July 4, 2020
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He keeps a low profile on social media, but every now and then he does something that hits you hard. For example, recently he posted a pic on his Instagram handle with “While helping the poor, leave your camera at home” written on it. That must have made everyone think about the reality of life.

Well, that’s Vivian Dsena for you. The actor ruled the TV industry for over 12 years with back-to-back popular shows like “Pyaar Kii Ek Kahaani”, “Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon” and “Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki” and we miss him terribly on-screen. But with the ongoing lockdown, let’s just take a look at reasons he will make you fall for him.

His dimples: Well, dimples surely enhance one’s look, but if you are terribly good looking, those dimples are cherry on top.
The various shades he portrays: Let’s just accept that even when he essays a hero or an anti-hero, Vivian’s popularity and demand has only increased over the years. The ease with which he plays any character makes him a versatile actor.

The chemistry he shared with his co-stars: Have you heard of the terms “Abhiya” (from Abhay and Pia in “Pyaar Kii Ek Kahaani”), “Rishbala” (from Rishabh and Madhubala in “Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon”) and “Haya” (from Harman and Soumya in “Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki”). Well that’s the kind of chemistry he shares with his co-stars that makes his fan coin these terms which trend like crazy on social media. Need I say more.

His reserved personality: He is not very active on social media, in fact he accepts that he doesn’t socialise much too. At a time when actors are like an open book to their fans, this reserved personality of Vivian makes you want to have him or know about him more.

That husky voice: I saved the best for the last. His husky voice is one trait that can make anyone fall for him. It is one of the sexiest features of this handsome hunk.

And We are not going to talk about his good looks at all, because they are a treat to sore eyes so we will just leave it to your imagination.


It is time for the cameras to roll! After a three-month lockdown, &TV resumed shoot for two of its shows, Ek Mahanayak Dr B. R Ambedkar and Santoshi Maa Sunaye Vrat Kathayein keeping all safety guidelines and precautions in mind starting June 26th and June 25th respectively.

The limited cast and crew members who reached the sets on the first day of the shoot could not contain their happiness and were thrilled to hear the words, ‘Lights, Camera & Action’ after such a long gap. Ready to roll with the camera, Gracy Singh who plays Santoshi Maa reached the sets of its show all excited and prepared. Same goes for Jagannath Nivangune who plays Ramji Maloji Sakpal and Neha Joshi who plays Bhimabai.

Speaking about her first day at the shoot, Gracy Singh, Santoshi Maa from Santoshi Maa Sunaye Vrat Kathayein said, “The moment I got a call confirming the shoot date, my excitement knew no bounds. I prepared my bag with the required accessories and makeup items properly sanitised and even kept aside the character outfit that I wore from home to the sets. Only the touch up was done on the sets once or twice. I felt the same way as I did on the first day of my shoot on this show.

The moment we reached the sets, our temperature and body oxygen levels, was screened. We welcomed each other in our traditional Indian style, i.e. Namaste, followed by a quick catching up session. There were limited people on sets and were wearing masks, including me. At every point in and around the sets, there was umpteen number of sanitiser bottles and sprays. It was quite a distinct experience, but I am sure with time, we all will get used to it.”

Jagannath Nivangune, Ramji Maloji Sakpal from Ek Mahanayak Dr B. R Ambedkar’ commented, “Upon signing up for the show, I had started reading ‘Changdev Bhavanrao Khairmode’s book ‘Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar’. But, due to busy shooting schedules, I was unable to finish the book. However, now I managed to read all eight parts of the book. It was wonderful to see Neha and Smruti Ji along with other cast members. We greeted each other with a Namaste.

I am fully prepared with own personal sanitation kit and carried lot of masks with me for everyone just as goodwill gesture, though we also have those available on the sets. Our temperature was checked, alongside ensuring we sanitise our hands at regular intervals and continue wearing masks when off the camera. Everyone has been strictly adhering to the protocols and following social distancing norms. We have an exciting track coming up focusing on another landmark moment in Babasaheb’s life.”

Neha Joshi, Bhimabai from Ek Mahanayak Dr B. R Ambedkar’ said, I was missing my reading and rehearsing sessions with Jagannath and our Director Imtiaz Ji. I have been draping the saree all by myself for years and since the past couple of months I had been missing wearing one, so it makes me happy to be able to get into my saree look again.

With the excitement of meeting everyone, I took out one of my favourite sarees to wear on the sets. I also carried my makeup, food, and safety kit to ensure I am fully prepared and protected, even though we have ample sanitation amenities available on the sets. It was a homecoming of sorts. We have a significant track worked out, and we are quite excited for it to hit the television screens soon.”

&TV’s ‘Ek Mahanayak Dr B.R. Ambedkar’ is a never-told-before life story of Babasaheb in the Hindi GEC space. Produced by Smruti Sushilkumar Shinde’s SOBO Films, the show is an inspirational story of Babasaheb and his journey from the tender age of five, to him becoming the prime architect of the Indian constitution.

Produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms, ‘Santoshi Maa Sunaye Vrath Kathayein’ is the captivating story that captures the pure connection between ‘Bhakt and Bhagwan’.

Get ready to watch the all-new episodes of ‘Ek Mahanayak Dr B. R Ambedkar’ and ‘Santoshi Maa Sunaye Vrat Kathayein’ coming soon only on &TV!


Actor Shashank Vyas recently took to his Instagram to share a note about cyberbullying. He also urged fans to spread positivity and love around the world

Actor Shashank Vyas who would be seen in Prem Soni’s film Laila Manju recently penned down a note where he talked about cyberbullying. He shared the note on his Instagram story titled ‘Stop online attack’. In his note, Shashank Vyas gave the reference about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and asked fans if they ever thought about how happily everyone celebrates these days.

He added that everyone should also start the celebration in a positive way where all an individual needs to do is post a positive comment on social media. Shashank Vyas mentioned that it can be a compliment on a friend’s picture or just a comment on a random profile. He asked, “Imagine what a positive day it will be.”

Furthermore, Shashank Vyas said that year 2020 has already brought so much negativity in everybody’s lives and this way people can play a part to spread positivity and love around them. He ended the note saying, “You never know how a negative comment can affect anyone so why not motivate someone and make a difference in their life.” Shashank Vyas also went on to add a hashtag #cyberbullying and a ‘Stop’ sticker.

Shashank Vyas shared another story where he asked his fans to make this a permanent habit to spread positivity and love all around.
Shashank is one of the most positive actors with a huge fan following in people of all age groups. He -coincidently is the most eligible bachelor too and his fans love him unconditionally.


Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide left us in shock. The actor was said to be suffering from depression. This has led to celebs and netizens talk about mental health and depression once again, because somewhere we all failed, as a society. Talking can give good results as far as depression is concerned, self-healing or seeking professional help are some other ways. Here are some celebs sharing their opinion on mental health and depression, and how one can help people heal:

Vikas Sethi: Life itself is a gift. A precious gift. Owning up to depression, anxiety or any mental illness has a stigma attached to it. But we need to bring about the change. We need to reach out and seek help. We have all been there in the dark night of our soul – just us as humans – not as actors. I have experienced it myself. And it’s really difficult, I understand. But the truth is we need to lift ourselves up and find a mental balance. It’s perfectly ok to speak up and share.

Jhanvi Sethi: As a professional who works with mental well-being my experience on the issue of depression is that we are all just scared. But it’s ok to be sad, scared, vulnerable, and feel all your emotions. It’s important to realise that you can get help to process your emotions. I also feel it starts with awareness and then actually getting help. Help those who are around you. Realise how they feel and help them heal.

Vijayendra Kumeria: It’s sad that in our country depression is not taken seriously and reaching for help is a taboo. It is a serious issue which needs to be addressed. It can happen to anyone but if we talk about actors, it is very difficult for people to even get a clue what an actor or any celebrity is going through in his or her life. Actors are very secretive about their inner feeling as people are ready to make a breaking news about anything and everything, be it personal or professional. In our industry we know thousands of people but finding real friends here is very difficult. Everyone talks about supporting their colleagues, but in reality everybody is busy in their own life making their own careers, having no time for others… The sad truth is some people don’t want to work with a person if they get a slightest clue that he/she is dealing with depression, so that their project doesn’t suffer or sustain in this very competitive industry. It is inevitably important that as an individual, one takes care of his own mental health and opens up to his near and dear ones and talks about his or her feelings. We must understand that mental health is very important and there is nothing wrong if we go to a counsellor. Spreading this awareness is very important and above all we all need to be sensitive and compassionate with people around us.

Amit Sarin: We are what we think and not who we think we are. Our thoughts emanate a certain feeling which leads to emotions. Thoughts are very powerful and if we allow it to be negative then it leads to adverse behavioural, psycological and health outcomes. Think positive, see positive and be positive, it seems like a small statement but I can speak for myself that it is very powerful. Being an actor and going through countless rejections – this was the only mantra that kept me going. In that sense, I have seen success and failures too, but I was able to see both as an outcome to efforts and didn’t define me as a person. Yes, in India, talking about or dealing with mental wellness is still looked down upon and ignored big time. Just like having a healthy body, mental health/ wellness should be normal and treate or dealt with accordingly.

Arun Mandola: We learnt in school that when health is gone everything is gone but still these days very few people focus on mental health. Depression is very common these days. The biggest reason we feel ashamed of talking about our problems because if not shared to the right person, you will be in a big trouble. Yes it’s true that glamour field is glittery and dark and challenging from inside but the truth is every human feels insecure, low and sometimes depressed. Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide has shocked everyone including me. I don’t have words for this disaster. God had given him a big opportunity and he did a good job. He was everyone’s favourite and people loved him very much but the biggest loss is for his family. I can understand what they are going through.

Aaira Dwivedi: Being an actor, you will see both high and low. It’s amazing when you get great reviews but if things don’t turn out well, then you have to get the motivation yourself to keep getting out of bed everyday. Give yourself another day, another chance and you will find your courage eventually. I have always found that when I am mentally in a good place it helps me to stand tall and feel confident. I always make sure that external things don’t affect me. It is necessary for people to open up about mental health and depression, and have a normal conversation. Also no one will connect with you overnight, so we have to constantly stay in touch with people we really care and love, to nourish the sense of belongingness.

Sudipto Balav: There shouldn’t be any space for a social stigma related to depression or any kind of mental health condition. It is a medical condition and it should be strictly treated like any other illness. The entertainment industry is written about, so people get to know more about the politics and dark side of it, but each and every fields has it. Mental health is a extremely delicate issue and there are several platforms from where we can seek help. It’s high time you went to a doctor if you have such problem and as a society we should change.

Aniruddh Dave: In our industry there are different types of people with different perspective and if someone is going though depression or down fall, I haven’t seen any one standing for them, this is the bitter truth of the industry. The one who is going through depression only he will understand how dark it is. Our field is full of darkness, even I have faced financial crunches but my family and friends supported me and I still haven’t forgotten that. I always believe, this too shall pass. When people try to share their inside pain with you, we think this person is so negative and we try to cut contact with them. If you think someone is going through this phase then talk to them until you get to know why he is depressed.

Kettan Singh: Everyone goes through depression, it may be for personal or professional reason, but society makes it a social stigma by saying that he is mad ir psycho. Glamour industry or any other industry, they all have a dark side. People who come to this industry by seeing the glamourous side of it, they do wrong instead of that they should concentrate on their passion. If you come in this industry just for the glamour and glitter you will see the dark side very soon, but if you are here for your passion then you won’t have to deal with the dark side ever, your work will actually speak for you. Life is generally unpredictable whether you are an actor or anything. Right now everyone’s mental health is disturbed not only of actors but everyone’s. Think about migrants who are not getting food, their frustration level increased so much that they walked to their cities. Farmers who commit suicide also go through mental health issues, it shouldn’t be taken for granted in any case.

Avinash Mujherjee: Yes everybody feels low from time to time in personal and professional life because that’s the part of life. Pain, happiness, sorrow, grieve, joy, gratitude, regret, anger, attitude, revenge these are very normal human emotion but I believe pain comes from the exception of future and if it doesn’t happen the way you wanted it to be, your mind goes off. Focus on positivity and remove negativity from your future also I would suggest to take care of five closest people around you. Make sure you talk to them everyday just ask them how are you and wait till they say how they actually are and that will really mean a lot for that person. Lastly your parents love you a lot and you owe your life to your parents.

Pranitaa Pandit: I don’t think that now depression is a social stigma anymore, atleast in big cities. It is very common because of the kind of lifestyle we live. The kind of pressure we are living in that causes anxiety and everyone must have gone through some kind of anxiety in their life, which is very normal I feel. People feel depressed because of money or relationships but depression is a disease like any other disease and it should treated properly interms of medication. Spread awareness about it and not consider it as a stigma. We have to be kind to ourselves. I feel every industry has a dark side and it’s just that we always face the media. We all are humans and we have emotions too. Everyone talks about it after it’s done because somewhere down the line we all are fighting with our own problems. Instead of taking it negatively, we should just take it as a lessons. None of us are perfect, so we should stop being so judgemental and should accept things the way they are.

Bhoomika Mirchandani: It is not only with the glamour industry, we come in the limelight because we are celebrities and we are always in front of the media. Everyone is saying Bollywood didn’t accept Sushant because of nepotism, but don’t you think it happens at normal workplaces too, but that doesn’t come to limelight. Depression can be at any age, any industry, no matter how successful you are or how many facilities you have. There are so many cases where there is no reason for depression. Overthinking is depression. To deal with mental health you have to love yourself. You should try to heal yourself don’t be dependent on others.


Vivian Dsena rose to fame after he played the character of Abhay Raichand in “Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani”. Be it his looks or that dimpled smile, the actor became popular among his female fans and quickly became the national heartthrob. However, Vivian says that he doesn’t give importance to looks.

He has often been complimented that he has got the looks of a Hollywood star but he says that he cares about his hair more than his looks.

Vivian Dsena

“People keep saying that I shouldn’t be on television but somewhere else, doing some Hollywood movies or Hollywood webseries. All I can say is that I really respect and love what the almighty has given me and I am happy for where I am today. I am thankful to God that he brought me to the city of dreams, he got me somewhere, I never expected to be. But looks are something I give the least attention to. I hardly go to the parlour for facial, etc. I do take care of my hair because I have extremely soft hair and they don’t stay in place,” he said.

It was not just his character as Abhay Raichand that made Vivian a superstar, but his portrayal of Rishabh Kundra won him accolades too. He feels that the best part of the entertainment industry is that it is open for everyone and you don’t need any particular qualification to be here.

“I started working, I started liking my work, and this is the only job I could find for myself. This is the best part about our industry, it is open to everyone, even if you are just A 10+2 passout or a graduate. So for me as a 10+2, I think this was a good job. So I continued, and little did I know that I will become this name called Vivian Dsena. I actually laugh when I look 12 years back, how I started and where I landed up. It’s actually the biggest fluke, or at least it looks like one,” he signed off.


The epic show Mahabharat produced and directed by late filmmaker B.R. Chopra along with his son Ravi Chopra was the most loved TV show back in the day and has returned during the lockdown and is now seen on Star Bharat.

Amongst the elaborate star-cast, Mahabharat fame, Pankaj Dheer is highly appreciated for his role as the character Karna. Interestingly, not many know about the amount of hard work the artist had to put in the trying times he faced.

There was one incident where while the team was shooting in the scorching heat of Rajasthan, Pankaj was in a shot where he was in a chariot which broke mid-way and the horses went haywire and the prompt artist spontaneously jumped out. It is said that the artist was seriously injured near his eye during the mishap and later had a surgery for the same.

Well, but all is well that ends well and we are happy that the actor recovered from the unfortunate incident

 To watch more of Pankaj Dheer, tune in to watch ‘Mahabharat’ from Monday to Friday at 8pm only on Star Bharat


Avinash Mukherjee is very strict when it comes to his plan ‘B’ or alternate career option. He reveals he is strictly against such opinion because having an alternate source of income doesn’t mean you have an alternate career option as well. He says he has alternate sources of income but that’s not his plan ‘B’, because he doesn’t believe in one.

“When an actor has an alternate source of income, people have different opinion about it and they call it plan B. But I am strictly against that. I am an actor myself and have been blessed to receive so much love for my work. And I keep trying to get better everyday to improve myself. But I also need to know that I have an alternate source of income, which supports my career,” he said.

“So, I don’t have a plan B, I have a plan A and a plan A1, A2 and A3 instead. So plan A is like core of the planet and A1, A2, A3 surrounds it and it all goes back to that plan A. I just have that plan A and rest every other activity supports that because when you have additional income source you don’t take choices based on money, you make choices based on creativity,” Avinash added.

The actor is best know for his portrayal as young Jagiya in “Balika Vadhu”. He even wrote a book titled, “Weight Loss: The 4 Golden Ayurvedic Sutras”, where he talks about his weight loss journey from 86kgs to 70kgs.

He further shared details of his alternate source of income he said, “I am doing a couple of businesses. I have a digital marketing agency and I am trying to get into gaming and app business now. I have a book and I had a product too on Amazon. They were water bottles of premium quality, but I stopped it because I was importing those from China.”


Om Namah Shivay is back on COLORS. The iconic show that created records and earned a legion of loyal fans, has a remarkably interesting back story about how it was made. Dheeraj Kumar who directed it, revealed in a recent chat, that it took nine long years of research by renowned scholars and writers before they started shooting it. The veteran director said that it was the longest time he has ever taken to do preparations for any show that he has ever made.

Talking about the research on the show, Dheeraj Kumar said, “Om Namah Shivay commenced its telecast in the year 1996. However, our research was on since 1987. Nine long years we spent on research for the program. The kind of shows we were doing before were quite different, mostly social patriotic shows and crime thrillers etc. So, we wanted to get this right.

We associated with professor Madhusudhan Pathak of Oriental Research Institute of Baroda. Initially, We also brought in stalwarts like Achala Nagar who has written Baaghban and Dr. Rahi Masoom Raza who worked on other classic mythological shows and then there was Darshan Laad, who was also the writer of big mythological shows of that time. All these people conducted research in association with Dr. Madhusudan Pathak of Oriental Research institute on Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas to bring our show to light.”

Watch Om Namah Shivay 18th June onwards every day at 9 pm only on COLORS


Star Plus has brought back Mahabharat and is all set with the most important tracks of the show. With the great war of Kurukshetra, we see all the characters gearing up for the war sequence. Actor Ahem Sharrma took on the pivotal role of Karna in the show and he definitely garnered a lot of applause for his role.

At just the beginning of the great war of Kurukshetra, Ahem Sharrma who essayed the role of Karn reminisced that scene and went back to his shooting days and shared his phobias where he shares how he overcame various phobias.

Recalling how he shot the war sequence Ahem Sharrma says, “ I vividly remember this incident from a sequence we shot where Karn tries to rescue Duryodhan, Dushasan, and Shakuni who were captured by Jarasandh. Tinu Verma Ji who was playing the role of Jarasandh was also the action director of our show. I remember this interesting incident where we had to report on the set at 6:30 am for an early morning shoot. Tinu Ji explained the sequence where I had to shoot arrows while riding a horse.

Though I know how to ride a horse but not while I have to shoot arrows at the same time. We were shooting in outskirts of Umergaon on a mountain like terrain and there was a risk of getting injured due to rocks and stones. I was happy that the scene turned out to be really good with Tinu Ji’s direction and our execution. The production team was generous enough to give me a horse to practise and soon I became a pro at it. I believe a project like Mahabharat is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am grateful for Swastik Productions casting team for considering me apt for the pivotal role of Karna. I am grateful to Swastik Productions, Siddharth Sir and I would also like to thank Star Plus for bringing back our show to the audience.”

Mahabharat’s epic war sequence is gearing up for a finale…

Keep watching Mahabharat every day at 8:30pm only on Star Plus


Don’t we all want to know our future? We all do, right. Luckily, we got to know about the future of some celebs through Tarot card prediction. Youngest reiki healer and Tarot card reader, Ayush Gupta, revealed it for us once again. Check out below what the cards hold in the future of these celebs:

Sharad Malhotra: You carry a very positive aura with you. You just need to be a little more flexible and it will work wonders. Battles are won with both mission and passion, so make sure you have both before you charge ahead. Moderation and balance play a key role in your financial outlook, try to do some charity to spiritual organisations. If you invest somewhere, it will be very beneficial for you. Next year, you will see substantial growth and good opportunities knocking at your door. Your life is full of positive energy. You have good relationship with your partner and your family. You can shift to a new house or remodel your existing house, it will make your environment better. Also, there is some good news, you will plan a new addition to your family soon taking your marriage to the next level.

Subuhi Joshi: You need to settle yourself in a peaceful place. If you will be calm and focused then you will see amazing results. Do meditation and connect yourself to energies. Don’t distract yourself with your past activities and don’t be depressed because of that. Your future is bright but you have to remain composed. You will need to bring all your energies together for your career and future. Old hurts will heal after an emotional cleansing. In 2021, you will make a very good comeback, it will give you the same popularity that you always hoped for.

Shivin Narang: You are satisfied with your relationships. Your health and wealth are well-established and so you enjoy a sense of security and happiness. Your personality and aura are very positive and you have a winning attitude. You are in prime position to succeed in all areas of life. This time is very positive for you and the next few years as well are positive. Everything that you will do will bring you a lot of success. You are truly loved by the people around you.

Your family is moving towards a new beginning, may be a new home or a new addition to the family. You will be on top of your game and you will win people’s confidence. It will be good to focus on your career at this point and you will get a lot of success. Your projects in the TV industry will be very impactful and you will get more fan following and success.

Srman Jain: I can see a very good come back in acting for you in the next three to four months. Because of some negative energies you couldn’t do what you wanted to do as an actor. I can see a very good project in the future, through which you will get your name, fame and popularity again. Along with acting, you will get involved in other creative things as well, may be production. I can see a lot of opportunities for you in the future, but you need to balance them wisely.

As far as career is concerned, I can see a growth in the next three-four months. As far as your love life is concerned, I can see that in 2021 you will meet your true partner. It’s very positive and the cards show that you might get married to the same person in 2021. Health-wise I can see it will be good, there will be some minor issues so you will have to take good precautions.

Vahbbiz Dorabjee: Circumstances didn’t live up to your expectations. You are getting good opportunities but you are ignoring them, so you need to be positive in all situations. You struggled a lot and you are still fighting with your past. You will heal yourself only with a positive approach and meditation. You are dealing with disappointment in relationships but stop feeling like a victim.

You can win anything with your positive attitude. You financial gain will unravel on its own, follow your guts, love your family and your parents will always support you. You just need to start meditation as it will keep your mind calm and will give you the energy to make better decisions. I can see there will be a new beginning in your life personally as well as professionally. You may get remarried may be in 2021 second half with someone who will be yours forever. You need to just focus on your goals.

Aniruddh Dave: You have the chance to make a powerful impact on your family and your community. You can be a very good influencer, your influencing power is actually very positive and you influence people very positively. Things go according to you. If you focus properly you will get a life-changing opportunity soon. In early 2021, you will get an opportunity through which you will get more popularity and success. You need to embrace your influence and status, you are actually a very creative person. You are emotionally mature and a very loving and caring person. Your partner is very happy with you. Married life is very positive with a few ups and downs, but that’s very common.

Otherwise your married life is very positive. I can see an extra luxurious life in future. Making money is very easy for you. You know how to tap resources. You have a very beautiful network of loved ones who support you and admire you. You are a highly valued friend. Next year you will get very good opportunities and thus more popularity. If you compare TV and films, I will not suggest you to enter films, especially in 2021. TV industry will give you plenty of opportunities. So focus on TV serials and web series. Everything is super positive for you.

And things which you believe are good for others and you too, you need to do it. There are two types of successful people, one is a normal successful person, and the second one is those who become successful and then contribute to humanity and do great things, you are the second one. You want to be successful but you also want to do something for others. That power I can see.

Arun Mandola: You are a self-made person. You are always grateful to your family, home and resources. You learnt a lot from your experience and now you can see the fruit of your struggle. You are not a boss, you are a good mentor, so be a mentor. You have a very positive personality, but you should appreciate your current success. Don’t worry about the future, live in your present. Enjoy your present achievements and stop focusing on that of the future. Things are going very good, energies are good. Just make sure you maintain your finances before starting something new. This is the right time to start any project or idea that you have in your mind. You will do really good in TV shows and web series but I will suggest you to try for movies too, because I can see a good growth there too. I can see that in 2021 you might get married, and you will lead a very happy married life. If you talk about health, there are some minor health issues that will get cured easily. Just take some precautions for your health. Keep meditating, focus on your energies, do meditation.