March 3, 2021

Covid-19: America is now bringing Corona vaccine after Russia

New Delhi: According to the latest development from USA, USA is ready for vaccine of Covid-19 in all its states in early October. Just a few weeks ago, Russia announced the Covid-19 vaccine.

According to US-based sources, the three major companies in the US are ‘Moderna’, ‘BioNTech and Pfizer’ and ‘AstraZeneca Oxford’. Covid — 19 vaccines of these three companies — is on the third stage of the ‘human trial’ vaccine.

Sources said that the US government has decided that in view of the encouraging results of the ‘Human Trial’ on the third stage, these vaccines should be applied directly to the citizens. For this, the vaccine of Covid-19 being prepared by the companies should be distributed in the States of America.

As per reports, the Serum Institute of India will begin human trials for the AstraZeneca Oxford Vaccine from August.

“At present, we are working on the AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine which is undergoing phase III clinical trials. In addition to this, we will also start human trials in India in August 2020. Based on the current situation and most recent updates on the clinical trials, we are hoping that the AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine will be available towards the end of this year,” Serum Institute of India CEO Adar Poonawalla told a news agency.

According to sources, it is highly likely that the vaccine being prepared by ‘Moderna’ and ‘BioNTech and Pfizer’ among the three can be used on citizens. The vaccines of these two companies require very low temperatures to be kept. Therefore, the group ‘CPC’, which is overseeing the Corona cases in the US, has asked all the states of the country to be vigilant.

Significantly, Covid — 19 in the US — has infected the most people and killed the most.

According to sources, there is a lot of pressure on the Trump government in the United States in view of the upcoming presidential elections. Perhaps this is the biggest reason that the US government has decided to bring out the vaccine as soon as possible which has reached the third stage on the lines of Russia to the citizens of our country.

The thing to be seen here will be how long and how much the US gives the vaccine to India. India lifted the ban on hydroxychloroquine in early May to help the US combat the Corona virus.

Significantly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had pledged to use the full power of the Indo-US partnership in the fight against US President Donald Trump.

Deepak sen
Senior journalist

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