June 1, 2020
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Community Radio brings efforts to enliven Art forms

Madhubani ,Dhokra ,Kalighat Art ,Warli ..such forms of Art were the heritage of Indian Art and Culture ,once upon a time ,which today cease to exist.What we need today is to re-enliven them and connect them with the community .Community Radio of Noida ,Salaam Namaste [A Unit Of IMS Noida ]has initiated a Radio Program “Art Manthan ‘’which brings Stories of various forms of Indian Art like Phad Art from Rajasthan ,,Pathachitra from North Eastern India ,Kalighat Art from Bengal ,Mithila Art from Bihar ,Miniature Art ,Kalamkari ,Gond Art and many more from various parts and pockets  of India .Indian Art and Culture is not only interesting which relates to the country’s ancient historical connects but is exemplary and salutable being one of it’s own kind  .Indian Art  brings art enthusiasts from all across the world to study and know  in depth .Art Manthan brings artisans ,Art Students and Art enthusiasts who know various forms of such Arts ,and through interesting Story telling sessions of these Art forms they describe those Arts. Art Manthan also brings their journey in the field of Art and connect with the Community creating awareness about the same.Workshops and Sessions are organized frequently where all in the community with no age limit can know about the Art ,have opportunity to learn the art and also get to interact with the Artisan .Women and Kids from Villages are also made to learn the art to learn the Skill and brings medium to earn livelihood. Flee Markets etc also add as a medium to promote the Art .The Artisans of Art Manthan group bring the art on Community areas such as painting the walls ,road sides etc.A well knit bloggers from the community are also a part of this program who add value to the empowerment of the initiative.Art Manthan is an initiative which rejuvenates Indian Art and culture through Story Telling ,Community connect and Social media supporters from the Community .Art Manthan is a regular weekly feature aired on Salaam Namaste Community Radio every Saturday 11 am -12 noon .

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