahead shall be full of determination and plenty of enthusiasm in professional endeavors. Being in touch with reality will provide you satisfaction. Over expectation from efforts should be kept in check. Keep moving forward and putting positive action. Relationships shall remain harmonious will your efforts and blessings of universe.

LUCKY DAYS : 18,20, 2

TAURUS: Week ahead shall be pleasant with a social events and invitations for many natives. Most of the week shall see pleasant bonding’s with friends, reunions or other group recreational activities. Most of you would want a refreshing change in your usual routine or goals.Overall the week shall be satisfying and fun filled for most natives.

LUCKY DAYS : 19, 23  

GEMINI: Healing of most important relationships for few. Harmonious interpersonal relationships is to be experienced in Home Life or Outside. Your past experiences has brought you an understanding of how you would like to shape your future. Do not hold on to pains or discomfort of past. Enjoy how your present is beautifully shaping up your future. Improvement in work area is seen. A little tiff may also arise towards the end which you can easily avoid.

CANCER: Most of the natives would strive to bring about a balance in their work and personal area. Realizations come naturally that a blaming destiny or issues would serve no assistance. Relationships with people and family members improve as you slowly achieve a state of balance, understanding and compassion. Positive outlook and productivity will be focus areas this week for most.


LEO: Connections with people become easy and expressions are fluid. interpersonal relationships and relationships with Loved ones will receive the blessings. Few natives may be able to connect a better bond with someone they care most Your confidence self will find it easy to take up any challenge or tackle any issue with ease. Professional area brightens and shows hope.

VIRGO: This week you have everything sorted in your mind. Your recent experiences has given you immense learning and maturity that success of any project or vision doesn’t require external assistance but your own wisdom and maturity to handle situations. An important relation will require your readiness to take a step up. As the week progresses natives will feel more determined and progressive towards their immediate goals. 


LIBRA:  It shall be a week of revaluation of your goals, desires, relationships and actions. Confidence boosts your morale and amps up the area of self improvement. Most native are now charging ahead with Financial and Work Plan Agendas. It shall be a productive weak for most natives. Health needs care and relationship will remain pleasant.

SCORPIO: An urge to change your emotional world rules your mind this week. There is a feeling of lack of equilibrium in both worlds be it professional or personal. Few natives may feel drained or unable to have time for their self care or healing. Most natives will focus now on bringing about changing aligned with their larger goals. One relationship in particular needs attention for most natives

SAGITTARIUS: Ability to share your deepest feelings to loved ones becomes easy to you this week. Most natives will feel no longer willing to hold on to their thoughts and expressions will find their way. Work area, and team projects, collaborative work will see upward movement due to your positive input and contribution. Do not hold yourself, be bold and say or do what you think is right.
LUCKY DAYS : 19. 20

CAPRICORN: Most Natives who have developed a feeling of not being unsuccessful or frustrated in a particular area of life, should wait for better days to come as your hard work will pay off soon. The time which you consider as lost are the ones in which you had learnt the most important lessons. Have patience and do not stop taking actions towards your larger goals. LUCKY DAYS : 18

AQUARIUS:  Work area shall receive necessary blessings. Collaborative work, team projects will be productive. Support is seen in your professional area. Enthusiastic and Productive energies will be felt by most natives. Connect with people, Reach out to people who can enlighten and contribute to your growth process. Relationship areas seems pleasant to most. Do not stop at anything.
LUCKY DAYS : 18, 20 

PISCES:  The week ahead will require you to accept reality that not every association will remain like that is. People come into our life , some choose to stay and some not. Moving On is what is life and accepting the same will infuse a positive and energetic mood into your week. You will also think about discipline, prioritizing as well as balance of personal and professional life.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES: Multiple opportunities in career or business. Bite as much as you can chew. Understand Practical steps are required along with plans. Personal Relationships may need to be infused with energy and excitement. Nurturing makes all relationships beautiful. Self care will also be in mind.

LUCKY DAYS: 15, 16, 17

TAURUS: Financially it would be a good time ahead. Your hard work and professionalism will pay you well this week in terms of respect and appreciation. Relationships area will be harmonious and allow you independence. People around you will be supportive.


GEMINI : There can be stress at work. Financial Stress of past may also have put a fear in mind. It is imperative to understand change is always possible, productive ways are always available if you keep aside past and focus on future with available options in present. Healing time for personal relationships, need to bring in a common ground to repair and reconnect will be ideal.


CANCER : Lack of Clear Communication or Judgmental temperament may derail relationship healing or bonding which most natives may already be experiencing. Hold pleasant  honest conversation in order to strengthen bonds. Be particular about your expenses so that donot over-exceed than your income. Professional area needs team work, healthy support among associates and team members and appreciation.


LEO : Many natives may be torn between security or adventure in terms of close relationships. A little restless energy is seen in personal bonds. Social bonding will be pleasant and uplift your mood. Professionally your vision may be on your future goals. Financial stability is now possible for many. Work area shall throw two choices or two paths.


VIRGO: Some Virgos may have to make decisions regarding future of a relation. You may let go off few people, and forge new mental bond with another. There is somehow a restructuring in your personal world .Coupled ones have importance financial discussions in line. Financially there is balancing and juggling act seen in the upcoming days. Reorganizing your finances and career shall rule the week.

LUCKY DAYS : 15, 16

LIBRA:  This week shall bring good news in the area of profession. There could be some new opportunities like job offer, new projects, thrown in by cosmos.  Work area shall see harmony.  Personal area will also be satisfactory and encouraging for many. There could be some social events also lined up for many. Overall a fine week.

LUCKY DAYS : 13, 14 

SCORPIO: Coupled ones will feel their is need to inject some fun back to the relationship. Single ones may need to take the chance and express to the person they desire. Alternatively  friendships and relationships in general will demand your attention in order to bring in energy and revive. Financially and career wise there are good opportunities and most natives will be in a happy place. Good time for further education if you are willing.

LUCKY DAYS : 12, 13 

SAGITTARIUS:  Adventure trip or a Road trip may be in mind. The week will have focus on communication demanding your attention from all directions. It shall be a fulfilling relationship week. Indication of bonds getting deeper. Financially it shall be a satisfying week and your work will see a steady upward movement.

LUCKY DAYS : 11, 12, 13

CAPRICORN: Many natives of this sign may realize that a balance is required in financial, professional goals , personal , self care is required to achieve their future milestones. Few may also consider learning a new trade or course to elevate the chances of higher productivity and hence earning. Relationships will be satisfying but requires nurturing too.

LUCKY DAYS : 13, 14, 15

AQUARIUS : Natives may feel stagnant or  uncertain about their career path. A lack of direction may keep you overthinking and feel moody at time. But Understand Nature takes it own course and let the events of your life unfold by itself. Continue working on your plans as earlier, as things will clearer with time. Financial anxieties will be for few natives. Relationship may feel lacking direction and a moment to step back and re-access is imperative. You also need to exempt yourself from discouraging people and negative relationships.

LUCKY DAYS : 11, 12, 13, 15, 16 

PISCES: Most natives would feel the need to take a break from the grind. New opportunities and New Job or projects are to appear. Financial abundance is seen. It is a good time for considering investments on new projects. New relationships are seen for few natives. Couple will see stability and abundance. Sense of excitement is seen in all areas for most natives.

LUCKY DAYS : 13, 14, 15

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES : If you keep considering your past failures or mistakes you would not be able to see the bright picture ahead this week has to offer. There is so much forward movement ahead in all areas of your life specially Romance, Love and relationships in general. Travel Is on cards for many natives. Work will see light of the week too, if you get time from your wonderful reverie that you will materialize now.

Good days: 5th


TAURUS:  It is week where you would feel and grow wiser in your personal world. You may feel like cutting clutter that invades your personal life at times. Spirituality, Self healing and working on self is on cards. This is a time to reflect on your thoughts and bring a equilibrium in both of your worlds outside and inside.

Good days: 8th


GEMINI  It is a week of forward movement though the first part of the week may see obstacles or roadblocks in communication temporarily. Must not reel over past miscommunications as now your ideas thoughts would be received well. The second part of the week is where the action begins as people are supportive of your ideas and endeavors.

Good days:  8TH, 10TH


CANCER  A positive forward moving week. Past pains or miscommunications will look distant. Close people in your life will now become receptive of your thoughts and you would feel being not ignored anymore. Relationships and health with receive blessings as you now are confident and determined, so is your professional area.

Good days: 6TH , 10TH


LEO  A forward moving week in which your hardwork, quick thinking and ability to collaborate will put momentum to your Larger Ideas of future. Relationships wlil be cordial  and partners will be supportive. It is a time to take the drivers seat of your Future bus. Evaluate, plan, Challenge and go big.

Good days: 4TH, 8TH  


VIRGO  This week is encouraging in many ways as your long terms plans and vision will now receive necessary boost. You now will see light and forward movement all your pursuits of life be it personal or professional. You would prefer making progress in silence. Emotional world will start showing signs of clarity and positive growth

Good days: 4TH , 6TH


LIBRA It is now a week of achieving clarity in all your relationships be it personal or even professional. Your intuition will show you the path ahead. Social invitations may increase and your confidence will soar. Work projects stalled will now inch towards fructition.

Good days: 6TH , 8TH  


SCORPIO  The first few days of the week may be daunting for few natives in the relationship area, understand same will settle down soon as you make peace and heal yourself with positivity. It is a week to bring clarity in your relationship and personal area and only you can do it. Work area will be blessed throughtout the week. You would be received well.

Good days: 5th , 9TH , 10TH


SAGITTARIUS   A positive week when your issues of past and dishevels of your life will slowly start reaching your desired direction only due to your confidence and wisdom. It is a bright week when you would realise that you have grown as a person. You would now strive for equilibrium in your personal and professional Life. You will grow stronger this week.

Good days: 8TH, 10TH


CAPRICORN  It is a week of internal growth. Listen to your hunches and tune in to your perceptive power and you would soon create balance in your most riled up world. Beginning of the week may remain frustrating for few natives however beautiful part of the remaining days of the week will put your wheels in forward motion.

Good days: 9th


AQUARIUS:  This is a week where your inner wisdom and far sightedness will and should rule your actions. The beginning week may see your hasty nature but keep your eyes on distant future and you would know  that focus is now on Creating a sound secure world, Protect what you have got and grow. You shall receive clarity in all areas of your life this week. It shall be an enlightening one.

Good days: 10TH

PISCES:  A week of forward movement and your past efforts will now reward you. You will now see the light of your future. Any turmoils are now things of past and your wheel is on forward motion Now. Relationships will blossom. It is a productive week, your efforts will bring colors you want. It is a blessed week.

Good days: 4th

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES : Much of the week will be focused on relationships and how to nurture them. You would need to shed your grey  areas of communication, which you have identified , and at times becomes a hindrance towards speaking authentically and speaking the language of love. Your most important relations would now receive the blessings.

LUCKY DAYS:  29, 31

TAURUS: This week shall throw the spotlight  opportunities in your work area. You would be able to think about limitless growth opportunities, should you try enough. Relationship will have that added dose of blessings and you may feel adventurous  too. There are  social events lined up or sudden trips too.

LUCKY DAYS: 29, 30, 31

GEMINI: Most of the natives would feel courageous to deal with issues of the past , head on. Solutions will come to lingering issues. Financial and professional goals will start moving forward and you would be able to discuss your ideas like a pro. Communication around Love will also be more easier and honest.

LUCKY DAYS: 29, 1, 2

CANCER:  After  stressful few weeks of chaos in your life you can now relax as your work , finance and relationship areas will grow in the positive direction. Your long held projects will now move forward, relationships will blossom as well. There is a need of balance in all these areas of your life and take decisions rationally keeping the larger picture in Mind.

LUCKY DAYS : 31, 2, 3

LEO:  The week shall have your communication around all sectors of your life in forward motion. There will be so much to do, that it becomes imperative for you to prioritize  your tasks in hand. You will receive many hunches and you would be an unstoppable force if you do things as planned.

LUCKY DAYS: 29, 30, 2

VIRGO: Most  natives will feel blessed this week as everything that you wanted to grow will actually do. Your projects , plans, relationships will all move forward in positive direction. You Social circle will expand largely and you can actually grow with a greater speed. Stalled projects and riled up relationships will now be blessed.

LUCKY DAYS: 31,1, 2

LIBRA : It shall be an easygoing week for most natives. There will be enough social events,  group activities. You would feel like a lot of stress is at times due to overthinking. There will be forward movement in financial area as well as stalled projects. Old Friends will bring happiness and Parties will be there for you to unwind.


SCORPIO: It is a week, much to your relief, most natives would feel being out of a spell. There had been issues around a relationship in particular which will move forward. Work area shall be satisfying and easy going henceforth. You will now be able to come back to your element and  start afresh in all matters that had earlier drained you. You will be determined now in your career goals.

LUCKY DAYS: 28, 29

SAGITTARIUS: Most of the natives will now be able to communicate easily. Your ideas around creative efforts in your work area will move forward now.Few natives may face issues when your ideas are unheard but soon everything will reach their necessary resolve. This week shall be satisfying if you keep your mind calm and operate logically.


CAPRICORN: Most of you would feel wiser and balanced regarding the actions to be taken in various areas of your life.All lines of communication with old friends or people who did not understand you prior, will open up now to your satisfaction. There will be occasional moments of discomfort when you need to connect or listen to someone whom you did not consider to.

LUCKY DAYS: 29, 30, 1

AQUARIUS: Most of the natives would feel lighthearted and jovial. You would finally gain confidence around few areas of your life which was earlier haunting you. You would communicate with others easily and would now like to participate in group activities. Your healthcare routine will now now get encouraged and you can now strike meaningful conversations with close people.


PISCES: Most natives will feel blessed and delightful surprises are in store. You would now like to grow systematically and methodically in all areas of your life be it professional goals or personal relationships. You would now like to take care of your well-being and overall outlook. Collaborative projects will receive a boost. It is a satisfying week for most.

LUCKY DAYS : 29, 30, 2


ARIES:   A celebratory week when you receive appreciations, many professional accomplishments and milestones met. Travel Plans materialize for many. Love and Romance is blessed for most natives. If work related few hurdles appear you would win them with ease
LUCKY DAYS : 21, 25, 26


TAURUS: Many natives would feel a little irritated  due to recent hostility received from few associates. Also Many would feel overwhelmed by the myriad of Ideas they are receiving from the  universe as hunches towards fulfilling their life vision. Some may be tired of  excessive networking. It would be a nice to go to nature or take a break from all those overthinking.

LUCKY DAYS  24, 26 


GEMINI : Most natives would feel excited about life and fresh plans. Natives would feel easy to express their thoughts and connect with people. You would be able to finally be more bold and shine better at Work Place. You are getting better this week.

LUCKY DAYS  25, 26 


CANCER : It is a positive week around finances and work place. Your Personal life will slowly blossom yet amidst few issues which you would chose to ignore for time being. Past may surface in several forms. Old Lovers or friends may remember you or alternatively.


LEO: It is a harmonious week for most of leo natives. You would appear as strong and bold. The cosmos blesses you with bright ideas and opportunities to blossom. This week will also call upon for you to bring humility, positivity and leave behind those flaws which you were considering from some time now.

LUCKY DAYS   : 21 


VIRGO: Virgo Natives may feel stressed by the growing demand coming in from various people. You would feel like your own vision of progress has been compromised. Spiritually a bright week as well romance and partnership sector receives many blessings from the cosmos. The week shall remain harmonious though as your mind would be focused on your goals.

LUCKY DAYS  21, 22 


LIBRA : It will be a bright week for many natives. You are blessed and would receive support from people around you. A short trip may materialise for few natives. Almost most of the native feel courageous enough to try their luck in long held dreams and projects. You are at your expressive best.

LUCKY DAYS   21, 22, 23, 24 


SCORPIO: This is a bright week, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. Most natives will find themselves in a happy place. Romance and relationships in general will receive blessings. Many natives will get clarity in matters of heart. Career Goals will receive blessings and you would be at your creative best.

LUCKY DAYS  : 24, 25, 26 


SAGITTARIUS :   This is a week when you would discover  a new version of yourself. Your perspective around several areas of your life may change entirely.There would several thoughts around finances and how to balance. Most natives would feel confident towards romance and relationships. You are evolving this week.

LUCKY DAYS  22, 23, 26 


CAPRICORN: It  will be a positive week for many natives. Finally you would feel sorted in areas of personal and financial goals or at least you would see light. You will be able to connect with people and receive ideas attuned to your professional goals. Romance would be blessed.

LUCKY DAYS  21, 24, 25 


AQUARIUS: It is an inspiring week for most natives as you would now be at a decisive period of your life be it relationship, spiritual or future goals. You are now gaining clarity about several things which were concerns of the past. Coupled will feel blessed and singles may meet someone new.

LUCKY DAYS  21, 23, 24 

PISCES: This week will be a hectic week for most natives. The long held dreams of yours would now demand your action and hard work. You would feel energetic and confident as well. At times you may feel disconnected with your partner however very quickly all confusions/dust will be settled. It is a harmonious week and positive too.

LUCKY DAYS  21, 24, 25 

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES:  Balance is required in personal and work life. Both the sector are blossoming . Your are shining bright in work life however towards of mid of month you may feel that few relationships and issues needs your attention and resolve. Your perspective and your approach needs to be balanced.LUCKY DAYS : 19, 20


TAURUS: Your mind is all riled up and now almost desperate to resolve certain issues which has been disturbing your peace for quiet some time now. You also have solutions and some plans ahead but knowing when the time is right is of utmost importance. Donot act in haste. Donot hurry or push anything against time.LUCKY DAYS: 14


GEMINI It will be a calmer and easy going week this time. Much of your struggles or issues may seem to be moving towards necessary resolve. You may feel like being able to ultimately be assertive about your feelings and desires. Work Area also shall now slowly start getting towards a peaceful journey.
LUCKY DAYS : 14, 15, 16


CANCER : This week may be chaotic with mind occupied with relationship thoughts and professional issues. You may feel at times restless, anxious or even defeated at times. Towards end of week your relationship issues may seen to calm down and your professional area may still need lot of your calm and logical attention. Maintain your mental Balance 
LUCKY DAYS 15, 16, 19


LEO : Natives may feel a bit on the edge at times or like giving up at times when you may not achieve desired results or destinations seems a little far. But understand if you stay Afloat and keep maintaining your pace and track you would really reach your destination. Employ your full potential and use your logical prowess and you are an unstoppable force.
LUCKY DAYS:  14, 16, 17, 18, 19


VIRGO : This week you may find amidst lot of people and their problems. Also your closest relationships too demand your compassionate attention. You are at your networking best and it is also a time to have some fun and enjoy a fun outing or relaxation. Keep yourself calm so that you can handle all these spotlight. Speak with compassion and love.  LUCKY DAYS: 14, 15, 16, 19, 20


LIBRA : This is a week when you need to keep your emotions under control and your strength stamina needs to employed to its full potential. You have everything that you need to reach that goal which you dream of. You can realise everything with a sharp mind, agile body and mental strength. It is a powerful week.
LUCKY DAYS : 14, 16, 17, 18, 19


SCORPIO : Many natives may feel disoriented and gloomy. Also you may feel neglected by few people or Lonely. Past Baggage may disturb you. You need to connect with some trusted confidant and express yourself to your hearts content. Also focus on your goals and start doing things which you wanted. Understand your future is more important than your past. Present happiness is of utmost importance than all.
LUCKY DAYS : 16, 17, 19, 20


SAGITTARIUS: Many natives may feel they are torn between issues now. Understand escaping is no solution and you need to address this issues which you had been avoiding from a long time now. It demands action and resolve. You need to express your desires, doubts and feelings to with utmost authenticity and honesty.. You also need to express your expectations too.


CAPRICORN: Many natives may find themselves in a deadlock from where they can only come out with a solution or addressing important issues of life that had been hovering from time to time. It can be an emotional roller coaster ride this week but know that by the end of the week you would see everything clearly and all will have to fall into their necessary places.LUCKY DAYS : 14, 16, 17, 18, 19


AQUARIUS : Many natives may feel like connecting to people with compassion help and support. You may feel happy and harmonious at heart. Also Spirituality is rising in your mind and you now understand your role. Your mind is moving towards your self care, healing , beauty of self as you finally are able to see a bright light ahead. You will slowly forget your past stress.
LUCKY DAYS : 15, 16, 19, 20


PISCES : This week will offer enough moments to lose your mind or become restless or nervous or even confused. However know that  all is in your hands and your decisiveness of how to solve and change every situation to your ease. Destiny is throwing enough opportunities for you to reachout to people projects and with a calm and clear mind only you can reach out to them. Relation should be handled tenderly.
LUCKY DAYS : 17, 18, 19

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES: Over expenditure on Novelties may cause financial imbalance. There could be a possible confrontation however which can be avoided easily. At times you may feel an imbalance in personal and professional life. Overall it is a fine week for you.

TAURUS: Old Flames may surface alternatively there could be sudden expressions of love. Avoid acting on impulse when you reach a unwelcoming situation. Connections with friends will be overwhelming.

GEMINI : You may feel energetic and innovative with new ideas around your skillsets. You will be able to connect with your close ones in a peaceful way. There will be encouragement.

CANCER Relationships will be stressed this week with partners.  There could be possible struggle with business allies as well. The best is to speak honestly. Speak only when it is necessary and not take major impulsive decisions.

LEO: A lot of upheavals and confrontations may arise in relationships this week. Choose your words wisely and compassionately. Professional are would receive encouragement. Relationships issues will start getting sorted towards the end of the week.

VIRGO  Relationships may seem insecure and shaky. There could be outbursts if you donot stay calm. Few relations may get rattled due to impulsive. Best is to keep silence this week and wait for favorable time to deal with major decisions. Collaborating with the like minded will prove beneficial.

SCORPIO Relationships may look harmonious largely if you donot underplay your partners opinions. Most of the week there would be harmony within relationships. Your sight will be on your career goals and encouragement from friends would be there.

LIBRA There are sudden displeasing situations may come up within relationships. You may feel Someone is acting against you or people speaking behind your back. It is a good time to work on career goals and take help from  trustworthy people. If feel like venting out , meditate.

SAGITTARIUS The beginning of the weak may bring confrontations with your partner. Do not take any rash decisions and let time show you the way. Professionally you would feel much energetic and confident. There may be anxiety and stress this week , which can be healed with meditation. 

CAPRICORN: Relationship Matters  will be harmonious only if you are compassionate and forgiving. Cooperate, understanding and balance would be of utmost necessity to tackle the incoming upheavals. Let go off your Ego at times , more so this week with retrograding mercury.

AQUARIUS: Many Natives would find relationships with close ones on shaky ground. Your demanding nature may suddenly rock the relationship boat and Socializing will come to your rescue. There could be possible disturbance with higher ups at works too. Only if you stay calm and centered.

Tarot Reader

PISCES: Rather than finding what is lacking in your associations try to look at what you have. Leave your Power struggles. Authentic conversations will ease everything. Friends would come to rescue. There could be confusions in work area at times but largely it would be not discouraging.


Whats in 2019 – King of Coins

Relationships in 2019 – Ace of Wands

Career development in 2019 – The Devil

In terms of your attitude and approach to money, property, possessions and resources,’ growing up’ is in cards. Progress will be made, and new confidence will emerge in both your ability to manage your finances and your sense of control and resilience.

Return to the basics and remember why you like people and what you like to do with them. Fake friends, acquaintances and social media circles all fade into the background as you concentrate on people who are true to you.

A new romance, with a fellow Fire sign (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius), is possible or a step forwards in the commitment level of your current relationship.

Establishing a new, positive pattern of the way you work (or look for work) will pay back handsomely.


Whats in 2019 – King of Cups

Relationships in 2019 – Six of Swords

Career development in 2019 – The Wheel of Fortune

This year, your love life and close relationships are transforming, but for the better. The more you give, the more you receive and like this new way of behavior quickly. It’s a positive cycle, it works.

Some things belong in the past. Don’t feel sad, and you have nothing to lose, because all you release is fading or negative energy anyway. Do not hesitate to let people go, or you know that relationship patterns aren’t working.

Everything changes! Wow, the transformation card sweeps into your workplace life. Minimum effort for maximum recompense. Pick your spot carefully, therefore. What would one thing make a difference? Do this, and watch the chains unfold.


Whats in 2019 – Seven of Swords

Relationships in 2019 – The Hierophant

Career development in 2019 – The Lovers

Your natural openness and willingness to say anything in your mind at any point in time develops into a more cautious and cautious approach. You know that some people twist what you say according to their own agenda, talk shit or fight quickly. It’s sometimes wiser to remain silent and keep your ideas to yourself.

This year a deeper commitment to those who really matter unfolds. Moving in, engagement, marriage, vow renewal, children are ALL on the cards in 2019. For single Geminis, watch out for a Virgo about to rock your world.

Your divided feelings, conflicting priorities or career plans reach a hot spot and you make a final, positive and lasting choice.


Whats in 2019 – The Wheel of Fortune

Relationships in 2019 – Two of Coins

Career development in 2019 – Six of Swords

This year’s name of the game is transformation! And all you need is one change. Minimum effort for maximum reward, for the universe is now behind you. Pick your spot carefully, therefore. What would one thing make a difference? Do it. Do it.

I feel a bit of ‘ field playing ‘ for single Cancerians. You feel safe enough to enjoy friendships and good company beyond your partner for those who are already in love. Your feeling and goodwill surrounded by good people.

At some point this year, perhaps around midway, you start to get itchy feet, or an opportunity appears on the horizon that you can’t refuse. At this point, don’t get out of it or talk… just take a leap of faith!


Whats in 2019 – Three of Wands

Relationships in 2019 – Page of Wands

Career development in 2019 – Page of Swords

This year’s chance knocks for you, Leo! There are many ships coming in, but then they leave again, so be sure to quickly get on board with those you like.

In 2019, fun with a’ F ‘ capital, whether you’re single or tied. You’re gon na be surprised at what you find. Also waiting for a compatible Fire sign match: a red – hot Leo, Aries or Sagittarius..

Something kept you back on your career path and you could identify yourself as the root cause if you look hard enough. Finally, you begin to play the right game, get on the pitch and score. It feels awesome. It’s a long time coming.


Whats in 2019 – Three of Cups

Relationships in 2019 – The Moon

Career development in 2019 – The Star

Your love and relationships are for you at the heart of 2019. You relax and enjoy more than ever socializing and fostering these relationships.

You are worriers and you worry about what people think, how they judge you, what your partner really wants, and so on. It will surely lead to a renewal of the relationships you realize that you can count on and what matters most. You prioritise people.

The star is the wishful thinking card of the tarot and asks you to aim high. The more you reach, the better the result. If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do here? Don’t waste this wonderful, positive energy.


Whats in 2019 – Ten of Coins

Relationships in 2019 – Nine of Wands

Career development in 2019 – Ace of Wands

This is a year in which you will deepen your roots, commitment and security. You’ll consider marriage if you’re in love. You’ll be promoted if you’re in your dream job. If you work at home, you’ll upgrade.

There is definitely a new job or addition of new responsibilities or sidelines on the cards. Take new opportunities this year inspiring and motivating you. Otherwise, wait for something else because the new project / job is exciting.


Whats in 2019 – Queen of Swords

Relationships in 2019 – Temperance

Career development in 2019 – Ten of Wands

In any case, you are a tough cookie, but in 2019 you will become even more resilient, independent and self – confident. Everything you carve for yourself alone will be very successful and fulfilling.

In your relationship landscape, a ‘ new normal’ emerges, a new attitude and perspective towards others that will prove to be a significant turning point in how much pleasure you derive from your closest connections. A fiery red – hot Sagittarius is on the cards for singles.

You are a grafter, and when it comes to work, you have a big engine, but you have your limits. Look for signs of fatigue or stress in your work environment (in yourself or close colleagues) this year and be ready to make changes to it. Look after yourself a little bit more.


Whats in 2019 – King of Wands

Relationships in 2019 – Knight of Wands

Career development in 2019 – King of Cups

Be ready for an adventure and take risks, plenty of opportunities to travel, do different things, take on new activities, meet new people and generally broaden your horizons in every way you can.

The coming year is a red hot festival of passion. Mostly with other signs for fire i.e. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. Whatever flash you have becomes an even brighter light. The key is to share journeys, adventures and interests. They stay together, they play together!

If your work doesn’t feel like playing / having fun, ask yourself if you’re in the right position or on the ideal career. This is a year for you to take steps, invest and educate yourself in a field in which you really belong.


Whats in 2019 – Four of Swords

Relationships in 2019 – Three of Cups

Career development in 2019 – Death

You are a stubborn, dogged star sign who never stops persevering and trying to improve and advance. In 2019, you relax and switch the gears a little down.

A fantastic romance year!. You’re stopping trying so hard to impress others and just relaxing. Enjoy and build your life around people you love and like.

There’s a sense of change here. You may actually seek a more sincere career path. In 2019, anything is possible, so dare dream. This is the year, if you want to change course.


Whats in 2019 – Two of Wands

Relationships in 2019 – The Hanged Man

Career development in 2019 – The High Priestess

You reach a crossroads this year. You ‘ve seen one coming, but you still felt confused about how to deal with it. The trick is not to get stuck here. Make conscious choices throughout the year, stay in control, and you’ll make real progress.

You may feel that your love life has recently reached a plateau or stalled. Perhaps not even in a bad way, only in a comfortable way ” we are where we are. ” Review your situation from various angles. Once you’ve seen it, take ACTION.

This is a year in which you can really adapt to your instincts and intuition, let them guide your career development. Set it to make it a reality. It’s a turning point.


Whats in 2019 – The Hierophant

Relationships in 2019 – Five of Swords

Career development in 2019 – The Fool

This year, you will understand clearly what you believe in, what your foundations are and where your faith is best placed. Your confidence and faith are important. Everything will come about in 2019.

Focus your energy in the right place and reduce your losses with people or situations that prove to be a no winning competition. For single Pisceans, a feisty Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) will create a stimulating match.

If you so wish, you can turn the page into a completely new chapter. Somewhat optimistic and enthusiastic about it, something else can turn a blind eye to… but who cares, they don’t have to live your life-you do! Complete transformation is possible, regard seriously whatever you want.