November 20, 2019
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Actor Digangana Suryavanshi recently shot a music video in Maldieves. The actor says that it was an amazing experience. “The Maldives was a really quick fun trip, anywhere we’d step, it was beautiful. I just loved looking at the sea and its colours. We saw three shades in a single view,” she says.

She adds, “This is my first music video and I’ve enjoyed shooting for it in the Maldives and it will be always special.”

She also adds,“Music videos have experimental freedom. We’ve kept it causal in this music video and I think that’s the beauty of it,” she says.

 Meanwhile, the actor is working in other projects too. “I am working in few South Indian films and there are plans of Hindi projects as well. When the right time will come, I shall announce it soon.”

Mrunal Jain has been missing from TV for two and a half years and now he is back with a bang doing Rohit Shetty’s Sooryavanshi . He says, It’s a big break for me. I wanted to do bollywood and my personality finally worked in my favour.  He says, ” I was not missing intentionally. It is just that I didn’t get the kind of  work I wanted to do.”Speaking about the role he says, “I am playing the antagonist in Sooryavanshi. It is fantastic to work with Rohit Shetty.  To work in a film which has Ajay Devgn, Ranveer Singh, Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar surely matters. In my last show (Nagarjuna — Ek Yoddha) also I played Antagonist. I want to strike a balance between TV and films”.

The actor adds that he wasn’t very keen on doing the cameo roles on TV that he was offered. “After hearing a few narrations, I felt that the cameos had nothing much to contribute to the storyline. I went with my instinct, there was nothing like I wanted to avoid cameos or something, but again, I didn’t get the right roles,” he says.

The actor says that his looks have always worked for him on TV. “I don’t have chocolate boy looks but I have those unconventional looks where I can play a positive and a negative role as well. That unpredictability is always there in my profile, as an actor when I am on screen. So, that unpredictability makes me fit into positive and negative roles,” he says.
On six pax abs he says, “It’s my strength and I have put in lot of hard work in building my body and I am proud of it as I am a vegetarian and yet managed to achieve the desired personality. I have the talent and now I have got the right opportunity in terms of films”.

Here’s some great news for actor Amal Sehrawat’s fans! The actor, who is part of the show Choti Sardarni, says that his character Jagga has a lot of interesting tracks coming up. “Jagga is extremely hurt and shattered that Amrita has left his house with their son Yuvi as she’s upset with the kind of upbringing Yuvi is getting in the house. He’s getting influenced by the bad habits and deeds of his dadi, Kulvant Kaur ( Anita Raaj ) and chachas, Rana and Bittu. So, she finally decides to leave,” he says, adding, “So, my character has a lot of interesting tracks lined up. I am sure the audience will love it.”

Amal says that it’s a blessing to be part of the show. “I am very thankful to God for this show. The team is brilliant. The creatives and direction of the show are brilliant. All the artists are doing their best and the audience is showering their love in return,” he says.

He adds, “For the first time, I am playing an entirely positive role of an obedient son, caring brother, loving husband and an endearing father. The fun of being an actor is that I get to live and experience so many different lives and characters.”

Meanwhile, the actor also celebrated Gurpurab recently. “It’s a day that reminds is to follow the footsteps of Waheguru ji, offer selfless love and service to others.”

Absolutely flawless and mesmerising is how you can describe actor Deepika Padukone’s look in Anupama Chopra’s show recently. We believe we have one man to thank for this; French hair and make up artist Florian Hurel.
After styling the likes of Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma, Hurel styled Deepika and all we can say is that if there is anyone who can make Deepika look more radiant, it has to be this man. 
“Deepika is one of the most pretty actresses in the industry and it’s important to bring out her natural charm. This is exactly what I did with her look,” he says, adding, “We decided to go with a classic look which accentuated her features.”
Well, she looks charming for sure! 

Actor Shivin Narang is going places. The actor, known for his charming personality and chocolate-boy looks, is a tad busy these days. He’s gearing up to play a central character in the second edition of ‘Beyhadh’, which also features Jennifer Winget and Ashish Chowdhry. The show was brought back for another round with a fresh and an equally gripping story, thanks to the praise for the first season.
In the thick of his prep for the much-awaited romantic-thriller, Shivin landed a chance to shoot for a single. The actor has been cast opposite Divya Khosla Kumar in the redux version of Garba queen Falguni Pathak’s chartbuster, ‘Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi’. Shivin recently shot for the video with Divya Kumar Khosla in Mumbai.
Talking about the experience, Shivin beams, “I was young when the original track was released but I still remember Falguni’s voice in it. I loved the song and it’s been one of my favorites for a long time. I’m glad to be a part of its redux version. Shooting with Divya was a fantastic experience. She is a bundle of positive energy”. This is Shivin’s second single after Dil Zaffran. When asked if he’s indeed becoming the go-to actor for romantic singles, he blushes and says, “ Actually, I have the image of a young romantic hero and such music videos are like an extension of my personality  An actor should keep doing different things. The music videos have come to me at the right time.” the video is directed by Vinay Sapru and Radhika Rao and the song is sung by Neha Kakkar.

No matter how busy he is, actor Arun Mandola makes sure to take out time to go to Sidhivinayak every alternate month. The actor attributes his success to his devotion to Ganpati Bappa. “I started visiting Sidhivinayak Temple when I came to Mumbai for the first time, six years back. It’s kind of compulsory for me to visit Sidhivinayak in every alternate month,” he says, adding, “I do not go to Sidhivinayak temple for any special purpose or to ask for anything from Ganpati Bappa. I am a spiritual guy and I just go to the temple to thank him for giving me this beautiful life.”

This belief and devotion have been inculcated in Arun right from his childhood. “I have believed Bappa since my childhood because my father used to tell me stories abou

t Lord Ganesha. Slowly these stories converted into spirituality. I heard a lot about Siddhivinayak before coming to Mumbai so that is also the reason why I love visiting Sidhivinayak,” he says.

The actor urges his fans to also visit religious places. “I feel very light and confident at religious places. Whenever I visit a religious place I feel calm and positive. I think everyone should visit religious places regularly to eradicate negative thoughts from their mind,” he says. Actor Arun Mandola, who was last seen as Lakshman in ‘Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan’, is all set to reprise the role in ‘Vighnaharta Ganesh’. He has been roped in to essay Lakshman in the Ramayan chapter, which will be introduced soon and he went to take bappa’s blessings for his show.

Actress Anjum Fakih is missing from her Tv show Kundali Bhagya for many days and her fans are wondering why. The actress, who is known to be chirpy, bubbly and full of life is currently unwell and hasn’t been shooting for almost two weeks now. She said, “I caught the viral infection a few days back and have been suffering from severe weakness and fever for days. The makers have been kind to give me a sick leave so that i can recuperate well.”

The actress added, “I know my fans must be thinking where have I disappeared but want to tell them that I will be soon back, with a great dose of entertainment. Hopefully i will start shooting next week, if the doctor allows me.”

Anjum plays the sister and parallel lead role of Srishti in the show Kundali Bhagya. She has earlier done many TV shows like Tere Sheher Mein and Ek Tha Raja and Ek Thi Rani. She is a model-turned-actress and is a fiesty, ambitious, independent girl, who wants to do many kind of roles.

Sony Entertainment Television’s popular show, Tara from Satara has not only impressed the audience with its unique storyline but also the new concept of Dramality seems to be going well with its viewers. The show has been among one of the highest TRP for SET and as much as the show the characters are also being loved.

As it is said, Injuries and pain come as an unavoidable part of life’s journey but most commonly people are seen losing to these troubles but gorgeous Roshni Walia who essays the lead role of Tara Mane in the show has a different story to tell. Recently, while shooting for a dance sequence the actress twisted her ankle and fell. She got injured to a level where she was in a terrible pain that she couldn’t walk and her sequence was delayed for two days. She was immediately taken to the hospital and thankfully, doctors confirmed that injury was not a major one and advised bed rest for a week. While she herself wanted to continue the shoot, production team decided to give her time to rest and they made sure that she gets completely healed before she shoots again.

Speaking about this incident Roshni Walia said, “Injuries are a part of any journey and this show itself is one beautiful expedition. Dance is an integral part of the show and during a sequence I twisted my ankle. I was rushed to the doctor immediately who advised me to rest for a few days. Though, I wanted to shoot as the schedule was jam-packed, the team decided otherwise. My entire team have been taking care of me like a family, they actually made me laugh even when I was in pain and Aaji  gave me some herbal oils as well which helped a lot. I couldn’t wish for more”.

Every Monday to Thursday 10:30 PM witness Tara’s dance moves in Tara from Satara only on Sony Entertainment Television.

The show ‘Jag Jaanani Maa Vaishno Devi- Kahani Mata Rani Ki’ from Star Bharat is becoming the favorite show of viewers. Madirakshi Mundle, the actress playing the role of Maa Laxmi in this show, was reported to be leaving the show.

The buzz was that Madirakshi is not happy with her track in the show. As the track of the show progressed, they realized that they should not sign this show. So she is going to leave the show soon. Also, she has started getting offers from the film, which gave more rumor to the rumors of her leaving the show. According to the news, the makers approached Jia Manek for the role of Maa Lakshmi.

When Madirakshi Mundle was asked if she was not happy with her role and wanted to leave the show, she said, “I am very happy with this show and I always wanted to play Maa Laxmi. There are some other offers also that does not mean that you leave your show in the middle. All these things are rumors but playing the character of Maa Laxmi is no less than a blessing for me. I have always wanted the blessings of Mother Laxmi to rain on me.

In such a situation, it has been decided that Madirakshi considers herself very fortunate to play the role of Mother Lakshmi, where the question of her leaving the show will never arise.

इस शो में गंगादेवी का किरदार निभा रही एक्ट्रेस श्रुति उल्फत एक बेहतरीन अदाकारा होने के साथ ही एक अच्छी बाइक राइडर भी हैं।

श्रुति उल्फत ने बताया कि एक्टिंग तो हमेशा से मेरे दिल के करीब रहा है, लेकिन मुझे अदर एक्टिविटीज़ का भी शौक है जैसे ख़ुदको हमेशा फीट रखना, जिमिंग करना, योग करना। साथ ही मुझे बाइक राइडिंग मेरे फेवरेट शौक मेरे से एक है। मैं बहुत दूर-दूर तक बाइक से अकेली जा चुकी हूँ। मेरी इच्छा है मैं अकेले बाइक चलाकर लदाक का सफर तय करूँ। मुझे  विश्वास है कि  मैं अपनी इस ख़्वाइश को जो जरूर पूरा करुँगी।

श्रुति ने बताया कि मैं चाहती हूँ मैं अपने बेटे को भी अपने साथ इस राइड पर ले जा सकूँ पर अभी वह बहुत छोटा है। जबतक वह और बड़ा और समझदार नहीं हो जाता मैं उसे नहीं ले जा सकती, लेकिन मैं अपने साथ वॉक के हमेशा रोज़ शाम उसे अपने साथ बनाती हूँ इस तरह से हम माँ – बेटे की दोस्ती भी अब पक्की हो गई है ।

ऐसे में यह तो तय है कि श्रुति अपनी हॉबीज़ को लेकर बहुत एंथुज़ियास्टिक हैं, तो वह अपनी बुलेट बाइक के साथ लदाक नहीं पहुंचे यह भला कैसे हो सकता है ।

देखते रहिए धारावाहिक निमकी विधायक हर सोमवार से शनिवार रात ८.३० बजे सिर्फ स्टार भारत पर।