June 1, 2020

Color Therapist Kaajal Rohira stresses on the importance of colour therapy

Colours have always been significant in our lives. Not only do they help rejuvenate things but they also evoke memories and other emotions. Color Therapist Kaajal Rohira says that colours mean a lot to us in every way. “Colour like love has no boundaries. Colours evoke memories, feelings, impression. We breathe, smell, eat and live colour and carry it wherever we go and in whatever we do. We absorb the energy of colour through our eyes, skin, food. We feel its influence with all our senses. Every cell of our body responds to colours. It exists in our world externally and internally, it has a remarkable influence in our mind, the conscious and the subconscious. There is nothing like good or bad colour,” she says.

Talking about colour therapy, she says, “Each individual is born with different colour frequencies, the analysis and calculations from the birth date decide the positive and negative frequencies, which is called colour kundali or karmic graph of colour. The goal of colour kundali is to correct physiological and psychological imbalances in an individual and an environment by choosing the right colours. Colour Kundali is the contemporary version of the ancient DIVYA SURYA KIRAN CHIKITSA, also known as chroma therapy or colour therapy.”

She adds, “It is a powerful ancient healing technique in which we use natural vibrations of colours to act on the subtle body and it’s energy centres Chakras. Colour therapy has its base on the seven colours of the spectrum i.e. The colours of the rainbow.”

In fact, this therapy is a great stress buster, among other things. “Colour Therapy has a vast role to play in the arena of stress control, personality development and confidence enhancement, a factor so critical in all our aspirations, be if financial, emotional, social or spiritual,” she says.

Kaajal also stresses on the fact that colour therapy is so easy to implement. “As colours are everywhere, we can eat, drink, wear them in our clothes, we can fill them in our interiors and colours can be used in meditation. Colours are like batteries, they charge the chakra system in our body. Making the individual balanced with a positive and healthy immune system physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally, bring balance, peace, happiness and abundance,” she says. Kaajal Rohira coincidentally happens to be actress Shweta Rohira’s mom too.

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