January 20, 2020
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Mehta will be busy promoting his debut web series – Never Kiss Your Best Friend which premieres on Jan 20 on ZEE5.

Birthdays always call for a celebration. And when you have a new project on release, then that celebration is bound to be on a whole other level. Seems like the case with multi-faceted actor Nakuul Mehta who is all set to make his OTT debut with ZEE5’s web series Never Kiss Your Best Friend. A millennial story of friendship and love – the show releases Jan 20 and Nakuul’s been painting the town red (or should we say neon given the super fun looks he’s been sporting) promoting the show. And the promotional madness continues right through his birthday – with interviews, specials and multiple appearances lined up for Jan 17 – His Birthday.

We’ve also been told that the ace actor will be co-hosting a special screening of the series for his industry friends and family at a suburban preview theatre on Jan 17.

Talking about his birthday plans Nakuul Mehta shares, “Even though it’s a working birthday, I know I’m going to enjoy it, as I do all my birthdays – in a different way of course. Despite the hectic schedules, promoting a show that I’m so happy with just makes the entire process meaningful and special. Our show’s trailer and songs have received so much love and I can’t wait for my people to see it on ZEE5.”

The teaser, trailer and songs of the web series have received fantastic traction and his fans cannot wait for the premiere on 20th January!

The series is based on Sumrit Shahi’s best-selling novel of the same name. The 10-episode series is a millennial rom-com starring Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh and will also see veterans Suchitra Krishnamoorthi and Rituraj Singh, who will play Nakuul’s parents while Niki Aneja and Vivek Mushran will be playing Anya’s parents.

The story is about two best friends, reconnecting after a long separation and the existence of a curious history between them, grappling with their complicated feelings for each other. It plays across two timelines; their youth when their friendship was the highlight of both their lives and their adulthood when they meet after years of separation.

Produced by Sarita A. Tanwar & Niraj Kothari and Directed by Arif Khan the series is all set to premiere on 20th January exclusively on ZEE5.

Watch the trailer here: https://www.zee5.com/zee5originals/details/never-kiss-your-best-friend/0-6-2356/never-kiss-your-best-friend-trailer/0-1-315016

Watch the music video here: https://www.zee5.com/zee5originals/details/never-kiss-your-best-friend/0-6-2356/jaane-na-dunga-kahin-never-kiss-your-best-friend-music-video/0-1-318726

Zee TV’s popular fiction show Guddan… Tumse Na Ho Paega, has become a favourite amongst viewers with its unique and never-seen-before concept of the country’s youngest Saas. In the upcoming episodes of the show, viewers are in for a dramatic and unusual twist in the storyline. Post a fair share of trials and tribulations that came their way, audiences saw the show’s hero Akshat (played by Nishant Singh Malkani) falling knee-deep in love with his wife Guddan (played by Kanika Mann).

One after another, the righteous couple has been attacked physically and emotionally by their obsessive lovers like Antara (played by Daljiet Kaur) and Vikrant (played by Pawan Shankar). In the last few episodes, Antara has been successful in creating a misunderstanding which has forced Guddan to leave the house and in turn convinced Akshat to marry Antara as a revenge against Guddan for allegedly aborting their child.

As Akshat and Guddan part ways, the storyline will take a 4 year leap and will present Guddan in an all-new avatar! Established as a popular film actress, Guddan has finally achieved her dream of becoming an actress with her sister Revti by her side as her trusted aide. On the other hand, the Jindal house has been adversely affected by the separation of Akshat and Guddan. While Akshat is on a self-destruction spree and doesn’t care about anyone anymore, Antara has made life of the people in the Jindal house a nightmare and no one is happy anymore. Amidst such a pitiful state, Dadi is still hopeful that some day Guddan will come back into their lives and fix everything.

Talking about the leap Kanika Mann said, “We absolutely adore our audience and we are overwhelmed by how they give us so much love and that is why we want to give them our best. We try different story lines and drama so that we can keep them entertained. The upcoming track will give our audience a lot of freshness in the show and I am sure they are going to enjoy it especially with my new avatar as a popular and successful actress.”

Nishant Singh Malkani said, “While we all crave happy endings, the reality is always far from it. Guddan and Akshat are one of the most loved on-screen couples and I always like to hear my audience reactions when they see us braving the challenges and reuniting. I am glad the makers of the show are keeping it real for Akshan and show the various aspects of a relationship unfold on screen as the two face their worst fears every now and then to overcome and reunite. I would love to see the audience reaction to our new lives post leap and hope they will enjoy the new twist in the lives of Akshan.”

With Antara in full power of the house, Akshat in a state of agony, will Guddan ever come back to Jindal House? How will Akshat fix Jindal house problems this time? Is it over or it’s a new beginning for #Akshan?

To know more, tune in to Guddan… Tumse Na Ho Paega every Monday to Saturday at 08:00 PM only on Zee TV!

There’s just a handful of people in life that any of us would give a hand and leg for … it could be anyone from a dearly cherished childhood friend to your spouse to a close sibling but for most of us in India, it is our family. Zee TV’s next primetime offering Qurbaan Hua is an intense drama about two passionate and young individuals, caught in a crossfire of destiny.

They’re on a mission of their own, driven by the love and pride of their family. Despite being two completely different people hailing from starkly different backgrounds and cultures, Neel and Chahat are about to sacrifice the single-most important and intimate relationship of life and tie the knot with each other, without a trace of love that forms the foundation of any marriage.

Karan Jotwani a.k

hile he is burning with the fire of revenge for his sister’s death, she is single-mindedly determined to clear her abbu’s name as she’s convinced he’s had no role to play in the death of Neel’s sister. The question, then, is – What lengths will they go to for the love and pride of their family?
Zee TV has roped in Karan Jotwani, who was last seen in Zee TV’s Aap Ke Aa Jane Se, to play the role of Neel in Qurbaan Hua.

Neel is an emotional young man, particularly close to his sister. In fact, he is one of the most eligible bachelors in town with big city dreams and someone everyone just instinctively loves. Catch his world turn upside down and his ugliest side brought to the fore when his sister is painfully snatched away from him, filling him with violent rage and the thirst to eliminate the one man he holds responsible for her death.

Talking about his character, Karan Jotwani revealed, “I am thankful to be a part of yet another impactful show on Zee TV after Aap Ke Aa Jane Se. I chose the show not only because of its unique, evocative story but also because my character is very strong and challenging. In fact, the show is based on an extremely basic human insight of going the extra mile for the love and pride of one’s family and loved ones.

So, I am excited to start work on the show and I hope my fans who I hold dear and close to me, continue to shower me and the show with love, and understand the nuances of the story.”

Produced by Full House Media, the story of Qurbaan Hua is based in the majestic hills of Devprayag where the two rivers Alaknanda and Bhagirathi blend seamlessly to form and together be called Ganga. The show brings forward the journey of two equally powerful and head strong individuals whose destinies find them entering the institution of marriage with agendas of their own, a move that is about to change their fate forever.
Find out more about Qurbaan Hua on Zee TV!

नई दिल्ली, अपने किड्स डांस रियलिटी शो – सुपर डांसर की सफलता के बाद अब सोनी एंटरटेनमेंट टेलीविजन इंडियाज़ बेस्ट डांसर के जरिए 15 से 30 साल की उम्र के टैलेंट को मंच प्रदान करेगा। फरवरी में प्रसारित होने जा रहे इस शो में इस साल वीकेंड्स पर भव्य नजारे देखने को मिलेंगे! जहां टेरेंस लुईस, गीता कपूर और मलाइका अरोड़ा खान जैसे जाने-माने डांस महारथी इस शो के जजिंग पैनल में शामिल होंगे, वहीं मशहूर कॉमेडियन भारती सिंह और उनके पति हर्ष लिंबाचिया इस शो को होस्ट करेंगे। इतना ही नहीं, इस शो में डांस जगत के 12 खास मेंटर्स होंगे, जो चुने गए टैलेंट का हुनर संवारेंगे।

इंडियाज़ बेस्ट डांसर के ऑडिशन देश भर में आयोजित किए जाएंगे, जिसमें डांस प्रतिभाओं को अपना श्रेष्ठ प्रदर्शन करने और इस शो में भाग लेने के लिए आमंत्रित किया जा रहा है। इस शो के पहले ऑडिशन दिल्ली में 18 जनवरी को श्री वेंकटेश्वर इंटरनेशनल स्कूल, सेक्टर-18, द्वारका, नई दिल्ली में होंगे सुबह 8 से 2 बजे। दिल्ली की संस्कृति नृत्य और संगीत से काफी प्रभावित है। मशहूर वेस्टर्न स्टाइल से लेकर लोकनृत्य तक, दिल्ली अपनी जोशीली और रंग-बिरंगी डांस प्रस्तुतियों के लिए जाना जाता है। तो आपको किस बात का इंतजार है? यदि आपको लगता है कि आप बेस्ट हैं, तो इंडियाज़ बेस्ट डांसर के ऑडिशन देने तक चैन से ना बैठें!

दिल्ली के प्रतिभागियों को एक खास संदेश देते हुए टेरेंस लुईस ने कहा, “इस बार हम जजों को इम्प्रेस करने के लिए डांसर को वाकई खास होने की जरूरत होगी। हमने रियलिटी शोज़ में इतना टैलेंट देखा है कि अब हमें अंतर्राष्ट्रीय स्तर के डांसर्स देखने की जरूरत महसूस होती है, जो सच्चे परफॉर्मर्स की तरह सचमुच हमारा ध्यान आकर्षित करें। यह इसलिए भी जरूरी है क्योंकि यह इस शो का पहला सीज़न है और हम चाहते हैं कि इसका स्तर वाकई ऊंचा हो। यह यकीनन आसान नहीं रहने वाला क्योंकि मैं ऐसे किसी को भी नहीं चुनूंगा जो बेस्ट ना हो।!”

आगे जज गीता कपूर ने कहा, “हम एक प्रतिभाशाली देश में रहते हैं, जहां हर राज्य की अपनी एक अलग संस्कृति है और मुझे यकीन है कि प्रतिभागियों की भी अपनी अनूठी शैलियां होंगी। मैं हर एक प्रतिभागी को शुभकामनाएं देना चाहती हूं। इस बार मैं चाहूंगी कि प्रतिभागी भांगड़ा या कालबेलिया जैसी लोक नृत्य शैलियों, या फिर मोहिनीअट्टम, ओडीसी, कत्थक या भरतनाट्यम जैसे शास्त्रीय नृत्यों की प्रस्तुति लेकर मंच पर आएं। उम्मीद है सभी प्रतिभागी, बॉलीवुड डांस को भी वो सम्मान देंगे जिसका वह हकदार है। हमारा विचार यह है कि प्रतिभागी हमें सिर्फ फ्लिप्स या स्टंट्स दिखाकर प्रभावित ना करें बल्कि हमारे सामने डांस को उसके सच्चे स्वरूप में प्रस्तुत करें।”

तो आप भी अपने डांसिंग शूज़ पहनकर इंडियाज़ बेस्ट डांसर के ऑडिशन में अपना सर्वश्रेष्ठ प्रदर्शन करने के लिए तैयार हो जाइए, शनिवार 18 जनवरी को श्री वेंकटेश्वर इंटरनेशनल स्कूल, दिल्ली में।

Auditions for the new season are now open and will be held in Delhi on Sunday 19th January 2020 

Delhi, 16th January:  After ruling reality television and winning the audiences over with melodious renditions and dhamakedaar performances by its phenomenally talented child singers from across the country, Zee TV’s marquee singing reality show for kids Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs is back. If you think that you have what it takes to become the next Li’l champ, you need to rush to the closest venue in order to audition for the all new season! Sugandha Date was crowned the winner of the previous season while the nation was introduced to an array of talented singing prodigies like Shreyan Bhattacharya, Anjali Gaikwad, Tanya Sharma, Shanmukhpriya, Sonakshi Kar and everyone’s favourite ‘Chote Bhagwaan’ Jayas Kumar. Taking the legacy of recognizing child singers and giving them a platform to discover their talent at such a young age forward, the show once again sets out to scout for a fresh new batch of young music aspirants and will be conducting auditions across various cities. The auditions in the city will be held on Sunday, 19th January 2020, 8:00 AM onwards at Happy Model School, Janakpuri, Block B 2, BB Block, Janakpuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110058.

But participation will only be possible for contestants who have registered. So, if you think your kid has the potential and the talent to win the nation’s heart with their melodious voice and are in the age group of up to 15 years, then it’s time to block your spot, give a call on 7304189194/ 8828290291 to register for the auditions. In the coming days, the auditions will be held in Nagpur and Mumbai.

Get ready to watch the young singing prodigies turn their dreams into reality as Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs will air soon on Zee TV

Celebrity astrologer Tushar Apte predicts the next year for these actors.

Shivin Narang: It is going to a very favorable year for Shivin and he will be able to achieve his goals very easily. He is very clear about what he wants from his career. He will climb the ladder of success. He may also sign new projects this year.

Vivian Dsena: In 2020, Vivian needs to have more clarity about his goals as far as his acting career is concerned. He should let go of any criticism and negative experiences that he might have faced in the past. It a good year for self-development.

Rakhi Vijan: In 2020, Rakhi’s past efforts will be rewarded. She will attain success. She shall focus on the brighter side. She needs to focus on her fitness regime and prioritize her goals.

Adaa Khan: Adaa will get a new breakthrough in her career. Travel is indicated for work reasons. She shall plan her investments with utmost care this year. New plans can be drawn the year. Friends will be very supportive.

Aastha Chowdhry: Aastha shall overcome her fears and be more innovative this year. Her long term plans can be executed this year as well. She will get a lot of recognition on the work front and will enjoy a huge fan base this year.

Mohammad Nazim: On the career front, he will have to be very choosy, the work might get prolonged. This year he shall be very punctual and try to execute his plans. This is a year of self-development and so he shall overcome his shortcomings and follow his passions and explore.

Ansh Bagri: This is a year of ‘New Beginnings’ for Ansh. He will get some new opportunities this year. He should maintain good interpersonal relationships and will be rewarded for his efforts. He will get recognition and success this year.

Sanjay Gandhi: This year Sanjay will have to overcome some challenges on the work front. He shall be more flexible and try and achieve long term goals. He needs to plan his investments carefully.

Sanjay Gagnani: Sanjay shall not disclose his plans this year. He shall follow his own instinct which will help him succeed in his career. He should continue working on his current projects and take proper advice before starting a new project. This is a favorable year for building a strong network and for reuniting will old friends who can help in choosing new opportunities.

Mreenal Deshraaj: It will be the best year for Mreenal where her career is concerned. There will be a lot of achievements this year. She should trust her instincts and should work on her plans wholeheartedly. She should avoid getting bogged down by obstacles which she might face this year.

कल्पना कीजिये, किसी कलाकार के लिए यह कितनी बड़ी सफलता है कि वह जिस शो में कभी बतौर एंकर नजर आते थे, उसी शो में उन्हें बाकायदा गेस्ट जज के रूप में आमंत्रित किया गया. जी हां, यहां बात सबके फेवरेट मनीष पॉल की हो रही है. यह बात जगजाहिर है कि मनीष मनोरंजन जगत के सबसे चहेते एंकर हैं. मनीष टीवी के पहले ऐसे एंकर बन गए हैं, जिन्हें किसी रियलिटी शो में जज बना कर बुलाया। जाहिर है कि मनीष इस बात से बेहद खुश हैं। रिएलिटी शोज से लेकर बड़े-बड़े अवार्ड्स शोज, स्पोर्ट्स शोज और दबंग जैसे शो में भी उनकी ही डिमांड रहती है। ऐसे में नया साल आते ही उन्हें एक और उपलब्धि हासिल हुई है कि वह इंडियन आयडल, जिसमें वह खुद वर्ष २०१८ में एंकर की भूमिका निभा चुके हैं.


उसी शो में उन्हें इस बार सेलेब्रिटी जज के रूप में न्योता मिला। हाल ही में मनीष ने इस शो के एपिसोड की शूटिंग पूरी की है और सेट से कई तस्वीरें सामने आई हैं, जिसमें आप साफ़ देख सकते हैं कि मनीष ने अपने हंसमुख अंदाज़ में, जैसा कि वह हमेशा रहते भी हैं, सबका दिल जीता है और खूब धमाल मचाया है। मनीष ने शो के जज विशाल ददलानी और नेहा कक्कड़ के साथ जम कर मस्ती की है।

मनीष खुद इस बात से बेहद खुश हैं, उन्होंने इस बारे में बातचीत में कहा कि यह सच है कि नए साल से मुझे बहुत सारी उम्मीदें हैं और साल की शुरुआत में ही एक नयी उपलब्धि मेरे खाते में आई है। इंडियन आयडल में जज बन कर जाना मेरे लिए बहुत बड़ी ख़ुशी की बात है, चूंकि इंडियन आयडल एक बड़ा और बहुत प्रतिष्ठित मंच है। इस शो में सभी ने मेरा तहे दिल से स्वागत किया। मैं खुद भी गाने का शौक़ीन रहा हूँ और संगीत की तरफ मेरा रुझान हमेशा से ही रहा है, ऐसे में बहुत ख़ुशी मिलती है कि बतौर होस्ट मैं २०१८ में इस शो से जुड़ा था, उसी मंच पर मुझे गेस्ट के रूप में बुलाया गया। शायद मैं पहला होस्ट हूं, जिसे ये सम्मान मिला है तो मैं बेहद गौरवान्वित महसूस कर रहा हूँ। जब मैं होस्ट था, तब भी मैंने बहुत सारी यादें भी संजोई थीं। लेकिन इस बार अलग ही बात थी। जज की कुर्सी पर बैठ कर समझ पाया कि वहां बैठ कर निर्णय लेना कितना कठिन होता है, जबकि अब तक एंकर के रूप में कई शोज किये हैं। लेकिन इस बार नर्वस भी बहुत था। वहीं मैंने शो के बाकी जज के साथ बहुत मस्ती भी की, विशाल ने कहा भी कि मेरे गंजेपन का मजाक उड़ाने के लिए मनीष इस बैक, नेहा के साथ मस्ती की, आदित्य के साथ भी मजा आया। सभी कंटेस्टेंट बहुत खुश थे मुझे देख कर , तो मुझे बहुत- बहुत मजा आया और मेरी कोशिश होगी कि मैं और भी इस तरह के नए आयाम अपने काम के साथ जोड़ता रहूं । मेरे फैंस को थैंक्स कहना चाहूंगा। उनके प्यार ने ही मुझे यहां तक पहुँचाया है।
बता दें कि पिछले दिनों मनीष के शो मूवी विद मनीष पॉल एक कामयाब शो रहा, शो में उन्होंने खूब धमाल मचाया।

Actor Kushal Punjabi passed away on Friday leaving the entire TV industry reeling in shock. As per reports, the actor committed suicide. Actor Arjun Bijlani, who was close to Kushal says that the two spoke recently. “Just a few days back, I had a chat with him and he asked me to make some video. Apart from that, yesterday afternoon I had sent him the video of my new show but he didn’t reply. This incident happened yesterday night and I can’t believe it because when we were on set, we spoke about life, work, family and he seemed pretty fine. I guess from the last few months he was going through a rough time but I never thought he would commit suicide. He was such a strong-headed, jovial person…always smiling and very humble. I don’t know why he lost his purpose in life. It’s just a shock to me,” he says.

The two go a long way back. “I have worked with him in the show Ishq Mein Marjawan. Before the show also, I met him a couple of times through common friends. We kind of bonded because he is a really nice guy and we used to sit and eat food together in my room during lunchtime and we use to chat and have so much fun,” he says.

Getting to know of his shocking demise was very disturbing for Arjun. “We have a common friend and he messaged me. I woke up and read that message and it was shocking. I still can’t believe it. It’s very disturbing because he has a very young child. I don’t know what made him take this kind of move. He was always wearing a smile. I know it had something to do with depression or something that he was going through,” he says.

The actor says that things like depression need to be taken care of. “I think we need to wake up to these problems in India and depression has to be treated as a problem. There should be centers to help people and there should be more awareness about depression. I think the world is only getting a tougher place to live in and I think a lot of things affect people and puts them in a depression,” he says.

Arjun admits that the industry is a very unpredictable space. “I think once you have seen fame and success, and then suddenly it goes away and the same people who were praising you when you were shining, disappear, it’s sad. In fact, not only do they disappear, but people are made fun of when they don’t have work. I think it’s very sad. It happens at all award functions. It happens in a lot of reality shows. I think broadcasters and writers especially should refrain from doing this. I urge all the writers and all the broadcasters to not do that because it hurts people and I know people who have been on such show,” he says.

For an actor, it’s important to find happiness in things apart from his career, saya Arjun. “I think you should find your happiness in so many other things apart from your career. There is family, which you can bank on, there are friends who you can talk to. I think as people also we need to be more compassionate. When someone comes and tells you a problem, instead of making fun of it, we should just give them our time. I think that’s one thing as people we need to change. We need to be more compassionate, and understand and talk to people about what they are feeling or at least listen, be a good listener and see something nice in return,” he says.

Web series might be rife with bold sequences however, actor Vivian Desena says that he is never going to be comfortable shooting these scenes. The actor says that he made this very clear at the start of his career and all show makers who want to work with him have accepted this. “It’s a personal choice I made at the beginning of my career. Just because I’m the hero doesn’t mean I will roam around barechested. It’s an understanding between me and the makers. They know that there are certain areas where I’m not comfortable, so they write the scenes accordingly,” he says.

He adds, “It’s not mandatory for content on the web to be bold. Plus, people have known my limitations for the last 10 to 12 years. It’s a choice I made. And I think the producers and makers I work with, respect it.”

The actor says that he is on the lookout for an interesting and realistic web series. “I have been narrated two or three web series but I have opted out because I didn’t like the concept. Something which is lesser in terms of drama, and more realistic, is something that I am looking for. I saw the Money Heist recently on Netflix and I want something like that,” he says.

Meanwhile, the actor recently wrapped up with his show Shakti. “Life is good after Shakti. I’ve been relaxing at home, chilling at home with my family and having a good time. I am making full use of the break,” he says.

Sanjay Gagnani who palys Prithvi Malhotra in Kundali Bhagya has a pet Shih Tzu called Flirty Bhatia who turned five recently. He is obsessed with his dog whom he couldn’t take him to Goa as the villa he had booked didn’t allow pets and his itinerary of travelling was also long. He says, “Flirty is a family member. If in one word I can describe what he means to me is, he is a blessing to me.

Sanjay Gagnani,Flirty Bhatia

I have never treated him as an animal. I have always taken care of him just like how I take care of my family members. Spending time with him is a huge stress buster. He is very friendly to human beings to everyone, even to unknown people he is very friendly, very lovable, he doesn’t bark at all, doesn’t pee in any premises and very well behaved”.

Sanjay has returned from his New Year Goa trip and resumed Kundali Bhagya shoot. He says, ” It was quickly planned trip with financee Poonam Preet and friends. I love the vibes of Goa. It has wide range of lounges, bars, clubs, and along with that, there is a lot of heritage places too. You can be yourself and chill.

This is my second new year in Goa. But I am never bored with this place because whenever I come here I feel that something is still left because it has so much to explore. I indulge in water sports and I got to spend quality time with my fiancee Poonam Preet too. I couldn’t take my Pet flirty as where we had booked pets were not allowed and my schedules in Goa were hectic and it would have not been possible for Flirty to travel so much”. Well we really appreciate your love for your Pet Flirty!”