September 28, 2020
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ARIES You would be inspired to work on creating a better plan for improvement in career. Working on a step by step plan would be fruitful. Management of time is important, so is, how you operate yourself on a daily basis, whether or not you are giving equal importance to your physical and emotional well being. Be patient , find your emotional balance, while dealing with others.

TAURUS  There is a much needed relief and balance in sight from here. Your efforts and vision towards your creative freedom, free thinking, towards some artistic pursuits, and in Love shall show signs of coming together. If you had felt compressed with daily work and unable to look into aspects of self care, you would be more determined to take corrective steps towards it.

GEMINI It is a transformative time for your emotional bonds, thought process, your belief system. Look within yourself, reflect on your deepest desires and reconnect with the outside world, which now would be very gratifying. You may at times, this week, could be, day dreaming about a love matter or being too optimistic about some financial arrangement. Keep a reality check all time.

CANCER The tug from personal responsibilities, domestic duties and career goals could seemingly drain you, this is where you may need a balance. It is a good week to network, build contacts for professional and personal benefits. Opportunities shall appear with your money making ideas. Relationships have an opportunity to heal and repair wherever needed.

LEO Things, if they looked stressful, avoid tendency to go against the wind, rather slow down, take some time away from chaos to peacefully reflect upon your personal, ambitions, dreams to carefully investigate the obstacles and take calm steps to remove those one by one. This week shall bring a chance to devise a new strategy to bolster your income generation plan, should you be diligent in planning

VIRGO If you had felt overwhelmed with responsibilities and attention pulled in many directions that made you exhausted it is imperative to remind yourself that being joyful, being flexible, free thinking and allowing pleasure in to your life could be gratifying. It is a chance to begin on a fresh slate , to get clear on personal objectives for future and prioritize, to make your everyday life an wholesome.

LIBRA  If you had felt strong emotional waves, of being compressed, confusion or a fear, you are invited to examine and do a reality check, assess what can be done in order to maintain your emotional center in order to proceed ahead. Certain relationships may need your change in heart and approach in order to work through the differences. Avoid snap judgments and critical behavior.

SCORPIO You could feel like throwing caution to the wind to be prompted making a major chance in direction regarding career realms or a long term professional or personal partnership. People bring in tremendous opportunities for growth, hence network, strengthen your ties with personal and professional circle or in a group project and joint affairs. The need to be resilient in your efforts is important

SAGITTARIUS You will feel motivated in the area of income and career goals or even in a  close partnership. As you become confident and self assured, take steady steps, to improve your self worth and capacity, as if u rush you may stumble. Carefully examine your long term career goals,  if something feels right take it up.  The week has abundance of opportunities thrown your way for growth.

CAPRICORN  You are invited to take to adventure, new learning, researching and expanding your horizon. Free yourself from the thoughts and paranoia of past events that did not work out for you. Motivation shall be in abundance to achieve  but do not be in a hurry as often when we rush, we stumble. Relationships are supportive and shows signs of improvement where needed.

AQUARIUS You are looking deeper into workings of close connections, a loved one, subconscious is sending strong messages. A chapter of life in that area with some learning. If you are giving more than you receive from your closest connections it is time to change your approach. This week throws light on financial or emotional interdependence, entanglements which you are to keep in mind for future ahead.

PISCES The realms Long term partnerships, relationships and Your social circle is highlighted, a chance to improve those  and to receive the emotional support. You shall find the connections you most cherish improving and gratifying. Finances would need a fresh start in approach, look into the aspects of your self worth, financial security, income matters, and monetary Interdependence.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES There could be a sense of wrenches thrown in your way in matters of your Personal projects and goals. You may be required to slow down, take one thing at a time and review your plans. Frustrations may arise when you face hostile people and resistance. Reflect on your purpose every time. Career realms may feel a bit easier as higher ups may look supportive. You shall feel the opportunities around for you to grow.

TAURUS  Big picture dreams and desires in personal, professional endeavors may Fill stuck in the mud. This is a time to return to laying down carefully planned strategies in order to eliminate disappointments. Matters of love shows signs of improvement. This week allow yourself to think with an open mind, allow changes evolving in your life to settle down. Artistic pursuits and creative visualization is enhanced. The vibes are easier than before.

GEMINI Conversations with people may hit the wall at times, and inconclusive. Try to be on the same page. You are nudged to be resourceful and know when to take a leap of faith. Facing the reality and your fears could set the tone for a new beginning. Relationship with a heart partner shall improve now as your vibes are generous. Financial dealings with a partner, spouse could seemingly require less struggle. With awareness, and smart handling you prosper.

CANCER Relationship area has supportive energies this week, have that one to one conversation towards the end of the week, to set mutual goals, and to improve your professional partnerships. In the career realms you may feel that your feet  stuck in the mud as hostile environment, or resistant forces may push you behind. At times, getting well with higher ups, colleagues could be difficult. Consider this time as a indication that you need more balance in your present.

LEO Big picture dreams and plans, new projects, endeavors towards learning, could face resistance, use this time to go through a complete revision process to improve your knowhow and personal skills through internet, research and on your drawing board to lay down perfect strategies. Daily work shall show signs of improvement as dealing with colleagues and family members becomes tad easier. Pick up a fitness regime, daily routine, balance to improve daily productivity.

VIRGO Week brings opportunities to bolster your income stream, plan wisely for future with your trademark organizational skills. Emotionally it could be a rough ride, if both parties involved display excess of emotions You shall find expression to be easier but be mindful of possible minefields ahead as suppressed feelings could trigger and influence conversations. Matter of love, intimacy and artistic pursuits creating thinking shall be stronger.

LIBRA  This week the test is about internal balance, ability to see through things and to keep in mind the lessons you learnt as long term partnerships, key relationships may need some work in order to be on the same page. Getting on with others need extra effort, a need to adjust your perspectives. However expressions and words are by your side to help when needed. Matters of family remains primary focus. Idea is to being steady in your actions.

SCORPIO  Conversations with colleagues, friends and a heart mate could become inclusive, you are nudged to be present in the moment and let things evolve in its own pace. Further, daily work could feel like a drudgery. Enthusiasm and energy may be lacking at times. Take it slow, and steady, try to create a harmony in your day to day affairs. Time management, short term and long terms plans need detailed planning. Commit to a healthcare regime.

SAGITTARIUS  Creative thinking and artistic pursuits may need more efforts. Suppressed emotions in matters of love and intimacy could bring volatile emotions. Go with the flow in matters of love, and control excess of emotions. It is a good time for planning and calculated actions in projects. It is a complete review of how you approach happiness and how do you bring emotional healing. Rather than fretting, you are nudged to detach yourself from the negativity.

CAPRICORN  You shall feel the freedom to pursue one of your projects with full gusto towards the end of the week, as the vibes are less compressed. What seems difficult, may become easier. Further nurturing your relationships is important, in home life, or outside world. A Family matter may look difficult and may need your wisdom, careful handling. You shall desire to be loving and kind towards others which helps cultivate your bonds.

AQUARIUS Conversations with others may feel inconclusive or ability to brainstorm, analysis may not be seamless. Be more adaptive and flexible. Try to work around situations and find constructive solutions. Financial entanglements with others could need review in order to bring harmony. Your thoughts and visions would be expansive hence creative thoughts and artistic pursuits can be converted into income stream. Believe that endless possibilities do exist.

PISCES Endeavors and new projects in income realms may hit a wall for sometime in the beginning, consider it as a test of your perseverance skills and determination. With careful planning and some flexibility it may not be an upheaval task. Relationships need work, and careful handling as getting along with others, specially a loved one could be difficult at times. If you feel someone is missing a point, withdraw from the moment till cloud gets cleared.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES   If you felt emotionally out of balance due to overwhelming events, you are invited to finally restore your head and heart balance, when you fine tune your connection to your intuition It would be gratifying if you step back from a tense situation connected to work and allow yourself to attend to your emotional needs, to enjoy some downtime with your ones and family.

TAURUS  You shall be tempted to take some time off to enjoy some heart to heart communication,  to take it easy from the daily mundane. You may be waiting on eagerly for some decompressing moments in certain area of life. Further you shall find it gratifying to work on a passionate project, even to connect with friends. This week nudges you that with time things evolve, have the faith.

GEMINI  Pay heed to the intuition and messages in the area of career, and make a practical, detailed roadmap towards achieving that, as you may be day dreaming an ideal situation and not taking action about it. This week has all necessary ingredients to amp up your love life, and relationships. Also negotiations could go well. Communication and artistic projects are supported, take a leap of faith.

CANCER You shall yearn for some downtime with your loved one, away from drudgery and other strenuous work responsibilities. You shall feel also the need to express, if some critical emotions you have compressed, and unable to keep it so. Further misunderstandings may arise with friends or colleagues regarding ideologies, spiritual concepts or in general due to different principles.

LEO  You are driven by emotions and your deepest desires regarding a heartmate. Take a moment away from the intensity of the situation and attending to your self shall be cathartic. Themes around Dealings with some, shared resources, joint finances shall reflect in your thoughts and wishes. You shall get a chance to speak in an articulate manner in a intelligible way which shall be satisfying.

VIRGO  Lot of emotions into play this week, from inability to express how you feel to finding an opportune moment to speak your truth to a loved one and then back to square one again. Eloquence is required while communicating your needs or discussing something important. Further creativity and imagination has a large role to play. A realistic approach is required while laying down a roadmap.

LIBRA  Career and work realms has opportunities for you. The tug between domestic duties, family matters and Career shall need to be managed with moderation. Apply logic, rationale and check facts before you make a major move, or in a negotiation, in any important conversation. You shall be spiritually inclined and also a positive energy flows to improve matters of love and relationships.

SCORPIO  You are invited to follow your impulse in matters of love and be expansive and expressive in your expressions, plans. Further do not overlook the necessary work commitment or small issues which can surprise you out of nowwhere. You shall also find conducive environment at work and In joint work projects. Be mindful of misunderstanding due to tendency to overlook the important issues.

SAGITTARIUS  This week has mystical vibes and allows you to dream with a heart mate, it may be possible you may hit a jackpot in love. Further be creative, and spontaneous in pursuing your love interest. Home and family realms are blessed for most part of the week. Limitless possibilities are coming your way pertaining to income matters. Negotiations, discussions, brainstorming shall be fruitful.

CAPRICORN  Your heart is open to love, to collaborate  and to strengthen your relationships. You are a people’s person and your communication is eloquent. Your generosity and friendliness does bring inspiration and a sense of direction. You are invited to open yourself to learning, to gather information, research on latest industry trends to further your career goals. Ride with the good vibes.

AQUARIUS  Working along with others shall be easier, you shall feel motivated towards joint projects. Soak in the information comes your way and pay head to the dreams related to income stream, take prudent decisions and make detailed plans, commit to follow through them & you shall be unstoppable. Relationships grow deeper as you seek meaningful conversations, that heals, inspires.

PISCES Allow yourself to loose in the moment with love, as well as your passionate artistic projects and let your imagination go wide with creating abundance in what you seek in whichever area of your life as they would be your soul guides towards a new journey. As much as you area a dreamer, keep holding on to logic as there are chances, you could be missing a point, think and plan practical steps.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES   It is a week which nudges you to accept your strength, capabilities to own your emotions and to speak your truth wherever seems necessary. This week invites you to reclaim your power. You shall feel like connecting with a heart mate to growing the matters of love. An opportune time to work on a creative project, to amplify your efforts in wellness, to hone your skills and to ideate.

TAURUS  You shall feel the invitation to connect with the dearest people, in a more harmonious way, a new way to prioritizing your home, family life which brings a lot of balance and self assuredness to your emotional stings. This week shall be blessed for your creative projects, to follow your hobbies to convert them to inexhaustible stream of abundance and towards matter of love.

GEMINI  It is a busy week, with increased communication within relationships, social circle, professional connections and mental expansion. Learning more insights, exchanging ideas shall show you new ways towards success. Home and family matters are harmonious. You shall feel that many connections which seem to have weathered could bring clarity. It is a week of tremendous potential.

CANCER From the get go you shall be motivated to put your plans into action pertaining to money making realms. Find a direction and take  measurable action oriented steps to see the results. You are geared up to enhance your social image and to earn recognition, for your achievements.  It is favorable time to collaborate for projects. Communication with others shall bring helpful insights.

LEO  It is a time to face your fears head on and use every tool available or you are endowed with, in order to reach a peaceful resolution. Your resourcefulness , ability to upgrade your skills to keep pace with changing work demands, industry knowhow shall bolster your work or income generation endeavors. You are nudged to take charge, find solutions, promote yourself to improve your chances.

VIRGO  To follow the lead of heart towards your most important relationships  would be liberating. Dig into your heart to gain understanding about how you feel more loved and how you wish to express that gives you a sense of fulfillment. You shall be motivated to network, learn and to work down to the tiniest details to reach your career goals, life purpose. A balance of heart and head is you can thrive on.

LIBRA   The social connections, professional connections, personal relationships are going to be your areas of focus and maximum activity to be experienced. Find a way to work along with people in every area of life, adjusting perspectives for better professional growth. Reflect upon your long term goals  and dive into your inner knowing, to get guidance for the future.

SCORPIO  Step up to showcase your skills, and take necessary steps to rise in your career realms. There are tremendous opportunities to upgrade, to grow your public image. Relationships are cordial this week. If you want to change the dynamics of a connection, it is the time to take the necessary steps. Examine your long term goals, visualize the  roadmap and analyze how aligned your actions are.

SAGITTARIUS  This is an good week to implement your ideas and plans into action, pertaining to income related matters. It is also a opportunity for a fresh beginning in matters of love. Find out how would you life your love life to be, or how could you embrace more free thinking and explore new opportunities, directions. Put it all in, in the area you want improvement, and see the remarkable results.

CAPRICORN  You would crave for one to one meaningful relationships. Intimate relationships has a blessed time to grow stronger and deeper which gives you a sense of fulfillment. You would gravitate towards learning process, picking up a course to hone your skills which solves the higher purpose of your professional and career realms. This is a week to bolster your efforts for long term dreams.

AQUARIUS  Relationships has a lot of focus in this week. The importance of equal reciprocity in relationships is highlighted and by doing so you shall see how your emotional world feels more liberating and adds to your strengths. Love and relationship matters are blessed this week. It is also a good time to share resources, collaborate, and work together with people to grow in career realms.

PISCES From the get go you shall feel tremendous strength, motivation to accomplish, to achieve and all round development in all areas of your life. This is a good week for productivity. Further you shall feel the confidence, warmth in your dearest connections. You shall be able to connect with your heartmate, friend or all those who matter in a way that assures you of your importance in their lives.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES   You may feel the restless vibe in beginning of the week, you would be wanting to stay in comfort of home or doing something for your loved ones. You shall be yearning companionship as career area could make you overwhelmed. Further you shall be able to get appreciated for your calm and maturity at work place. You shall be sorted mentally to deal with any unpredictability in career.

TAURUS  Opportunities are around you to promote your career and professional endeavors. You shall be motivated to put in extra work towards your career goals. You would be nudged to shake things up in your life and to reassess your goals of life. Learning, gathering information on industry trends could be beneficial. A change in perspective and approach would be meaningful now.

GEMINI  This week requires the successful application of your mental strength to how you detach from painful past. You shall find the confidence to work with people, colleagues, making meaningful connections. This is a satisfactory week for career realms. Spiritualism will provide  help in finding your emotional center. You are tuned in to your higher consciousness and that shall reflect well.

CANCER Joining hands with others, taking on group tasks shall be more rewarding for you. Exploring various opportunities around you but take time to review. Change is afoot for you. You may reflect your working strategies with people and how you relate to other for mutual benefit. You shall be motivated to improve your social image and career related efforts. You may be appreciated for your capabilities.

LEO  Taking initiative, speaking your truth and being more explorative shall come naturally. You shall be motivated in achieving more in work realms. You may require to reflect upon your big picture dreams. You mind is eager to learn and improve your present situation in whichever area you feel stuck. In an odd situation donot hesitate to take a moment off to and revisit with fresh mind.

VIRGO  You would review your learning process and would like to open up to gather information, learning, signing up for a course. New concepts, distant cultures intrigue you. It will be satisfying for you to express your deepest desires, emotions to someone close or anyone who gets you. Reassessing and meditation on your dreams and ambitions shall show you possibities.

LIBRA   Your focus would be on one to one conversations the relationships that are precious to you and to provide for, help and uplift them. Relationships can get that healing touch from your sensitivity and ability to calm amidst a storm. An intimate partnership could also go through assessment. Sharing your deepest feelings will bring back your emotional center.

SCORPIO  It is time to re-examine your relationships, whether they are emotionally fulfilling or reflect on them  as to how can you make them so.  You have a strong motivation to accomplish career goals. Support at work place and in career realms is there. You shall like to pick up your healthcare and daily productivity more seriously. Some appreciation for your skills can be available this week.

SAGITTARIUS  You may feel being finally recognized for your skills  in work place. However the beginning of the week could feel like not being able to express your creativity in your endeavors, the way that should be.  You may feel emotionally repressed or pinned down by circumstances. Further you have to take the reins of your life and go towards what makes you feel satisfied and accomplished.

CAPRICORN  You may have been emotionally drained and now is the time you can bring your learning experiences and implement them going forward. Withdraw from the chaos to reflect on your desires and plans . You may wish to change your strategy and give for preference to creative expression, and living without limiting thoughts. Love and relationships are blessed this week.

AQUARIUS  Home matters may go through a examination phase, you may have to figure out your approach as critical changes are occurring in your life. Making your home a pleasant place, could help you stay sorted. Work on the foundation of things, your goals and purpose of life. It is a good time to network, brainstorm, having meaningful conversations or even find love. Opportunities are around you.

PISCES Past experiences may be blocking your way towards future, or perhaps avoiding the lessons of past can be the reason. You shall be mentally sharp, motivated, going forward to explore opportunities to bolster your money making endeavors. You shall emerge as the wise one in communication due to your compassion and level headed approach. Work and career realms has support   

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  It could be the end of a collaborative project and could be beginning of a new phase. This week shall be liberating if you let your creative self expression out. Networking and being friendly will bring many insights and information. Love matters need your action, as for a long time your focus had been into your money making efforts. Being innovative and working through alternatives shall help you find some new perspectives or opportunities.

TAURUS  You are being nudged to use your communication skills to your advantage. There can be plenty of thoughts, information coming your way which could be liberating. A change in the realms of career and your perceived image, should you take the reins of a project or alter your direction altogether. Express your innermost desires and feelings to a dear one, be assertive in your approach. Your mental game is too strong this week. And pay heed to the advices coming in.

GEMINI  The future possibilities may have felt like stuck in a rut for some time. Mundane may have caught you, pinning you down and blocking your creative thinking. But all that can be put to going through the week. Your money making endeavors can get a favorable boost from the cosmos. Working with others, and partnerships will help your income generation plans. A key partnership has a chance to improve. You shall be able to leave behind a stressful situation of past.

CANCER An intimate relationship and money matters linked to a key partnership could be up for a review. You shall feel inspired to research, brainstorm, collaborate new ways to bolster your money making projects. Further you shall feel motivated to go for a makeover, improve your people skills and charm your way to your desired goals. Love matter shall get a necessary support. You shall be able to heal yourself from some past stressful days.

LEO  This week you reach the desired clarity in a key relationship matter. A chapter of your life is ending this week opening door to new possibilities. You are instinctive and mentally clear about what steps to be taken. Speaking up your mind and initiating a difficult conversation to put an ongoing matter to rest is possible. You shall be exploring you subconscious, understanding your psyche, approach in various matter and working upon improvising yourself internally.

VIRGO  A relook into your healthcare habits and how you operate yourself on a day to day basis, looking after conserving and harnessing your energies will be liberating this week. You may wish to take up learning, exchanging information and networking will be helpful to improve your daily work. You shall be able visualize future possibilities and strategizing shall help you. Looking into finer details of a larger plan is needed and to be acted accordingly.

LIBRA   A little after a rough start you shall be able to smell your victory over something you had been manifesting regarding your creative projects. You will be able to think  freely if you had felt being pinned down by structure, routine and responsibilities. This week shall be supportive for relationships and you are able to feel and express love eloquently. It is a good time to network and research new ways to inch towards career success. Support from higher ups is available.

SCORPIO  Home and Family matters could pull your attention. A relationship may feel suffocating due to bottled up emotions. Reworking on your relationships shall bring a breeze of ease and improvement can be seen. You shall feel motivated to research ideas to promote your career and social image. Learning programs and brainstorming sessions will prove to be helpful. Your relationship to money making area is in for review. Also being open with your feelings will be good.

SAGITTARIUS  It shall be a week full of hope. You are required to step away from emotional excess and drama associated to other people. With a strong emotional intelligence maturity  you shall be in a better position to handle your pursuits in money making area and  your overall mental wellbeing. There is enough potential in your money making schemes this week. Rather being reactive be more accommodative this week with others.

CAPRICORN  The need to balance your emotional energies this week is important. Financial matters and money making efforts could have faced a lot of resistance but attending to them with a refreshing approach could be liberating . Pay heed to your emotional needs, and improving your creative thinking. Further you would be able to connect with key partners, a heart mate and important relationships in a renewed manner. Collaborative projects get back to track again.

AQUARIUS  This could be an emotionally charged time. Tending to your own needs and some “me time” the most you want. It is also a powerful time to help yourself figure out how to get rid of some negative circumstances, or people that has caught you in your head. It is also a good time to reflect on the purpose of life, goals and meditate how to reach there. Connecting to others would be easier, you shall be received well and productivity will get heightened.

PISCES  Past incidents resurfacing in a way may make  you feel out of sorts. Try to address to the experiences with a logical and conclusive approach to get rid of the negativity that you carry. You may need to take some time off from the daily grind, Self Care and meditative practices shall be therapeutic. Review time to look into your health and self care practices, and Day to day productive. It is a good time to set goals, as there would be a nice productive energy for you.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  Conflict within Family Members or within closest connections could be possible. Conversations May soon get combustive. Review your relationship with money and obsessively insecure thoughts about Career could ruin your emotional balance.  However this week also brings an opportunity to heal your bond with loved ones. Look to establish at work life balance.

TAURUS  For some quite sometime old memories, of Pain and some happiness could resurface, to overwhelm you with emotions. Focus only on positivity and future amazing possibilities. Tweak your lifestyle if need be, self pampering, and holistic practice would do a lot good. It is a good time to socialize. Intuitions and imaginations are fueled hence making it a creatively abundant week.

GEMINI  Beginning of the week may look misleading or confusing but the week brings around lot of opportunity for benefits in collaboration, of seeking support from the social circle. You would me able to make considerable progress for a leap of faith you had been contemplating and wishing for in your professional area. Time to manifest those endeavors, make a mental note of the roadmap.

CANCER Detach yourself from the overwhelming past experiences as the week brings enough scope to dream about future goals and conducive environment for taking that leap of faith. You can take up learning programs and make futuristic business or career plans. Be courageous to snap ties with things that donot serve you any more, that compromises your core value and worth.

LEO  If you had that your core relationships and self worth had been delicate in recent past, be ready to feel the breeze of ease this week. You shall have a refreshing new start in career matters and  ability to cultivate meaningful relationships that donot undermine your value. Love matters and matters pertaining to emotional world can be improved. Meditate upon the wishes.

VIRGO  There could be a tense square of expectations not being met in matters of relationships, emotions, and finances with a close person. Let your logical and rational side to rest and focus on holding on tight to beautiful possibilities you would see the tension dissipating. You had been withdrawn from social circle for a while, now you will find harmony in your social connections.

LIBRA   There could be confusing situations and also opportunities however clarity of direction could be elusive at first. You may need to adjust your perspective and approach. Domestic responsibilities, the pressure of future plans . Work and daily responsibilities could be tedious and so is to get along with people. Take breaks in between to return to the matter with a fresh perspective.

SCORPIO  The beginning of the week could have a rocky start but quickly enough you would find many possibilities of improving your career situation and to get recognized for your skills. Good week to improve matters of love, by allowing yourself to get caught up in the moment, express your emotions and be a little vulnerable to a loved one. It is a good week for learning and  gaining knowledge

SAGITTARIUS  With a restful start of the week, you would soon be feeling the need to break free and enjoy being adventurous in you. This week has enough creative and, networking opportunities and reaching out to your friends. Matters of love and intimacy could bring mellow emotions, but expecting a picture perfect scenario would be futile. Honest expressions, be sensitive and soft.

CAPRICORN  Keeping the harmony within a particular relationship will not be an easy task without tempering of diplomacy and sensitivity. You may be inclined to speak your truth exactly as you feel. Adjust your perspectives and have the patience that things will work out soon in a beautiful way by the end of the week.  Think you can balance our emotional, professional, and spiritual world.

AQUARIUS  Find your way out through the murkier waters of emotions this week with Calmness. You could be combustive, hence use meditative practices to calm your restless mind. Work with your imaginations, you can manifest your ideal situation in increasing your income stream. Do not push yourself to accomplish more than you feel ready for.  The situation may not be so large as you are thinking.

PISCES  Relationships and matters of love could soon reach calmer waters. Relating to your heart mate shall be easier as the week progresses. Creative Projects and your imaginative capabilities are heightened. You shall soon find your control. Bringing a work-life balance is encouraged. Find a new approach to make your everyday life exciting. Amping up your home could also be required.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  You have an opportunity to improve your falling emotional connections with family members and relatives. Further this week improve the foundation of your day to day life, your surroundings, all that contributes to a successful day operation. Matters of love and intimacy has a support form cosmos. You shall be able to breathe much easier, playful and in pursuit of childlike freedom.

TAURUS  It is a positive week for you as you get the fire in you to achieve. Be clear with your goals and set the intention for a work life balance, of emotional balance, of head and heart tuning. Sudden developments in love matters could also bring pleasant surprises. You will feel the childlike freedom to pursue your passionate projects ad endeavors. When you operate from a place of less restrictions you would do better, though you always love, tried & tested

GEMINI  Meditate on how you want your career to pan out and what steps you would take towards increasing your cash flow. If the present status is not helping your cause, find a new one, Opportunities are available near you, but check whether a sense of insecurity or pessimism not letting you to embrace them with open heart. Pay heed to intuitions which are your guiding force. Relationships need delicate handling this week.

CANCER You shall be increasingly motivated to push further with all your strength in relationships , Career and work related endeavors. You shall be able to find support of the cosmos to be on the path to fulfill your wishes. Do not be carried away by past failure and pains, this is a perfect week to begin new, a fresh start. Things shall be much clearer to you, if you realize you are in charge of your life.

LEO  This week you realise, that the wisest thing to do is not to give up and stand your own ground.  You would feel a sense of closure in some lingering matters. Take the moment to introspect, to visualize your personal goals and path to be there, commit to yourself of resilience, decision making power. It is a week full of confidence and hopefulness. A fresh start is possible in all areas of life.

VIRGO  Concerns of well being, the tug from responsibilities towards near and dear ones could be felt immensely, also towards the larger community. Long term goals with all permutation and combinations engage your mind. Further you begin the introspection around every area of life, releasing of what no longer serves you and contemplation. It is a time to go inward and go private.

LIBRA   Your thought process is immensely engaged this week, as you feel torn between two decisions. However clarity comes sooner, but in due course there could be chances of a rift coming in or a spiteful situation surfacing out of nowhere, it could be with a loved one or a colleague or a friend. There is a new beginning in matters of career. Something that you had been meaning to start may finally get the green signal of cosmos.

SCORPIO  Much is about career and long term goals, higher education this week. As you get the attuned to your higher consciousness, you are eager to take up a learning program, to further your career goals. You would be able to receive a note of appreciation from higher ups or those who matter. There is a new beginning right here this week. You have an opportunity to get clear in your head and set the intentions to begin the process to reach your goals.

SAGITTARIUS  Meditate on what you want in your closest relationships and regarding finances. You would be required to have a clear mind, apply logic and speak up your truth. If your finances are dependent and independence is suffering due to another person, you are required to take a stand, make a decision. You shall also feel the nudge to explore options, learning programs and throw caution to the wind at times if you want radically different results.

CAPRICORN  This week is an opportunity to begin fresh in all your one to one relationships, if something needed improvement it is time to right it. Further if you set the tone to something harmonious and based on equal reciprocity, you would be able to see remarkably beautiful results. It is also a time to pursue your intimate connection, a heart partner. Money matters, financial interdependency can be relooked, revised and planned. Own up your emotions, it is alright to do.

AQUARIUS  This is a week to look into the tiny little details that contribute to the larger picture.  You would be motivated to improve your daily routine and add more structure to it. Healthcare regime, wellness programs, mindfulness, orderliness, discipline and many things which you earlier overlooked. Further your one to one relationships takes a harmonious turn and collaborating with others looks more fun, enriching and enlightening. Think Long term.

PISCES  It is a good week for love and relationships. Connecting to a heart partner is possible. A weak relationship may suddenly bounce back to life. Further the need to have a more balanced daily routine can be achievable. Taking time out to meditate, exercise and look into the details of daily life will be beneficial, as having your structure straight will give you the energy to push further. Learning, exploring new topics and following your heart shall be much easier and required.

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  Foundational changes and improvement in Social Image, Career Realms is coming this week. Go by your instincts, have courage to take a leap of faith if you have a defined plan. Inventive ideas and bold moves are possible. Relationship and Family Matters are highlighted. Leave behind negativity, self limiting thoughts at hold you back.

TAURUS  If you felt like being held back or tired of a reoccurring work situation this week shall provide the courage to break those limiting thoughts. Take leap of faith, follow what liberates your heart. Relationships are harmonious and  a strong support group. Communicating your ideas and feelings eloquently will be possible. Be resourceful, for the next goal, see how you can release the load.

GEMINI  Career matters shall be able to show signs of improvement. Relationships are harmonious this week. You shall be able reconnect on a good note with all those you share emotional space. Your mind shall feel much relaxed, able to express your emotions. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable in your connections, personal or professional will bring good results. Speak your truth in exact way.

CANCER Think from a less limiting space, let your mind be creative and inventive, which is much liberating. The successful application of free thinking shall translate well into your work and financial endeavors. If there is a will to express something which is bottled up in your mind, donot hold back. Speak your truth in a calm, way and find constructive solutions.

LEO  Have the vision of  future possibilities and scope to grow, as universe shall now support your efforts. Dare to dream bigger in your career. Relationship with a heart mate shall be able to grow should you leave those negative thoughts and apprehensions. Let yourself loose, allow yourself to dream. Believe that good things can be possible just by trusting yourself.

VIRGO  You like all figured  out to the tiniest details, but this week allow yourself to imagine and venturing out following the lead of heart.  Being on the same page with others will be much easier, your friends will look for attuned to your emotions and collaborating with others for work, much easier. Work and money making endeavors shall give positive results. Love may be elusive 

LIBRA   You are fired up on all cylinders would like to reach out to all and share kindness, however do not jump into quick conclusions of someone’s situation. Your career shows signs of improvement. You shall be the recipient of right kind of attention from all those that matter. Balancing your energies and passion, work life balance through spiritual practices would give you the fuel.

SCORPIO  Finances had you thinking, finally shall feel aligned as cosmos supports your endeavors in earned income zone. You wish to be loved, and reciprocated but there can be moments when you are not attuned to each others emotions. However Communication is supported by the cosmos, hence authentic conversations with colleagues, higher ups, friends will create circumstances for improvement, the same even in love.

SAGITTARIUS  Financial matters linked to another person , or a heart mate, or institution may show improvement. Conversations with a heart mate with improve allowing deeper connection, but know the communication is important. Expressing yourself seems much easier, find a release for your bottled up emotions and be surprised to get a even delightful response.

CAPRICORN  If you had been swimming in a sea of regrets, pains due to past failure, stalled projects and correspondence, chances are you would see signs of improvement this week. Follow your inner child, let creativity and inventions lead your way in all matter. Function without limitation and previous biases for success. Release the tendency to control emotions and words, and do things differently in your projects, see how they turn out to be.

AQUARIUS  The hunches that you had been receiving pertaining to your health, daily work life, but could not take steps, finally can be taken up with thorough research and a routine. Productivity can increase finally. Creative talents can be harnessed well, and translated to income. See how can you function with alternatives, fun ways, inventive ideas to turn your money goals achievable. Communication now is smoother with colleagues, higher ups, partners and loved ones.

PISCES  You are a dreamer and use this quality to create a better situation for yourself. Creative skills gets enhances, and work in a fun way, alternative plans, solutions. Expressing love to a heartmate is easier. Connecting with your social circle is mood uplifting. You always do well when you follow your heart and operate by visualizations. Use your creative or hidden skills to manifest a better smoother income stream.   

Indrani – Tarot Reader

ARIES  This week is all about positivity, Passionate Drive, and an inner calm that things will improve, change to suit your situation. You shall have positive circumstances to align your Career, in the right direction, as cosmos brings meaningful conversations, support from the important people. You shall be able to look into the small elements that create a whole situation or circumstance. Initiating a passionate endeavor is now possible. Relationships  getting better.

TAURUS  Ability to see through things, Calmly,  thereafter having a Plan, and courage to throw caution to the wind, if need be, is what is required this week. If you feel unrecognized in matters of workplace, career, matters of Love, know that someone somewhere still believes in you. Your steadfast approach to improve matters will require Positive, Cool Mind, tune into to the good energies. If some change is required urgently, decide the timeline for yourself.

GEMINI  By the end of the week, you shall feel a release, to express, to be able to think eloquently, however the week begins with a certain awakening and irritable circumstances. You shall be able to, however, sail through all these, keep your resilience and Calm mind Handy. If you are in crossroads in matters of career, there is a time when things will take shape. Have faith on your efforts, but do ask yourself, are you making the right choices, are you on the right path.

CANCER Lately , if you had been pulled to multiple directions, know that it is time to prioritize self care, and that happiness originates from within. It is good to be a nurturer, but in the process donot forget your personal space and needs. If there is an important talk, required with a Heart mate or a dear friend, it is okay to take the honest way. This week you shall find the release., as work and career related projects can begin inch by inch to positive direction. Go steady.

LEO  Some foundational change is building up, underneath, in your higher consciousness, to let go preconceived notions, negative patterns and Biases of past, which came as a blockage to your happiness of present and future. Open your mind to new learning, experiences, entirely new circumstances. Education and picking new skills will be supported by cosmos. Relationships are evolving. You are eloquent with your thoughts, and ability to socialize after a gap.

VIRGO  Connection with few friend or a heart mate at a spiritual Level is possible. This shall give you the positive energies and emotional balance which you so much yearn for. Relationships are evolving, allow yourself to dream to express. You may feel private, and will like to keep away from chaos, perhaps spiritualism or unique way of universe at works will intrigue you in abundance. Bring yourself some time for solitude,  relax your overworked energies.

LIBRA   This week you shall find the release, of the stressful and anxious thoughts that has pulled you in, at times, to a irritable state of mind. It is okay if some people are unpredictable, know that each one has own journey, at times rough. The need for Spiritual alignment and Holistic living  is felt greatly this week. Perhaps you would now need to balance your Body and Mind, work and Life. By the end of the week, career and work related matters will pick up pace.

SCORPIO  You shall feel the urgency to reach a desired place, however try to relate and vibe with the energies surrounding you. Stay centered, if things meet any resistance, allow your wisdom to hold off hasty actions. You shall be able to take up matters of learning, education and efforts towards furthering your career. Your mind is explorative. People and matters distant to you pulls you energetically. You shall sail through well this week, with Calm energies.

SAGITTARIUS  You are desirous to take action and initiatives towards matters that hold you back in crossroads, but this time, you are Calmer, wiser, and a Charmer. Be resourceful, have all information in hand, before you take a leap. Have a well laid plan. It is also a fine time to initiate difficult conversations with a heartmate. Your words and mind is aligned. Communication is much easier. You shall vibe well with others, and shall be able to see light at the end of the tunnel.

CAPRICORN  Impulsiveness and instant gratification could be your enemy this week,  specially in matters of relationship. Take a deep breath before you take an action or express your mind. If you feel stuck in some area of life, you may need to take little time off to contemplate, rather than to push things against the wind. By the end of the week, things again look brighter, positive, and easier to deal with. Know when to switch off , step back. Body and Mind balance is required.

AQUARIUS  By the end of the week, you shall feel the release, of things and thoughts that was holding you back, making you restless. You have got a good time to look within self, and align your body and Mind, in order to be able to receive the positive energies that shall be waiting for you at end of the week. Leave behind negative situations and people. Know the timing, tune in to the universal energies. Communication gets easier, thoughts become clearer, things improve.

PISCES  You shall find your inspiration and positivity amidst chaos or crossroads, if you let your inner child to play. Take a chance somewhere, work through alternatives, Be playful in your approach, you would find things eventually fall into desired place. Matters of Love and relationships shall improve. At times donot fear to dream, just because the past few weeks had been stressful. Get into your element this week, as expressions are more eloquent and sweet.

Indrani – Tarot Reader