July 28, 2021
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But now trends are changing, the mind frame is changing, the definition of education has evolved over a period of time radically. Sport events, extra-curricular activities or other practice for the learning of skills are now becoming important. More emphasis is on the holistic growth of learners rather than the growth of one tract. These days, classes, apart from academics, are equally focused on extra-curricular events and athletics to make students all-rounders.

Earlier people use to say “Sports will spoil the life” but now sports activities are getting focus. Sports are playing an important role in holistic development and in educating students as it teaches them to become strong from inside and also develop a fit and sound body.

Fusion of sports and education can help students to develop a self-motivating spirit to do things on their own and increase accountability and responsibility. Being active in sports can help students relax from the syllabus of their daily learning course routine and also reduce the stress of the exam. Keeping mind, body and soul in harmony and maintaining a balance between work and play is a great medium. Day-to-day sports training will help students develop leadership skills

As educational institutions view sports as a significant practice, there is also an influence on the sector. Today, internationally, there is a unifying appeal as an industry for a sport. The sports market has a diverse appeal that many other, even bigger sectors admire.It has the authority to describe countries in their entirety. Sports offer an outstanding opportunity to investigate science principles such as stamina, movement, potential capacity, speed, and torque.

Sports – Still for the sake of formality

Each school has sports incorporated in their curriculum as they recognize the value of physical fitness and exercise. However, the meaning given to sports stops there, as this presence is solely for the sake of formality.

It is found that schools use sports only for the following reason:

1. Marketing purpose
2. Brochure Decoration
3. Board’s Guidelines compliance
4. Because others are doing

But if school really views sport as a significant thing, students will really support them. They will genuinely provide students with holistic development.

Importance of Sports in Education.

The principles of teamwork, teamwork, competitive spirit and empathy are obtained from athletics. Sports conditioning not only helps athletes to retain their physical endurance, but also their commitment, discipline, desire to succeed, motivation, etc.

Sports have long been used as a means to remain safe and in condition, but it goes far beyond their relevance. In addition, playing sports offers life skills like patience, responsibility, self-confidence, accountability and coordination.

Let’s sum up – Sports and Education

Playing sports has some serious advantages. Sports will make you do well at school, smile more and worry less, deal with setbacks, work better with others and strengthen your courage, all of which lets you balance school with everything else that happens with your life, in addition to just being enjoyable.

Benefits of Sports other than Physical health benefit :

  • Many athletes do better academically.  
  • Sports teach teamwork
  • Sports teaches problem-solving skills. …
  • Sports boost self-esteem. …
  • Reduce pressure and stress with sports.

And I say for myself that studies are more critical than sports. Don’t abandon your sports studies. Keep sports as your routine, get into any sport, be fit to keep you away from pressure and other issues.

Vikram Gaur

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जब पहली बार नन्हा फूल गोदी में आया ,
बेटी की चाह भी वही सोच को दिल में समाया |

माँ का प्यार था इतना , हर वक़्त हाथो से खिलाया ,
शुक्र है भगवान् का , इस फरिस्ते से हमें मिलाया |

बचपन से अलग ही किस्मत लेके जन्मा हैं ये नहीं मालूम,
शरारती था थोड़ा पर उसका मासूमियत से भी था तालुक |

राजस्थान की धरोहर, अमरसरिया वंश का चालक था ,
स्टार बना दिल्ली में , कियूंकी रहने वाला पालम का था |

जब पता चला की कैंसर ने आके उसको घेरा है ,
फिर भी हिम्मत ना हारी, कहता कामयाबी पे हक़ मेरा हैं |

माँ बाप को डर इतनी दवाइयों का लगता यही दुःख सारा है ,
पर उसकी आँखों में कभी नहीं देखा की वो कैंसर से हारा है |

कीमोथेरपी को हँसते – हँसते सहन कर गया,
खुशनसीब होते अगर ईश्वर भी हम पर कर देते दया |

मन से चंचल सोच में अव्वल, इसलिए नाम मनन रखा ,
सपने और हकीकत के सभी खट्टे -मीठे पलो को साथ में चखा ||

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