April 3, 2020
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ARIES  You are more than determined and feel the urge to connect with your friends, social circle, for intellectual and emotionally fulfilling conversations. Collaboration and teaming up will now add fuel to your vision and future career goals. There is a sense of competition with self that will help you. The need for balance in matters of heart and head is important. You would like to strive towards achieving a fulfilling balance of life, the sooner you achieve that, you would realize, the better your life is.

TAURUS You are assertive and determined towards your brand positioning in your social circle and professional one. The more you are committed towards honing your skills, furthering your learning and displaying your expertise, you would experience better results. You are out to impress now. Conducive week to regroup, connect with a wider audience and being recognized. You would feel the higher energy, increased mental competence, and favorable communication coming in towards you, pertaining to all areas of your life. Have a vision.

GEMINI Suddenly a inner craving to learn, push forward you ideas, visions and increase your reach out to help you further your career , the same shall elevate your position besides increasing positivity. You are able to see light at the end of the tunnel now. Being authentic in interpersonal communication, expressing your feelings will strengthen ties and relationships. It is also a conducive time to take that online class, pick up the self care, health care regime, you always contemplated about.

CANCER. There can be a little conflict in the beginning regarding matters of intimacy and shared resources, but as the week progresses, quickly enough you shall be able to hold your own. Higher learning, spiritual alignment, reaching out to people from far and wide will help you to further your interests. Being sociable, collaborative and steady is good to be able to envision a better future. Social connections will be a source of insights and knowledge, at times though overwhelming.

LEO  There is a yearning to be loved and recognized, and also a mental clarity about what kind of relationships you would wish to keep in future. You also have determination to find soul gratifying, faithful, long term partnerships from here on. You may be introspecting your emotional values, belief system this week, delving into your psyche will give you many answers. Be open to be flexible and more accepting when views  clash, accommodating others perspective will give you more insights than not. Your career and future success is dependent on how open you are to learn.

VIRGO  Amidst all the chaos and insecurity or overwhelming conflicted thoughts that you begin this week with, There is a now a increased commitment towards maintaining a orderliness in your routine tasks, health being a priority. You would feel Passion and determination to the bone to take your work, health, self care regime seriously. It is also a time to be innovative and bringing quick alternatives. Connecting with people is easier, Public image gets a boost and career finds a new breather. Have Faith, Heal!

LIBRA  You can Open the week with an yearning towards Love, romantic self expression and passionate purpose towards hobbies and to think from a liberated space of mind. This is a week good for Love and relationships. Opening yourself for higher learning experiences, adventure and collaborating with those distant and near will bring new ideas to the table. Finding Creative Solutions to any form of resistance will help you cross those hurdles which appears, at times.

SCORPIO  With a conflicted emotional world, albeit you start the week, there is much opportunity to relook your approach towards matters of Love, Creative expression. Giving up rigidity, allowing the inner child to lead the way will bring solutions to you.

      You would geared up to Amp up your immediate environment, family, and also a push towards working on a stronger foundation. You are more than determined to build your relationships with strong foundation and Commitment.

SAGITTARIUS  Self Doubt, Conflicted Love and relationships, had put you in crossroads at the onset, but sooner you pick up your mojo to hold intellectual discussions, communication, reaching out to people for emotional exchange, and pushing your ideas further. You may want to pick up and not wait for results to happen. You would soon be able to have gratifying conversations with loved one, strengthening relationships, and also will have the courage to express yourself.

CAPRICORN You may feel you are a changed person or you are forced to change your usual take on subjects. Time to get rid of self limiting patterns to  get constructive, productive and creative. It is a transformative time for you in matters of relationships, foundations and belief system and you would feel it to your bones. Only razor sharp focus on goals, brainstorming, forming strategies will give rewards.

       Trust your intuition regarding work, income and matters of self worth. Get going.

AQUARIUS  You have the energy and impetus to push your ideas, skills to a wider audience more than before. Trust your belief system  around relationships and goals. This is a week blessed to further your future goals, transform your entire self, aligned to your vision. There is a purpose of life you are attached to, and cosmos has your back. You would like to embrace love and romance, those hobbies, unconventional ideas and will like to operate from a more liberated space. Look for fun in simple things. You cant dodge any issue any further but take the bull by the horns.

PISCES The more you heal the past regarding matters of value, love, finances and painful experiences the better you would find yourself in a favorable situation. It is a time to express your emotions and also your intelligence, hold intellectual one on one conversations. Your kindness towards others is immense and it would reflect. You would feel self competent enough to steer clear of personal miseries and self limiting patterns. You are motivated, intuitive and determined more than ever. Communication is key. 

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  There is a fire in your belly to accomplish, push your career goals, bring new ideas into fruition. It is a conducive period also to chalk out plans and be strategic.  This week also give you the power to energetically get rid of some past painful experiences, to start a brand new beginning in all matters. If you play your cards right, you may enter one of the most fulfilling innovative journeys towards career and money. There is a need to bring some sense of emotional fulfillment to your world also. Cultivating relationships, building foundation for love to grow, will be supported.

TAURUS The beginning of the week, nudges you to reflect on self, do the inward exploration and figuring out your larger goals of life,  going forward which you can reclaim your energies to powerfully manifest those findings. Do a soul search, find ways and means how you want to be known and how can you creatively express yourself. It is a powerful window to begin new in some way in certain direction which is aligned to your higher goals. Later this week you can proceed with clarity, ready to  venture out in your unique way and amplify your success.

GEMINI There is a feeling of being stuck, but there are also few doors open for you. People are important, think of those friends, social circle, professional allies, well wishers, hold discussions, take advice and you would see opportunities still available to be pursued. Working with others, collaborating, teaming up will certainly bring success, or laying the foundation stone to a new beginning in career. Relationships has a window to grow deeper, be honest to hold heart to heart discussions.

CANCER. A little bolder and smarter move towards career and public image required, of course some new ideas has to be brought to in the place of old ones. This is a week when people are important. Not only those in your immediate environment but also a larger audience, the social circle, acquaintances. Be open to holding dialogue with variety of people, taking note of the many ideas and opinions will certainly be helpful, going forward. Time to cultivate love.

LEO  Emotional intensity can be felt in the beginning of the week, bringing  an impatient energy which may make mind wander. You may want to venture out, in a hurry to push certain things to your satisfaction. A time to meditate upon and need to be grounded. Learning, exploring, doing research, envisioning long term larger goals will help you find a idea or draw a plan, depending on current situation. Veering away from reality will not help. Something radically can be brought to change in your career, to keep the creative fulfillment intact. Take advice, connect with people.

VIRGO  The week sets the tone for better self awareness of your relationships, your approach towards Love and matters of intimacy opening possibilities to form deeper, cordial bonding. It is now time to embrace childlike freedom and flexibility with an intention to foster stronger and fulfilling emotional connections. People are going to be important and so is your dedication towards the structure of daily life, approaching matters of career with gusto and undivided attention. Health is important to attend. Being Determined, Being dedicated, being creatively inspired will take you so far.

LIBRA  Onset of the week, nudges you to balance you emotional world and practical world, attend both with realistic long term vision. Holding people together, keeping the love flow, and also bolstering the career endeavors, creativity, ideation is the need of the hour. Health related awareness to be taken seriously. People are important, hence is teaming up, collaboration and ways to grow deeper stronger connections, with social circle, intimate bonds.

SCORPIO  Opening the week with an emotional vibe, compassion and refusing to be closed off to love or kindness. New forms of communication and correspondence is theme for now and year long. Time to bring a balance in all areas of life, to focus on overall development is here this week, from health care regime, to furthering education, improving relationships and introspection, new endeavors of career. There is a need to shake up the long term relationships, leaving behind an unfulfilling pattern or a relationship.

SAGITTARIUS  It is time to creatively think, coin some ideas to further your career and monotony of relationships, love life. This is being realized at the onset. You may want to channelize your free spirited adventurous soul towards something productive. It is an opportunity to tend to connections and cultivate love , compassion in your immediate environment. Daily work can be made more innovative to be aligned to your long term financial goals. It is possible now, if you can discuss, take advice.

CAPRICORN It is time you bring your innate skill of rational and emotional balance. A balance of emotional energies, bringing security to your domestic life and loved ones will put you in stable position emotionally and help you to pursue the professional aspirations rationally. By the second part of the week you would feel your mojo, optimism, and a sense of clarity about which direction to take. Make sure you allow your mind to function from a creative zone and not limiting your ideas.

AQUARIUS  Be open to every learning opportunity, to hold intellectually stimulating discussions, brainstorming, to go ahead with your professional endeavors & financial security, you will be able to get rid of those insecure thoughts and be surprised at the many innovative ideas you can still consider. The tendency to self doubt can be easily replaced if you harness your energies to the full potential. It is time to take charge & embrace a never surrender attitude. The foundation which you relied upon is now going through a radical change which you can feel to the bone.

PISCES The beginning of the week may  give you a sense of multiple opportunities or it could be confusing thoughts. Perhaps at times clarity eludes you, but it is a fertile period to pick a direction or idea pursue it with undivided attention, you would be in for a new beginning that will not let you down. It is a conducive week to open up to people and their ideas, hold heart to heart discussion within relationships, or anywhere you feel stuck, communication lines are open for you. Act from a place of intuition, follow your heart you will find yourself in the right path, eventually. 

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  If drudgery or pressure of goals had taken away the joy from daily life, expect to get things normal or probably a little time off could be better.  Setting an intent to have a more organized schedule, health and self care routine could be focus areas.  Getting along with people, if had been difficult in past, it shall show improvement. Social Circle will be a source of tranquility too. Set the intent for a balanced life and orderliness, as finances look positive.

TAURUS Matters of Love, passion, Hobbies, and whatever gives you joy and fulfillment, is available to you. The work situation improves, Career area throws opportunities and Social Images looks better than before. Spontaneity, Travel, explorations, New learning all contributes to you energy. Good time to begin a passionate project. Relationships improves, professional or personal. You are now inspired to express yourself clearly and charmingly too.

GEMINI  The week begins with improvement in the career and dealings with people which was a bit muddled in past few days. There is a sense of release and also adventure that you feel. Perhaps doing this which fulfils your soul would be ideal after some tough weeks of past. There are few decisions to be made, probably a long distant relation, or expression of your veiled emotions for someone. It can also be a long held business project. Sort out those financial dealings.

CANCER  Repair the regrouping on an emotional level is possible at the onset of this week. Something in you social and professional circle needs change and there is a window for the same. Important communication or correspondence which was muddled before will now improve. Intimacy and deeper connection is possible with a heart partner. People has a role to play this week, harmoniously so.

LEO  You are able to start the week with the energy of self love,  and strong focus on Money and career. Some orderliness which you always wished for in work or day to day life, can now be initiated to fruition. Matters regarding Long term commitment or Primary relationships will now show signs of improvement from this week onwards. It can be a professional partnership too. In areas of career and finances there can be good news for few.

VIRGO  You are able to begin your week in your cheerful Mojo with a little reflection of past. There is  strong sense of self esteem, Faith and Motivation that sets the tone for the rest of the week. Stuck matter shows forward movement, Your communication  is now impactful, misunderstandings in relationships can be sorted. You are able to chase those goals enthusiastically.  Love related matters will show signs of positivity.

LIBRA  Matters related to relationships has taught you a lot recently. There had been some sense of learning which will help you this week to handle matters of emotions with wisdom and maturity.  Crucial Matters within relationships which had been put in the back burner can now be handled rationally and heightened sensitivity you gained through this experience. You are getting into your balanced self surely.

SCORPIO  You are able to end a chapter of your life, regarding your approach towards relationships, hopes and dreams. Some matters regarding family or domestic life, starts getting sorted, or if differences can be mitigated. There is a chance to begin afresh , where you felt stuck or imbalanced. It is also a introspective and transformative week for you  and an opportunity to embrace something new, take the courage. Emotional fulfillment is the focus area.

SAGITTARIUS  At the onset, you are motivated about your career, income and social image. There are ideas that cross your mind. Things will be moving well, you would be able to force your presence  in a professional scene. Matters of money, and technical glitches of recent past shows signs of improvement or resolution. Some clarity arrives in matters you felt stuck. It is a week full of go getter energy.

CAPRICORN  If you had been waiting for the period of cosmic abundance, it begins here.  There is no dearth of positivity, opportunities, and will to accomplish. Any glitches in the money making area now will improve. Probably signing yourself for a new learning program will yield results now.  A sense of adventure and explorative mind with the cosmic blessings can be utilized to achieve those larger goals. It all matters how you set your intent this week. Love matters are stable.

AQUARIUS  At the onset, the universe nudges you to get in touch with your true self, your desires and Goals. It is also important to get in touch with your purpose of life. It is a time for transformation as a person which in turn helps you forge deeper bonds specially in matters of Intimate relationships. It is a cosmic blessing that you are finally able to push forward with your personal goals and Agenda towards something physical and concrete. Time to get mature in all areas. Get in touch with the analytical self, Logic, Emotionally sensitive and Art of balancing.

PISCES  AT the Onset there is a transformation in your most important relationships or your perception of your emotional world. You are driven towards a state of equal reciprocity within intimate relationships. You may find love in the social circle or group of friends or may enter into a platonic relationship. You are able to dig deeper in your psyche or rather want some time alone to process those elements of spirituality, truth of life. Probably you would finally see the light. 

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES The week opens up with some information, which has learning for you. Probably  There is a renewal or revisiting a project plan required. Something that was already in your intuition. However this week also has a favorable period beginning in matters pertaining to your income and financial security. You are more than motivated towards those and able to connect with associates in a charming way. Towards the end of the week, emotional connection to home and primary relationships will be possible from a long-standing shadow period.

TAURUS  Adding a creative flare to your money-making area and schemes this week opens the window to a brand new start in your career and social image. The theme is to thing big, think different. You are inspired and decisive about your self, working towards your self-esteem and yes people find you so charming.  A caution comes, it may be possible you may look too strong, for few. Break the walls that acted as your bottlenecks in past, as you are entering a phase of cosmic blessing. Be Clear now.

GEMINI  Whatever or wherever made you feel stuck, it is now going, soon, to be a matter of past.  You begin the week in your element and with an assertive tone,. Your higher learning process begins here. Larger  goals, distant matters, are now clearer. People and Matters distant/foreign to you are going to bring rewards, in days to come. You will get in touch with your spiritual side this week. Some chapters can end at this time which cant go further. There is a  new beginning and evolution of a whole new self.

CANCER  Week begins with some introspective energies and self reflection. You can put to rest few chapters that were self-limiting or detrimental to forward movement. Further People, Friends and Groups will have a role to play, as being out there in the world will throw many opportunities. Relationships need your emotional clarity as you may feel a lot more emotional this week. Connect with your abundant intuition.

       You are in a zone where you are about to experience life changing realizations.

LEO  An uplifting opening of the week. You may feel like coming out of a shadow and willing to connect to the wide world. People have a big role to play this week, for life-changing events. Be sure about your interests, goals, balance at each step and have a long term vision. Re-ignite the confident and assertive self of yours for rewards in work and career. This week also provides you an opportunity of self reflection and closing some chapters of your life, at the same time beginning new ones.  Emotions are  to be felt strongly by end of the week, get in touch with your intuition.

VIRGO  Enthusiastic start to your career & Social image. You are motivated to bring back the orderliness in your daily life which eluded you in a long time. Same applies to self care, health care regime coming back full throttle.  You are now adventurous, and willing to also break down your rigidity as you relook your relationship equations  and able to express yourself better. The path to big picture goals are now visible and inspiring. There are some good news and blessings coming your way this week.

LIBRA  This week provides a window to navigate through the difficult situations. You are able to get in touch with your compassionate, balanced side. Connecting with a heart partner is now possible at a deeper level. Joint Resources or money related to others gets into focus but things will move positive. Creativity, hobbies and inspiration that eluded you for sometime comes back after a full cycle. You can look for ways to joy specially your daily life and work reaches stability by end of week.

SCORPIO  There is a transformation in your emotional world, probably a relationship situation improving or you doing away with some difficult thoughts. Relationships can grow sweeter this week, for coupled or someone who has long term relationship potential, making ability to connect at a deeper level. Few could also have favorable news in joint resources or projects. Home and Immediate family matters can flow freely, if there had been some bottlenecks. Some joint project could be rewarding.

SAGITTARIUS  Some area of your life where you had a stuck feeling  probably a key partnership, personal or professional may need your clarity of thought. People you engage on daily basis and work area gets better. You are charming and impressive in your daily work area or colleagues, associates and allies. Connecting at an emotional level with your heart partner is possible, specially regarding finances. Being rational, ability to see facts, and emotional clarity will set a positive tone to your future.

CAPRICORN  The week opens up with a nudge to make yourself  disciplined,  set your routine, think rationally about work.  Being Realistic about your goals and career will only take you that far. Your money making ideas may be in a rocky path but know that with a disciplined approach, things are not far. Infusing creative thoughts and laying down solid plans is required, and you are required to do away with that confusion or being an emotional wreck. Relationships are stable.

AQUARIUS You start the week with a creative and passionate energy. There had been realizations and clarity in abundance, in the past, regarding some areas, specially in few relationships and your relationship to money. It is time to come out of the closet and show your visionary self or bring to table those non traditional ideas.  Some home and family matters seems to improve. Being quietly engrossed in producing ideas will be self satisfying. Go Big in Expanding your horizons, and get those projects rolling. Get emotionally centered.

PISCES  With some rest and sorting out some home and family matters, this week is set to give you a strong nudge, that it is time to get the ball rolling in matters of money and career. Communication and Information of intellectual nature will only stimulate you, Frivolity has no role to play this week. Wait for some encouraging messages from career realms. You are also able to reflect well, the learning you had in past two weeks and getting better hold of the things around you.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  Perhaps you may have opened the week spending time to heal upon a recent loss, or a sudden realization of a missed opportunity related to career or something in the area of relationships. Reviewing, self reflecting and strategizing, could further help you gain more clarity, stability and personal power towards accomplishing what you had set your intentions on. Career and social image will have you fired up at the onset. Being servile is not going to serve you in the long run and you know that now.

TAURUS  Need for a fair balance of emotions and logic, is understood at the onset. Getting too emotionally attached to a situation or some people has caught you in a square in the past.  You must apply logic, wisdom and emotions as you progress through the week. You are able to review and reflect, also able to access the spiritual side of yours. Take time to introspect where you feel stuck to and what  needs to be put to end, perhaps a self limiting pattern or even closing the emotional doors on someone. You are more self aware when you close the week.

GEMINI  Being emotional about your image, at the same time applying rational ideas, gaining wisdom and information regarding your career , has more rewards than one. You are able to sense and perceive the thoughts of people in your professional area, and able to apply wisdom, although at times things looks confusing. People will have lot to contribute this week. Socializing and Networking will bring some happiness and tranquil as you close the week. There is a sense of satisfaction more than last week.

CANCER  You are feeling the urge to push towards your larger goals more than ever.  You have your emotions in place, and logic too.  Let not emotions cloud your judgments however or put you in day dreaming mode. There can be expansion, and explorative thoughts regarding your career or even goals. Travelling could be on the cards too. Career  area has a conducive window to go full throttle. You can be quite a charmer if you have a balanced approach.

LEO  Beginning of the week could be emotionally unsettling. There can be a sense of void or yearning if your relationship area had been through an upheaval  in the recent past. For coupled it is a good time to connect with your partner at a deeper level and create better bonding through your communication. Your expressions are fluid and has depth. As you progress through the week your motivation towards Career will be strong and you would like to stop at nothing. Use your personal power, wisdom and strategies to better that area.

VIRGO  Weeks begins, amplifying relationship dynamics . You are able to recognize who has your back  always and who doesn’t not, putting you in a massive realization in the days to come. Connecting at deeper level with someone you treasure is possible, count your blessings. You would want to look for source of joy with each passing day.  Your heightened creativity, reflects in your work and career. A light heart, less stressful way to rewards, may be over a strict disciplinarian.

LIBRA  At the onset, you realize the value of work, career, self care and important of emotional fulfillment in everyday life. You are able to gain more wisdom, and clarity. Moving on to the week long term partnerships are highlighted. Love and Harmony in relationships are now under focus. There can be a  painful situation at home that surfaces, pertaining to emotional issues within a key partnership. Use your wisdom here to wade through those murky waters for a solution.

SCORPIO  A nudge to relook into your romantic world comes early in the beginning of the week. Giving importance to your passionate projects, hobbies, pleasures of life,  puts you in a determined state of mind, to infuse self love.  You may start feeling  grateful  and compassionate towards the people,  who has your back.  Heightened focus towards your daily routine, healthcare, and every day life will be rejuvenating. Probably For some time you want to work silently on self.

SAGITTARIUS  Treasuring your  family members, primary relationships and warm comforts of home, sets the tone for a peaceful new week.  It is a favorable week for cultivating Love & Romance, also looking towards everything through a creative lens. Bringing alternatives and original ideas will be rewarding. The money making area is favorable and potential to grow. But there is a crucial  decision to make regarding one of your passionate projects, involving money. 

CAPRICORN   A sudden realization, a stroke of wisdom, pushes you towards learning, gathering information, communicating to people who can support your goals.  There is a intuitive sense that  directs you further ahead. You are more than motivated to  bring joy, love to your loved ones. You are ready to splurge but be wary of overindulgence of any kind. Passionate projects, creative ideas can now be explored. Bring alternatives to the table.

AQUARIUS Evaluating your deeper thoughts regarding earned income, and financial security sets the tone of the week from get go, putting you into a all or nothing zone regarding intentions to bring information, intelligence, rational thoughts about your money status. Probably you realize, now the importance of taking informed decisions and steps further. You may also feel emotional towards some key people in your personal world or be yearning about someone.

PISCES  Beginning the week with serious consideration about self esteem and self care will slowly change into a far compassionate side of your. You would probably be more comfortable in swimming in your emotional waters, also more about others. It is a time to put the weight down from the shoulders, from thinking about others and focus on your rational side towards making pragmatic decisions towards material matters.  Access your wiser and creative side to bring new ideas.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  Self Reflection. Reviewing, Re-examination, getting in touch with your intuition will give lot of clarity this week at the onset. You had the week open with intense thoughts, yearning for deeper connection or may be intimacy also some transformative energies. Some Money matters related to others could have you thinking. Probably you would like to remain under the radar to process such a shift. The week requires you to approach work and goals with a realistic view.

TAURUS Much deeper relationships and emotional vibe open the week progressing gradually activating the Joy derived from social connections. Your sense of adventure gets a boost. Travelling, distant people and matters, expansion, exploration, learning will make it a busy week . Probably  your hands are full with so many activities and little time to balance. Collaborative projects, Teaming up will  be encouraging. You will have your mojo back, over the past few days of distress.

GEMINI  Intense emotions connected to daily work & health opens the week, also a transformative week in these area. Further  Career and Social standing area gets activated and clarity is within reach. Probably  considering your perceptive image and careful consideration towards your actions would be ideal. The area of intimacy, deeper connections are possible now. Your career certainly has lot of hope and a strong window to set an action plan. Take care of the occasional communication glitches that may through a wrench in your work relations

CANCER  The area of exploration, Expansion will have your energies in the beginning of the week. A lot of shift in your philosophies, Larger Goals,  Distant places and people will have your attention. You are ready to learn and travel now. The week opens up with a beautiful emotional vibe where you could find the pleasure of life and joy within reach giving you a window to break from monotony. Relationships are harmonious. New Professional contracts are favorable. However keep your foot firmly on ground.

LEO  You will open the week with an emotional tone graduating to a willingness to explore and take a leap of faith. A balance between security and adventure would be ideal. You would feel driven towards your work and self care. Work area has lot of potential to shine. There is an internal shift in your ideologies and patterns. Being creative, adventurous and joyful at the same time focusing on future with a connection to reality would bring good  results.

VIRGO Primary Relationships, Key Partnerships and may have your energetic pull. Emotional vibes and yearning for intense dialogue opens the week. Communication is now deeper and privacy is sought after.  At the same time your creative endeavors and out of the box ideas are ready to emerge. Beware of the occasional communication glitches or restlessness. Most of the natives will find themselves laying the ground work towards strong partnerships for future, professional or personal.

LIBRA  You may feel emotional about money in the beginning of the week. Earned income area has some positive vibes, with focus shifting to home and Family matters in the beginning of the week. All this while you are ready to shine in daily work area. Healthcare and holistic approach will be considered. Be the real you while communicating, with primary people of your life. You may not want to offend or disappoint anyone.

SCORPIO The week begins with a sense of self and positive vibes. As you proceed your expression Is charming and focus shifts from daily grind towards joy or pleasures of life. True Love is now brewing, singles can hope to meet someone special. You may feel ready to bring a change in your approach towards romance. With supportive communication and courage you are ready to take charge towards primary relationship area. You would be motivated  to break apprehensions and self limiting communication patterns.

SAGITTARIUS  Beginning of the week you may feel an internal shift, as you are able to access your subconscious and reflecting on some painful relationship pattern. Probably some of you may leave a relationship or a toxic pattern of self. As you move through the week, home and living space will pull you, some may consider change in décor. Your living space and family will pull your attention due to changing energies. A passionate project in your money making area will grow to your excitement.

CAPRICORN   You are gaining wisdom, confidence and inspiration to pursue your goals and relationships towards fruition. With an emotional beginning of the week, reviewing and reflecting, You have every tool  in disposal to achieve what you desire. Interpersonal communication will support you further in harnessing those positive energies and adding more charm to your  self esteem. Social circle is supportive. However a balance is required in your professional and personal life.

AQUARIUS You begin the week with a strong reflection of your dreams and sudden realization to shake you to the core. Clarity arrives almost immediately about your relation to money and income. Your material matters are now important. Processing those energies and such a transition will be difficult, making your more detached to the people in your life. Setting a strong intention and action plan will be urgent for matters related to financial goals. Take your steps forward, have faith you would see the results pouring in sooner.

PISCES  You are confident and clear about your goals and current situation. You would feel motivated towards making positive strides towards personal and professional goals.  You may feel much in your element and ready to take a chance, also able to detach yourself from the extreme emotional tides surfacing in the past. Social connections, Friends, groups and networking will give you the much needed emotional fulfillment as well as a boost to your career. Get ready to shine.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  You may be inspired to bring a balance of emotional, family, work and wellness. You may begin the week with strong focus on yourself. You may feel energetically pulled towards some matters regarding a key relationship. This week can be rewarding for few natives if you had been waiting for some news. By the end of the week money matters connected to others or spouse could need a healthy discussion. Being able to connect at a deeper level to important people of your life is possible or required

TAURUS Matters around family had put you on a reflective mood as we begin the week. The week also nudges the importance of creative expression in our every day life. Putting an amount of work, relentlessly each day will only take you so far in those Projects or goals you had set. There could be a some difference of opinion or resistance that may surface within a key partnership or Primary relationship by the end of the week. Your lessons about importance of being Joyful and being easy going will be required to mitigate any such event.

GEMINI  Some recent communication snafu had put you in a reflective mood in the beginning of the week. Daily matters of Home and relationships also pull your attention and as you progress through the week yearning and urgency to connect with Family or Friends would be felt. Going to the details or depth of a matters will help you to restore balance somewhere, if there had been some growing resentment of discomfort. Some Financial matter with a close partner or Spouse may also need discussion.

CANCER  This week begins with a reassessment  your relationship with money, Income and security. Financial Matters and communication around those will be taken up. Your daily work area shall show positive activity, but along comes a need to protect your position in a certain situation. Some of you may feel a burden or carrying the bigger burden in Family. Being more easy going, more in touch with your nurturing side will help you maintain harmony at home.

LEO With a strong sense of self worth and asserting own boundaries in the outside world would be important. Being protective of own interests and Defending own position would be essential to heal some past issues and begin something new. Earned income, and daily work, discipline, soon after, would be highlighted and gaining prominence. Communicating your emotions and Intentions in with clarity will be required in both personal and professional realms. Connect to your intuitions in Family & relationships, related matters.

VIRGO The week begins with Self Reflection, Nostalgia, and Contemplation for opening some new chapters and New Ideas. There is an internal shift being felt in thought patterns. Once you come back to your power and element, we feel our emotions being more centered and Intentions set firmly on Money Making Ideas and responsibilities that we shoulder. It is a productive week , along with a harmonious vibe within our relationships and Love realms.

LIBRA  Week Begins with social engagements  and Friendly settings, moving on to a self reflective and introspective period. Some quiet time would be ideal at times to process those emotions. There could be a sense of emotional void or lack of fulfillment which would require us to bring a balance. Getting emotions centered will soon help to go about the normal day to day business as the cosmic focus  shifts towards your finances and self worth.

SCORPIO A The week starts with Regret about some lost opportunities in Career or in Social Circle, also  some sense of Self Reflection. Urgency to hold an authentic conversation with some one in your close circle or within primary relationship could be felt regarding expectations from each other. The same can be true for a professional ally or partner. Communication has a major role to play this week in asserting your expectations, professional competence and expressing emotions.

SAGITTARIUS  The week begins with reflecting on values and philosophies of self. The Foundations of Life and security could take an important position. Reflecting on Past could bring a sense of defensive tone to begin with, in the week. Focus shifts soon to Career and Social Standing. People and creating a support network will gain prominence. Collaborative projects, Teaming up with people will bring about a healthy work atmosphere and ease in accomplishing tasks of the week

CAPRICORN  The start of the week had put you at unrest and emotionally intense or scattered. As we progress you will be inspired towards your larger goals and also ready to reassess your values, morals and philosophies while making important decision. You may feel emotional about your career and social standing  towards mid of the week. Career and People are interconnected and has an important role to play. End of the week you have put an end to a negative, repetitive pattern.

AQUARIUS Key relationships and dynamics had you in evaluation in the beginning of the week. Money matters connected to others may have put you into serious thoughts. Focus shifts to larger goals, accomplishments and your belief system. Even you detached approach will need a change, to be emotionally connected to people or even your Larger goals. Career and Social Standing seems to be the theme with which you would close your week.

PISCES  You begin the week with inspiration. Evaluation of your work goals  and how an effective daily routine is related will be realised. You are able to attend to small details and also effectively communicating to who ever is concerned. Being emotionally fulfilled will be important. Social circle will be supportive and informative to you. Financial matters may surface specially connected with others.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  The week begins with focus on emotional balance, communication with others and how to assess the subconscious, inner self of yours putting you in a contemplative mood. Further as you progress, you would want to explore the fun side, to  find ways to be happy, expressing yourself more creatively.  Professionally you will be able to see hope and momentum towards your endeavors also some accolades could be in store for few.

TAURUS The week begins with a difference in what you expect and what you receive in matters of work, career and recognition. Progressing towards the end of week may need your attention towards something in home matters or personal Life. A better balance of both the worlds only will help restore emotional balance. Perhaps you may need some private  time to attend to your pressing duties.

GEMINI  The beginning of the week is favorable for work projects, career endeavors, business presentations and garnering support as well. It is also ideal time to network, spread your  reach, increase the number of allies, despite the same may look exhausting, you would be in receiving end of some bouquet of opportunities in near future.

CANCER  Professional and career realms has a conducive time from the mid week. You have better chances of creating a lasting impression on people. Some activity or serious examination is brewing in the area of material securities and income, reflect on your action plan. The beginning of the week however could throw you for a loop if you are not flexible in conversations.

LEO   Post mid week the weight of emotions would be felt, along with a support to express your thoughts authentically to your loved ones, helping you to connect better or ease a mental burden. Being explorative, adventurous and finding joy would be on your mind to release some emotional turmoil of past or pressure. Work and Career endeavors will where energies will be well spent. You would be more focused on your financial stability and security.

VIRGO The week invites you to get in touch with your grounded, focused, and disciplined approach towards your goals, Also do away with the restlessness or over the top enthusiastic vibes at times. Connecting with a romantic partner or spouse at a deeper level could be possible . The end of week  you would find solace in your privacy lost in own thoughts. Self reflection and reexamination could be ideal 

LIBRA   The week begins with an adventurous and bold outlook towards life. A blessed week for long term partnerships and primary partnerships. Expression will be fluid allowing you to connect at a deeper level with someone close. By the end of the week social network, collaborative efforts at work, friendships will have you thinking in many ways than one. Probably you are allowed to stop focusing on disappointments of past and look ahead.

SCORPIO A deep seated emotional issue or turmoil can have hope of improvement. Probably letting go of resistance and apprehensions to move forward in a sticky solution by communicating emotionally would be ideal. Further the monotony of daily routine may cease to exist making work and career related matters look positive and upbeat. Some reward is coming soon for many in that area. Have self faith and power in your abilities.

SAGITTARIUS  Emotional expressions regarding sticky family matters or within primary partnerships will be easier. Further as the week progresses you would be inclined towards taking matters of love more intensely. Being impulsive about your thoughts could make you restless. An urgency to break the monotony and being in touch with your adventurous side would be felt. You would feel bolder than before.

CAPRICORN  Communicating  compassionately with people of everyday life or work place would be ideal. Being in touch with your emotionally sensitive side is what would make the work and daily routine balanced. Collaborating, Teaming Up, will help. As the week progresses restoring the beauty of home Life, will be favorable. Coupled will have a peaceful and loving environment. Nurturing the people in your life will bring the week to a beautiful closure.

AQUARIUS Using Communication to further your professional interests, networking, expansion of ideas, will bring more favorable results than one. Add the emotional touch  to your detached side and you are in for a delightful surprise.  Your communication style will charm the audience. Be open to soak more information, to give support to your larger career goals. You may be  in a reflective mode to bring equal reciprocity in primary partnerships at end of week.

PISCES  You are in a authoritative position in your thoughts and able to communicate or express yourself more authentically. Expressing your emotions to Loved ones, and looking for ways for fun & happiness will bring you out from the pressure of the past. Bringing original ideas and adding a muscle to the income generating area will be supported by the cosmos too. Connecting with more people, expressing your ideas will bring more flavor to the professional plate.  

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  The week begins with an window to self reflect and contemplate.  Work and career area will be under focus inspiring you to gather more information  and up the learning curve. This week can also be stressful for professional achievements or the drudgery may look too cumbersome. Emotional balance could be required and fret not to take occasional time off to replenish.

TAURUS There could be a strong push to venture out, or do something out of the box this week. You would like to be adventurous. Aligning your visions with actions and  end results will give you better perspective. This is a personal new cycle. Anything you would wish for in long run begins here this week. Relationships are harmonious.

GEMINI  This week offers an window to heal the past difficulties pertaining to money, relationships to move forward. You will feel the  line up of opportunities and creative abundance, however  practical steps ahead need to be envisioned. Social circle, Groups , Friends, networking grows to your delight. Rewarding and uplifting situation comes from this area.

CANCER  You may be more in touch with the spiritual or emotional side of relationships, urging to connect at a deeper level with every individual important. Connecting with like minded people, exposing to higher learning, sharing will be rewarding. Unconventional approach will bring exciting results.

LEO  Taking into own power and using it to navigate through a toxicity of a relationship issue will help. There is a need for Work Life Balance, or a emotional balance. Find a innovative way to reclaim the power and peace of mind. The past experiences can be used as a learning curve. Work and Professional growth has a conducive weak. Get engaged in the small things of routine.

VIRGO A week to embrace your intellect, creativity, taking charge of life, being compassionate also drawing distinct boundaries.  The week begins with a dreamy and romantic vibe very favorable for relationships. You may be working on the discipline that you always take pride and take game changing steps towards goals. Perfectionist week.

LIBRA You are gaining your personal power this week. Communicating with people and within primary relationships is dependent on you entirely. There is a sign of improvement in a home situation of past. Emotional connection with a loved one could be difficult somewhere in mid of the week owing to busy schedule or work. Remaining in control and embracing the forgiving side of yours could be ideal.

SCORPIO There is a decision to be made this week regarding a lingering situation of Life. Connecting with your intuition and far sightedness would be ideal. It is week to embrace your inner child and focus on creativity or hobbies . Relationships, for few, may demand taking charge, and pushing for equal give and take or else let go off. Being assertive, creatively expressive will help you mark your comfortable territory.

SAGITTARIUS  Things may show signs of improvement and hopeful pertaining to any area of your life where you were disappointed in a long time. There could be small period of confusion regarding relationship matters or family,  sense of emotional security, that shall pass. This week allows you to embrace your inner child, the adventurous side of you and be creatively inspired. Things are slow, but moving forward for sure.

CAPRICORN  There could be mental clarity arriving this week regarding how you connect with people and how you should. You will be slowly, but surely gaining your personal power, and getting in  touch with your affectionate side towards self and others. Be creative about your steps forward at work or career. Your communication area is blessed and stronger this week.

AQUARIUS This  is a favorable week for business, career as innovative ideas and opportunities appear. Assessment of past and implementing those lessons in the coming week will provide mental clarity and healing where needed. There are possibilities of spiteful conditions as well due to confusion or sudden outburst. Reach to your subconscious and come out of the  mental reservations that stop you.

PISCES  If there are some emotional issues in relationships this may surface more strongly weighing emotional burden. There is a tendency to stray from rational thinking and getting more into day dreaming or a wandering mind. Conducive weak for creative ideas and artistic visions. Later part of the week passionate implementation of endeavors in career area will push you strongly.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  Relationships has potential to grow stronger should you try to be more adventurous and giving. It is also a week to ask yourself, how had you been contributing to your primary partnerships.  It is a very important week for professional and financial decisions. There is need for rational thinking, far sightedness and wisdom. Some decisions may be behind  these events. Take time to contemplate

TAURUS Career, Professional achievement are all highlighted in a favorable way this week. Working on your social standing as regards to your achievements will be  your priority. Some opportunities to elevate your position or a skill-set in front of  larger audience. To avoid sudden unexpected results have a strategy in place.

GEMINI  It is a favorable week to revive or rekindle a relationship. Relationships are blessed this week, and a deeper understanding can be established if you take charge.  Being more adventurous, brave and explorative will help you provide a boost to your goals. Imagination will grow multifold suggesting multiple ideas.

CANCER  Relationships are harmonious and require your wisdom, flexibility to thrive. Social connections, Friends or in a group set up is also favorable and intellectually stimulating. This can provide new information, ideas and perspectives. This week is conducive to open up more honestly to your partner to form a stronger bond.

LEO  Relationships area is highlighted now and  it favors meeting a new life partner or revival of a riled up relationship. Also this week favors partnering in area of your life to be encouraging.  Authentic communication is required this week. This is a conducive week for any professional or career endeavors too. You may feel the balls rolling after long.

VIRGO The area of details, daily routine, wellness and Self improvement related action plan will be highlighted. Along with your success in minutest of task, you  are in your true element  this week. You will feel like a sponge willing to soak every information and skills or technology visible to you or intrigues you. Relationship area is blessed this week.

LIBRA Focus on creating Self Love, and getting rid of mental imprisonment this week and embrace the brighter side of life, as your area of creativity, expressions and hobbies gets highlighted. With an easy going approach you can achieve those goals much easily than before also feeling less of the weight that you had been carrying around this while.  Your communication area is important, use it for navigation.

SCORPIO Home, Primary Relationships and matters related to foundation is highlighted this week making you more into a reclusive mode or may be less adventurous. This week committed relationships are blessed or those with a long term potential can grow deeper. This is yet again a transformative week for you in many ways then one with encouraging career realms. Natives may feel the need to be more emotionally connected.

SAGITTARIUS It is a period of resurrection, revival, letting go off preconceived notions, fear and feel more open to allow new things to happen. You would feel more driven and motivated than before. Trust on the internal shift that is occurring also on your action plan. It is truly a sense of a new cycle for you. Finances, Social networking, business, interaction, communication, information will keep you busy. 

CAPRICORN  This is a “get go” week for all career, financial and professional endeavors and cosmos pushes and supports you to reach the pinnacle of your performance or skills. Emotions may be difficult to handle at times as relationship area can be a mixed bag for few. Channelizing those would be ideal.

AQUARIUS This is a solar new beginning for you, making you more vibrant and skillful. Your expressions, intuitive capabilities, and urge to do more, learn more, will be supported by the cosmos. There is a sudden push to your daily routine, wellness, and being self, after long time of introspection. It is a good time to put into action a  plan.

PISCES  You have to be on the driving seat this week and push yourself towards your goals as there could be a sense of lack of direction or second thoughts every now and then. Know that universe has your back.  You are being nudged this week to reflect on self, ask yourself every time the purpose or the plan or your ambitions. If you be the driver of your car there is pretty much anything you can achieve. 

Indrani – Tarot Reader